Hello guys!

So it turns out that I'm still updating this even though I said that I was done…which I am I guess, but there's always something new that seems to pop up every once in a while, haha. This episode is a deleted episode, or the "Lost Episode" as it were. It was one of those ideas that I had, but that I never really developed and ended up pulling out of the main story because I felt like it was too sharp of a turn from the main story arc, but I decided to bring it back and show it to you guys and see what you think!

It takes place in between episodes 26 and 27 – As a brief reminder episode 27 was the one with Lena and Luke in Nagoya, Japan…the episode where Luke was the only main character that appeared, and the episode where Luke began his road to recovery after betraying the Digi-Destined. The episode before that was the one where Luke essentially tried to let Deputymon kill him, so he was in a not so good place at this point. I guess another reason why I didn't do this episode was because I felt like it distracted from Luke's story, and at the time, I really liked the flow that Episode 26 and 27 had…Luke was a character who I really wanted to develop at the time, and this episode focuses primarily on Keenan. So I guess it felt awkward for me to deeply develop another character while the first character's development arc wasn't done yet. Regardless, this episode has to do with Keenan's past, and has a good amount of nods to Data Squad, which I think you guys will like.

Another reminder that may be helpful is that the Digi-Destined at this point in the story arc had just sent Exogrimmon and his minions back into the Digital World, but there were a few lingering Digimon from his army who were never were transported back. So the kids were currently trying to track them down and send them back. And please forgive some of the time conflicts with episode 28—remember this one was originally supposed to come before it, but when I cut it, I made it so that episode 28 came directly after 26 and 27 on the timeline.

Also this episode ran way too long. It's a good 10 pages longer than my standard size. So all of these together caused this one to be axed.

Well that was probably too long of an intro, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I hope you guys enjoy Episode 26 ½ - The Lost Episode! Haha


It was a dark and cool night.

A long truck pulled into a full parking lot. The truck slowly parked in its designated spot. A young man with frizzy blonde hair and a sleeveless shirt was behind the wheel. He had a trucker hat on and didn't look a day over thirty. A voice came across the truck's built in walkie-talkie.

"HQ to Jerry Izumi. Do you read, over?"

The young man snickered and spoke into the truck's intercom.

"Jerry to HQ. I'm driving a truck not a spaceship. What is it?"

"Well nothing much, other than the last time we checked, it appears as if your truck hasn't been checked into the depot in time for closing yet."

Jerry adjusted his hat

Jerry: Yeah, sorry, I got a little caught up in traffic. I just pulled in now.

"Oh, well in that case I suppose you're cleared then."

Jerry: Looks like it. Hey, listen I gotta head out. It's half past midnight and my wife gets all worried when I'm out this late. Paranoid much, huh?

"Take care, Izumi"

He turned off the intercom and stepped out of the truck. He locked the truck doors began walking away from the truck depot with his hands in his coat pockets. He turned a corner and walked down the sidewalk. As he continued walking for a couple of minutes, he stopped in the middle of the street.

He thought he heard something move behind him. He turned around and there was nothing there. He continued to stare backwards for a moment.

Jerry: Now that's strange…I could have sworn…

He shook his head

Jerry: I oughta quit taking these night shifts.

The moment he turned around, his heart nearly leapt out of his chest. Right in front of his face was a tall, golden armored figure with two lances in each hand. Jerry immediately reached for his pocket and aimed a gun at the figure. The golden figure didn't move at all.

Jerry: I don't know what you are, son. But rule number one of the road: You don't mess with a trucker who has a gun.

All too quickly, the figure gripped onto his lance and sliced the gun in half. In the same fluid motion, he threw several attacks at Jerry and knocked Jerry flat onto the ground.

Jerry tried to scream for help, but then the figure held his sword at Jerry's throat. He stopped yelling.

"Make one more stupid move, and it could be your last."

Jerry: Who are you?

He panicked and tried to slide backwards. The figure continued to hold the sword at him.

Jerry: What do you want with me?

"My name is Grademon. And I am looking for one of your kind."

Jerry: What in blazes is that supposed to mean?

Grademon: He's a human just like you. And I have tracked him down this far. And you are going to tell me exactly where to find him.

Jerry: Does this human have a name?!

He took a moment before he responded

Grademon: Keenan Crier. The Voyager of the Digital World.

Jerry: Listen, I got no clue who that is. Now will you leave me alone?!

Grademon pressed the lance against Jerry's throat a little harder. He was beginning to feel a skin deep cut

Jerry: Are you crazy!

Jerry choked the words out as Grademon continued to push in

Jerry: Okay! Okay, wait! I think I might know something.

Grademon pulled the lance away

Jerry held his throat and took in a few deep breaths. Luckily the cut did not go too deep.

Jerry: The last name sounds familiar. Kevin Crier is a pretty well known professor…. I believe he works somewhere around central Shinjuku. Maybe there's some sort of relation.

Grademon froze for a minute. Then he lifted his lance up higher over Jerry's head

Jerry: Stop! I swear that's all I know! Please! Don't kill me!

Grademon hit the sword into the ground just a millimeter away from Jerry. He opened his eyes in shock.

Grademon: You're a coward. Just like Keenan was.

Grademon lifted his sword and sheathed both of them behind his back. He began walking away.

Jerry: Hey! You're not going to hurt nobody are you?

Grademon stopped in his tracks. He darted his head over towards Jerry. Jerry continued taking in deep breaths.

Grademon: I may have spared your life, human. But Keenan Crier will not be so fortunate.

Grademon turned his head and jumped up to an extremely high altitude. He seemed to disappear into the night sky as Jerry knelt down and watched from a distance.


A hand knocked quickly at a house door during the daytime.

Keenan answered the door from inside. He found himself looking Castilla in the face.

Keenan: Castilla…

Castilla: Luke never made it home last night.

Keenan was speechless for a moment. He stepped aside

Keenan: Please, come inside.

Castilla walked into his house

Keenan: He didn't come home at all?

Castilla: I don't think so. His bed was just the same as how he left it the night before. I'm afraid that something horrible could have happened to him. You were the last one to talk to him, Keenan. Are you sure that he didn't say anything to you?

Keenan recalled how his exchange with Luke went the night before. Luke's words rang through Keenan's memory.

"I took a look in the mirror, Keenan, and you were right. I am a lost cause. There's nothing left in me to save. So don't even try."

Keenan swallowed

Keenan: Nothing important.

Castilla: I think we should look for him. My mom's already worried sick.

Castilla took out her cell phone.

Castilla: He won't even pick up his phone. It goes straight to voicemail.

Keenan put his hand on her shoulder

Keenan: Don't worry Castilla. We'll find him.

Castilla: I sure hope so.

Keenan put his hand down

Keenan: It's amazing. After everything that he did, you still care this much about him.

Castilla: Well he is my twin brother. What would you expect? Luke may have been wrong, but he's not an evil person. I just hope that he turns around sometime soon.

Keenan: That makes two of us. Has anyone else heard anything?

Castilla: Well Brianna and her mom are out of town for the weekend visiting relatives. She practically begged her mom to stay here, but her mom dragged her along. But everyone else is searching.

Keenan: Then it's about time we helped them

Keenan opened the front door. He flinched when he saw Megumi standing at his doorstep.

Keenan: Megumi?

Megumi: Hey Keenan. I was just about to knock on the door.

Keenan: It's alright. What can we do for you?

Castilla: Is this about Luke?

Megumi: Actually it's about you, Keenan. Sampson wants you in his office. Now.

Keenan: Well Castilla and I were kind of on our way to do something else…

Megumi: Whatever you're doing is going to have to wait. This is extremely urgent.

Both Keenan and Castilla looked at each other


Keenan and Castilla followed Megumi into Sampson's office. Sampson was already talking to a man in a trucker hat when they arrived. The trucker was Jerry from the night before.

Jerry: And I couldn't even see his face! He wore a helmet like some sort of knight. And he was extremely tall and…

Commander Sampson: Keenan.

Jerry stopped talking and turned around.

Keenan: Why did you need to see me so bad?

Jerry: Keenan? As in Keenan Crier?

Keenan: Have we met?

Jerry: You…you're the one he's looking for!

Commander Sampson walked up beside Jerry.

Commander Sampson: This here is Jerry Izumi. He's a trucker who works on the outskirts of town. He came to me twenty minutes ago with a story that I think will peak your interest.

Jerry: It's not a story. It was an attempted murder. And something that your police division should have been on the watch for!

Keenan: Can someone please just explain to me what's going on?

Jerry: I'll tell you what's going on! A giant mercenary in a suit of armor came this close to driving a sword through me all because I didn't know anything about some kid named Keenan Crier. Which I suppose is you.

Castilla gasped

Castilla: What would he want with Keenan?

Jerry: Well from what he said, he's not exactly interested in taking you out to dinner and a movie.

Commander Sampson chimed in

Commander Sampson: The bottom line is that we believe that your safety is in jeopardy, Keenan. I was thinking of offering you and your family some police protection for the next couple of days.

Keenan: Just slow down, alright guys? First of all, what was this guy's name?

Jerry: Uh…I forget what he said his name was. He was a big guy in a golden suit…for a moment I couldn't tell if he was even human or not the way he moved so fast…

Keenan's eyes widened. He muttered under his breath

Keenan: It can't be…

Oh, wait I remember. I think he said it was like…Grademon or something.

Keenan: No.

Jerry: I beg your pardon?

Keenan: NO!

He shouted it so that the whole station could hear. It seemed to freeze the whole atmosphere.

Keenan: I don't know what you saw, Mr. Izumi, but you're dead wrong. It couldn't have been him.

Jerry: Excuse me little boy, but I was face to face with this guy's sword last night, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

Keenan: Clearly you don't.

Keenan turned around

Keenan: Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass on that police protection, Sampson. I have to go.

Keenan began walking outside.

Commander Sampson: Keenan!

Castilla ran out after him. Keenan turned the corner and walked down the sidewalk. Castilla caught up to him.

Castilla: Keenan! What was that all about?

Keenan: It's nothing, Castilla. Don't worry about me.

Castilla: But what the truck driver said…what if he's right? What if you are in dang…

Keenan spun around.


She stopped talking. Keenan exhaled

Keenan: I need you to do me a favor.

Castilla kept quiet

Keenan: Promise me that you won't tell anyone about what you heard back there.

Castilla: But…

Keenan: Promise me, Castilla.

Castilla hung her head

Castilla: Okay.

Keenan clenched his fist and turned around.

Keenan: I'll…continue to look for Luke. I'll let you know if I hear anything, okay?

Castilla: Keenan...

Keenan: I have to go.

He took off down the street. Castilla stood quietly.


The sun was beginning to set while Keenan walked down the street with his hands in his pockets. He looked down intensely at the ground.

Disjointed images of his childhood in the Digital World began to flash quickly through his memory. One of them was him yelling "NO" as a child.

Falcomon: Keenan.

Keenan opened his eyes. He pulled out his Digivice and held it in front of him.

Keenan: What is it, Falcomon?

Falcomon: You haven't said a word since you left the police station.

Keenan: That's because there's nothing that I want to talk about.

Falcomon: Keenan, listen. I know that Grademon was…

Keenan: I said I don't want to talk about it, Falcomon. Please. I just need some time, alright?

Falcomon: Suit yourself, Keenan. But know that I'm always here to help.

Keenan: I appreciate it.

Keenan put the Digivice back into his pocket and tried to focus on the sidewalk ahead of him. He looked to the right side and noticed something strange. He saw a misplaced sun glare on a tiny shrub. Keenan turned his head to the left and saw nothing. When he looked at the shrub again, the glare was gone. He looked around a couple of times and then continued walking.


Moments later, Keenan was standing in front of a small pond. There was a 6 foot drop between him and the body of water itself. There were no people around, and the place was very quiet. Just the way he wanted it. The only things around him were a pile of small rocks and a garbage can off to the side.

Deep in thought, Keenan knelt down and picked up a couple of rocks. He threw one of them into the pond and watched the ripples come out. He threw the second one even further away.

He breathed out and looked at the third rock. He wound back and threw it towards the pond. But before the rock even reached the peak of it's course, something alarming happened.

The rock split into two.

Keenan looked down and saw a shadow behind him. Before he knew what was happening, a hand slammed down onto his shoulder. He spun around, and looked into the piercing red eyes behind the golden armor. Grademon sheathed the sword that he used to cut the rock into two.

Grademon: It's a pleasure to see you again

He grabbed Keenan's shirt

Grademon: Old friend

Keenan had a terrified look on his face.


Castilla and Floramon were waiting at the local park. Castilla nervously checked her watch a couple of times.

Floramon: I'm sure they'll be here soon, Castilla

Castilla: It's not that…it's just…I don't know if I should be doing this right now. I promised Keenan that I wouldn't.

Floramon: Well I think that you're doing the right thing. He needs help.

"Who needs help?

Biyomon and Kristy appeared next to them. Castilla smiled

Castilla: Guys. I'm glad you could make it! Do you know where Matt and Dracomon are?

Kristy crossed her arms

Kristy: Late as usual

"Well excuse me!"

They turned around and saw Matt and Dracomon arrive on Matt's bike.

Matt: I was busy looking for Luke. I may or may not have had a couple of extended snack stops on the way, but that's besides the point.

Dracomon crossed his arms

Dracomon: That's never besides the point with you, Matt…

Kristy: Sorry, Castilla, but we still haven't seen anything that has to do with Luke yet

Castilla: No…this…isn't about that.

Kristy looked into Castilla's eyes

Kristy: Hey, are you alright, Castilla?

Matt: Yeah, you look a little freaked out.

Floramon: Castilla's not the one who you guys should be worried about right now…

They looked at Castilla and awaited a response

Castilla: It's Keenan.

Kristy: Keenan? Last I heard from him he said that he was going to help you search.

Castilla: Yeah, well last I heard from him there was a threat on his life.

Matt: What?!

Kristy: How? What happened, Castilla!

Castilla: That's the thing. I don't know what's going on. He refused to tell me, and he told me not to mention it to you guys. But I just get the feeling that he's in trouble.

Matt: Leave it to the man of mystery to leave us all in the dark about this…

Kristy: I can't thank you enough for telling us, Castilla.

Dracomon: So what do you guys think should we do?

Matt: I say we pay him a visit and get him to tell us what in blazes is going on.

Kristy: I agree. We need to make sure that he's alright. Let's go!


Keenan hit the ground with a thud. Grademon paced over to him as Keenan sat straight. Grademon's gravely whisper of a voice was heard when he spoke.

Grademon: Surprised to see me, I presume.

Keenan's racing heart matched his speechless body. Falcomon spoke from the Digivice.

Falcomon: Keenan? Is everything alright out there?

Keenan ignored it.

Grademon: You've certainly grown taller and I miss the facepaint, but not much has changed…has it?

Keenan: How do you remember me? And how are you alive? It's not possible.

Keenan took a couple of deep breaths

Keenan: I watched you die.

Grademon took out his sword and pointed it at Keenan

Grademon: Well you watched a lot of things back in the day. But that doesn't mean that looks can be deceiving. As were you, Keenan.


Keenan shouted the words at the top of his lungs.

Grademon: But you couldn't. And that's the point. You could never save me. Look at you. You can't even save yourself.

Grademon sprinted and tried to slice him with his sword. Keenan got up to his feet and tried to fight him, but Grademon had a counter for every attack that Keenan had. It was a matter of seconds before Grademon knocked Keenan hard in the head. Grademon grabbed onto Keenan and threw him into the garbage can right before Keenan rolled on the ground.

Falcomon: Keenan! For goodness sakes, answer me!

Grademon slowly walked over to Keenan again.

Grademon: You're weaker. And slower.

Keenan slowly looked up at Grademon.

Grademon: But there's one thing that hasn't changed. And it's that look of yours. That look of desperation, of hopelessness, of innocence. I was fooled by it once. And I won't be fooled by it again. You're a killer, Keenan Crier. And I won't leave this place until I have my revenge! Cross Blade!

Grademon tried to attack Keenan again. Keenan hopped to his feet and dodged the attack. It split the trash can into 2. Keenan got and tried to continue fighting him. But he was clearly outmatched by Grademon's tactics.

Falcomon: Keenan! Take me out of the Digivice! Let me fight!

Grademon looked down at Keenan's pocket.

Keenan: Falcomon, quiet!

Grademon: So it is him

Grademon put Keenan in a head lock and snatched the Digivice right out of Keenan's pocket.

Keenan: NO!

Keenan tried to grab the Digivice from him.

Grademon: Cross Blade!

Keenan moved away in time for the slice to not be lethal, but the sword sliced into his arm. It left a long cut down his forearm. Keenan screamed in pain when the cut was formed. Grademon pushed him down to the ground, right by the pond.

Grademon held his sword in one hand and Keenan's Digivice with the other. He held out his sword and touched Keenan's face with it.

Grademon: Time to end this…

Keenan grabbed a rock and threw it at Grademon's face. While Grademon moved out of the way, Keenan rolled off the ledge and into the pond. Grademon ran over to the ledge to look for Keenan. He couldn't see any signs of him.

He simply snickered

Grademon: Stupid kid. At least he left me with a parting gift.

He turned around and held Keenan's Digivice out to his face

Grademon: Hello, Falcomon.

Falcomon: Grademon.

He angrily grunted Grademon's name out.

Grademon: What do you say the two of us have a little bit of fun together?

Grademon maniacally giggled.


Kristy repeatedly pressed Keenan's doorbell. Matt, Dracomon, Castilla and Floramon were behind her, but Kristy looked especially nervous.

Kristy: There's still no answer.

She kept pressing the doorbell until Matt shoved her aside.

Matt: Please. Allow me.

Matt banged on the door and shouted at the top of his lungs


Dracomon: Do you even know how to kick down a door?

Matt: No, but that line always seems to work in the movies…

Matt banged on it again


Floramon: I don't think anyone's home.

Kristy: Come on…I can get in through his garage…

They all heard footsteps behind them. When they turned around, they saw Keenan, clearly exhausted, holding his left arm and drenched in water. He was breathing heavily.

Keenan: Guys? What are you doing here?

He had to force the words out with coughs in between.

Kristy ran over to him

Kristy: KEENAN!

She held onto him as he leaned on her. He shut his eyes and passed out.

Kristy: We need to get him inside! Now!


About half an hour later, Keenan was laying down on the sofa. Kristy had finished bandaging up his arm and his clothes had just about dried.

Castilla: How is he?

Kristy: I think he'll be alright.

Keenan began coughing. He slowly opened up his eyes. Matt was the first one who he saw.

Matt: Rise and shine blue jay. Now tell us what's going on! Who's this Grademon that Castilla was blabbering about?

Kristy: Matt, this isn't an interrogation! We need to give him a second to breathe.

Keenan's eyes fixed on Castilla. She smiled nervously and waved.

Keenan: Castilla, I thought I told you not to say anything. You broke your promise.

Matt stepped in between them

Matt: And it's a good thing that she did. You would have been passed on the street by now if she didn't tell us what was up.

Kristy: Matt has a point, Keenan. Why didn't you tell us that someone was after you?

Keenan stood to his feet and limped past them.

Keenan: I don't want to talk about it.

Kristy marched up to his face and stood in front of him

Kristy: Since when do you and I keep secrets from each other?

Keenan: This is an exception.

Matt: Alright, I've had enough of your attitude, Keenan. Tell us what happened!

Keenan: Nothing happened, Matt!

Matt: Right. Because you decided to take a dive in your clothes and cut your arm just for fun. Is that about right?

Keenan angrily turned around and looked Matt in the eye.

Matt: Your death glares don't phase me, Keenan. And neither does this stupid act of yours.

Keenan rolled his eyes and tried to walk away from them

Matt: We're a team, Keenan!

Dracomon: Yeah! There's no "me" in team! Wait…yeah there is. I meant to say that there's no "I" in team!

Castilla: What Dracomon's trying to say is that we're all really concerned about you.

Keenan: And I appreciate the concern, but I'm asking you guys to stay out of this! This is personal.

Matt: Request denied. What's the big idea anyway? If this is one your old Digimon enemies, then it's no big deal if we're all together. We've beaten countless enemies before and we'll beat this one now!

Keenan: He's not my enemy!

Keenan's loud statement shut everyone up.

Keenan: He was my friend. And he died…because of me.

Matt: Clearly not…

Keenan: Matt, I watched it happen! I was SURE that he was gone. And he…can't be here, he CAN'T remember me. It makes no sense!

He slammed his fists on the wall. He looked like he was on the verge of tears. Keenan felt a hand lightly touch his shoulder. He turned around and saw Kristy's sympathetic face.

Kristy: Keenan. We're here to listen. What happened?

Keenan looked down for a moment. He walked away from Kristy went back over to the sofa. He rested both of his arms on the back and looked down at the ground.

Keenan: When…Marcus, Thomas and Yoshi first met me in the Digital World…I had already learned how to Digivolve Falcomon into Peckmon. But no one ever stopped to ask how I learned to do that.

Matt: Why does it matter?

Keenan: Because that was the day that Grademon swore his revenge on me. A day that I'll never forget.

A flashback initiated


6 years ago

Two Boarmon stood on either side of a Sagittarimon. The Boarmon paced forward slowly towards the Digimon in the golden armor. Grademon. He was on the floor and wielding his sword. He had clearly taken a beating.

Sagittarimon: Give it up, Grademon. Your data is far too precious for me to pass up. If you just surrender I'll promise you a quick deletion.

Grademon spat on the ground

Grademon: You want my data? Come and get it.

Sagittarimon: Do the math, Grademon. There are three of us and one of you.

Grademon: Oh is that right?

Grademon charged toward Sagittarimon and the two Boarmons leapt forward. They both let out their firey Nose Blaster attacks.

Grademon sliced thorugh the fire attacks and attacked both of the Boarmon with his Cross Blade.

Both of them tripped over behind him and he found himself face to face with Sagittarimon

Grademon: Because I only count one.

Sagittarimon wielded his bow and charged the arrow. Grademon was staring directly at him. What Grademon didn't know was that a Boarmon had recovered and was preparing to attack him from behind. Sagittarimon smiled.

He released his arrow at the same second the Boarmon began charging at him from behind.

Grademon deflected the arrow, but wasn't prepared for Boarmon. But right before Boarmon hit Grademon, a screaming young, blue haired boy kicked the Boarmon's face from mid air. Boarmon tumbled to the ground and Grademon spun around.

The young boy with blue face paint, a ripped yellow shirt, and orange shorts began to wrestle the Boarmon. He held the top and bottom of the Boarmon's mouth in place before it chomped down at him.

Sagittarimon put away his bow. He squinted as he began to think.

Sagittarimon (thinking): It's that human boy who I've only heard tales of. If he's here, then that must mean that Merukimon can't be far behind. I need to get out of here. But this isn't the end. I will absorb that Grademon's data.

Grademon: Time to end this! Cross Blade!

His two Cross blade attacks speared both of the Boarmon's in the back and turned them both into Digi-Eggs.

Grademon: Now for that Sagittarimon…

By the time he turned around, Sagittarimon was gone. He looked back at the boy, who stood to his feet. Grademon held his sword out at him.

Grademon: Who are you?! Who sent you!

Young Keenan: That no way to thank the one who saved your life!

The boy talked with a slightly gravely, high pitched voice.

Grademon: I never asked to be saved

Young Keenan: And you never have to!

Keenan put his fists on his hips

Young Keenan: Me Keenan. And me protect good Digimon from bad Digimon and humons!

Grademon studied his figure. He looked like a harmless little child, but his eyes told him that he really believed in what he was talking about. Grademon sheathed his swords.

Grademon: You are something, you know that kid? You almost got yourself killed.

Young Keenan: Keenan not afraid of anything! I beat anyone easy.

Grademon: Is that right?

Without warning, Grademon threw a punch at Keenan. It hit him in the face. Keenan began fighting back, and even though Grademon countered most of his moves, Keenan got a couple of good hits in. Eventually Grademon put him in a headlock and had his sword drawn over him. Keenan was trapped.

Grademon laughed

Grademon: You're not half bad.

Grademon pushed Keenan off of him and put his sword away again.

Grademon: Who taught you to fight?

Young Keenan: Keenan learn everything he know from Merukimon!

Grademon: Merukimon, eh?

He examined Keenan once again

Grademon: He's taught you well. But he can only teach you so much.

Young Keenan: Huh? Keenan no follow.

Grademon: Merukimon taught you how to be a good fighter. I can teach you how to be a great fighter.

Keenan looked at him in confusion

Grademon: I'm a Digimon who believes in repaying my debts. And I owe you for saving me back there. And this can be my way of returning the favor.

Keenan looked in awe

Grademon: This week I'll teach you how to fight like a true warrior.

Young Keenan: You really mean it?

Grademon: I never break my word.

He held out his hand. Keenan hesitated for a moment, but then slowly brought his hand closer to Grademon's. But right before he shook it, he heard his name being called from the sky.

Falcomon: Keenan! Keenan!

Keenan looked up

Young Keenan: Hey Falcomon! Down here!

Falcomon looked down and then flew towards him

Falcomon: There you are! I was looking all over for you. Merukimon wanted you to help Gotsumon to assemble the…

He just noticed Grademon

Falcomon: Who's this, Keenan?

Young Keenan: Uhh, he never say. What is Digimon's name?

Grademon: You can call me Grademon.

Young Keenan: Grademon's gonna teach Keenan how to fight!

Falcomon: Excuse me?

Young Keenan: This week, he gonna teach me how to be real warrior!

Falcomon: You just learned his name and already he's your personal trainer for the week?

Grademon: Got a problem with it?

Falcomon: Keenan, can I talk to you in private for a moment.

Grademon: It's alright. It's getting late anyway, and I have other business to attend to. Keenan!

Keenan looked up at him

Grademon: Our training commences right here, tomorrow at 6 AM sharp. Will you be there?

Keenan looked at Falcomon, who signaled for him to say no. Keenan smirked

Young Keenan: I'll be here!

Grademon began to walk away.

Grademon: Don't be late.

Keenan turned back to Falcomon

Falcomon: Keenan. I have a bad feeling about that guy.

Young Keenan: Why?

Falcomon: Because we don't know anything about him. What's wrong with the training Merukimon's been giving you?

Young Keenan: Nothing. But he so strong!

Falcomon: Keenan…I still don't think it's a good idea! I think you'd better keep your distance from him.

Keenan got upset

Young Keenan: Me vowed to always protect Digital World so that nobody has to go the way Frigimon went. If Grademon say he can teach Keenan how to do it better, then Keenan will learn!

Keenan turned around and walked away, with his green cape following him down. Falcomon let out a sigh and followed Keenan back home

Keenan (narrating): So I kept the promise. I met him the next morning at 6:00 sharp.

Keenan walked up behind Grademon. Grademon turned around and saw Keenan and Falcomon standing there.

Young Keenan: Keenan ready.

Grademon: I'm surprised you showed. Did you tell Merukimon you were coming?

Young Keenan: No. Falcomon only one who knows.

Grademon: Speaking of which. We won't be needing you, Falcomon.

Falcomon squinted.

Grademon: Keenan needs to learn how to fight by himself. So you can either step aside or fly along home.

Young Keenan: Falcomon okay with watching, right?

Falcomon paused

Falcomon: I suppose so.

Falcomon flew a few feet away and landed on a nearby log

Grademon: Now before we begin, where's your weapon?

Young Keenan: Huh?

Grademon: Your weapon of choice. Where is it?

Young Keenan: Oh…

He reached into his pocket and showed him his purple, rectangular Digivice.

Grademon: What's that supposed to be?

Young Keenan: Uh…Merukimon say it Keenan's Digivice. He say it can make Digimon stronger, and I will know when time is right to use it! Since Keenan is Digital World's strongest Digimon, I hope to use it on myself someday.

Grademon: Right…Listen, kid. If we're going to do this, you need a real weapon. Lucky for you…

Grademon kicked a wooden box that was by his foot.

Grademon: I brought my arsenal. So let's see what you can do.

The week tracked on as Grademon and Keenan were trying out different weapons, and becoming more skilled at fighting.

Grademon trained Keenan on how to fight with twin fighting sticks. He would continuously get the upper hand and knock Keenan down, but Keenan kept getting up again.

Falcomon sat on the log with his arms crossed.

Keenan (narrating): So that's the way how things went. The entire week, I arrived there at 6 AM every day to train with him. I never told Merukimon what I was really spending my day doing, but Falcomon always came with me. Even if he knew that he was just going to sit down and watch the whole time. After fighting sticks, he started training me on how to use a sword. He said that I had a strong wrist, but that it would only be a matter of time before I stabbed myself with it. Then he taught me how to use a spear. Then a slingshot. Soon he began to see a pattern. It was the last day of training when he had an idea.

Grademon: Sagittarimon wields a bow and arrow. It's a complicated weapon, but I think you can handle it.

Grademon shot the bow and arrow towards a tree with a target on it. It hit the bulls-eye right in the middle.

Grademon handed him the bow and arrow

Grademon: Your turn.

Keenan slowly pulled the bow back and shot the arrow. He let go of the arrow right before he accidently snapped the string. The arrow came up a few yards short of the target and plummeted into the ground.

Grademon examined the arrow that fell into the ground

Young Keenan: Sorry…

Grademon: Your technique is pitiful. You'll lose all of your arrows doing that. But you have very impressive aim. If you had a projectile that was more solid like a stone or a booma…

He stopped talking.

Young Keenan: What is it?

Grademon: Come with me.

For the next few hours, Grademon worked on a fallen tree. He used his knives to craft a long, angled weapon. Keenan was practicing fighting the air in the background. Falcomon was asleep on the log.

Grademon: Keenan.

Keenan turned around and walked over to him

Young Keenan: Yeah?

Grademon turned around and presented him with a large, white and red boomerang. Keenan looked down at it with awe.

Grademon: Time to try it out.

Later, Keenan stood at the same place where he shot the bow and arrow. He tossed the boomerang forward with a yell. The boomerang hit the bullseye and knocked Grademon's arrow out of the way. Keenan turned around and looked at Grademon

Grademon: It looks like we've found your weapon.

The scenes began to show Keenan hitting more targets with the boomerang. At one point, he was standing next to a field with a circle of pumpkins staked to the ground on a stick. Falcomon woke up when Keenan stepped to the very middle of the field.

Keenan closed his eyes and then threw the boomerang. He hit every last pumpkin, and knew when to hold out his hand to catch the boomerang again. He opened his eyes and saw his work. He clenched his fist and smiled

Young Keenan: Yeah!

Grademon: You learn quickly. That'll keep you alive out here.

Keenan slowly turned his face to a frown and groaned. He looked at the boomerang.

Grademon: What is it? You don't have to give me back the boomerang if that's what you're thinking. It's all yours

Young Keenan: It not that.

Keenan took out his Digivice and held it side by side with the boomerang

Young Keenan: Merukimon told Keenan that Digivice is only weapon Keenan needs. It supposed to make Keenan stronger!

Grademon studied the Digivice for a few seconds

Grademon: Have you ever considered that maybe this Digivice of yours doesn't make you stronger?

Young Keenan: Huh?

Grademon: I mean, if it were supposed to make you stronger, it would have done it by now, right? But if it's power is meant to be used on someone else…then maybe you'll be needing that boomerang.

Young Keenan: Huh…me never think of it that way before. If Digivice's power isn't for Keenan, who it for?

Keenan found himself looking at Falcomon some ways back.

Grademon: Well someone who's strong enough to handle it. Someone who you've trained with perhaps.

Keenan looked back at Grademon

Young Keenan: Someone like Grademon?

Grademon: Well I can't say that I'm completely sold on the idea that raw power can come out of that electronic of yours. But if it does, then maybe it would be worth a shot trying it out on me.

Keenan thought for a second. Then he nodded

Young Keenan: Okay. If Keenan gets this to work, he'll try to use it on Grademon to say thank you.

Falcomon: Keenan!

Keenan turned around and saw Falcomon fly over to him.

Falcomon: We have trouble.


Several minutes later, Falcomon, Keenan and Grademon were shown looking over the peak of the hilltop. At the bottom of the hill, they saw a village of in-training Digimon being terrorized by Saggittarimon.

Falcomon: I flew up to stretch my wings a little bit, and saw that this was happening!

Young Keenan: Falcomon do right thing by telling us. What Sagittarimon doing down there?

Grademon: See for yourself.

Sagittarimon shot an arrow through three Digimon at once, and turned them all into Digi-Eggs. A group of Yokomon tried to run away from him, and he spun around did the same with them. Once they were Digi-Eggs, he shot another arrow through the eggs, and the eggs turned into bits of data, which he absorbed.

Sagittarimon: Yes. Once I absorb as much data as I can, I will be stronger than any other Digimon! Even Merukimon will have to bow to me.

He shot another arrow through a Tokomon and took his data. Keenan flashed back to when the Gizumon were destroying the forest, and when they destroyed small Digimon in a like manner.

Keenan clenched his fist and grunted with anger.

Young Keenan: Sagittarimon acting just like humon! I make him pay!

Keenan tried to run forward, but Grademon held him back.

Grademon: Not now, kid. You'll get yourself killed!

Young Keenan: Keenan fight off Sagittarimon once, he'll do it again!

Grademon: You got lucky last time. You're getting better, but you're still an amateur.

Young Keenan: Keenan not going to watch Sagittarimon hurt innocent Digimon!

Grademon: You won't have to.

Grademon stood up straight.

Grademon: Because I'm going to destroy him.

Falcomon: I'll help you, Grademon!

Grademon snickered

Grademon: And what will you do? "Hoot" him to death?

Falcomon got angry

Grademon: You better sit this one out too. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two, Falcomon.

Grademon leapt forward and jumped down the hill with a scream. Sagittarimon looked back, but not before his face met the heel of Grademon's foot. Sagittarimon tumbled on the ground, and quickly picked himself up.

Sagittarimon: Grademon. You've finally decided to give me your data. How thoughtful.

Grademon: Grade Slash!

Grademon jumped up in the air and tried to dive down with his two swords pointed at Sagittarimon.

Sagittarimon: Judgement Arrow!

Sagittarimon aimed it at Grademon's chest, but Grademon knocked it out of the way with his sword. Unfortunately in doing that, it compromised his attack, and Sagittarimon jumped up and knocked the back of Grademon's neck with his bow. Grademon rolled on the ground, and sprinted back over to Sagitarrimon once he was on his feet.

Falcomon and Keenan were watching from the hill top.

Young Keenan: Sagittarimon so fast. Maybe he faster than even you, Falcomon.

Falcomon grunted

Falcomon: I've had enough!

He flew up over the ground

Young Keenan: Falcomon?

Falcomon: I'm going to show you that he's not so tough.

Falcomon dove towards the battle.

Young Keenan: Falcomon!

Once Falcomon was right over the battle, he launched his attack.

Falcomon: Ninja Blade!

Falcomon threw his set of throwing stars towards Sagittarimon. Sagittarimon looked up in time and easily dodged them.

Sagittarimon: It looks like your friend wants to play too, Grademon.

Grademon: Falcomon! Get away from here!

While Grademon was yelling at Falcomon, he turned his back towards Sagittarimon.

Sagittarimon: Meteor Gallop!

Sagittarimon's body turned into a flame, and he charged square into Grademon's back at full speed. Grademon got the breath knocked out of him, and dropped both of his swords as his face planted into the ground. Sagittarimon firmly put his foot over Grademon's back, rendering his whole body useless. He was now staring face to face with Falcomon.

Sagittarimon smirked.

Sagittarimon: You really think you have what it takes to defeat me, bird brain. I'm the best archer in the whole Digital World!

Falcomon: That may be so. But can your arrows do this?! Ninja blade!

Even from the top of the hill, Keenan could see what was going on. And he knew that Falcomon had just made a mistake.

Young Keenan: FALCOMON, DON'T!

Keenan ran down the hill as fast as he could

Falcomon threw three throwing stars at Sagittarimon. He simply moved his head to dodge two of them. The third star was going straight for his chest. He grimaced

Sagittarimon: Cute. Judgment Arrow.

Sagittarimon's arrow hit the throwing star dead on, knocking it aside like a useless coin. But the arrow didn't stop.

And Falcomon was right behind it.

Falcomon hardly felt the arrow pierce into his chest at full speed. The next thing he knew, his whole body had fallen to the ground, and all of the pain rippled in seconds afterwards.

Sagittarimon: Like shooting skeet.

He saw Keenan running down the hill. Keenan stopped in his tracks when he knew that Sagittarimon was staring directly at him. He was only a few feet away Sagittarimon and Grademon, and Falcomon was closeby on the other side of him.

Sagittarimon reached for his arrows, but soon realized something.

Young Keenan: You are not going to destroy my friends, Sagittarimon

Sagittarimon: You're right. I'm not.

Keenan looked confused

Sagittarimon: Not both of them anyway. Because I only have one arrow left.

Keenan didn't know where he was going with this.

Sagittarimon: So why don't we make this a little…interesting?

Sagittarimon said it while loading his arrow.

Sagittarimon: Grademon's data is what I've been hunting for this whole time, but a Falcomon is equally as rare as a Grademon, and perhaps there are certain benefits that his data can pose to me as well.

Keenan finally caught on. He knew what Sagittarimon was trying to do

Sagittarimon: I can't make the choice. So I'll leave it up to you, little boy.

Keenan's anger overtook his fear. He was clearly scowling and gritting his teeth.

Sagittarimon: I want you to choose whose data I'll take. Choose who gets to live, and who gets to be deleted.

Young Keenan: Keenan refuse!

He spit as he shouted the words

Sagittarimon: You might want to rethink that. Because if you don't chose, or if you attempt to overpower me, then I'll just settle for you. So what will it be?

Keenan was speechless for a few seconds. Had he finally been cornered? There was nothing that he could seem to do.

Grademon: Keenan…

Keenan looked down at him. Then he looked back at Falcomon for a while.

Grademon: Keenan I trained you.

He whispered the words out. Keenan looked back at Grademon.

Grademon: Without me you would have been nothing. I can protect you. We can accomplish great things together.

Keenan didn't know what to do. He suddenly heard Falcomon's quiet voice.

Falcomon: He's right, Keenan.

Keenan's eyes shot open and he looked back at Falcomon. Falcomon was struggling for breath.

Falcomon: I failed you today. Grademon would have won if it weren't for me.

Keenan tried not to cry. He knelt over besides Falcomon.

Young Keenan: Falcomon didn't fail me. Falcomon tried to save me.

Falcomon: But it wasn't enough. And for that, I'm sorry. I was so jealous of how you were spending all of that time with Grademon, that I thought that you'd forget about me. But now I…

Falcomon grunted in pain

Falcomon: Now I see that he's the best partner for you. He's taught you more in a week than I've been able to teach you your whole life.

Young Keenan: But none of that true! Falcomon teach me a lot too. He teach me how to be strong, and how to never give up! Grademon may be stronger, but Falcomon teach Keenan that true strength come from the heart. Falcomon strong in that way too!

Falcomon: If only it were enough. Don't worry about me, Keenan. Grademon will do you good. Make…the…right…choice.

Falcomon closed his eyes. He was still barely breathing, but Keenan knew that he didn't have any strength left in him. It was only a matter of seconds before it all went away. Keenan's eyes filled up with tears and he hugged Falcomon.

Young Keenan: Falcomon! FALCOMON!

Unbeknownst to Keenan, the Digivice in his pocket was beginning to glow.

Grademon looked directly at Keenan and Falcomon.

Sagittarimon: It looks like he's made his choice.

Grademon (whispering): No.

Sagittarimon: So long, Grademon

Keenan heard Grademon's yell. He turned back and saw that he had an arrow in his back, and was being deleted from the legs up. Keenan stood to his feet.

Young Keenan: Grademon!

His hand suddenly glowed purple.

Young Keenan: Huh? What this?

Falcomon's body also glowed purple, and his eyes slowly opened. Keenan looked down at Falcomon.

Young Keenan: Falcomon?!

Falcomon: Keenan! Your Digivice. I think It's making me feel stronger!

Keenan looked down at it once again

Young Keenan: So Grademon was right. Digivice's power not for me.

Falcomon: No he wasn't.

Keenan looked confused

Falcomon: It's for the both of us. Now what do you say we teach that Sagittarimon not to mess with us.

Young Keenan: Okay!

Digivolution Sequence Begins

Keenan's smashed his glowing hand into his Digivice. He pointed it forward with a grunt.

Falcomon Digivolve to!

Falcomon's wings grew longer, and gained a yellow and red coloring. A yellow bandana appeared around his head. His face morphed and his neck grew much longer, as did his whole body.


Keenan (narrating): And that's how it happened. Peckmon gave Sagittarimon a run for his money. It didn't help that Sagittarimon had wasted all of his arrows. Without them, he couldn't even dodge Peckmon's Kunai Wing, which is what finished him.

The images matched what Keenan was saying. The last shot showed Peckmon's Kunai Wings pelleting Sagittarimon, and him being turned into a Digi-Egg.

Keenan (narrating): But I guess not everything was finished that day…

Young Keenan and Falcomon ran up to Grademon as he was being deleted. The deletion had almost reached his chest.

Young Keenan: Grademon! Grademon, speak to me!

Grademon turned his head

Young Keenan: Grademon?

Grademon: So you made your decision.

Keenan didn't know what to say

Grademon: Clearly the training I gave you was meaningless.

Young Keenan: No! It not like that! Sagittarimon leave Keenan with no choice!

Grademon: You had a choice, Keenan! And you chose him over me.

The deletion had almost reached his mouth

Grademon: I'll never forget your betrayal, Keenan. Mark my words. I promise that even if it takes years and years, I'll make you pay for what you did today. I'll make you…

Those were all the words he got out before his head was deleted. A digi-egg stood in his place. Keenan knelt down on his two knees shamefully. Falcomon put his wing over Keenan's back.

Keenan (narrating): Falcomon and I decided never to tell Merukimon about Grademon. We told him that I found my boomerang out in the forest somewhere, and figured that I might as well keep it for good luck.

A shot showed Young Keenan holding his signature boomerang in front of him. He then put it in a pouch that was attached to his waist

Keenan (narrating): That was the first lie I ever told Merukimon. The truth was that I kept the boomerang to remember Grademon. It was my way of paying tribute to his memory.

End Flashback


Keenan was standing, and Kristy, Matt and Castilla were sitting on the couch in front of him.

Keenan: So now do you understand why I don't want you guys involved? This is my business. My fault. My problem.

Kristy stood up

Kristy: Keenan, you can't blame yourself for what happened that day. Sagittarimon destroyed Grademon, not you!

Keenan: It doesn't matter. Because in Grademon's eyes, it was my decision. Which means that I'm the one he's after.

Castilla: Keenan…

Keenan: And I want it to stay that way!

Matt stood up

Matt: Yeah, well I want every day of the week to be Saturday so that I can watch my cartoons every single morning, but that doesn't mean that that's the case!

Keenan: Matt, in case you haven't realized, this is serious!

Matt: Well I'm being serious too.

Keenan stared upsettingly at Matt

Matt: Look. I don't care how strong or ticked off this guy is. One maniac doesn't stand a chance against 4 Digimon!

Keenan: You mean three Digimon.

Matt, Castilla and Kristy looked confused

Keenan: He took Falcomon. And my Digivice.

Their mouths hung open.


The back of Grademon's armor was shown as he walked down a busy street. People were beginning to look at him funny, and they started moving away from him. He held Keenan's purple Digivice in his hand. Falcomon spoke to him through it.

Falcomon: You won't get away with this, Grademon!

Grademon: I believe I already have.

Grademon stood in the middle of the road, and watched a silver car speed over to him.

Falcomon: What are we doing here, anyway!

Grademon: We're here to deliver a message.

Grademon unsheathed his sword and launched a large attack over the street.

Grademon: Cross Blade!

He shot a vertical slice over to the car. The car split into two, and crashed into different directions of the street. The driver unbuckled his seatbelt from the driver's half of the car, and he sprinted away as fast as he could and yelled for help. Grademon spun around and launched the same attack over a few street lamps. The lamps came towering down, and hit the roads and sidewalks with a shatter and a thud.

The people went into a panicked frenzy and ran all over the place to avoid the destruction.


Megumi opened the door to Sampson's office without knocking.

Sampson: Megumi? What's going on?

Megumi: Check the monitor.

Sampson turned on his computer and saw what she was talking about. He soon changed his window to a news report about the destruction. A few seconds later he spoke.

Sampson: Get them. Now.

Megumi: Miki's already on it.


Castilla: My question is how could he have remembered you after all this time? I always thought that Digimon forgot about everything after they hatched from their Digi-Eggs again.

Biyomon: Not exactly, Castilla. If that were always true then I wouldn't have remembered Kristy after I hatched again after I was deleted.

Kristy: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Talk about surpressed memories

Matt: context please?

Kristy: There was one time when Biyomon was deleted and turned into a Digi-Egg. But everytime he hatched again, he still remembered me

Matt: But how?

Biyomon: Maybe because me and Kristy had such a strong connection before that happened, that I couldn't just forget her. The same thing happened with Marcus and Agumon, but that's another story

Kristy's cell phone began to ring.

Kristy: Oh, looks like I have a call. One second

Kristy left the room

Castilla: So it sounds to me that if Digimon have strong enough connections to humans before they're deleted, then there's a chance that they may still remember them when they hatch again.

Matt: Just your luck, huh?

Keenan wasn't laughing.

Matt: Heh. Too soon, right?

Castilla: Just a little bit

Kristy came back with a tense look on her face. She held the phone in front of her.

Kristy: Guys

They all turned to her

Kristy: Miki just called. She said that there's a Digimon attacking the city near the central square.

Keenan waited for her next words

Kristy: It's Grademon.

Keenan: That's all I needed to hear

He went for the door

Floramon: You're not thinking of going alone are you?

Keenan: I have to

Kristy: No you don't!

Matt grabbed Keenan's arm

Matt: And no you're not.

Keenan: Let go of me, Matt!

Matt: Look at you! You don't even have your Digivice. Or Falcomon.

Keenan didn't respond

Kristy: And Miki called ME, remember? That means that it's our fight too.

Castilla: We're all Digi-Destined, which means that we stick together. You're the one who taught us that!

Keenan sighed

Keenan: You guys aren't gonna let me out that door are you?

Dracomon: Not without backup! We'll show that Grademon that he's not so tough.

Kristy: We're a team now, Keenan. Which means that we look out for each other, no matter what.

Keenan paused

Keenan: Okay.

Kristy smiled

Keenan: Let's take him down.


The city square was shown to be in shambles. Street lamps, cars, and statues were destroyed and in the middle of the roads and sidewalks.

Keenan had his hands in his jacket pockets as he walked down the empty street. He looked around, and then spoke into his phone.

Keenan: I don't see him near the statues. What's left of them anyway…

Castilla had a pair of sunglasses, and was watching from a nearby parking garage. She could see Keenan from half a block away. She spoke into her phone

Castilla: Do you think he moved on?

Kristy and Biyomon were next to an allyway, and keeping an eye on Keenan from afar. She spoke into her phone as well.

Kristy: Somehow I doubt that. He couldn't have gone too far.

Matt was on top of a nearby roof and was using his binoculars to look down at Keenan. He spoke as well

Matt: If he did move on, my question is why would he trash up a city square and then just leave. It doesn't make any sense…

Kristy: Biyomon, why don't you fly up and see if you can find anything. By careful not to get spotted though.

Biyomon: Roger that, Kristy!

Biyomon flew up overhead and scanned the area.

Keenan: Regardless, I don't think he's here. He would have come after me by now.

Matt: Well if he tries, he won't succeed. We're all watching you like a hawk, Keenan. If we see so much as a gold coin down there, we'll have Wingdramon, Aquilamon and Kiwimon ready to take it out.

Keenan: I appreciate it.

A few minutes had passed by and nothing seemed to happen. The roads were deserted after all of the chaos, and there was no sign of Grademon anywhere.

Keenan: Maybe we should call it quits, guys.

Kristy thought that she heard something move behind her. She glanced back. She looked at Keenan again to make sure he was okay.

Matt: I say give it another minute or so for him to take the bait

Keenan: You know, I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable with this whole "bait" analogy.

Then she heard the sound again. Kristy turned around and cautiously walked into the allyway.

Kristy: Hello? Is someone in there?

There was no sound but the echo of her own voice. She took out her Digivice and looked at the screen.

Kristy: There doesn't seem to be a Digital signature here…

All of the sudden, a red beep appeared on her Digivice. The Digital signature was right next to her. Her eyes shot open. She double checked to make sure she was reading it correctly

Kristy: Guys! Guys, I think he's inside the alleyway!

Keenan: What?!

Kristy: I need you guys here right now! I need…

Before she could continue, a gold, metal hand covered her mouth, and a sword was held over her throat. Her phone dropped to the ground.

Grademon: Shhh. Wouldn't want you giving me away would we?

Kristy tried to scream, but he was holding her mouth too tightly.

Grademon: That's a nice Digivice you've got there. I take it you're a friend of Keenan's. Which means that you can partake in Keenan's…punishment.

Grademon stepped on Kristy's phone and crushed it.

Once Keenan realized that her line cut, he sprinted over to the alleyway. Castilla and Matt did the same.

Keenan was the first to reach there

Keenan: Kristy!

He went into the allyway and looked around. To his dismay, all he found was Kristy's shattered phone on the ground, with a note in the middle. Keenan knelt down and picked it up. Even though his yellow eyes were rolling over the words, he could hear Grademon's gravely voice reading the note inside of his head.

"I expected company—you're too predictable.

If you want to see your friends or your Digivice again, then come to the same riverside at 6 o' clock. And this time, make sure you come alone."

Keenan crumpled the note in his hands and slammed it on the ground with an angry shout.

Matt, Castilla, Dracomon and Floramon had just caught up to him.

Matt: Where's Kristy?

Keenan simply looked back at them with an upset face. Then he simply walked past them out of the alley. Even though no words were exchanged, it wasn't long before the look on Keenan's face told them what happened.

Kristy had been kidnapped


Keenan's front door flung open. He was the first to stomp into his house. Castilla, Matt, Dracomon, Floramon and Biyomon followed him in.


Matt: Dude, chill out! How were we supposed to know that the whole thing was a trap?

Keenan: I told you guys to stay out of it, and now look what happened. Anything-ANYTHING that happens to Kristy is my responsibility now.

Biyomon: Kristy's my responsibility too, Keenan. I shouldn't have flown off too far.

Castilla: Keenan, you have to understand. We thought that you were the target, not her.

Keenan: How could I have been so stupid! I should have never listened to you guys.

Matt: Alright, already! You've beaten the dead horse to a pulp. The question now is what are we gonna do about it.

Keenan: You guys aren't going to do anything.

Keenan began to walk upstairs

Matt: And what's that supposed to mean?

Keenan stopped on his staircase and looked down

Keenan: It means that you guys can go home. No one else is getting hurt today because of me.

Castilla: You're going to try to go after him alone, aren't you?

Keenan: This started with the two of us. And that's how it's going to end, too.

Matt: But he's a Digimon. You're not. He's stronger than you!

Keenan turned around and prepared to go back upstairs

Keenan: I don't care.

Dracomon: But we do, Keenan! We don't want you to get hurt!

Keenan: Just get out of my house, alright guys?

Castilla: But Keenan…

Keenan: GO!

He shouted the word as he pointed to the door.

The tension in the room was all but tangible. Castilla was the first to comply. She opened the door, gave Keenan a sad look, and then exited. Floramon, Dracomon and Biyomon followed her out too. Keenan was almost at the top of the stairs when Matt appeared right behind him.

Keenan: Matt. Get. Out.

Matt: You think this is brave, Keenan? Well it's not. It's selfish and stupid! And that means something coming from me!

Keenan: I'm not going to ask you again, Matt.

Matt: What exactly are you trying to prove by doing this, anyway? Huh? Answer me!

Keenan answered him, but not in the way that Matt was expecting. He answered him with a fist to the cheek. Matt grabbed onto the railing as Keenan slowly recoiled his fist. Keenan looked down to the ground, hiding his eyes under the shadow of his hair. Matt looked back over to him

Matt: Satisfied?

Keenan: Matt, I'm only doing this so that no one gets hurt.

Matt: So you're gonna go off into a suicide mission so that no one gets hurt. That makes more sense than anything I've heard all day! You don't even have your Digivice for crying out loud!

Keenan: I don't need to bring it.

Matt: Then what are you going to bring?

Keenan: Matt.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. I'm going.

He went down the stairs and stopped in front of Keenan's door.

Matt: Maybe you haven't changed since the incident with Grademon.

Keenan looked down at him.

Matt: But one thing did change. And that's the fact that you have friends now who care about you. You left the Digital World 5 years ago now. So it's about time you stopped acting like you're on another planet.

Matt slammed the door behind him. Keenan turned around and went up to his room, and kneeled down in front of his bed.

He pulled out a wooden box that was hidden underneath his bed and opened the top.

His old white and red boomerang was staring him in the face. Keenan delicately picked it up and held it in front of him. Then he looked down to the ground in deep thought.


Falcomon realized out of the Digivice. Once he was out, Grademon knocked his head with the side of his sword, and then tied his two wings behind his back.

Grademon: Just a precaution to make sure you don't try anything stupid, bird brain.

They were at the riverside. Kristy had her arms tied behind her back as well there.

Kristy: You monster! Let us go!

Grademon: I'm afraid I can't do that missy, and I don't recommend you try. Our friend Falcomon, here can explain to you what happens when people try to escape from me.

Falcomon: Just don't pay any mind to him, Kristy. We'll be okay.

Grademon: You keep telling yourself that.

Kristy: Keenan will find you, Grademon!

Grademon smiled

Grademon: That's the plan. And speak of…

Keenan appeared with his boomerang in his right hand. He slowly walked over to them, and Grademon stepped forward as well.

Kristy: Keenan's boomerang? I haven't seen that thing in years! I didn't know he still had it.

Keenan stood still in front of Grademon.

Grademon: Keenan. It's a pleasure to see you again.

Keenan: Yeah, well you didn't give me much of a choice.

Grademon: I trust that you came alone.

Keenan: This is our score to settle. No one else's.

Grademon smirked

Keenan: You have me now. So let Falcomon and Kristy go free.

Grademon chuckled

Grademon: If only it was that simple

Grademon took a coupe of steps towards Keenan

Grademon: You see, Keenan, decisions are powerful. They often have the power to seal other people's fates. Kind of like how you tried to seal mine that day.

Keenan: Sagittarimon's the one who destroyed you, not me!

Grademon: Well Sagittarimon shot the arrow, yes. But you aimed it. Besides, Sagittarimon has paid for what he's done. You have not.

Keenan gripped his boomerang harder. Grademon looked down.

Grademon: You really don't want to use that on me.

Keenan: Really? Because I'm more than ready to if you don't let them go.

Grademon smirked once again

Grademon: I trained you. You really think that you have what it takes to defeat me?

Keenan: Time to find out how good of a teacher you were.

Grademon launched the first attack at him, which Keenan ducked under. Keenan knocked Grademon's helmet against the side of his boomerang and punched his head while he was in the air. Grademon began knocking Keenan's head with his two fists, and then drew one of his swords out to finish him.

But Keenan saw it coming.

He grabbed Grademon's wrist, locking the sword in place. Then he hit Grademon's face with the boomerang once again, and then kneed his elbow at the right time to get him to let go of the sword. Keenan grabbed the sword before it fell to the ground, and pointed it back at Grademon. Grademon tried not to laugh out loud.

Grademon: You really think you're something, don't you, kid?

Keenan: The thought did cross my mind!

Keenan threw his boomerang forward and Grademon quickly dodged it. Grademon sword fought Kenean for a few seconds before the boomerang came back around and knocked the side of Grademon's face. Keenan caught it once again.

Keenan: What's the matter? You're getting a little sweaty.

Grademon: I'll teach you to joke!

Grademon furiously began beating Keenan to the ground. Keenan tried to throw out his boomerang to make it come back again, but it was painfully obvious to Grademon what Keenan was trying to do. Grademon spun around and attacked the boomerang

Grademon: Cross Blade!

The Boomarang split in half and the pieces landed uselessly on the floor. Both halves seemed to be steaming from the fine cut that was made in the middle. Grademon knocked his other sword out of Keenan's hand and held both of them once again. He pointed them both at Keenan's chest.

Keenan: Well what are you waiting for?

Grademon shook his head

Grademon: You really think that all I want to do is kill you…

Grademon kicked Keenan's chest and pushed him back a few feet. Keenan had a line of blood running from the side of his head.

Keenan: You said you wanted to make me pay…

Grademon: And I intend to do that. But killing you now would be a mercy.

Keenan: Then what are you going to do?

Grademon smiled

Grademon: I thought you'd never ask

He looked back at Kristy and Falcomon. Then, he leapt in the air, and when he landed, he was behind both of them, with one sword pointed at each of them.

Keenan: No…

Grademon: I'm going to make you choose!

Falcomon: You fiend! You're no better than Sagittar….

Grademon lightly dug the sword into Falcomon's wing to make him shut up.

Keenan's hands began to tremble.

Kristy: Keenan, don't listen to him!

Grademon: Do to them what you did to me. Betray them.

Keenan: Why are you doing this! LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Grademon: If only it were that easy.

Kristy looked up into Keenan's eyes. Falcomon still struggled to get free. Keenan looked between the both of them. How could he choose one of them? They both meant so much to him.

Grademon: Do it now. Choose.

He brought his swords closer to them. Keenan slowly moved his eyes between his two best friends.

Grademon: Or they both go.

Keenan slowly cranked his head up to Grademon.

Keenan: Okay. I've made my choice.

Grademon: And?

Keenan's looked up into the sky above Grademon's head. Grademon's face fell as a shadow began to cover him. He didn't need to look up to realize what was happening.

Keenan had tricked him

Grademon finally glanced up and saw Wingdramon descend straight down for him.

Wingdramon: Blaze Breath!

Wingdramon breathed out a powerful breath over Grademon's armor. Grademon leapt out of the way just in time.

Keenan: I choose Wingdramon

Grademon: I thought you said that you came alone!

Keenan: I did. But I never said that they weren't coming later.

Grademon heard ropes cutting behind him. He turned around and saw that Floramon, Castilla and Biyomon freed Falcomon and Kristy.

Matt: 'scuse me, coming through!

Matt ran past Grademon while he was distracted and snatched the Digivice off of his belt.

Matt: Keenan, catch!

Matt threw Keenan his Digivice, and he caught it.

Grademon: This is beyond dishonorable. You violated our agreement, Keenan.

Keenan: That's right. I did violate it. Because I realized that you were right. You told me that I was weaker and slower than I used to be. And you want to know why that is? Because now, I don't have to put everything I am into training to defend myself. My friends have my back!

Grademon grunted

Keenan: So no, I didn't want it to end that way. But for the record, if I ever had to choose between you and Falcomon again, I'd choose Falcomon!

Grademon unsheathed his two swords and ran full speed at Keenan with a scream.

Keenan looked up at Castilla, Matt and Kristy

Keenan: Ready guys?

They nodded their heads.

Digivolution Sequence Begins. A violet DNA charge surrounds Keenan's hand, and extends to his entire body.


Falcomon warp digivolve to!


Castilla: DNA…CHARGE!

She thrusted her Digivice to the left and a yellow beam came out of it

Floramon digivolve to!



She thrusted her Digivice to the right and a pink beam came out of it

Biyomon digivolve to!


Kiwimon landed in between Grademon and Keenan.

Kiwimon: Rapid Peck!

Grademon was forced to fight off Kiwimon's metal beak with his swords

Grademon: Enough! Cross Blade!

He slashed Kiwimon in the stomach and tossed her aside. Aquilamon descended down immediately

Aquilamon: Blast Laser!

Aquilamon opened his mouth and shot ring-like rays at Grademon. Grademon had to shield the attack with his arm. Then Grademon planted his feet and leapt in between the rings. He drew one sword out.

Grademon: Grade Slash!

Right before he hit Aquilamon, Wingdramon flew in between them. His white breastplate met the tip of the sword, and Grademon's eyes widened when he saw what happened next.

His sword split into two. The tip of his sword snapped over Wingdramon's breastplat, and fell right off.

Grademon: What? Impossible. Nothing's strong enough to break my blade.

Wingdramon grabbed Grademon and squeezed his whole body as he flew up into the air.

Wingdramon: What can I say? I break things. Send the bill will ya?

Grademon simply stared at him

Wingdramon: Time to finish this. Blaze Breath!

He breathed fire over Grademon, but his armor protected him. Grademon grasped his chipped sword.

Grademon: You may think yourself strong…

He spoke slowly through the fire

Grademon: But even Achilles had a heel.

Grademon eyed Wingdramon's exposed stomach. He forced the chipped sword inside of there. The fire breathing immediately stopped and Wingdramon groaned. He let go of Grademon, and he let himself fall to the ground. He took out his other sword and prepared to land over Keenan. He yelled.

Grademon: It's over!

"Savage Emporer!"

Before he hit the ground, Crowmon's attack hit him from the side. Grademon flew back several yards before he was able to land his sword on Keenan. Crowmon flew down across from Grademon.

Crowmon: For you, maybe!

Grademon slowly stood to his feet. His armor was melted, cracked and chipped. He eyed Crowmon from across the field.

Grademon: Well, Falcomon. It looks like that Digivice worked out well for you after all.

He was clearly struggling to talk

Keenan: Give it up, Grademon.

Keenan joined Falcomon's side

Keenan: You won't defeat us. Not if we're all together.

Grademon looked at Keenan with his crossed arms and Crowmon next to him. Then he turned his head to Wingdramon and Matt who flew down and blocked his right. They both had serious expressions on their faces. He saw Kiwimon and Castilla come in from the left. He turned all the way around and saw Aquilamon and Kristy fly down from his backside.

Keenan: It's finished, Grademon. It's time to leave us alone for good.

Grademon remained silent for a few seconds. Then he snickered.

Grademon: You've played your cards well kid. I suppose you've left me with nothing else to do.

Keenan: There is one thing.

Grademon: Which is?

Keenan: Accept my apology.

That took the other kids by surprise

Keenan: I did make the wrong choice that day…

Grademon waited for him to finish

Keenan: I should have chosen to let Sagittarimon take me.

Grademon was shocked. He straightened his face and then closed his eyes.

Grademon: I knew there had to be a little bit of honor left in you, kid.

Grademon unsheathed his sword. The Digimon prepared to fight again.

Grademon: After all that's happened, things are now clear to me. You belong with your new allies. So I release you.

Grademon turned the sword around

Keenan: Wait! Wait, what are you doing?!

Grademon: Goodbye, Keenan.

Keenan: Crowmon, stop him!

Crowmon flew as fast as he could over to Grademon.

But by the time he did it was too late. Grademon had stabbed his weakened self with his sword, and then instantly deleted. Crowmon stopped in his tracks. Keenan ran over as well and looked down. A Digi-Egg stood in Grademon's place.

Keenan hung his head, but not long before Kristy met him with a big hug.

Kristy: It's okay, Keenan. We're here for you.

Keenan was doing his best to hold back tears. He shut his eyes, rested his mouth on Kristy's shoulder and hugged her back.

Kristy: We'll always be here for you.

The scene panned up towards the sunset


10:05 AM the next morning.

Keenan, Castilla, and Matt were at the park.

Keenan: Matt…

Matt looked up at him

Keenan: I wanted to say that I'm sorry for the way I acted the other night. You were right. I shouldn't have tried to face him alone.

Matt: You already apologized when you called me after I left. That's when we decided to take him on as a team.

Keenan: I know, but I just wanted to say it again. From now on, we stick together.

Kristy stopped by the park.

Kristy: And, done!

Matt: You gave the Digi-Egg to Sampson?

Kristy: Yeah. And since Grademon settled his score with Keenan, there's no way that he'll remember anything after he hatches again.

Castilla: If only it were that easy for us. I don't want to have to relive that ever again.

Matt looked off in the distance

Matt: And speaking of people who we don't want to see again…

Castilla and Kristy turned to see what he was talking about. Castilla waved.

Castilla: Hey, Brianna!

Brianna walked up to them. She waved once.

Kristy: How was your family's get together?

Brianna: Aunts and uncles were talking about how big I've gotten, me wanting to pull all of my hair out after the first 6 minutes. You know. Same old same old. Did I miss anything here?

Castilla: Uh…

Keenan: Nothing important.

Brianna: How has the chase for stray Digimon been going?

Kristy: Slower than we want. It doesn't help that one of our team members is still MIA.

Keenan: But that won't last for long…

They all looked at Keenan

Keenan: Because we're going to find Luke. Wherever he is, and whatever he's up to, we're going to bring him back.



A rocky shoreline was shown. The waves sounded like cymbals when they crashed into it.

The scene slowly panned away from the waves, and revealed Luke to be laying unconscious on the ground.


So there you have it, the lost episode!

(Sidenote: For those of you interested in my personal status report, I've been spending a lot of time working on Batgirl Beyond 3, so hopefully it'll see the light of day!)

So anyways, what do you think? Should I have pulled the episode? And just for fun, who was your favorite character from this series?

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