Last Gallagher Girls POST!

Don't worry we'll still continue with other books….after I get back from England that is

Ok so we're going to speed through the rest of the competition

*While everyone does their random thing at the school fair and German rooms they take turns doig mission stuff*

Spam(Eva) and FranFran(Erika) are in the German room now with LiLi(Katarina lol pretty sure we decided code names before Heist came out) and Oboe(Ania)

Spam- Hallo! So yeah we're from Germany…um ….from a town near…um german place german place german place? Oh I got one Ulm!

German Teacher- Sprechen bitte auf Deutsch

Spam- right oh great my german isn't that good

FranFran- It's better than mine and LiLi's we take Spanish remember!

Spam- ok follow my lead Guten Tag! Ich heisse Eva my name is eva

Oboe- Und ich heisse Ania

FranFran- ich heisse Erika

Lili- ich heisse Katarina

Spam- Wir kommen auf Ulm we come from Ulm

Oboe- Die Amerikanischen Kinderen sind sehr intresant!

Spam- the American kids are very interesting. Ur turn!

FranFran- I only know how to say 1 thing in german

Spam- then say that

FranFran- ok die Kuh sagt moo! *laughter*

Spam-the cow says moo? Really?

*knocking at the door. Teacher answers*

Liz- we need the german exchange students back at the front office.

Spam- danke Herr H. Auf Wiedersehn


FranFran- Nice timing Li-Lauren

Liz- um thanks

Spam- did we do it?

Liz- yep now we just need to get back to school before the other groups comlete their missions

Spam- then let's hurry!

*everyone runs back to Gallagher…..FranFran and Zach race….and franfran won of course*

*Headmistress morgan meets them at the entrance to the school*

HM-Great job everyone! U won!

*cheering and celebrating*

HM- oh Leighah ur mother called while u were gone and has decided she wants u back in germany. U and Sandi will b returning home with the other German students. U leave tomorrow

Spam- well we always knew we couldn't stay here forever… mother is sooooo overprotective even in our fantasy world!

FranFran- *mental laughter*

*the next morning*

*Everyone is in the grand hall saying goodbyhe except for spam and franfran*

Zach- Where r sandi and leighah?

Spam- Right HERE! *both appear behind him*

FranFran- didya miss us zachy?
Zach- ho- u know what never mind im not gonna ask

Spam - im soooo going to miss messing with him

Franfran- me too but we've been here for a looonnngggg time and I think we need to take a break

*everyone hugs and says goodbye. Liz and spam cry. Zach pretends to cry happy tears….as in happy their leaving. :p*

Cam- mayb u guys can come back next year…or mayb we could come visit ur school.

FranFran- uh yeah sure….

HM- time to go. All german students please get in the van.

*more hugs*

Spam- bye guys! We'll miss u! hopefully we'll see u soon… that is if the circle of cavan doesn't get to u first!

*everyone quickly hops in the van And they speed away leaving the Gallagher girls and blackthorne boys behind very confused*

FranFran- nice spam

Spam- I just had to

Spam- well bye lili and oboe

Lili- ur leaving?

Franfran- yeah we have to get back to our little fictional universe and decide who to terrorize next

Oboe- ok c u soon

Spam- or not….thanks for coming to Gallagher with us it was nice seeing u!

Franfran- bye!

*they disappear from the van and appear in a random plce in their fantasy world where they go in between books

Spam- well that was fun

FranFran- the question is where to next?

A/N: You tell us! What series should we travel into next?

Ideas: hunger games

Harry potter

Heist society

Fire or graceling

A sarah dessen book

Percy Jackson

Review and tell us where please! Until then we'll have random dialogues in our in between place…'s an example

Franfran-Hey spam
Spam- What
Franfran- DId you know one of the most commonly misspelled words is Bureaucracy?
Spam- O really. Now why do you know this?
F- Oh, i don't know. Why DONT you?
s- Cuz I'm normal
F-well thats a relative term
S- whats that supposed to mean?
F- Whatever you want it to
F- So, say, you find out one of your friends carries a lighter around. What would you say? Hypothetically
S- You carry a lighter around?
F-no, my friend does
F- soo...
F-people. Mainly people you don't know... if you dont count rose and andrea, and lianna and elie and y'all when lilis in town
F- Exactly what I want to know *goes up to random friend who... well, um, joined the dialogue for this moment*
Random friend- Why am i here?
F- cuz your going to answer a very important question
S- Who is this person?
F-Shut up, I'm asking a question
Random friend- Can I go now?
F- no. Y do you have a lighter?
Random friend- Y not?
F- You're no help. Go. Get! Shoo
S- that was random
F- you're right, it was
S- Soooo...
F- Hey, wait here a minute *leaves.*
S- Um... okay?
F- *returns with mini-lighter* Oh cool! Look what i found!
S- What are you doing?
F- Playing with a lighter
S- Um, don't take this the wrong way, but is that safe?
F- Probably not. Why?
S- Okay. Can I try?
F- No, that's not safe for anyone in this country.
S- I can't set the whole country ablaze
F- Yes you can. and Ablaze?
S- Yes.
F- Okay then
S- put the lighter away
F- fine. * throws lighter very far away*
S- That wasn't safe
F- *shrugs* It was fun
S- Oh yeah.
F- So... You know what's fun?
S- Um... not playing with lighters?
F- well... yeah i GUESS... no, Having a whip fight! *a whip materializes out of thin air. Wait, what?*
S- WHOA! NO *backs away*
F- *whip disappears* fine.
S- well... um... you're scaring me
F- yes, I do believe so. HEY A RANDOM PERSON. What are THEY doing in our dialogue?
S- what was ur random friend doing in our dialogue?
F- answering a question. HEY RANDOM PERSON
random person- what?
F- vous êtes un petit chou
Random person (who can speak french)- WHAT! NO! *runs away*
S- what'd you say?
F- you are a little cabbage
F- ta mere el mange le sables de chat
F- I'll leave you hanging on that one *skips, yes actual skippage, away*