OK, first FanFic ... probably not going to be very good : P But I had an inspiration so I just HAD to type it up ... anyway, this is after a scene in City of Glass so if you haven't read that book, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. There are some MAJOR spoilers in here.

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This is set after the scene where Jace is talking to Luke on the hill overlooking Valentine's funeral. (See? Already a spoiler. Don't say I didn't warn you.) Luke has just left and Clary is on her way up to see Jace.

The faint breeze blew Clary's hair in a wild tangle as she climbed the steep hill. She had been looking for him for an hour already and was prepared to give up until she saw a faint glint of gold on the top of the hill; a gold that she knew all to well.

She hiked up her black cargo pants and started at a faster pace.

Jace sat at the crest of the hill, wind caressing his face, but he didn't seem to notice. His eyes were distant; too distant, Clay realised. He was lost in his thoughts, unaware of her presence.

She slowed, walking up behind him quietly, not wanting to interrupt his reverie.

He looked so troubled, yet peaceful at the same time. His golden eyes had turned dark, hard, and unseeing. His muscles were relaxed, but his posture was tense. And Clary could see the tiny gleam off a single tear that had welled in his eye and was threatening dangerously to spill over.

A surge of depression exploded in her stomach, and the need to comfort him was over-whelming. She started to lift her hand from its position at her side, but froze.

He was mumbling to himself. It sounded like a prayer; uttered in some ancient language that she didn't understand.

Finally, she could take the silence no longer.

"Jace?" She said softly, not wanting to startle him. The attempt failed miserably.

Jace was on his feet in less than a second, his hand clasped tightly around the hilt of his Seraph blade...Clary had thought he left it with the Lightwoods...

He paused when he realised who it was, letting go of the Seraph Blade and letting his expression soften.

"Clary..." He started, "I-I didn't hear you come up." He mumbled, turning his gaze away from hers.

Clary was rooted to where she stood. Maybe Aline was right...maybe he wasn't interested any more...

Without a word, she turned to go...no longer wishing to speak to him, see him, or have anything to do with him any more.

"Clary!" Jace exclaimed suddenly as Clary almost went tumbling down the hill.

"I'm fine." Clary replied indignantly, her voice cracking on the last word. "Just go back to whatever it was you were doing. It's ok; I won't bother you again."

Something seemed to click in Jace's mind. He was behind her in two strides, catching her by the elbow.

"Clary," he began in a panic, for the first time in his life, scrambling for words. "Don't-don't leave. Please,"

Clary turned her head slightly to face him. He was staring at her, awaiting her response. The cold hard wall that shielded his brilliant gold eyes was gone, he was exposed now; the gold shining in his eyes like stars. Her bottom lip trembled, as if she were about to cry, and Jace could stand it no longer. He had been fighting the urge to hold her in his arms for the past three days and now that he could, he wasn't going to let the opportunity pass him.

He gathered Clary's sobbing body in a strong embrace, pressing her against him with all the force he had, stroking her hair and burying his face in her shoulder.

"I-I didn't think you wanted me anymore." Clary admitted in a whisper.

This sent Jace into a whirlwind of shock.

"What?" He practically gasped. "Clary, how can you say that? How-how could you even think that?"

Clary was silent. She simply let Jace's arms hold her together, keep her from falling apart.

"If anything...I thought you didn't want me anymore." He corrected.

Clary looked up at him in the same shock he had looked at her in.

"W-why on Earth would you think something like that?" She asked.

"I killed your brother." He said so quietly it was hard to hear him. "You should hate me. Clary, I killed your flesh and blood."

Clary almost sang with joy. He hadn't been avoiding her because his feelings for her had left him...he was avoiding her because he thought that her feelings for him had left her!

She grabbed hold of the front of his shirt, pulling his face towards hers. She pressed her lips encouragingly against his in a feverish kiss.

Somehow, they ended up on the ground, much like they had been outside the Wayland Manor. Jace's arms encircled her body, pressing her into the soft ground.

His shirt was gone, and this time, he didn't stop at her coat.

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