Hi im chameleon333. Me and my friend have this ongoing thing called book tours. Its pretty much where we write a dialogue through e-mail of us taking a trip into some of our favorite books to meet the characters and stuff. I decided to post them 4 ur enjoyment.

Before we get started u should know:

-nothing (most likely) will be edited I am just copy and pasting the e-mail conversations.

-I am "Spam" and my friend is "FranFran"

-in italics means that we are communicating with each other telepathically

-the chapters (except 4 this first one) will be pretty short because they will be alternating between me and FranFran writing. (for this first chap. it starts with FranFran then alternates at the breaks)

-spelling will probably be wrong often so just deal with it

Our first tour will be at Gallagher academy!

FranFran- sooo. Gallagher girls?

Spam-YAY!!!! book tours!!!

FranFran-you're not going to run away again are you??? cuz im thinking of giving u magic again.

Spam-Yes!!!! i promise i won't run away. and where r we? we're not in twilight...

FranFran- NOWHERE!!! heh. no, where just outside of the Gallagher academy property line. they haven't seen us yet

Spam-cool. do i get a wand???

Franfran- nah, that would be weird. you get this *waves hand around and opens palm. in it is a ring*

Spam-neat, can it detect lies???

Franfran-*rolls eyes* yes, and much more. ok ready??? try it out!!! turn that tree green

Spam- *waves hand* uh.... im not sure it worked

Franfran-thats cuz the tree already IS green u dope!!! turn the tree into a blue T-rex!!!1

Spam-won't that be dangerous???

Franfran-we're magic!!!! duh!!!

Spam-o rite... *waves hand* tree turn into a dino.... tree!!!!

Tree-*turns into very small purple dinosaur*

very-small-purple-dino-that-used-to-be-a-tree- rawr.

Franfran--oooh very scary. Ok, turn it back *spam does* lets go!!!!!

Spam- Wait how are we going to get in?

FranFran- magic
Spam- oh right. maybe u should do it this time.

FranFran- Yeah *transports f & S into Gallagher Academy* *in the main hall*

Spam- Where is eveybody?

FranFran- um where do u think they r spam?

Spam- uh.....*looks cool pink heart watch (that happens to a laser)*....oh i guess they're probably in class

FranFran- obviously*said like snape from harry potter*

Spam- so now what

*cricket sounds*

Spam- wait I know i know i know!!!!!!!*jumps up and down waving hand in the air*

FranFran- WHAT?

Spam- lets go look 4 secret passage ways!

FranFran- good idea(4 once)

Spam- hey!

FranFran- come on lets go *head

Franfran-Here it is. now shut up!!!!

Spam- oh. sorry/

Franfran-*pulls back tapestry* HOLD ON!!!!

Spam- aren't we supposed to be QUIET!!!!

Franfran- whatever. don't we want to register with Ms. morgan?

Spam- o rite.... heh heh.

Franfran- I think her office is right..... here!!!!! ok, knock.

Spam-Why don't you!!!!

Franfran-just do it!!!!

Spam- *knocks* I can't believe we're knocking on a door IN GALLAGHER ACADEMY!!!!!

Franfran-hey hey. shh. here comes Ms. Morgan.

Rachel Morgan- Hello? who are you?

Franfran- spies. in training.

Rachel Morgan- What makes you think that this is a spy school? That's preposterous!!!!

Spam- Heh. Um..... Yeah.

Franfran- Come on. Your security measures haven't gone off.

Rachel Morgan-Oh. Right, come on it. *leads into office*

Spam-Whoa!!! This is so cool!

RMorgan- *gives spam a funny look*

Franfran- So, I'm guessing we need resum├ęs.

RMorgan- yes, you are correct.

Spam- oh, let me do this!!! *pulls two folders out of backpack (how the backpack got there no one will ever know ) * Here they are.

RMorgan- *skims contents of folders* *in French* everything seems in order

Franfran- *in portugese* yes, I do believe so.

Spam-*in German* We are ready to start any time you are.

Franfran-in spams head- hey, use magic to speak languages. do arabic. I'll do..... Latin

Spam- *in arabic* we are well versed in many languages

FranFran- *in Latin* yes, and know many things, and are already well learned in spy courses.

RMorgan-Ok. Follow me. You are my daughter's age, I'm sure she can show you around. You're in.

Franfran-Thank you. YESSSSSSS. Spam hear that!!!!

Spam-yes!!! we're in!!!!!! I do hope Cammie likes us!!!!!

RMorgan- My daughter Cameron, is in P&E right now. I'll take you to her, and then I'll have her show you your rooms. They are out of use right now, but I'll send up a message to the janitors and they'll fix it up.

Franfran-yes, thank you.

RMorgan-*opens door to barn* here we are.

Cammie-Hey mom.


Bex- *tilts head* well, well, well, what have we here?