Cyber Moon: Travellers.

Episode 4: Mirror Images

By Razor Knight

Last update: December 20, 2012.

She had heard about dimensions where things had gone different than in her own reality, and she had an encounter with an insane, evil version of her own mother... But the world she was currently in was still one weird world.

"Wait for me, Kage!"

As far as she knew, this was the twentieth century Tokyo, and the Senshi were there, but with many differences. She had just seen this reality's version of her mother fight an ugly insectoid monster, and she had used some sort of full body suit instead of a Senshi suit.

And her mother, Usagi, or rather ChibiUsa, was apparently in love with Kage Hiyama, which meant Kyouko herself would not exist in this reality's future.

As she followed the couple, she saw Hotaru walk to them, along with Shingo. Shingo? "Don't tell me..." She knew the others couldn't see or hear her. It was one of the perks of being Sailor Moon (the third,) her crystal was full of tricks. So she had decided to follow them around and see what other differences there were, before interacting with them.

After a few minutes of that, she knew other couples were also 'wrong.' Karin was with Chie, and Mako was with some guy she didn't know. "Strange."

Stranger yet, Chie was Sailor Sun, and another girl was Sailor Lilith. There were more Dragons around, too, even Umino was one, and Kyouko had to admit that it made a bit of sense that the future husband of Sailor Nemesis was Dragon Nemesis in this reality.

Hana wasn't around, and neither was Yukiko. There was no Senshi Tower (maybe they hadn't build it yet?) and also...

"Who are you?"

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by a familiar voice, and she winced. Of course, with her current power she could be virtually invisible to everyone in that era, except for Sailor Pluto. "Hello, Setsuna."

If Pluto was surprised Kyouko knew her civilian name, she wasn't showing it. "If what I'm sensing is true, then you're a Senshi. But you've got lunar and death energy in you."

"In my reality, I'm Younger Saturn, but I can use Moon's powers too, since I was born from both a Saturn and Moon Senshi."

"So your parents are... Usagi and Terry?" Kyouko was quite sure this was the first time she had seen Pluto shocked.

But the truth could be even stranger for the Time Senshi. "No. My parents are Usagi... Well, you know her as ChibiUsa, and also Hotaru."

Pluto stared at her for a few seconds before returning to her neutral face. "I see. I know things may differ in other realities out there, but I never thought I would meet someone from a reality that was so unlike ours."

"I can't wait to tell the guys back home about this. They said Terry could not be more of a joker than he is, but this reality's one..."

"In any case, what are you doing here?"

"We, that is, me and my mothers, were exploring the multiverse. Something happened and my teleporter malfunctioned, and I was separated from them. I've been jumping around randomly, hoping to get lucky and find my own reality."

"Just like the two Mercuries were years ago."

"Oh, I see some things didn't change, then."

"You're from the Crystal Tokyo era, I assume?"

Kyouko nodded. "Kyouko Tsukino, technically Serenity the Third as far as Crystal Tokyo's royalty goes."

"I suppose that, since you haven't bothered interacting with the others, you're not planning on staying around."

"No, I have to keep jumping. It worked for the Mercuries, in more than one reality, apparently."

"Oh, that's why I can't see you in the timelines."

"I guess. Where's Saki?"

"Saki? Who's that?"

Kyouko flinched. Maybe their Pluto was also different. "Uhm, just someone that's not around in this reality. Goodbye."

Pluto stared at the spot where Kyouko had been standing. "Strange girl. Which means she's perfect for Senshi duties."

As soon as she appeared in the next reality, Kyouko grimaced and held her head. "What is this..." She looked around and saw there was no Earth. Thanks to her other senses, she could see there was nothing left of the Solar System Not even the Sun. And she saw no stars, either. The pain she felt was due to millions, no, thousands of millions of souls, relatively close to her position. Whoever did all that could still be close, and she remembered that evil, wicked version of her mother, and could feel a chill run down her spine. Maybe there was...

"What are you?"

She didn't need to turn to know who it was. Serenity. Sailor Moon. But her voice seemed to drip venom. "... What am I? Your granddaughter. Or at least that is what I am in another reality."

"Interesting. So your Usagi was lucky."

Kyouko turned to look at her, and had to stop herself from flying away. It wasn't Serenity, but Sailor Moon. Her eyes were hopeless, and Kyouko could tell this woman had lived for nearly as much as her grandmother had.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, but it's time to go," Kyouko said. As she mentally commanded her teleporter to jump, she gasped. "What..."

"Leaving so soon? It's been quite a few centuries since I had someone visit me. Why don't you stay and enjoy my company for a while?"

Kyouko knew this woman had, somehow, stopped her teleporter from working. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but she wasn't doing either. "What... What happened to you?"

"I lost everything I cared about, and it's hard to stay in the side of light when you simply have nothing worth fighting for."

"Something killed the others?"

The woman stared at her for a few seconds. "It was me, in a way. That thing took over my friends, forced us to kill each other, until only me and my daughter were left." Her face turned sad for a moment, but she shook her head and continued. "I was forced to kill her, too."

"What... I know something like that happened in my version. Dark Mana..."

"Oh, and what did your elders do to win?"

"They were able to heal the others, and the two Saturns revived the few that died."

"The two Saturns... I suppose this version of the Dark Mana was smarter, he killed them rather quickly. It was also stronger, if what you're telling me is true."

Kyouko noticed the way the woman was looking at her, and sighed. "Look, I don't want to fight you."

"Because you would lose. That's a given. Just try and make it enjoyable."

"No, I won't fight."

"Are just going to let me kill you? How boring. How can someone so pathetic be my granddaughter?"

"Simple, I'm not. Serenity is a wise, kind woman who would die before hurting those she cares about. She would not do what I'm guessing you did. How many worlds have you destroyed, monster?"

"I lost count, I was never good with numbers, after all," Moon said. What was wrong with this kid, it was the first time in centuries she found someone almost worth fighting, and her foe refused to fight? She could just blast her to pieces, but then she would be alone once again. Alone in the void. No, she would make this kid fight her. "You know, it's okay if you don't fight. I will just kill you, and then use that transporter of yours to find a reality with strong warriors."

"I know what you're trying to do. Upsetting me just so you get the fight you're looking for. I'm sorry, but my fuse's not that short. I am a bit like my other mother, I guess."

"Your other..." Moon stared at her for a second, then started laughing. "So Chibi and Hotaru could have..." Her laughter turned hysterical, and she glared at Kyouko. "You... I had already accepted this, what happened to me, my curse... I thought that was what destiny had in stock for me all along. But now... Damn you!"

Kyouko was knocked back by a wave of energy. "What... You could have destroyed me on the spot, why didn't you?"

"Because you're what my future could have been. When I look at you I can almost imagine how happy ChibiUsa could have been if..." Suddenly, her glare was gone. "No. This was destiny for us. And I know I'll never get them back."

Kyouko sighed. "Please, just let me jump out, and I'll never come back."

"If you fight me, if you do as much as get a clean hit against me, then I will."

Oh, that sure was a fair deal. Specially because a Holy Senshi, even a dual one, had as much of a chance to hit an Aeon Senshi as an ice cube would have to survive Elder Mars' Aeon level attacks. And this woman was, like her grandmother, beyond Aeon.

Still, it was worth a try. 'Nothing is impossible for us Senshi,' Kyouko thought with a bitter smile. Her mind tried to remind her that her foe was also a Senshi, but she swiftly told her mind to shut up.

Moon smiled as she saw the girl transform. "I see... You are not like Terry."

"I can use both powers at the same time, and I've been training to make sure I could keep going for a long time while using both. But enough talking." 'Lunar Requiem.'

Moon saw a massive blast of lunar and death magic come her way, but simply rose her hand, stopping it without even being dragged back. "I must admit, you're impressively strong."

"Thanks, I guess. Not attacking?"

"I suppose I'll give you another chance. I don't want this to end too quick."

So, that was it. She knew she had nothing stronger than that Requiem move right now. A dual Holy Senshi just didn't have enough power to hurt someone like her. 'But perhaps, a dual Aeon Senshi could.' "Saturn Aeon Power!"

Moon laughed humorlessly as her foe was wrapped in a bubble of light. "Now this could be fun. No weakling in this universe went past Holy while facing me. I suppose I should be proud that you could have been my granddaughter."

Younger Saturn glared at the woman. "Stop saying that. You're nothing like her. And she will never become you. Moon Aeon Power!"

Moon's eyes widened. She had faced some dual Senshi before, but it was the first time one of them upgraded both their powers at the same time. "Finally, a fight worth fighting!"

Younger Saturn looked at her suit. Strange, it was completely pink, not counting thin purple lines running down the sides of her arms. Still, she knew she had no time to gawk at her own pretty new suit. "Let's see if I can do it better now. Infinite Requiem!" She had shouted the attack, even though she didn't need to, but that was part of her plan. 'Lunar Mirage'

Moon formed an energy shield, and it absorbed the relentless wave of energy her foe was shooting. "Is that all you have, girl?" she snapped, then blinked. Had her eyes deceived her? No, there it was again, the girl's form was shivering. "What is..."

"Got you!"

Moon felt the blow, but it wasn't quite enough to harm her. She was actually quite impressed, her foe had created a replica of herself (up to her soul and power,) and had phased right besides her, punching her in the face. "Wow, you really are a smart girl!" Moon said. "Too bad your time's up."

Younger Saturn cried out in pain. "What... But you promised that you would..."

"Seriously, are all the Senshi in your world so gullible? Or did you think I still had some good left in me? Sorry, kid, but the Dark Mana killed that part of me, a very long time ago."

"Damn..." Younger Saturn rose her arm slowly. "Die, monster!"

Moon was knocked back by the blast. That girl was really full of surprises. She had shot all of her mana reserves in one blast, along with most of her own life energy. The result would have enough power to erase a large solar system in seconds... Or, Moon realized as she coughed up some blood, enough power to actually hurt her.

Younger Saturn tried to move, but her body wasn't responding. She saw Moon float calmly towards her and glared at her. "I just realized something... You are... Hopeless."

Moon laughed. "That I am, kid!" She then frowned as she saw her foe was no longer struggling. "Aww, I think I broke my toy." She suddenly sensed something, a massive energy spike. Whoever it was, could finish what that brat had started. She turned around and saw several Senshi there, along with someone she knew all too well. "Mirror, mirror," she mused.


"She's dead."

Serenity glared at her counterpart. "You are a monster..."

Neo Moon stood in front of her mother, not looking at her. "No. Serenity, revive Kyouko."

"But you can't..."

"Look at her," Saturn said, "Internal bleeding, and Kyouko has a different suit. I can guess what happened here."

Mercury nodded. "Whatever Kyouko did, it really hurt her."

"Oh, so she was telling the truth, you both are her moms. You should be quite proud of your little girl, she did hurt me. Too bad she needed a suicidal attack to do it."

Neo Moon's glare could have, if backed by magic, destroyed a few solar systems. "Enough!"

The evil Moon blinked, and then found herself flying back at a speed which could match that of a planet. How could a normal Aeon Senshi hit that hard? But before she could stop her flight, someone grabbed her arms, and she screamed in pain.

"You... I can feel it all around me, millions of lost souls. But I don't care what happened to you, I don't even care if it was you killing the others or something else did it. You killed my daughter, and that was your death sentence."

Neo Moon smiled. Saturn was giving that woman quite a show of what death magic could do. And while Neo Moon had used her crystal to have enough power to hurt her, Saturn was just using rage as fuel for her magic.

Moon grimaced. She could feel it, Saturn hadn't only attacked, she had also drained quite a lot of energy. She had thought herself invincible, she could remember how that felt at first, a curse, not being able to die, even when facing Senshi she had thought invincible in the past. She had given up on that idea, and had taken her rage on the whole galaxy first, then the universe. There was nothing in her universe that could kill her, and she hated it for that. But now she saw it, these women could do it. Sure, she could fight them, but what for? If they had weakened her as much as she thought, then they would win anyhow. And if she killed them, then... She would be once again alone. Alone in her nightmare, this void she herself had created. No, she would not fight.

Neo Moon and Saturn stood near the woman. They knew their daughter was already back, but they would still make this woman pay. Neo Moon had been about to shoot again, but saw Moon wasn't moving. "What..."

"You... You were the last one. I saw everyone kill each other thanks to that Dark Mana creature. I had to kill many of you. I failed you. I failed everyone. I am no longer a Senshi, and I've known for a long time that I don't deserve to live after what I did to this universe. Please, kill me. End this nightmare."

Serenity floated towards the others, with Kyouko right behind her. "Your death won't bring anyone back. It won't rebuild this universe. Even I could not fix that much damage."

Moon looked at Serenity and smiled. It wasn't a mocking smile. "You... I thought I was powerful, but you're out of my league, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Out of curiosity, how did you get that strong?"

"To make a thousand years long story short, I stole an evil god's power and destroyed him."

"You could kill me just by staring at me. And yet you say even you couldn't fix this."


Moon looked at Kyouko. "I know this may not mean a lot right now, but I'm sorry. I wish I had seen that bright future you have, instead of... This nightmare."

Kyouko nodded. "It's not always bright, but... I understand your pain, Usagi."

Serenity looked at her counterpart, then at the others. "Pluto, are you there?"

Pluto appeared near them. "I was checking the gates... But I think Moon didn't even leave this reality's Pluto standing."

"I had to kill her. Pluto was taken over too, she was too strong. I got to Holy level in that fight. If I hadn't, then it would be probably Setsuna, and not me, who would be in this nightmare."

Serenity sighed. "Pluto, take everyone back."

"What are you..." Neo Moon started.

"I'm going to do something I've never tested before, and probably break a few rules. But I can't do that if you stay here."

"Wait, why can't we just..." Kyouko started, then shook her head. "No, you're right. I don't know what you're planning, Serenity, but if you can find a way to 'fix' this other than killing her, then it's the right thing to do."

"Don't worry, I'll be back home soon," Serenity said, then sighed as they left, and turned to Moon. "Are you ready?"

"Go ahead, kill me. Isn't that why you had everyone else leave?"

"I cannot fix the way your reality is right now."

"I know that." Moon stopped and looked at Serenity. "Wait, are you implying what I think you are?"

"Under normal circumstances, a Senshi of Pluto cannot go back, or even forwards, in time to change something that's meant to happen. Good thing I'm not a Pluto Senshi, and that some of the powers I'm still discovering do let me fix some things."

Moon gasped. "Impossible!"

And as she blinked, she was elsewhere. She knew that place, the time gates. "Why are we here?"

"I suppose I could tell you, but still, you won't remember it." Serenity was looking at a screen, and as Moon looked at it, she cringed. She remembered that all too well, Mars turning evil, killing Yuu and Hotaru.

"Why are you showing me that? Those images haunt me even now."

"You still don't understand what I want to do. I need to see where things went wrong... I see, the Dark Mana was much stronger than in our world. Easy to fix."

"You... Are changing destiny?"

Serenity smiled at her. "I will, but I need to tell you something before I do. Once I change this reality's history, you will, in a way, cease to exist. Your past self will, along with her friends, defeat the Dark Mana, and eventually create Crystal Tokyo. Life won't always be easy, and there will be many challenges, but... Well, you've already seen part of it, haven't you?"

"Will things work just like in your reality?"

"It's hard to tell. It will depend on you."

"I understand what you say. The current version of me will no longer exist, because reality will be changed. But isn't that dangerous for..."

"The multiverse? If it was, I would not choose to do this. If fixing your world could harm other realities, then I would just kill you."

"You would?"

"But as I always tell my friends, I may have to do it sometimes, but I don't have to like it."

Moon let out a dry, humorless chuckle. "I think I forgot that somewhere down the line." She turned serious and looked at Serenity. "I've always cursed destiny, but now... Destiny's giving me a second chance. Giving all my friends a second chance. Go ahead."

"It's done."

"It is? I don't feel any difference."

"You won't feel it. Goodbye."

"... Goodbye, and thanks."

Serenity looked around. Moon had vanished, in more than one way. Looking at the 'screen' she had summoned, she could see Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, searching for Luna. That was the day the Dark Mana would start its campaign, but she knew it would be okay now.

"Are you okay with changing that?"

Serenity smiled as Pluto appeared besides her. It was her Pluto. "I like my life too much to consider changing it back home, but here... She won't have to do what I did."

Pluto could see that reality's future, and smiled. "There will be many differences, and yet..."

"And yet, she will see that bright future, too," Serenity said, then the two were gone.

"So, what are you girls going to do now?"

"I'll stay here," Kyouko said. Her mothers looked at her, and she shook her head. "I'm not scared of what's out there. I just want to rest for a while."

Pluto smiled, and the three teleporters appeared floating in front of her. "I will take these, then."

Serenity noticed Kyouko staring at her. "What's wrong?"

"What you did there, I'm still trying to accept you could do that. Is there anything you can't do?"

"There's things I won't do," Serenity noted, answering her question without really answering it. "For example, I could go back and fix every single death we had to go through in the past. Make it so our lives would be, in a way, perfect."

Kyouko's eyes widened. "So you..."

"Being able to do something doesn't give you the right to do it. You, as a dual Senshi, have enough power to destroy the whole system in a matter of minutes."

"I understand. And changing our pasts would alter our present," Kyouko guessed.

"Yes. And I accepted this destiny a long time ago, with all which may come with it. I know my friends all think the same way."

"Anyhow, I guess we're back to boredom now."

Hotaru looked at Kyouko. "We could keep jumping, once your teleporter's fixed."

"I don't know, maybe someday I will."

"In the meantime, there's also the colonization project. With our current power, we could phase all the way here from the center of our galaxy, so it wouldn't be really going away."

Kyouko looked at Usagi. "Wow, I didn't know that. So that means I could phase to..."

"No," Serenity said, "Blindly jumping can be dangerous, specially in an area where stars are so close to each other."

"I don't think even a star would kill us."

"That may be true, but I've been close to the Sun," Hotaru said, "and it was rather hard to fly away from it. I imagine a larger star, or a black hole, would be even more dangerous."

"You mean we could end up trapped inside a star if we got too close?"

Usagi smiled at Kyouko. "Yeah. Though I suppose you could just wait a few thousands of millions of years until it died out."

"Sounds fun. In any case, I'll think about it, maybe that colonization project will keep me busy for the next few centuries."

"You'll have to get in line. Hisako and Hikaru already confirmed they would be on the first mission, and some of the other Youngers are thinking about it."

"What about you?"

Usagi turned to Serenity. "I won't leave. I think I've been living in this city, in this world, for too long. I finally got used to the dullness."

"And speaking of dullness," Serenity commented, "there's a group of spaceships heading for our system. They will be here in five days. And they're not friendly."

"You can sense them from that far?" Kyouko asked.

"I could destroy them from here," Serenity noted, causing her granddaughter to gasp, "but I know the other Senshi will want to have some fun too."

Kyouko smiled at that. Even in their own universe, there were still evil creatures to fight. And if things got too boring, she would consider paying the multiverse another visit. "A Senshi's life is never truly boring, I guess." she said with a smile. The others looked at her for a second, then nodded.

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