Hello everyone! So hearing from me may come as a surprise to some of you, since creating this came as a bit of a surprise for me. But let me briefly explain what this is. So I officially finished Digital Crisis the series as of a few months ago (with the movie), and it got me interested in reading through my old episodes. And as much as I enjoyed seeing the progression of the story, I just couldn't bear to read through some of the very first stories. The overall plot was alright, but the writing/dialogue in some of the episodes was far from great in my opinion. But that's good, because it's helped me see my own development in writing these.

So anyways, I had an idea of rewriting the very first episode, but doing it in the more developed style I have now. I thought it would be interesting, and a good throwback to the beginnings of the series. To clarify, this does not mean that I'm going to be rewriting any more episodes, but I just thought it would be fun for me to do for this one. I'd really like to see some of your comments too!

So let's see how this turns out. Here is Digital Crisis: Episode 1 Redux!


A black and starry sky was shown over an empty, dusty road.

The sky appeared to have dozens of rocks scattered all around, and bunches of data suspended in midair. To a casual observer, the landscape of the sky would have appeared to be weird and out of the ordinary. But to anyone who lived here, the scenery would have been all too familiar.

The Digital World

A small, hooded figure flew through a cluster of data in the sky as the dust rustled underneath him. Although the majority of his body was being covered in a dark green cloth, his black wings, purple claws, yellow feet, and bird-like appearance were still visible.

He continued to fly forward and breathe quietly for a few minutes until he reached his destination. Under his yellow beak, he was able to see the mouth of an underground cave. A Darklizardmon was standing at the cave entrance with a spear, and presumably keeping watch.

"Now what?" The bird whispered to himself with a hint of frustration.

The bird grunted and tried to think of another way to get inside, but soon enough, he realized that he didn't need to. He watched from the sky as a Roachmon and a Minotarumon walked towards the cave. He did his best to remain quiet and out of sight.

The Roachmon and Minotarumon stopped to chat with Darklizardmon for a moment.

It was just as the bird had hoped. They were distracted.

"That's my cue." The bird whispered to himself.

He flew towards the front of the cave.

Darklizardmon: I'm glad that you both could make it tonight.

Roachmon: Of course. How could we miss such an important night?

Minotarumon: What's about to happen in there is more than just important, Roachmon. It's historical.

Something zoomed over their heads. Roachmon looked up at the ceiling. He saw nothing.

Darklizardmon: Is something wrong, Roachmon?

Roachmon looked around the ceiling for good measure.

Roachmon: I thought I heard something.

Minotarumon: Really? Beats me.

Roachmon looked forward

Roachmon: Yeah, I guess it must have been the wind or somethin'

Darklizardmon: Why don't the two of you go on in there and leave the guarding to me. Wouldn't want either of you to miss the big speech.

Minotarumon nodded

Minotarumon: Good day, Darklizardmon.

Minotarumon and Roachmon walked past him. Unbeknownst to them, Roachmon had been correct. The bird had flown over their heads while they were talking, and was flying down the cave halls now.

He flew into a large, open area, where there were hundreds of Digimon on the ground and facing the same direction –towards a giant cliff that was elevated above them. They were cheering very loudly and chanting one word over and over again. "Master"

The bird quickly turned and settled in a dark corner where no one could see him. He lifted his head so that his yellow eyes and beak were visible underneath the hood.

Not a minute later, a muscular, green, white haired Digimon stepped onto the stage and began to speak in a loud voice.

"Greetings my fellow Digimon!"

The noise settled to a dull roar.

"As you all know, my name is merely Ogremon, but I speak for our Master."

One of the Digimon from the crowd yelled at him

"Where is he?!"

Ogremon: Unfortunately he has had a few delays but rest assured, he'll be here shortly.

Suddenly, a dark, gravely voice emerged from behind him.

"I'm here now."

Stunned, Ogremon turned around. He found himself looking into the eyes of his master.

"Step aside. Now."

Ogremon slowly turned around.

Ogremon: Dim the lights! He has arrived.

A deafening cheer was heard. All around the room, various Digimon pulled the curtains so that no light could enter the room.

At one particular corner of the room, a round green Digimon was asleep next to a curtain rope. A Demidevimon flew over and kicked him in the stomach. The small Digimon woke up.

"I didn't do it!"

He turned his head

"Oh. It's you, Demidevimon." The green Digimon said

Demidevimon: Pull the curtain, Betamon. The master is speaking now!

Betamon: Curtain…right.

Betamon cut the rope and the final curtain dropped down, making the front platform pitch black. The only sources of light were the few torches that were lit throughout the back of the room.

Ogremon turned back around and faced the master.

Ogremon: They're ready….Master Exogrimmon.

Exogrimmon: I told you to get off

Exogrimmon sent an attack towards Ogremon that launched him backwards off of the cliff. He landed on the hard, dirt floor.

The Exogrimmon walked onto the edge of the cliff. His face was barely visible

Exogrimmon: I apologize for the delay in our program tonight. But that does not diminish the importance of why we are gathered here today. And as you all know by now, the reason why we're here can be summed up in one word. Humans.

All of the Digimon could hardly contain their excitement. The bird in the corner simply watched with a still face

Exogrimmon: The humans are the reason why great leaders within Digital World like Merukimon and King Drazil have fallen. And with the destruction of our leaders, confusion, malice, and destruction have plagued our world. We have tried long and hard to live our lives as normal Digimon. But we must face the fact tonight that we are not normal Digimon. We are the Digimon who decided to take a stand against the injustices that the humans have done to us.

Various Digimon were nodding within the crowd

Exogrimmon: Sure, there are those who have been foolish enough to believe that the humans were ever interested in helping us. Some of our own brothers and sisters have fallen prey to the lie that the humans are capable of being anything more than despicable murders. But I am here to assure you that the humans can never be trusted. And that's the one thing that binds us all together. We realize that truth. I've heard the tales of the human in our world now who fights alongside his Agumon. And there are some who would insist that he has done nothing but good for our world. But don't be deceived like the Agumon who he fights with. The humans have always been, and will always be dangerous. Which brings us to why we are gathered here tonight.

The Digimon were already beginning to clap.

Exogrimmon: I declare war on the human world!

The bird widened his eyes. The crowd wailed in cheers and applause.

Exogrimmon: I have discovered that the barrier between the human and Digital Worlds has been weakening for the first time in five years. Which means that now is the ideal time to strike. And we'll do it tomorrow night.

Exogrimmon waited for the applause to die down. The hooded bird turned around and flew out of the room as fast as he could.

Exogrimmon: I have volunteered two of our own to be the pioneers of our human attack. Dinorexmon and Dracomon.

Betamon eyes suddenly popped up

Betamon: Dracomon?

Dracomon and Dinorexmon stepped forward.

Dracomon was a small dragon-like rookie Digimon with red wings and dark blue eyes Dinorexmon was a big, spiky, green Digimon with red eyes.

Exogrimmon: Dinorexmon and Dracomon. Do you two accept the proposal?

Dinorexmon and Dracomon looked at each other. They both nodded.

Dinorexmon: With pleasure my master.

Exogrimmon: And Dracomon?

Dracomon looked around the room and then back at Exogrimmon.

Dracomon: Consider it done, Master. Where will we begin our attack?

Exogrimmon smiled and began laughing. His maniacal laugh seemed to follow the hooded bird all the way to the front of the cave. He was quick to fly over Darklizardmon and he avoided being seen. He landed in a field not too far from the cave. The bird Digimon took off his hood and revealed his familiar face.

It was Falcomon.

He was breathing heavily.

Falcomon: Keenan.

He dropped his cloak on the floor and flew up into the night sky.


A school bell rang.

A hoard of students streamed in and out of their lockers and into their final class for the day.

A girl with brown pigtails and a brownish-red school uniform opened the door to a classroom. She had a young looking face and vibrant green eyes. She stood still and looked for somewhere to sit. The classroom was clearly a chemistry room, and was separated into different lab stations – 2 students to 1 station. The black haired teacher at the front of the room spoke.

"It's good to see you again, Kristy."

The girl turned around. She was none other than Kristy Damon. She smiled

Kristy: Thanks, Mr. Kuroki. I'm super excited to be back here too!

Mr. Kuroki smirked

Mr. Kuroki: You have a lousy poker face, Damon. I hope you realize that.

Kristy laughed nervously as a big drop of sweat dropped from her scalp. More students were entering the room.

Kristy: Uh, really?

Mr. Kuroki: Don't worry, Kristy. If your grades are anything like they were first semester, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Kristy: Right. Thanks.

She continued laughing awkwardly until she found a lab station near the back of the room. When she sat down she plopped her head on the desk.

Kristy: Well that was the epitome of awkward. I'm 30 seconds into Chem 2 and I already want to transfer out to another section.

"Be careful what you wish for."

Kristy looked up as the person who said it sat next to her. She was delighted to see the boy who had come to be her best friend in the last few years. His blue hair and yellow eyes were unmistakable.

Kristy: Keenan! I didn't know you were in my section this semester!

Keenan smiled and gave her a thumbs up

Keenan: I got switched over to this one.

Kristy (giggling): We must be inseparable!

Keenan: Looks like it.

Mr. Kuroki began speaking from the front of the room

Mr. Kuroki: Remember, everyone. Since it's the first day of second semester you're allowed to choose your new lab stations and lab groups. There are two to one station and four to one group. So make sure you have enough people.

Kristy: It looks like we're still going to need two more people if our lab group's going to work, Keenan.

Keenan: Well that's on you. I don't know anyone in this lab section.

Kristy saw someone walk through the door. She waved at him.

Kristy: Hey! Danny! Over here!

Danny waved back at her. He had dark skin, black hair, green eyes, and wore a green T-Shirt.

Danny: Hi Kristy!

Kristy whispered to Keenan

Kristy: That's my friend, Danny. He's really nice.

Keenan: I think I know him already. We've had a class together before.

He quickly made his way to the lab table behind her.

Danny: It's great to see you again Kristy. You too, Keenan!

Keenan: Wow, you have a good memory!

Danny: Well to be perfectly honest, it wasn't terribly hard to forget the kid who referred to himself in the third person half the time.

Keenan: Yeah. Sorry.

Danny: Don't be sorry! A lot of kids have a hard time learning English, not just you. I've always found that really fascinating how kids can pick up other languages as quickly as you did. Anyway, I'm glad I'll get to know you better this semester.

Keenan smiled. Kristy whispered

Kristy (whispering): Told you.

Mr. Kuroki arranged his files in order

Mr. Kuroki: Alright. Is that everybody?


At the school's parking lot, the back of a boy's head was shown. He had brown hair, a goggle strap, and a green sweater jacket. He was crouching down and unhooking his bicycle from the rack.

"I gotta get out of here. This school is a prison!"

He hopped onto his bicycle and his face was shown. He had frizzy brown hair, black goggles, brown eyes, and a solid red T-Shirt under a green jacket. He was twirling a hall pass in his left hand.

"And with my 'get out of jail free' card, I believe it's about time to blow this popsicle stand!"

He began pedaling down the hill. He closed his eyes, would his head back and yelled with a loud voice.


By the time he looked forward, he tried to swerve out of the way, but didn't respond in time. He hit a trash can and fell right off of his bike. He slowly stood up and wiped the dirt off of his clothes.

"Okay. Maybe that was a BAD idea. Time for round two!"

He stood his bike back up and prepared to get on it. But just before he did, he happened to see something happening inside the school playground. He noticed a couple of kids who were a little bit older than him crowding around a small blonde boy from the elementary school.

The boy with the goggles dropped his bike and walked closer to the fence. He wrapped his hand around the fence and watched what was going on. The two boys began circling around the young kid.

"We're only going to say this one more time, little man." The first boy said. He had a brown buzzcut and big muscles.

"Give us the cash and no one gets hurt." The second boy said it. He had a leaner body, but was very tall with long, black hair and a gray beanie.

"Bu..bu….but my daddy said that I wasn't supposed to give it to no one." The young boy pleaded.

"Then you know what that means." The boy with the buzzcut started. "It means you're in for a world of hurt."

He cracked his knuckles. The young boy gulped.

The boy with the goggles had an angry expression on his face and began climbing the fence.

"Last chance." The black haired bully said. He grabbed the young boy's shirt.

The young boy shook as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his bill. Smiles crept across the two bullys' faces.


The two bullies looked confused. They turned around to see the boy with the goggles standing there.

"Mikey. Nick. Top of the morning to you both…" The boy with the goggles said.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Matt Turner, the goggle headed class clown." The boy with the buzzcut named Nick said it.

Matt: Okay, first of all, I'm not a clown. I've spent the better part of my childhood being afraid of clowns as a matter of fact. Okay, maybe I'm still scared of them a little bit. I mean what kind of a person is cool with wearing facepaint day in and day out…

Nick: Shut up!

Matt: Shutting up…

Mikey: Get lost, Turner! Or you'll be next.

Matt: Hey, wait! This isn't cool guys! I mean look at yourselves. You're picking on a kid who's about a third of your size. I say that you oughta leave him alone!

"Thanks, Matt!" The young boy said.

Mikey began walking towards Matt but Nick stopped him.

Nick: Forget him. We get the money first and deal with gogglehead later.

They both turned their backs towards Matt and faced the young kid.

Matt: Hey! Quit it! Stop!

Mikey was about to grab the money from the boy

Matt: I think that your haircut is almost as stupid as you are!

Both Mikey and Nick froze. They turned around

Nick: What did you say, Turner?

Matt: You heard me!

Nick: My father cut my hair you little punk!

Matt: Well no offense to your father but he really needs to learn how to cut hair. And how to raise children, since you're getting your thrills by picking on them!

Nick: Mikey. I think we have a new priority.

Mikey dropped the boy.

Mikey: Beat it, kid. This is your lucky day.

"Please don't beat him up too hard…" the young boy started . Mikey growled at him. The young boy ran away as fast as he could.

Both Mikey and Nick were pacing towards Matt. Nick punched his fist into his palm so loudly that half the playground would have been able to hear it.

Matt: Okay, dude, I was just kidding about the haircut thing. Look I'm not one to talk. See!

He messed his hair up. It didn't look much different.

Matt: I haven't had a good old haircut in…huh…I actually don't remember.

They were getting closer to him.

Matt: Okay, well as much as I'd like to stay here and hang out with you guys, I think that this would be a good time to…RUN!

He began sprinting towards the fence, but not before Mikey caught up to him and threw him towards the ground.

Matt: Okay, I see what's going on here! You're trying to scare me. And I'm not scared you two! Despite the fact that I tried to run away from you about 10 seconds ago, but try to ignore that…

Nick wound back and punched Matt in the face. Matt crashed into the ground.

Matt: Okay…Okay…I'll take that.

Matt stood back up

Matt: Because every hit that I take

Nick hit him in the face again

Matt stood back up

Matt: Is one…

Mikey kneed him in the chest. Nick punched him to the ground again. Matt fell down and then got back up again a few seconds later.

Matt: That that kid doesn't have to.

Mikey: This kid can't be serious.

Matt: Well I am! Because if there's one thing I can't stand…well that would probably be my older sister…So if there's TWO things I can't stand, that would be my older sister and a bully!

Nick grabbed Matt by the shoulders and dragged him over to the street. He and Mikey dropped him into a trash can.

Nick: That's the problem with you, Turner.

He slammed the lid of the trash can on top of him

Nick: You don't know when to quit.

Mikey wound back and kicked the trash can. It rolled down towards the school parking lot.

Mikey wiped his hands.

Nick: Let's hit the road.

They both ran away as the trash can rolled down the parking lot. The trash can hit the side of the school building and splashed Matt right out.

While lying down, Matt began to wipe the trash out of his hair.

Matt: You know…once you get over the smell….the trash can is surprisingly confortable. At least more comfortable than the last time I was thrown in one of these…

He reached into his pocket.

Matt: Well at least I still have my lucky hall pass!

Matt saw a shadow on the ground. He slowly looked up and saw a well suited adult man staring down at him. Matt noticed that he was holding the hall pass in his hand.

Matt: Principal Hayashi. What's cracking?

Principal Hayashi: Matt Turner. Shouldn't you be in class?

Matt was lost for words.

Matt: Uhhh, no?


Mr. Kuroki: Alright, so now that we're in our lab groups I believe that we may begin our lesson.

Mr. Kuroki took note of Keenan, Kristy and Danny in the back.

Mr. Kuroki: Do you three have a fourth member?

Keenan: Uh, no sir. We were wondering if we could just have three people in our group?

Mr. Kuroki: I'm sorry Mr…

He quickly looked at his class sheet

Mr. Kuroki: Crier…but unfortunately you can't do the lab exercises unless you have a fourth memb….

"Mr. Kuroki…"

The principal was at the door.

Mr. Kuroki: Principal Hayashi. What can I do for you?

Principal Hayashi: Well it appears as if one of your students was caught horsing around by the dumpsters just now. I think he belongs in your class.

Mr. Kuroki looked down at his class list

Mr. Kuroki: Oh please don't tell me it's

Matt walked in after the principal

Matt: What's up, teach!

Mr. Kuroki: Mr. Turner. I thought you switched sections this semester.

Matt: Nope! You get me for a whole 'nother semester!

Matt squinted

Matt: And trust me, I'm not any happier about it than you are.

Kristy and Danny both giggled.

Keenan: Who's that?

Kristy: The one and only Matt Turner. Danny has the pleasure of being best friends with him.

Principal Hayashi: I believe my work here is done. And Mr. Kuroki.

Mr. Kuroki looked at the principal. The principal sighed

Principal Hayashi: Good luck.

He shut the door behind him.

Matt: So where do I pop a squat?

Mr. Kuroki: In the back, Mr. Turner.

Danny waved at him.

Matt: Awesome!

Mr. Kuroki: I trust that your lateness will not be a recurring problem like it was last semester, Mr. Turner.

Matt: Maybe if I knew what the word recurring meant, I would be able to agree with you!

Mr. Kuroki: Just sit down.

Keenan whispered to Kristy

Keenan (whispering): He seems annoying.

Kristy (whispering): Can't be much worse than you were when you were young.

Keenan (whispering): Apparently he can

Matt sat in the seat next to Danny.

Danny: Always making an entrance as usual.

He fist bumped Matt

Matt: What can I say?

Kristy turned around in her seat and looked back at Matt

Kristy: Good to see you, Matt!

Matt: Same deal, Kristy. Same deal.

Kristy: Oh, and Matt. I'd like you to meet Keenan. Matt Keenan, Keenan Matt.

Keenan: It's nice to meet you

Matt: Yeah, tell me something I don't know

Keenan frowned

Matt: Hey, I'm kidding! I always say that. It's a joke! You know? Ha ha?

Keenan didn't respond

Matt: Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot…or hand I guess…so let's start over. I'm Matt and it's a pleasure to meet you. And please forgive me for smelling like trash. I don't always smell like trash unless I don't shower. Which I happened not to do today, but that's not the reason why I smell bad. Promise.

Keenan: I'll take your word.

Mr. Kuroki: Ok class, now that we are all accounted for we can begin our lesson.

Mr. Kuroki turned his back and began writing on the chalkboard

Mr. Kuroki: Now as we all know, in order for Chemistry to work, we're going to be using a lot of equations to back up our quantitative reasoning…

Suddenly, Keenan began to feel a light headache. The headache grew stronger as the seconds passed by. He closed his eyes and began to breathe heavily. Kristy noticed that something was wrong with him.

Kristy (whispering): Keenan? Keenan, what's wrong.

She held his shoulder

Kristy (whispering): Keenan?

As Keenan closed his eyes, he saw a clear image of his old purple Digivice. Keenan gasped.

Keenan (thinking): It can't be

His breathing got a lot heavier, and he quickly grabbed his backpack and rummaged through it.

Keenan: Come on…it has to be here somewhere.

Matt began to notice Keenan's odd behavior as well.

Kristy had a worried look on her face. She held her hand on his shoulder

Kristy: Keenan, please talk to me. What's going on?


The Shinjuku police headquarters was shown.

On the third floor, a couple of girls were working on their computers. One had long purple hair and brown eyes, and the other had short blonde hair with yellow eyes. They were Miki and Megumi respectively.

The front door opened, and the third female police officer walked into the room. She had a bag of donuts in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She had medium length, reddish brown hair and bright pink eyes. It was none other than Yoshi Fujieda.

Yoshi: Order up!

Megumi: Finally!

They both grabbed the bag of donuts from Yoshi's hand and began digging in.

Megumi: What took you so long?

Yoshi took a sip of her coffee.

Yoshi: Well I was on my way to pick up the donuts when I caught Kouki speeding on that motorbike of his. AGAIN.

Miki: Sheesh. You've probably pulled him over more times I've pulled anyone over.

Yoshi: I know. It's like he lives to annoy me. You'd think we'd have been able to revoke his license by now.

Miki shrugged

Megumi: What else have you been up to today?

Yoshi sat down at her chair.

Yoshi: Well really, nothing. As is everyday. Absolutely nothing.

She looked really frustrated when saying it. Then she closed her eyes and let out a light smile.

Yoshi: It almost makes me miss the old days when Marcus, Thomas, Keenan and I were out fighting monsters and saving the world.

Megumi: Careful. That kind of thinking can land you in jail nowadays. And how ironic would that be?

Miki: I still don't understand why it's illegal access the Digital Dive nowadays. I mean I understand the concern about public safety, but sheesh. Talk about overprotective.

Yoshi: Yep. And now we're stuck with these boring shifts.

She sighed and closed her eyes

Yoshi (thinking): I wonder how Lalamon is doing nowadays. I sure hope Marcus is looking out for her. It's so hard to believe that it's been four and a half years since we had to part with our Digimon like that.

Miki: Oh Yoshi, we forgot to tell you

Yoshi turned her head

Yoshi: Hmm?

Miki: Your computer was ringing earlier.

Yoshi's eyes shot open

Yoshi: What?

Megumi: Yeah, it was really weird. We were gonna take a look at what was wrong but we didn't want to mess anything up. It stopped after a few minutes

Yoshi: It wasn't an alarm sound was it?!

Megumi: Uh, yeah, I think so. What's the problem?

Yoshi spun around and checked her computer. She closed a few applications and opened one other one. She typed in a passcode. Three words flashed on and off on her screen

"Digital Signature Detected"

Miki and Megumi gasped in shock

Megumi: Yoshi! You…You can't have that program on your computer!

Miki: Yeah, it's illegal! If Sampson saw that you had this…

Yoshi: This has to be some sort of mistake. What would a Digimon be doing here? Now?

Megumi and Miki looked at each other. They were lost for words.

Yoshi: Why can't I pinpoint it?

Error messages kept appearing on Yoshi's screen. Yoshi turned around

Yoshi: Miki. I need you to help me.

Miki: Yoshi I…can't.

Yoshi: Miki, please. You know as well as I do that this can be important.

Megumi: Yeah, and illegal need I remind you? What if they trace this back to us?!

Yoshi: Miki….

Miki was frozen. Megumi put her arm in front of Miki.

Megumi: We're not touching this until you tell us why you have illegal digital detection software on your computer!

Yoshi closed her eyes, clenched her fists and grunted

Megumi: Well? Answer us, Yoshi!

Yoshi: It's because of Lalamon!

Both Miki and Megumi froze

Yoshi: I miss her. I miss her a lot. And I originally had it installed on my computer so that I would know if she came back to me.

There was a short silence

Megumi: Yoshi…We miss our partners too. But that doesn't mean we have to go looking for trouble. And there are laws…

Yoshi: Yeah?

Yoshi stood up

Yoshi: And tell me, Megumi. What' the purpose of laws if they don't protect people? You know as well as I do that just because we turned our back on the Digimon doesn't mean that they turned their back on us.

Megumi looked the other way

Yoshi: Now what we have here could be one of our partners, but it could also be a threat. And I need you two to help me track it down.

Yoshi and Megumi stared at each other for a short while. Miki spoke up.

Miki: I'll do it.

They both looked at her. Miki sat down at the computer.

Yoshi: Thank you, Miki

Miki: Don't thank me yet.

She spent a few moments typing in some codes.

Megumi: You better know what you're doing Yoshi.

Megumi crouched down and helped as well.

After a few seconds, the screen changed to a map with two black dots.

Miki: There. But I think we should clear this with Sampson first.

Yoshi: If we do that then I won't make it in time

Yoshi ran out the door

Megumi: Yoshi! Yoshi!

She was long gone


Keenan was continuing to sweat and breathe heavily. No one else in the class seemed to notice. He was now using both hands to look through his backpack.

Matt leaned forward into Keenan

Matt (quietly): Dude, do you need like a cough drop or something?

Keenan (whispering): I'm fine, Matt, just ignore me

Matt leaned back and put his hands up

Matt: Whatever man.

Kristy (whispering): Matt may not know you well enough to know when you're lying to him but I do, Keenan. You're not fine. Are you sure you don't want to go to the nurse's office?

Keenan: No.

Kristy (whispering): Then what is it!

Keenan (whispering): My Digivice…

Kristy was stunned at his statement

Kristy (whispering): What?!

Keenan (whispering) I know my Digivice is in here somewhere. And I have to find it.

Kristy: (whispering): Okay, Okay, I know what's going on. I read this in a health book once. You're going through…um…what's it called um. Post traumatic stress. That's it

Keenan turned is head

Keenan: What?

Kristy put her hand on his forehead

Kristy: All that time in the Digital World must have finally caught up with you after all these years. I figured it would happen someday. Don't worry Keenan, you can count on me to help you through it.

Keenan grabbed Kristy's hand.

Keenan That's not it, Kristy. It's Falcomon. He's trying to get a hold of me. I can feel it.

He continued looking through his bag.

Kristy: Keenan…

She sighed

Kristy: I know how much the Digimon mean to you. Biyomon meant…means a lot to me too. But we have to move on with our lives. All of that's over now.

She looked aside

Kristy: Can't say I wouldn't give anything to see Biyomon again though…

Keenan: Found it!

He grabbed his old rectangular Digivice and pulled it halfway out of his bag. To his surprise, it was already on. Kristy was shocked when she saw it.

Kristy: Keenan, were you even listening to me?

Keenan: Couldn't afford to.

Kristy: It's illegal for us to have those anymore

Keenan simply stared at the Digivice. It had a red dot over a specific location.

Keenan: None of that matters now, Kristy. Because I think the Digimon are back.

Matt's eyes turned to Keenan once he said the word, "Digimon".

Matt (thinking): Did he just say…Digimon?

Matt couldn't explain it. But somehow the word meant something to him.

Kristy: Keenan…

Keenan: Kristy, do you trust me?

She forward at Mr. Kuroki, who was still scribbling equations on the board. She looked down to the ground.

Keenan: Do you?

Kristy closed her eyes for a few moments

Kristy: Keenan, I can't let myself go there anymore. It's too painful to think about them if I know that I have to go back to….

Keenan: Kristy. Please. Answer the question. Do you trust me?

Kristy crossed her arms and looked aside

Kristy: With my life, Keenan. You know that.

Keenan: Then I need you to believe me on this.

It took a moment for her to respond

Kristy: Okay. I believe you.

Keenan: Good. Because in that case

Keenan grabbed his Digivice and put it in his pocket. He stood to his feet.

Keenan (yelling): I need to go!

The whole class looked back at Keenan. Mr. Kuroki was the last to turn around.

Mr. Kuroki: Is something wrong, Mr. Crier?

Keenan: I'm really sorry sir. But I have to leave. This is an emergency.

Keenan ran out of the room. Right after Keenan ran out, Matt stood to his feet.

Matt: I gotta take off as well! Sorry Kuroki.

Mr. Kuroki: Mr. Turner, so help me, I will give you detention if you walk out of my classroom.

Matt took that as an open invitation to leave, and took off right behind Keenan. Kristy moaned in frustration and put her head down on her stack of books.

Keenan was running down the street with his Digivice in front of him. He began talking to himself as he approached a giant bridge.

Keenan: What am I even doing? I don't know for sure that Falcomon needs me. Maybe Kristy was right. Maybe I am getting sick. I should never have worried her like that. But still. I know that I'm doing the right thing. I know that Falcomon needs me!

Suddenly, Keenan stopped in his tracks. He had his suspicions before, but the footsteps behind him had just confirmed it. Without looking back, he spoke.

Keenan: Why are you following me?

Matt was panting behind him

Matt (panting): Oh you know…just making sure my new buddy is okay.

Keenan was becoming furious. He turned around and walked up to Matt's face

Keenan: We're not buddies, Matt.

Matt: Ouch…

Keenan: Now tell me the truth. Why are you following me?

Matt: Because you said something about Digimon!

Keenan was taken aback.

Keenan: What do you know about Digimon?

Matt began scratching his head

Matt: Uh…well not very much I guess

Keenan rolled his eyes

Matt: But I know that I've heard about them before. And I was hoping that you could explain more about them to me.

Keenan: Matt, this isn't a game, alright? Now go back to school. This is a personal thing for me.

Matt: Well this is a personal thing for me too!

Keenan didn't respond

Matt: It's weird, but when you mentioned this "Digimon" thing, I guess I just couldn't let it go. I feel like my life is connected to it somehow.

Keenan: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You don't even know what Digimon are!

Matt: Then teach me! Tell me what it is that I don't understand so that I can make sense of it all.

Keenan: No! I'm not gonna ask you again Matt. Get away from me!

Matt: I'm not going anywhere until you give me some answers!

Keenan opened his mouth to yell, but suddenly, a dark cloud came over where they were standing. In a matter of seconds, it went from being a sunny to dark. Keenan's Digivice began beeping. He looked down at it, and noticed that there was a red dot over where they were standing. He looked forward over Matt's hair. He noticed that a giant, orange sphere was torpedoing straight for Matt' head.

Keenan: Matt, look out!

Keenan tackled him to the ground and the fireball just missed them by a few inches.

Matt: Sheesh, I knew you were a little weird, Keenan, but I didn't know you could summon fireballs out of the sky!

Keenan: That wasn't me.

He pointed behind Matt and focused on a blue-green dragon figure. His mouth was still hot from the blast and he was in a fighting pose.

Matt: What is THAT?

Keenan: You wanted to learn what Digimon was? Well there you go.

He took out his Digivice.

Keenan: That looks to me like Dracomon. A Rookie Dragon type. In my estimation, he's the rarest Digimon in the Digital World. His baby breath and tail smash attacks are extremely powerful for a rookie

Dracomon: I missed. Unfortunately for you freaks, it won't happen again. Baby Flame!

He shot another fireball at them. Both Matt and Keenan ran in different directions.

Matt: Dude, would you just chill out already?

He yelled it at the Dracomon

Dracomon: Huh? What did you say?

Matt: I said chill out!

Dracomon: What does that mean?

Matt: Uh, it means take it easy. You know. Like take a breather…

Dracomon: Ohh, interesting. I'm gonna start saying that. But sorry, no can't do. Baby Flame!

He shot another one at Matt. He barely dodged this one.

Matt: What if I said please?

Dracomon: No!

Matt: Pretty please?

Dracomon: No means no! Although I appreciate the manners.

Matt smiled

Matt: Thank you!

Keenan: Matt!

Keenan yelled at him from the side

Keenan: Quit talking to the Digimon! He's extremely dangerous!

Dracomon turned to Keenan

Dracomon: Quiet you! I'm gonna take all of you humans out! Every last one of you! Baby Flame!

He shot the attack towards Keenan. He ran out of the way.

Dracomon: Baby Flame! Baby Flame! Baby Flame!

Keenan jumped over the first one, rolled under the second one, but didn't anticipate the third one. It hit him from the side and knocked him against a pole. He grabbed his arm in pain.

Dracomon: Ha! You didn't see that coming did you! Now to finish you off! Baby Flame!

He shot it towards Keenan. He was on the floor, so he couldn't run away.

Keenan: No…

The fireball zoomed towards him. Keenan closed his eyes and shouted.


"Firecracker smoke screen!"

Dracomon was blinded by a layer of smoke. He coughed and kneeled on the ground. Just in the nick of time, Keenan was swept off of his feet and brought to safety. Falcomon dropped him and looked him in the eye.

Falcomon: Keenan…

He smiled

Falcomon: you're all grown up.

Keenan: Fa…Fa…Falcomon!

Keenan gave him a big hug

Keenan: I'm so happy to see you! I knew you were here! I just knew it!

Falcomon: I'm so happy to see YOU, Keenan. And look at you. You're talking in full sentences now!

Keenan (jokingly): Me can change that if it mean you no leave me again.

They were both laughing.

Matt was watching from a distance.

Matt: So that's what a Digimon's like.

Dracomon: Excuse me you two!

Keenan and Falcomon both looked at Dracomon

Dracomon: Sorry to break up the family reunion but I have unfinished business here. Baby Flame!

The fireball was hurled at Keenan and Falcomon. They both moved out of the way. Dracomon jumped up to the top of the bridge so that he could get an aerial view of them.

Falcomon: Keenan you need to watch out. That Dracomon is very powerful. And he works for an evil Digimon name Exogrimmon.

Keenan: What?

Falcomon: I followed them through the gate they created and wound up here on Earth, but this isn't the end. They're planning on invading the earth, Keenan.

Keenan: Well if you ask me it's about time we put a stop to it.

Keenan clenched his Digivice.

Keenan: It's time to Digivolve

Falcomon: Keenan, Wait!

Keenan: DNA Charge!

Nothing happened

Keenan: Huh?

He tried once more. He slapped his hand onto his Digivice

Keenan: DNA Charge!

Still nothing.

Keenan: What's going on? Why won't my DNA charge work?

Falcomon: That's what I was trying to tell you. I can't Digivolve in the human world anymore.

Keenan: What? Why?

Falcomon: I don't know.

Keenan: Then what can we do?

Dracomon: I hope you are ready for round two!

Matt: That's it. I'm getting tired of this guy. Who does he think he is, anyway?

Matt ran towards the bridge and began climbing.

Keenan: Matt! Stay away from there!

Falcomon: Matt? Is he your friend?

Keenan: I wouldn't go as far as to say that.

Falcomon: Surely he's not going to try to confront that Digimon himself. Is he?

Keenan didn't say anything.

Matt was getting closer and closer to the top of the bridge.

A blue and white squad car pulled up next to Keenan and Falcomon. Yoshi got out of the driver's seat.

Yoshi: Keenan! And Falcomon?!

Falcomon: It's a pleasure to see you again, Yoshi.

Yoshi shook Falcomon's wing with both of her hands

Yoshi: You too, Falcomon!

Dracomon shot a fireball towards Matt. Matt slid down just enough for the fireball to miss him. Then he began climbing again

Keenan: Maybe we can save the catching up for later.

Yoshi: Is that a child?

Keenan: His name's Matt. He goes to my school.

Yoshi: What does he think he's doing?

Keenan: I think he's trying to fight that Digimon

Yoshi facepalmed herself

Yoshi: Great. It's Marcus Damon all over again. Talk about deja-vu.

Yoshi took out her megaphone

Yoshi: Matt! This is the county police! I am giving you an order to step away from that monster!

Matt simply ignored her. He made it to the top of the bridge and faced Dracomon.

Dracomon: Well, you've come all the way up here just to be destroyed by me, haven't you?

Matt: Well that certainly wasn't my preference.

Dracomon: Baby Flame!

Matt quickly dodged it.

Dracomon: Huh? Baby Flame!

Matt jumped away from the attack.

Dracomon: Why are you so fast?

Matt: I used to run for track and field. That is before I ditched most of the practices and got kicked off the team…

Dracomon: Track and Field? What's that?

Matt: Oh, it's like running and jumping and stuff for sport. It's like what we do for fun sometimes.

Dracomon: Oh. Well it won't help you for long!

Matt: Wait, before you attack, I have a question for you.

Dracomon: Huh? A question. Okay, sure, what is it?

Matt: Why are you attacking us?

Dracomon: You humans attacked us first!

Matt: What are you talking about? I never attacked you guys

Dracomon: Huh? Well that's funny. Master told us that all humans were evil and wanted to destroy the Digital World.

Matt: Digital World, huh? Well I don't know very much about that, but what I do know is that you ought to get a new lesson.


Yoshi: I don't get it. Why hasn't the Dracomon attacked him yet?

Falcomon: Forgive me if I'm wrong. But it appears as if they're speaking to each other.


Matt: Look. I get the sense that you're not the sharpest pencil in the…place they keep the pencils.

Dracomon let out a light smile

Dracomon: Yeah, well you're not either!

Matt: Debatable. But I do know this. I got thrown in a trash can earlier today for stopping a couple of bullies from wailing on a little kid. And even though it wasn't really my place, I wasn't gonna stand by and watch a couple of suckers pick on someone who was smaller than them. In the same way, I'm not gonna stand by and watch anyone bully you or anyone else.

Dracomon: So are you saying…

Matt: Yeah. I'm saying that I don't wanna fight. And that I'm sorry for destroying the Digital World or whatever it's called.

Dracomon looked at him for a second

Dracomon: How do I know you're telling me the truth

Matt: Uhh…We can shake on it!

Dracomon: Shake on it?

Matt: Yeah, it's what we do on earth whenever two people wanna agree on something. See you hold out your hand like this…

Dracomon reluctantly did the same. Matt grabbed his hand and shook it.

Matt: See! That's a handshake. And that means that we can be friends now.

Dracomon: Friends?

Matt: Yep. I'm Matt. What's your name?

Dracomon: Dra..co…mon

Suddenly a giant flame was hurling towards both Dracomon and Matt. The fireball hit the bridge and Matt and Dracomon fell down to the ground below. Luckily they both landed on top of thick bushes before rolling onto the ground.

Dracomon: Dinorexmon…

Dracomon looked up and saw the big green Digimon charge towards them

Dracomon: He's Dinorexmon, champion level. He has extremely sharp claws and a really hot attitude! If you get caught in one of his Sabor charge attacks, it could be game over!

Dinorexmon: I had to see it to believe it! Dracomon has sided with the humans!

Dracomon: What? Wait, no!

Matt and Dracomon both stood up. Matt looked all the way up and marveled at how giant Dinorexmon was.

Dinorexmon: You've fallen prey to their trickery and lies. All humans are evil and must be destroyed!

Dracomon scowled

Dracomon: No! Maybe we were wrong about the humans!

Dinorexmon: WHAT?

Dracomon: Matt's not like the other humans who destroyed our world. He stands up for other people. He said that he would help us fight against the bad ones.

Dinorexmon: I always knew you were a little bit dim, Dracomon, but I didn't know you were outright stupid. How can you believe such a ridiculous lie. He's tricking you!

Dracomon looked back at Matt

Dinorexmon: They're all the same, Dracomon. Every last one of them.

Dracomon looked back and forth between Matt and Dinorexmon

Dinorexmon: Who are you going to believe, Dracomon? Your Digimon bretheren who have been with you for your whole life, or this putrid human you met 5 minutes ago.

Dracomon: I choose you and Master Exogrimmon, of course!

Dinorexmon: Then prove it. Prove it by killing this human.

Dracomon turned around and faced Matt. Matt didn't move.


Keenan, Yoshi and Falcomon were watching from a distance.

Keenan: This doesn't look good. I'm going in to help that idiot before he gets himself hurt!

Yoshi: Wait, Keenan.

Keenan looked up at Yoshi

Yoshi: Just wait.


Dinorexmon: It's the only way, Dracomon. It's always been the only way.

Dracomon closed his eyes.

Dracomon: I'm sorry Matt. I have to prove my loyalty.

Matt: Then don't let me stop you.

Dracomon opened his eyes

Matt: If this is what you really want…and if this is what you have to do to find yourself, then go ahead and take the shot.

Dracomon's hand shook. His mouth filled up with a fireball.

Dinorexmon: Do it.


Keenan: Matt's not moving

Yoshi and Falcomon simply watched


Dracomon: Baby….

Matt clenched his fist

Dinorexmon: DO IT!

Dracomon spun around

Dracomon: Flame!

The Fireball hit Dinorexmon's face. Dinorexmon stepped back once. Matt was shocked

Dracomon looked up at Dinorexmon

Dinorexmon: Why Dracomon? Why?

Dracomon: Look at you! You're the one who's manipulating me. At least Matt listened to what I had to say. All you want me to do is to kill them.

Dinorexmon growled

Dracomon: Listen to me, Dinorexmon. Maybe most of the humans are bad. But we have to be ready to admit that we may have been wrong. There can be good humans too. For some reason I know that I can believe that. And so can you!

Dinorexmon: Lies! Your betrayal will make Master furious. Ogre Flame!

The fire blast caught Dracomon by surprise. It would have hit him if Matt hadn't tackled him out of the way.

Matt looked at Dracomon while they were on the ground

Matt: You alright?

Dracomon froze for a moment.

Dracomon: You saved my life

Matt smirked

Matt: Yeah, well like I said. I don't take well to people bullying my friends.

Dracomon turned to Dinorexmon

Dracomon: And you…You just tried to ki….

Dinorexmon: And I do it again. Exogrimmon has no need for weak minded Digimon such as you. And between the two of us. He always knew that you were the weakest Digimon he had. That's why he sent both you and me here at the same time.

Dracomon: What are you talking about?

Dinorexmon: It was always obvious, Dracomon. You were nothing but excess baggage to him. Which is why he gave me specific orders to dispose of you if you showed any signs of weakness during our mission. And I think that you just did.

Dracomon had a dismal look on his face

Dracomon: That can't be true. I don't believe it!

Dinorexmon: Believe it.

Dracomon swallowed.

Dracomon: Well then you can tell Exogrimmon that I quit!

Dinorexmon: As much as I'd like to do that, you and I both know that there's only one way out.

Dinorexmon extended his claws

Dracomon scowled at him and then turned back to Matt

Dracomon: Matt…

Dracomon helped him back on his feet

Dracomon: I still don't think that I can trust the humans. All that I've ever been taught was that you guys were evil. But I think you're different, Matt. And I'm probably making a mistake by asking you this but…. would it be okay if…Would it be okay if we fought him. Together.

Matt stood in place for a moment. He was staring into Dracomon's eyes for a moment. Then he smiled

Matt: Of course

Dracomon: Really

Matt gave him a thumbs up.

Matt: What are friends for?

With that, something glowed in between both of them. It looked like a glowing, red sphere.


Keenan and Yoshi both gasped

Keenan: No. Could it be?

Yoshi: Impossible…


The red orb of light travelled into Matt's hand.

Matt: What is this?!

Matt grabbed onto it with his left hand. It was an oval shaped Digivice. It had red on the front and black on the sides.

Dracomon: Huh? Beats me.

Matt's other hand began to glow with red data.

Matt: Now this was worth ditching school for!

Yoshi took out her megaphone

Yoshi: Matt!

Matt looked back at her

Yoshi: It's a Digivice, and the data around your other hand is your DNA charge. If you use it on your Digivice, you can make Dracomon stronger!

Dracomon looked up at him

Dracomon: Well I'm all for being stronger.

Matt: I still don't get this, but are you ready to give it a shot?

Dracomon nodded

Matt: Let's put this bully to rest for good!

Digivolution sequence begins

Matt slapped the top of his Digivice

Matt: DNA….Charge!

He thrusted his Digivice forward. Dracomon's body lit up. Dinorexmon's eyes widened.

Dinorexmon: How? It's not possible.

Dracomon Digivolve to!


Keenan: That's Coredramon, Champion level with. His Flare breath and Strike Bomber will give all his enemies something to really shout about! His stamina and strength levels far exceed most other Champions.

Dinorexmon and Coredramon were stood facing each other

Dinorexmon: So. You finally learned how to master the Digivolution. Impressive. But it will only delay your extermination. And the extermination of the human world

Coredramon clenched both of his fists.

Dinorexmon: That's right, Dracomon. I'm going to make the humans suffer. Starting with this boy here.

Coredramon: You're not laying one finger on him!

Dinorexmon: I'd like to see you try and stop me. Ogre Flame!

He aimed the giant fireball at Matt. Coredramon slid in between Matt and the flame. He spun around

Coredramon: Strike Bomber!

He hit the fireball with his tail and deflected it back at Dinorexmon. It hit him in the face.

Keenan, Yoshi, Falcomon, and Matt gasped at the same time on a split screen.

Keenan: He just…deflected it like it was nothing!

Falcomon: I don't think I've ever seen a Champion level Digimon do something like that

Yoshi: And I thought Marcus had a thick skin!

Matt: Yahoo! Show 'em who's boss, Dracomon!

Dinorexmon looked forward once again.

Dinorexmon: Enough is enough. Sabor Charge!

Coredramon: Get out of the way, Matt!

He extended his claws as far as they would go and charged into Coredramon. The impact of his charge knocked Coredramon into the ground. Matt had to run out of the way to avoid being crushed.

Coredramon was now grabbing onto both of Dinorexmon's wrists with his two hand and holding him back.

Dinorexmon: You're stronger now.

Dinorexmon pushed his spiky claws forward. Coredramon couldn't hold back much longer, and was beginning to give in. Dinorexmon's claw cut through a small part of Coredramon's chest. He drew the blades down a couple of inches. Coredramon yelled in pain.

Dinorexmon: But you're still not strong enough to defeat me.

Coredramon grunted

Matt: You can do it, Dracomon! Don't give in!

Dinorexmon: Now that you're a Champion level, perhaps I can convince Master to allow you to return to him.

Coredramon: What?

Dinorexmon: Give up now, and I'll let you live. You can rejoin us, Dracomon. With your new power, you won't be the weakest anymore. We can destroy the human world together again.

Matt: Oh no! He's beating him! Keep going Dracomon! You can do it!

Dinorexmon: Quiet kid! Don't you ever know when to quit?!

That reminded Matt of what the bullies had told him earlier that day

Nick: That's the problem with you, Turner. You don't know when to quit.

Matt looked straight ahead

Matt: No! I don't! And I guess that's the problem with me.

Dinorexmon grunted angrily

Matt: I know that quitters never win and winners never quit! And my buddy Dracomon is a winner!

Coredramon looked over at Matt

Dinorexmon: Funny you say that, because it looks to me like your friend has already lost. He's too weak to defeat me. He's always been too weak.

Matt: Maybe he is too weak. But that's why he's not fighting alone.

Coredramon (quietly): Ohhh

Matt: We're fighting you together, and as long as we have each other, there isn't anything you can do to stop us!

Dinorexmon: Oh give me a break, will you

Coredramon: Dinorexmon.

Dinorexmon: Hmm?

Coredmon: I've thought about your offer

Dinorexmon: And?

Coredramon: It's time for you to take a hike!

Coredramon pushed back against Dinorexmon harder than before. He pushed Dinorexmon down to the ground and stood over him. Dinorexmon was taken aback.

Dinorexmon: This power? Where is it coming from?

Dinorexmon got up and tried to slash Coredramon twice. Coredramon dodged the slashes and landed half a dozen quick punches onto Dinorexmon's face. He used one last punch to knock Dinorexmon onto the ground again.

Coredramon: Strike Bomber!

Coredramon used his tail to launch Dinorexmon into the air.

Coredramon: Consider this my resignation. Flame Breath!

Coredramon launched an all out fire breath at Dinorexmon. Dinorexmon yelled.

Dinorexmon: Your betrayal is unforgivable! Unforgivab…


The explosion was seen from about half a mile away. A mysterious young girl with black hair and a small white jacket was shown watching from a rooftop. She had a white, circular Digivice hanging out of her pocket. The rest of her body was hidden in the shadows.


The silhouette of a big, rabbit like Digimon appeared next to the girl.


"It's just as I suspected." Her moving lips were shown. "I don't think we're alone."


Dinorexmon was deleted and turned into a digi-egg. It began to fall to the ground.

Falcomon: I've got it!

Falcomon flew over and caught the digi-egg as Coredramon de-digivolved.

Keenan and Yoshi stood in place for a few moments

Keenan: I don't get it. Why would Matt of all people get a Digimon partner? And better yet, why does he have a different Digivice than we both have?

Yoshi smiled

Yoshi: You know, you're starting to remind me a little of Thomas.

Keenan: What?

Yoshi: Nevermind. The bottom line is…now that Matt has his Digimon partner. Who's gonna help him learn what to do with him?

Keenan looked straight ahead.


Matt and Dracomon looked at each other.

Dracomon: Thanks, Matt. I wouldn't have been able to make it out of there alive if it weren't for you.

Matt smiled

Matt: You were awesome out there! I couldn't believe how…

Yoshi: Matt Turner is it?

Matt turned to Yoshi. Keenan was next to her.

Yoshi: My name's Yoshi Fujieda. I'm a cop.

Matt looked around

Matt: So are you gonna, like, arrest me now or something? Because my older brother's a lawyer! Well not exactly…but he'll be a lawyer some day!

Keenan: She's a friend, Matt.

Matt looked at both of them

Keenan: Matt, what you did was stupid. You could have gotten yourself killed. But now that all of this happened, you're going to need instructions. People to tell you how to live with a Digimon. And since Yoshi and I are both familiar with Digimon, we decided to help you learn the ropes.

Matt: Well as fun as all of that sounds, learning isn't my strong suit.

Keenan: Matt…

Matt: And it's not my decision to make anyway

Keenan raised his eyebrow. Matt turned to Dracomon

Dracomon: What are they talking about?

Matt: Nothing. Because it's up you what you want to do, Dracomon.

Dracomon paused. He looked around at the humans, then at Falcomon, and then back at Matt.

Dracomon: You saved my life tonight, Matt. When I was fighting with you I was stronger than I've ever been before. And you never gave up on me…even when I was about to give up on you.

Everyone watched intently

Dracomon looked at Matt's Digivice and then up at Matt.

Dracomon: So if it's okay with you…can we fight some more bullies like Dinorexmon?

Dracomon put his hand out. Matt looked down at Dracomon's hand for a moment. Then he smiled.

Matt: Are you kidding?

Matt grabbed Dracomon's hand and shook it

Matt: We're just getting started.

The scene panned out to a view of the city skyline.


Ogremon walked up behind Exogrimmon when he was alone. Exogrimmon's face was covered in the shadows.

Ogremon: Master. The first attack on the human world has failed. If my sources are correct, it appears as if Dracomon has joined forces with the humans. He overpowered Dinorexmon, sir.

Exogrimmon closed his eyes.

Exogrimmon: It's fine

Ogremon: It is?

Exogrimmon didn't respond

Ogremon: But sir, if you don't mind me speaking out of turn, the plan was to have Dracomon killed. Now that he's sided with the humans, there's no telling what he's capable of.

Exogrimmon: It's better this way. Death would have been a release from this life. And Dracomon's punishment has yet to be carried out.

Ogremon simply listened

Exogrimmon: I'm going to tear those humans away from him one by one. Everything that he thought he cared about will be brought to an abrupt end. And once he has lost everything, and everyone he cares about, I will harvest my empire atop his bones.

Exogrimmon began his laugh with a light giggle. Then he laughed louder and louder until the screen panned out to the night sky.


Well that's a wrap. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Almost makes me wanna go through the series again! Haha. What did you guys think of the Episode? Leave it in the comments!