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'Are you enjoying the concert?' Rory asked, turning her attention away from The Bangles and focusing on Paris.

'Yeah, they're great. It was really nice of your mum to get us these tickets' Paris replied, she didn't avert her eyes from the concert but the slight smile on her face told Rory that the sentiment was genuine. Inwardly grinning, Rory continued to enjoy the show. The entire ride up to New York had been littered with the occasional awkward silence, and due to their past Rory hadn't expected to find peace over a concert. The Bangles were truly amazing if they could make Paris and Rory forget their differences.

Her mother had given away the four best tickets so Rory could share them with Paris, Louise and Madeline and maybe call a truce to the bitterness of the past year. Judging by tonight, it was working. Glancing over at Madeline and Louise, Rory noted that they were still flirting with the two boys in the row behind. Okay, so they obviously wern't great fans of the band, but atleast they were enjoying themselves. Once again Rory turned her head to the stage and swayed slightly to the rhythum of 'Eternal Flame'.

Suddenly Rory felt a nudge on her right shoulder, she quickly noticed that Madeline was attempting to gain her attention.

'Hey Rory, me and Louise are going to bail. Okay?' She asked the question as though it were nothing at all, as though Rory would be fine with the two teenage girls wandering the streets of New York alone. Wait, Rory wasn't their mother and they definatly wern't asking her permission, judging by the way Louise was putting on her coat and Madeline was collecting her handbag, the two girls had already reached a decision.

'No wait, you can't leave. My mom said to meet her and Sookie in the main enterance when the concert is finished' Rory persisted. Louise and Madeline wern't exactly close friends but Rory certainly cared enough to keep them out of trouble.

However both girls were obviously unaware of the danger they could get into within New York City, instead they seemed more afraid that Rory would embarass them in front of their new friends. Lowering her voice to not let the guys hear, Louise whispered 'It's okay, we'll be back before the concert is over. Ready to meet you and your mommy', she smirked, obviously attempting to give the illusion that she was older and parents were of little concern to her. From what Rory had heard of Louise's family life, this was probably what she genuinly thought anyway.

Rory sighed in frustration 'No, don't you know how dangerous it is to wander New York alone?'. Hopefully she could get the girls to reconsider.

Madeline was unfazed 'It's okay, Jess and Sean will be with us' she responded, as if that were a perfectly good answer. Louise on the other hand had turned back to the guys, ignoring everything Rory argued.

Rory placed her head in her hands momentarily, Madeline wasn't the brightest spark but sometimes it could get really frustrating 'But you don't know them!'

'That's not true; we've been talking for ages. There both really nice, well, Sean is. Jess doesn't really say much, but he's still really cute. Anyway they know of a party around the corner and said we're welcome to come' Madeline said in her perky voice 'I can ask if you're allowed to come, Paris too'

'No that's not-' Rory began, but her efforts were useless. Madeline had already turned back to the guys and was asking if Rory and Paris could tag along. Rory looked up, unsure of what to do next.

'Of course your friends are welcome, more the merrier right Jess?' The taller of the two guys said, a grin stretching across his face. Rory took him to be Sean, she also saw for herself what Madeline had meant about Jess being quiet, not really bothering to look up he just grunted in affirmation.

'Great! So are we ready to go? Paris?' Louise reached over, tapping Paris on the shoulder. Paris had been engrossed in the concert, unaware of what her friends had been planning.

'What?' she snapped, obviously disgruntled at being disturbed.

Before either Louise or Madeline could jump in Rory began talking, hoping to gain Paris as an ally 'Madeline and Louise want to leave the great concert, which you yourself are enjoying, to attend a party with two random guys that they have only known for about five minutes-'

'More like fifteen' Madeline objected.

'- I personally think this is a bad idea because they could get lost, or hurt or do something stupid. What do you think Paris?' She finished off. Like Rory, Paris wasn't either of the girls mother and had no proper authority over them. However, it had become apparent that Paris was their kind of leader, she was always making the decisions in the group and although they never really benefited Rory, she prayed that this time it would.

'I don't really care what they do, it's their decision' she answered, facing the stage once again.

Before Rory could process what had happened or what to do next, she felt both girls nudging past her, eager to leave. 'No wait! You can't go' she argued in one last feeble attempt.

Louise paid no attention, instead sidling up next to Sean and talking in a low whisper as they began to leave, Jess following behind. Madeline however turned once more, 'look, you're welcome to come. It'll be fun'.

'I... Okay'. The words had slipped out of her mouth before her brain had time to consider them. It was probably best. If Paris and her both went with them, they could pay attention to the direction and time, making sure that the four girls arrived back at the concert ready to meet Lorelai and Sookie. Noticing that Louise was already walking away and that Madeline had begun to follow, Rory grabbed Paris by the arm and led the way out of the concert hall.


'Do you think I should take my shirt off?'

Rory looked up startled, why on earth would Paris ask that. The two girls were walking through the streets of New York City, closely following in the direction that Sean was leading them in. Rory had noted that wherever they were headed, it certainly was not just around the corner.

'What?' Rory asked, completely baffled.

'I'm just trying to think of the best way to fit in when we get there' Paris began to explain, in logic that would only make sense to her 'I'm an academic Rory, it's all I know. I was prepping for my SAT's in pre-school when most of the other girls were attending birthday parties with cake and balloons. I'm aware this will be a different type of party, but my experience is still limited. Now girls our age have progressed from cake and balloons to alcohol and making-out in dark corners. I also know how they dress, revealing as much skin as possible in an attempt to attract a member of the opposite sex'

Stating the obvious, Rory responded with. 'You're crazy'.

'So, should I?' Paris pressed. Looking up, Rory noticed that Jess, who had been casually sauntering behind his friend, was now staring at Paris, as though she were some strange rare creature. Rory blushed slightly with embarrassment.

'Should you what?' she answered, attempting to keep her cool.

'Remove my shirt'

'No Paris, you don't hav-'

'Raise the length of my skirt?' Paris now began inquiring.

'No! Just stay as you are. Your not looking to attract any male attention so just calm down' Rory argued, eager to shut Paris up 'we won't be here very long anyway'.

'Good, because I'm not fully equipped for this type of situation'.

'Oh God' She groaned, before following her friends into a large apartment building.


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