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Epilogue: Trick or Treat

One year later

"Nathanial!" Clary called through the crowd. She elbowed her way through the throng of people to get a better look around. By the Angel where had that child gone? Izzy had taken it upon herself to throw a Halloween party, and Clary and Jace had decided that they would attend, bringing along their 3 month old child. He was learning to crawl now, so Clary couldn't turn her head for even a second.

It was odd for a 3 month old to have such developed motor skills, but Clary kept reminding herself that this was Jace's baby. He could probably pull a 6-inch blade from his diaper and cut his own cooked carrots. Speaking of Jace, they'd yet to get married, but the day was fast-approaching. A tropical wedding had been decided upon, just to branch out slightly. The house was completely furnished now, and painted, complete with Nathanial's room. They were far better off than they were nearly a year ago, and much happier now that the vampire drama had ended.

"There you are!" Clary exclaimed in relief as she sighted Nathan gumming a candy corn. She took his pudgy hand in her slender one and removed the offending piece of candy. This is what she got for asking Jace to watch him for a minute while she went to the bathroom. Nathanial was the spitting image of Jace- blond curls bouncing around his face, the shape of his facial features that had yet to fully develop, and his full lips. Clary could tell that once the baby fat disappeared, he was going to be long and lean just like his father. The only characteristic Nathan had inherited from her was the softness in her features and his bright, sparkling green eyes.

"You thought I had him lost, didn't you?" A husky voice taunted in Clary's ear. She turned to meet Jace's body, cloaked in a bright red ensemble to cover the blinding silver armour he wore underneath. It was a comical experience trying to get him into the outfit; she had almost suffocated from laughter when his muscles actually prevented him from fitting into the suit comfortably. She herself wore a sleek black mid-drift, and midnight cargo pants with a tool belt and a cat mask. Jace had been ecstatic when she said she was going as Catwoman, and didn't delay in showing his support.

"Oh I knew you had him lost," Clary taunted back. "You always do." Jace rolled his eyes, looking down at their little bundle of joy. Clary had dressed him as a bumble bee, something Jace strongly disapproved of. Nathanial should've been decked in a leather jacket and ripped jeans due to the fact that he was as outgoing and defiant as Jace had ever been; at 8 weeks he'd somehow gotten a hold of Jace's Seraph Blade and slashed a hole in the wall. Clary had gone into a fit about Jace letting Nathan anywhere near his weapons, but Jace had insisted he left the blade in his room. How Nathan had gotten it he will never know.

"Your faith in me is suffocating Dear," Jace mocked, stooping to hoist his son into his arms. Nathanial gurgled until he had stopped in his flight from ground to arms, and had settled into Jace's hold. He looked around animatedly, curious about everything and yet acting indifferent when someone caught his eye. Clary inwardly groaned- it was Jace all over again.

"Hey 'rents," Simon called from the dessert table. He'd ironically enough decided to go as Dracula, and was doing a lovely job with the vampire act. "Bring my son over here would you?"

Clary rolled her eyes. "He's your Godson Simon, we're not dead yet." Nevertheless, she guided Jace over to the drink table. People milled around aimlessly, some in extravagant costumes, some in simple, some barely dressed up at all, and some barely dressed. Isabelle was among those in the simple costumes, but the way she wore it made it seem extravagant. She was currently hanging off of Simon, whom she'd been seeing for several months now, and she was dressed in a ruffled pink dress, with a tiara and a sceptre, though whenever asked she was most definitely not a Princess, she was an undercover cop.

Simon held out his arms and took Nathanial from Jace, swinging the kid back and forth in an airplane motion. Clary observed for a while, shaking her head in amusement. Abandoning the spectacle, she weaved through the crowd to see everyone else. Alec and Magnus were still going strong, Magnus flame-a-fying Alec more and more every day. It was almost hilarious to watch, the way Alec squirmed uncomfortably in the bright get-up Magnus had him in.

"How's the party?" Clary asked, laughing as Alec nearly jumped out of his costume. He'd grown so much in the past little while- his mood had improved critically and he was more easy-going now that he'd let up and embraced life a little more. They'd ALL embraced life more now, after everything that had transpired, the occasional demon attack was no longer a big deal, and no longer bothered them as much as it had before.

"Oh it's... interesting." Alec offered carefully, in case Isabelle was close by.

"Hmm, I'd much rather be down town at the Frisk n' Whisk, the setting is more... adult friendly," Magnus winked.

"The Frisk n' Whisk?" Clary repeated doubtfully. It sounded to her like a place where cats made baked goods.

"Don't ask my Dear," Magnus chuckled. "You'd be in for a particularly dirty treat."

Clary was about to thank him for the warning when the lights at the party decided to spontaneously blink out. The entire assembly was doused in darkness, with hushed murmurs and confused voices. Had Izzy planned a show?

Once it was clear that this was certainly not Isabelle's idea, a whisper of panic flitted through the crowd and people started to mill about, attempting to find a source of light to illuminate the situation, or searching desperately for those they'd come with. Some of the more fortunate species who'd attended still retained their vision and the nicer ones offered their help.

"Clary?" She heard Jace call. She turned around and collided with a woman that was most definitely not Jace. She apologized and attempted to paw her way through the people, and eventually her hand grasped a familiar arm.

"There you are," She said, confident that she'd found her fiancé. Sure enough Jace reached over and gripped her waist, making certain he wouldn't lose her in the gradually pulsing crowd. "What's going on? Do you know?"

"Not the faintest idea," Jace muttered almost incoherently. He'd immediately gone into Shadowhunter mode, preparing for anything that might come out of the situation.

"Where's Nathanial?" Clary demanded, going into Mom mode before she let herself go into Shadowhunter mode. "Is he safe?"

"He's with Simon and Isabelle," Jace muttered, reaching into his pocket for his witchlight. There was a moment of silence before a small circle around them erupted in a light blue illumination. The slightly confused faces of people around them were suddenly visible, and in various other locations Nephilim were producing their own lights.

"Ok, now that we can see-" Jace began, but he was cut off by a fierce howling. Everyone around them spun in a panic, wondering where on Earth the noise could be coming from. After a lengthy conversation in shouts, it was discovered that the howling was coming from outside.

People immediately rushed the window, milling about the panes of glass in anticipation, trying desperately to peer through the trees and buildings that were blocking their view. There was a magnitude of movement outside, but nothing that could clearly be deciphered in the midst of all the party-goers.

"Jace, what the hell is going on?" Clary whispered, shoving against a portly man with a Jason mask squishing his features. He groaned his discomfort, barely heard over the whimpers of confusion. Jace opened his mouth to respond as best he could, but a piercing wail sounded from the window pane. It sounded as though someone was screaming in agony, but in reflection it was easy to tell the sound of a sharp object being dragged along the glass.

From somewhere in the middle of the room, there was a large pop, and then the air was filled with a glowing red powder, billowing towards the exterior of the crowd. "Jace!" Clary exclaimed, gesturing to the powder as it struck someone's witch light, extinguishing it. As the dust hit more and more witch lights, the light dimmed until there were only a few left. When the dust reached Jace and Clary, they tried to wave it off, but it was no use. Their witch light soon extinguished along with the others.

Once the room was again dark, everything happened very quickly. A pane of glass was shattered, and then another, and then another. The front door was burst open, sending splinters of wood flying in all directions. A fierce growling flooded the atmosphere, penetrating the cries of the guests with ease. Clary spun to get a better look at their attacker, but nothing was seen except great, black, moving masses. There was a flicker of a tail here, a flash of a tooth there, but other than that the forms were indecipherable.

"Take Nathan and get out," Jace instructed. Clary could see the hilt of his Seraph blade in his hand, just barely. She hesitated. On one hand she wanted to ensure her child's safety, but on the other she had yet to lose her fighting spirit. And if there was a battle to be had, one where she was needed, she was not going to be left out.

"I trust Simon and Isabelle with my life," Clary whispered back, reaching down to produce a blade from a thigh-sheath she'd borrowed from none other than Izzy. "They can take care of Nathan. I'm helping you with this." She could feel Jace glance at her with his classic smirk, and then square his shoulders.

"Alright, let's do this." He ground out between a clenched jaw. His grip reflexively tightened on the blade-handle, his knuckle turning white under the pressure. Clary dipped under someone's arm in the crowd, moving lithely forward among the people. Jace followed suit, keeping pace with her and listening for any indication of something unfriendly.

There was a huff to Jace's right, something that did not resemble anything at the party. Jace released his breath to catch Clary's attention and then struck out with his arm. His elbow collided with a bone coated in padding- flexible skin with a thick blanket of fur. From what Jace could tell, it felt like a very large jaw.

The creature recoiled temporarily, but bounced back with a spark of anger. Jace ducked out of the way, striking out again with relish. Clary had joined him then, using her other senses to aide Jace in battle. Jace bumped into another party-goer as he tried to avoid the great animal. He heard teeth snap together somewhere near his ear. He inhaled sharply as the creature turned to him again and he had to duck out of the way.

Clary jumped at the thing attacking Jace, but was thrown off by a powerful limb and flung backwards a few feet. She gripped her blade, preparing to strike at it, but was instantaneously blocked by another creature. What were these things?

Jace dove under the legs of the creature nearest to him, trying to get to an advantage. It failed miserably as the creature jumped and Jace was on his own again. The people at the party had resumed their screaming, and many were not milling about at the sounds of battle. The panic in the room was nigh-tangible; a sweaty, sticky, hot feeling that hovered in the air along with the strange dust. Jace rolled to his feet, his boots squeaking against the floor.

Clary parried with the animal, dancing around it and trying to find its intentions. It didn't seem to have any as it reflected her movements almost perfectly. Had she become that predictable? She didn't think she had. But just in case, she decided to switch her tactics. Rolling her shoulders, she jumped at the thing, coming from an angle that was difficult to work with on her part, but unexpected to any enemies.

Apparently she'd been wrong though, because the thing swatted at her with a paw and sent her back to the ground. It growled out an odd sound, like it was playing with her? She was confused.

Jace could hear Clary struggling with another one of the animals, and he was torn. Continue with his own, or help her? He decided to finish off with his own animal first, to try not to add to the problem she was having.

This thing was playing a game with her, Clary realised with a pang of annoyance. She rolled her shoulders, fed up with this cat-and-mouse charade, and lowered her blade for a hidden attack. The animal saw through her ruse, and as fast as she could blink there was a rush of fur, the musty scent of it filling her nose and tickling her throat, causing her to retch. Her bare back collided with the linoleum flooring, her sweat causing her to stick and pulling at her skin painfully. The great thing she was wrestling with collapsed on top of her, pinning her body to the ground with a massive paw.

"Damn!" She cursed, struggling to get some leverage. The animal leaned in close to her face, muzzle only an inch from her nose. Steaming bursts of mint-scented breath whooshed from behind curved fangs. What was going on?

Clary inhaled as much as she could, preparing to call for someone's attention, but something was happening first. The room flooded with a thick fog, seeping between the people and the animals, never reaching above knee-height. At the same time the lights came back on, flickering at speeds that rivalled a strobe light. Clary had to blink a few times to get the gist of what was happening, and when she did she nearly doubled over with laughter.

When the lights calmed themselves, murmurs of confusion filled the air, but as the fog drifted away, the confusion faded into understanding, and then laughter. People stood around, calming their racing hearts and cooling off from the stressful situation. Clary rolled her eyes and pushed against the thing above her, struggling to get her father off of her.

"Luke! I can't breathe!" Clary laughed, staring up at the shining eyes of the werewolf above her. Luke barked a laugh and took a step back, letting Clary jump to her feet. She looked around to see the rest of the pack scattered among the guests, barking and looking around for food. Clary saw Jace standing next to a wolf-form Maia, pushing his hair back off of his forehead and looking a combination of relieved, and agitated.

"What on Earth was all this about?" He grumbled. She laughed and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Happy Halloween!" Isabelle shouted to everyone, a bright smile on her face. Jace looked slightly murderous.

"Are... you... SERIOUS?" He glared. "All of this was... was... was a JOKE?" She gave him a scrunch of her nose.

"Come on Jace lighten up, it's a holiday." With that, she flitted off to find Simon.

Jace dropped his head onto Clary's shoulder, looking exhausted by the 'joke'. "I'm going to kill her." He stated in a monotone. Clary laughed, running a hand through his golden locks and pulling on them, bringing his head up so she could see his eyes.

"Lighten up Jace," She whispered. "It's a holiday." Jace was about to retaliate but she stopped him, leaning in to plant a kiss. "Now come on, let's go find our son."

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