Hey guys, this is my first fan-fiction ever, so please do not bash it too hard ^^

Lemme just give you a short introduction. This is meant to be a continuation of Digimon Savers/Data Squad, set after the epilogue of the show (so I will refer to things that may be spoilers for people who have not yet completed Data Squad). However, Marcus Thomas and Yoshino (yeah I'll be using English names/Data Squad Jargon for this) are not the main characters, but rather show up sporadically during the series. The main characters' names will be Matt Turner, Luke Iwate, Brianna Akita, Castilla Iwate, Kristy Damon and Keenan Crier. They are all in middle school around the ages of 12 and 13 (Yes, Kristy and Keenan will return as major characters this season, so it's gonna be kinda like a digimon adventure 02 thing)

Like I stated before this is a continuation of Digimon Savers after King Drazil was defeated, 4 months after the epilogue where everybody was older. So that's about 4 years and 4 months after the actual series. (*Spoilers of those who have not yet finished the series* the current whereabouts of the former major characters: Marcus-In digital world making peace, current status is unknown. Thomas-studying to be a doctor, is the youngest person in Japan to win the nobel prize for curing his sister of her terminal disease. Yoshino-a police officer along with Miki and Megumi. Commander Sampson is their boss)

I will be periodically posting picture references for characters, but for those I made up I will try my best to give you an accurate picture of what they look like. So for example I will be doing references like [ pics over here for what Kristy and Keenan look like now . and . (that's a reallly bad pic of Kristy, oh well ^^) credit for those goes to the digimon wiki.] Edit: I guess not, i forgot that I can't post links, sorry! just ignore it when i say [reference: x link you can always just go to Digimon Wiki though]

One last thing, [] stands for my personal interjections, Italicized stands for events happening.

Alright without further adieu let's get started!

All image credits go to DigimonWiki

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*A scene of a long data stream slides under the camera, the camera zooms in through multiple other rectangular data streams when it zooms in on what is known as the digital world. Right now there is an overhead view of the world, where it is currently night time. Finally, the camera pans into what appears to be a rock cave. Past the walls lies a large group of Digimon which are all gathered listening to one giant Exogrimmon. You cannot fully see him, as he is covered in shadows. He is standing on an elevated cliff speaking down to the hundreds of Digimon gathered there.

Exogrimmon: And it is for that reason why we can no longer allow the humans to take control of our world. We have tried long and hard to live our lives as we were meant to, but the humans came and took everything. And that's where I get to why I called you all here today. We eliminate the human race!

One digimon from the crowd: With what energy?!? Ever since King Drazil was taken away from us, we have seen nothing but confusion and destruction. None of us Digimon have the will to live anymore.

Exogrimmon: I am aware of that, as many of us already are. We must muster the last of our strength to defeat these bloodthirsty humans.

Another digimon: I hear that there is even a human in the Digital world trying to create more chaos

Infermon: I've seen him with my very own eyes! He walks around with a traitor digimon, I believe he calls himself…

Exogrimmon: I don't care what he calls himself! Him along with his other human killers want nothing more than our lives, and we will not give it to them. Whatever Digimon betrays his fellow Digimon shall also be put to death

*a loud cheer is heard among the Digimon*

Exogrimmon: Let this be the beginning of our war against the humans! We have resisted the temptation of stepping foot on their world until now! We will begin our attack starting today! *he scans the audience*

*There is a Dracomon and a DinoRexmon standing side by side in the audience, they quickly get Exogrimmon's attention*

Exogrimmon: you two…Dracomon, DinoRexmon, you will be in charge of the attack tonight.

[Dracomon is a rookie and DinoRexmon is supposed to be a mega, but for this story's purposes, he will be a champion. Dracomon's appearance is right here ./digimon/images/0/0c/Dracomon_,. and DinoRexmon's appearance is ./digimon/images/d/d6/DinoRexmon_]

Exogrimmon: Do you two accept the task I put before you

DinoRexmon: With pleasure

Dracomon: the humans must be destroyed.

DinoRexmon: Where shall we begin our attack master?

With a stern look on his face, Exogrimmon looked up at the crisp night sky and said one word…Japan

All chanting: Long Live the Digimon! Long Live the Digimon!

Outside the cave, a familiar face is listening in on the conversation. A black and blue bird that greatly resembles an owl, known as Falcomon heard everything. He flew away before anyone could see him.

Setting: first day of second semester in the middle school. It is 1:40 PM, just in time for Chemistry class to begin. Since it was the first day of the new semester, students were allowed to choose their lab groups of four before class began. Kristy Damon was in a group by herself about to look for a group who needed one more, when suddenly a familiar face walked into the classroom. He walked over and helped himself to the seat next to her.

Kristy: Keenan!

Keenan: Hey Kristy, looks like we're in the same class again this semester!

Kristy (giggling): We must be inseparable!

[At this point, Keenan's voice is (obviously) much deeper than it was during the course of Data Squad. If you saw the epilogue, that's what his voice sounds like now. Also, his English has improved up to the point where he speaks like every other middle school student.]

Keenan: I'm just about ready for school to be over, I don't know how much longer I can stand this workload!

Kristy: I'm pretty much ready to collapse too. I think we still need two more people if this group is going to work.

As if on cue, Danny, another kid in their class had come up to them

Danny: Hey, do you guys mind if I join your group?

[Danny has the same eye color as Marcus/Masaru (bright green, or whatever color Marcus's were ^^), he is African Japanese and wears a red and white cap. I like to think of his voice as similar to Ash Ketchum's for some reason]

Kristy: Sure! The more the merrier!

Keenan: Now all we need is one more

The bell rang and it was time for class to begin. The Teacher, Mr. Kuroki stood up from his desk in the front corner of the classroom.

Mr, Kuroki: Hello class, and welcome to second semester Chemistry. Before I begin I will give you an overview of the class. As we all know Chemistry is the study of…

"HOLD IT, HOLD IT" shouted a kid from across the hall, running in the classroom. He ran over to Mr. Kuroki panting because he had been running for the last couple minutes.

Mr Kuroki: Mr. Turner, you're late.

[Matt has brown eyes and brown hair. His hair is not very long, more medium size (for an anime person at least ^^) He has black goggles and normally wears a long sleeved green shirt with yellow designs on his sleeves ]

Matt: Sorry sir, I had to go all the way to my locker and back. I was on my way there when I remembered that I forgot my backpack and had to go all the way…

Mr Kuroki: Enough! I do not want this to become a reoccurring problem like it was last semester. For now, just find a group to sit with.

Matt: uh..thank you sir

Just about everyone in the classroom is giggling, and no one is letting him into their group. Matt got sight of Kristy who was waving for him to come and sit with them. Due to the situation, he was happy to get a seat.

Matt: Thanks Kristy

Danny: Don't forget me Matty boy!

Matt: woah, hey Danny! I was so tired from running so fast that I didn't even notice any of you!

[Kristy and Matt had known each other since the year before . They sat next to each other in math class and Kristy always helped him out with the hard stuff…which was basically everything to him ^^. Matt and Danny had been close friends since elementary school]

Kristy: Keenan this is Matt, Matt this is Keenan

Keenan: Nice to meet you

Matt: The pleasure is all mine

Mr. Kuroki: Ok class, now that we are all accounted for we can begin our lesson. Now as we all know in order for Chemistry to work, we're going to be using a lot of equations to back up our quantitative…

Everything basically became a blur from then on, the teacher wasn't making sense to anyone, especially our group in the back. But all of the sudden something happened that nobody noticed but Keenan and Kristy who was sitting next to him. All of the sudden his pocket started glowing. Keenan reached into his pocket and picked up his Digivice from four years ago. It hadn't glowed like that since all the Digimon left to restore the digital world sometime ago. Keenan looked at it with a surprised look on his face

[ok this part gets a little confusing because they're happening at the same time. So please try to bear with me ^^]

The scene goes to a nearby police headquarters. Since the last time we left our heroes in Data Squad, the former members of DATS (all except Marcus and Thomas) have all become police officers, Sampson still being the commander. Right now, Yoshino and Megumi are working on the computers, although not very hard. They look the same as they did in the epilogue.

Yoshi (stirring a cup of coffee with one hand, and leaning her head on the other): Man, these daytime shifts are even more boring than the night time shifts.

Megumi from the back, trying to work but not very successfully: I wouldn't complain, I'd rather not be working at all than working too hard

Yoshi: yeah but still, it seems that it's been a matter of years since we've done anything important at all.

As if on demand, Yoshi's computer started making an alarming noise, she was almost as shocked as Megumi running up to see what had gone wrong. When she realized what it was, she exclaimed

Megumi: Yoshi! You realize that it's illegal to have this software installed on any computer!

Kristy (whispering in an angry tone): Keenan! How do you still have that Digivice, it's been years since anything's even happned.

Keenan (whispering back): I know, but I've always carried it with me to remember our friends

Kristy: Isn't that cute, but if anyone found out about it…

Keenan: Kristy, I think we have a bigger problem than the fact that I haven't gotten rid of my digivice. This hasn't glowed in a matter of years, and I think that this may be because we are near a

Megumi: Digimon?!? Yoshi do you realize how ridiculous you sound right now

Yoshi: I know it sounds far-fetched, but the reason I put this on the computer was to make sure that we weren't under attack by them

Megumi: If anyone finds out that you have this on your computer, we could all go to prison!

Yoshi (slightly frustrated): But if we don't do anything about this a lot of people are going to get hurt.

Megumi: look, I

Kristy: know you miss them, I miss Biyomon too. But it doesn't mean that you have to be looking for new Digimon to play with

At this point, Matt and Danny had already been catching up on their sleep, but Matt woke up when he heard Kristy say the word "Digimon". That word meant something to him, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Keenan: Kristy, that's not what I'm trying to do, my Digivice wouldn't have gone off if Falcomon wasn't in

Yoshi: Trouble is going to be our middle names if we don't do something about this. I need to go!

With that, Yoshino took her bag and took off. Megumi had tried to stop her, but it ended up being pointless.

Keenan (shouting): I need to go!

At this the whole class looked back at him. Mr. Kuroki had an angry look on his face

Mr Kuroki: Is something wrong Mr. Crier?

Keenan: Eh Gomensai sir, I really need to leave, this is an emergency.

With that Keenan ran out of the room

Matt: Sir, I have to go as well

Mr. Kuroki: Mr Turner I will give you a detention if you walk out of my classroom

Matt took that as in open invitation to leave, and took off right behind Keenan. Kristy put her head down in frustration and joined Danny, who wasn't putting his head back up anytime soon.

Keenan was running like crazy. He knew that he wasn't just making a big mistake. He knew that Falcomon was in some sort of trouble, and would do anything to help his best friend. Meanwhile Matt was trying his best to keep up with him but stay out of sight at the same time. Matt was on the school running team, but he couldn't bear to keep up with him any longer. Then suddenly Keenan stopped dead in this tracks. Without looking back he said

Keenan: Why are you following me?

Matt (panting): I…wanted to make sure that you were okay going out here

Keenan: look Matt, I know that you're not telling me the truth, but I want you to know that this is a personal thing to me and I really would appreciate it if you didn't follow me.

Matt: Don't worry Keenan, I won't bother you. I'll just follow you really quietly

The sad thing was, Matt was trying to be polite, but he never took no for answer to anything.

Keenan (slightly angry): Matt please just go away!

Matt: listen Keenan, I can't leave because I heard you mention something about Digimon, and I want in.

At this Keenan's eyes had widened. [It is important to notice that at this point, nobody knows what Digimon are. Only the former members of Dats and people who have owned a Digimon know Digimon are. Anyone else who had so much as seen a Digimon had to have had their memory erased immediately, so it is very strange for that word to mean anything to Matt.]

Keenan was about to open his mouth but suddenly a dark cloud came over where they were standing. In a matter of seconds it went from being a nice sunny day to a dark and dismal day. Keenan's digivice was going off like crazy. He saw a large orange sphere travel rapidly behind Matt, whose back was turned to it.

Keenan: Matt look out!

With that Matt looked back and jumped away just at the right time, and Keenan dodged the blast. There was a short green Digimon with a furious look in its eyes staring right at them. The information popped up on Keenan's Digivice

Keenan: That's Dracomon. Rookie Dragon type. His baby breath and tail smash attacks are powerful for a rookie

[Dracomon's appearance is here ./digimon/images/0/0c/Dracomon_, credit goes to DigimonWiki ( I use that a lot ^^)]

Before anybody could formulate what just happened, Dracomon was charging up for another attack

Dracomon: Baby…

Keenan and Matt had just recovered from the old attack and were not anticipating another one so close to another one. Then Suddenly

Firecracker smoke screen!

Dracomon was blinded by the large amounts of smoke, and Keenan knew exactly who had just saved them. A black and blue bird that resembled an owl had picked up the two boys and dropped them outside of the thick smoke

Keenan (giving him a huge hug): Falcomon!

Falcomon: Keenan! I am so happy to see you! You're so tall now that I don't think I can stand next to you the same anymore

Matt just looked at the two and saw that they had some sort of a connection that was established a long time ago. More importantly, he realized that Digimon could understand and talk back to humans. He smiled when suddenly, the smoke stopped and the Digimon was staring at them once again.

Matt: I'm starting to get tired of this guy.

With that Matt ran toward the Digimon

Keenan: Matt you don't know how dangerous that thing is!

Matt had tried to kick Dracomon, but Dracomon was too fast and jumped straight up and landed behind him.

Matt: You think I'm giving up that easily?

He turned around and tried to hit him. He missed again, but this time something different happened. He saw a sense of pain in the mysterious Digimon's eyes. With that he fell over and Dracomon had jumped away again.

Keenan (looking at Falcomon): Falcomon, I think it's time to Digivolve

Falcomon: Keenan Wait!

Keenan: DNA….DNA….. Nothing happened

Falcomon: That's what I was trying to tell you, I can't digivolve in the real world anymore.

Keenan: What?!?

Dracomon had jumped up to the top of an overhead bridge, and Matt had climbed up the side of the bridge attempting to follow him.

In the back, I blue and white cop car had stopped behind everybody. Yoshino, unable to believe what she was seeing, stepped out. She didn't know what surprised her more. The fact that there was a Digimon for the first time in 4 and half years, or the fact that there was a random boy trying to follow it.

Yoshino: Hey you! Up there! Stay away from that thing it's dangerous!

This time Matt responded with one word

Matt: No!

And with that he continued his climbing.

Yoshi: Is he crazy?

Keenan: I have no idea…

Yoshi: hey Keenan, Falcomon it's good to see you too! Do you have any idea who that boy is?

Keenan: Yeah, his name's Matt and he's not a very good listener.

Now Matt had finally gotten to the top of the bridge and was facing Dracomon

Keenan: Matt! If you're not going to come down you need to destroy the Digimon! He will be redigitized into a Digi-egg you wont be killing him if you do!

Dracomon aimed an attack at Keenan and shot it, Yoshino took Keenan and Falcomon and ducked them. The blast just barely went over them.

Matt (ignoring what he just heard): Look I don't want to fight you

He dropped his fighting pose

Dracomon: you..dont want to fight

Matt: Why are you attacking us

Dracomon: You humans attacked us first. You only want to use the Digital world as your own. The master commands that we destroy you before you destroy us.

Yoshi: I don't get it…why hasn't Dracomon tried to attack him yet

Falcomon: I think they're speaking to each other

Matt: I don't really know so much about this Digital world you're talking about. But I don't know anyone who's trying to destroy it. But I can promise you that I will do all that I can to help you guys out

Dracomon: you really mean it?

Matt held out his hand: We can shake on it!

Dracomon (smiling, holding out his hand): Ok

Out of nowhere a crash happened. They were under attack again.


A blast much bigger than Dracomon's hit, and sent them all stumbling to the floor. There was an explosion of the city bridge when Dinorexmon was standing right there.

Dinorexmon: Dracomon, how dare you speak to the humans

Dracomon ran up to him

Dracomon: But Dinorexmon, I don't think that humans are all that bad

Dinorexmon in a disgusted tone: WHAT!

Dracomon: I mean, it doesn't seem like they all want to destroy us

Dinorexmon: I should have figured…5 minutes with those humans and you have started thinking like them. Your betrayal will make master furious. I will make sure that you will die along with these pathetic humans

Dinorexmon jumped up into the air. Unexpectedly a sharp nail came toward Dracomon. The speed at which it was traveling would have killed him instantly, had not someone jumped and pushed him out of the way. Dracomon looked up. His new friend Matt had just saved his life, but it costed him a huge scrape on the arm. Keenan and Yoshi gasped.

Keenan: did he just…save him

Matt stood up and looked at Dracomon, who looked back at thim

Dracomon: you…you saved me

Matt's face was dirty, but he smiled back and said

Matt: What are friends for?

With that something glowed between the both of them. It had gone toward traveled toward Matt. Unaware of what it was, Matt grabbed onto it. It was a digivice. But not like the one Keenan had. It was completely different. It was a red Digivice 01

[reference picture ./digimon/images/f/fb/Digivice_, credit Digimon Wiki, if you read V-Tamers it's that digivice]

Keenan and Yoshi were just as surprised as Matt was

Yoshi: is that a…Digivice

Keenan: It looks nothing like the ones we have.

Matt took a better look of the Digivice, suddenly his other had started glowing red

Matt: this…is…SO COOL

Dracomon: I think this makes us friends for good huh?

Matt: but…what am I supposed to do

Keenan: use your DNA charge!

Matt: My what?

Keenan: You can make Dracomon digivolve to champion if you use your DNA charge!


Truthfully, they kinda did, but Dinorexmon landed viciously on the ground, causing the ground to shake

Dinorexmon: I will make sure none of you live to see this earth for one more day. OGRE FLAME!

Instead of running away, both Matt and Dracomon ran toward Dinorexmon.

Matt: I don't really get all of this, but are you ready to Digivolve Dracomon?

Dracomon: Oh yeah!

The Digivolution sequence begins.

Matt: DNA…Charge! He thrusted his digivice toward the screen

Dracomon: Dracomon Digivolve to!


Keenan had the information on his digivice again. That's Coredramon, Champion level. His Flare breath and Strike Bomber will give all his enemys something to really shout about!

[Visual is here, the only difference is that he does not have wings and does not look as evil ^^

./digimon/images/d/d3/Coredramon_(Blue)_ DigimonWiki as always]

Matt: Ok, this is definitely cooler than Chemistry class!

Dinorexmon: So, you have finally learned to master Digivolution. Master could have taught you better

Coredramon: Tell master that I quit! He has shown nothing but hatred for all of us and humans. There is still much to learn about humans

Dinorexmon: But how can you quit…If you're not even alive to say that you do! Ogre Flame!

Coredramon: Flare Breath

The two flames hit each other with cataclysmic force. Keenan, Yoshi and Falcomon stood back, but matt simply looked forward putting an arm in front of his face.

Matt: Go Coredramon! Show him that the power we both have is stronger than the power of evil!

Yoshi: This doesn't make any sense.

Keenan: What do you mean?

Yoshi: I thought it was weird when Agumon starting helping us out. But a digimon that was born in an evil atmosphere and taught only to destroy helping us out. This is truly incredible.

Coredramon: Dinorexmon, you're finished

Dinorexmon with a furious look on his face: Lethal needle!

The needle hurtled toward Coredramon when he broke it by punching it.

Dinorexmon: Impossible. Where is he getting all this power from?

Coredramon: Dinorexmon, prepare to be relieved of all evil. Flare Breath!

Dinorexmon screamed, his last words were

Dinorexmon: Your betrayal is unforgivable! Long live the Darkness!

With that, he turned into a digi-egg. Which Matt caught


The day cleared up again

Matt gave the egg to Keenan.

Matt: how's that for "you're going to get hurt?"

Dracomon: yeah, I'm not that dangerous once you get to know me

Keenan (smiling): I'm just glad you guys are ok. Oh by the way Matt, this is my old friend Yoshi

Yoshi: Pleasure to meet you, I see that you are quite the resilient one

Dracomon: hey Matt, what does quite the resilient one mean?

Matt: Don't ask me, I have no idea. Oh, I almost forgot we need to get back to school!

Keenan: Hey Yoshi you want to give us a ride?

Yoshi: Asking to ride in a police car, that's a first

With that they all started laughing

The scene goes back to the Digital world

A Digimon: Master, the first attack on the human world failed. It seems as if Dracomon has joined forces with some humans, and fought against Dinorexmon.

Exogrimmon: I had a feeling he would betray me one of these days. No matter, they were worthless pawns anyway

Digimon: sir?

Exogrimmon: We can let those foolish humans think they've beaten us. They may have won this first battle, but the war has barely begun. He starts laughing maniacally; the screen goes up into the night sky


So what did you guys think? I know that there are a lot of holes in the plot like how did Falcomon come back, why couldn't he digivolve, and how did Matt know about Digimon in the first place. These are all to be answered in the near future! Reply/Comment please, I would love your feedback. (PS I know that my grammar was horrifying throughout the whole thing so I apologize for that ^^)