Note from the Author:

Okay, so originally this story was marked as adventure/angst, but I've since changed it. This is definitely a larger project, which I hadn't intended for it to be, but I'm finding that fleshing out secondary characters is giving the story much more depth, and it allows for a more complete and effective tale. I had wanted to avoid that kind of detail, because that's a lot of time for a fanfiction, but I can't bring myself to do otherwise, SO....

My jumbo project has changed genre, and there's an important explanation for that. Although the story is taking its time in order to allow character development, there will be a romance, but one that's dark in nature. I don't even know if it can rightfully be called a romance considering that a daedric prince and a target of his are involved, but there you have it. For anyone who doesn't like how long the romance takes to start, I will only say this once: this a story, not just a romance, and to make the romance believable, there has to be a lot of context and set-up. Besides, I want this to develop slowly so that the reader can see things gradually happening and isn't just like, "Where did this come from?" Also, the plot is fairly complicated with lots of plotting and subterfuge, so that takes time to explore too.

There you have it, so take it or leave it. Although, I do hope you enjoy it and R&R. I've always wanted to do something a bit different with one of the daedric princes, and Mehrunes Dagon is the one I've chosen.