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A young sheep was the only witness to the appearance of the blue box on a cold, winter night. The sheep immediately stopped grazing when it

heard a sudden grinding noise. As the sheep watched, a large, blue box appeared in the field a few yards away. It kept its distance as a door on

the box opened. Two people, a man and a woman, walked out of the box and looked around. The woman looked to be in her early twenties. She

had long, blond hair and brown eyes. She was wearing blue jeans, black shoes, and a black shirt under a denim jacket. The man was wearing

brown pants, black shoes, and a black shirt. A long, brown duster completed his wardrobe.

"Where are we Doctor?" the woman asked.

"Not sure about the 'where' Rose." the Doctor answered. "But according to the TARDIS computers, we're in the year 5 A.D."

Rose could make out a town faintly illuminated by the moonlight.

"Maybe someone in that town will tell us where we are." Rose suggested.

The Doctor wasn't even paying attention. He was looking at a bright star that was directly over the city.

"I've never seen a star like that before." he commented.

"Are you even listening to me?" Rose asked.

"What?" he said. "Of course I am. You said 'maybe someone in that town will tell us where we are'. Well, there's only one way to find out."

The two of them walked away from the TARDIS in the direction of the town. Fifteen minutes later, they were wandering the town's streets, looking

for someone who could help them out.

"It looks like everyone has turned in for the night." Rose commented.

"We'll just come back tomorrow." The Doctor told her.

As they turned to leave the town, they saw a group of men running down the street. The men were all wearing robes and sandals. Each one

carried a staff with a hook at one end.

"They must be shepherds." the Doctor observed.

"Let's follow them and find out why they're running through the town at this hour." Rose said.

Rose started to run after the shepherds with the Doctor right behind her. They ran all the way across the small town until they reached a cave

opening cut into a hillside. The shepherds went right inside, but Rose and the Doctor held back.

"Should we follow them inside?" she asked.

"Of course." The Doctor responded.

They walked in and discovered that the cave was a stable. The shepherds were surrounding a man, a woman, and a baby in a manger. The

shepherds were all worshiping the baby as the woman kept watch.

"Truly this is the Savior!" one of the shepherds proclaimed.

Rose approached the woman and introduced herself and the Doctor, referring to him by his alias.

"Hello." She said. "My name is Rose and this is John."

"Hello Rose." The woman answered. "My name is Mary and this is my husband Joseph."

"Where have I heard those names before?" the Doctor wondered to himself.

"What is the child's name?" Rose asked.

"He won't be named yet, but we're going to name him Jesus." Joseph told them.

"Impossible!" the Doctor exclaimed.