Beta: A huge thank you to Cariel for beta reading this for me =D

Author's Notes: I got the idea of Bly being asexual from Fialleril who suggested that the clones may be of that sexual orientation.
On that note I would like to apologize in advance for all inaccuracies portrayed here and hope that, my ignorance of the subject does not detract from this tale. *blushes*

Despite what his brothers believed, Aayla's physique never caught his attention. His affections for her went far beyond mere physical desire. Her mind intrigued him most. Truthfully, he never put much thought into the general's appearance, save the impracticality of her uniform. In an outspoken, but polite way, Bly mentioned this to her when they first met.

Aayla did not take offence and simply explained that it was as much about maintaining her culture as it was about comfort.

They never spoke of it again.

His brother's often teased him, saying he was a lucky man to serve under such beauty. Colourful jokes and crude remarks were common.

Bly defended her name every time. Respect was not something he freely gave, but Aayla had earned his respect. The hours they spent together working on tactics, devising plans and fighting on the frontlines ensured a strong friendship formed between them.

The Twi'lek general was a woman who worked best under pressure. Her tactical strategies were never predictable, nor expected. She enjoyed thinking outside the manual and that suited him just fine.

During their time together, battles were fought; some were lost and others were won. Their friendship grew as the professionalism between them faded. Aayla taught him to see the big picture; Bly taught her different ways to spar. They exchanged tactical plans, ideas, and at times personal thoughts. This served to bring them closer together in ways Bly never imagined. Aayla was more than just his superior officer; she was his confidante and his best friend.

Emotions were never a problem. He knew she cared deeply for the nautolan general and respected the affections General Fisto felt towards her. Their subtle relationship never bothered Bly; physical intimacy was not something he desired of Aayla.

It was not her sensuality or her body that he loved, but her mind. Aayla understood this; he saw it in her eyes. There were also things Bly saw in her dark orbs that not even General Fisto was aware of: mysteries that were meant only for him. The Jedi general may have held her heart, but Bly had captivated her mind. The secrets they shared without ever uttering a single word were something he would always cherish. Nevertheless, orders were orders, and when the time came, Bly did what he had to do.

He took her life swiftly, ensuring Aayla's death would be without pain. It was not out of cowardice that he shot her from behind. Bly knew she would have understood that too.

He never wondered what would have become of them had it not been for Order 66.

General Fisto would never have felt threatened by unusual relationship he shared with Aayla. Their friendship would have ended nonetheless. Some things were not meant to be and Bly respected that as well. It did not protect him from the imagined memories of her dark eyes staring back and the emptiness found in them.