It's been five years now since they brought me here. Home. I've watched children grow and have changed my name to Grandpa George. They built a house, just for me. I couldn't stand living in the base. I was living in the past. I've tried to forget the SGC and the lonely two years I spent there. Most of the time I'm alright. Janet tells me it's normal, I know damn well she's right. I've seen men suffer.

Jacob comes to visit on a regular basis. He was the one that helped me to see the light, literally. I'll never forget that day. We stepped outside into the sun. It was the first time I had seen the sun in years. He took me to Sam and Jack's house. Jack grilled deer steaks, the best damn steaks I've ever had.

We lost a member of the family the other day. Richard Kaminski died of a heart attack. I watched as Janet tried her hardest to save him, but her efforts were useless. He was already dead. We buried him in the cemetery. We're going to lose a lot more people. It's the way things work.

"Grandpa George?"

I glance down at Cameron as he tugs on my pant leg.

"What is it son?" I ask, looking down at his large blue eyes.

"I've got something I want to show you!"

"Something to show me? Where is it?"

"It's in my hand!"

I look at his hand and notice that it's clenched. I can only hope it isn't one of those large spiders that populate this area.

"What is it?"

"Guess!" he says gleefully.

"Is it a rock?"

"Nope, guess again!"

"Is it a piece of wood?"

"Nope, you're not even close!"

"Is it alive?"

He nods excitedly, "Yup."

Well, it used to be alive. He's probably crushed it to death in his hand.

"Is it a spider" I ask, praying that it's not.

"Nope, but guess what? I found a spider the other day and I showed it to my mom and she ran away screaming!"

I laugh, "Is it a grasshopper?"

"Nope, guess again!"

"I'm never going to get it right Cameron. You'd better tell me what it is."

"Okay," he says and opens his hand, "It's a ladybug."

I look at the tiny red and black insect, "It's very pretty. Why don't you show it to your mom?"

"She told me never to bring bugs into the house again."

"I'm sure she'll like this one."

"Okay! I'll tell you that you told me that I could!"

I watch as he runs away to show his mother what he's found. He's such a bright young child, full of energy. I smile slightly and realize how lucky I am. I get to watch him grow up.