Chapter 4

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"Human/demon talking"

'human/demon thinking'

/summons talking/

/'summons thinking'/

.:Kyuubi/demons talking inside Naruto:.



Last time.
"That traiter wasn't my sensei." Naruto said coldly.

"Well okay. Lets put this mess behind us and go have some ramen." Iruka said hoping the boy would respond. He wasn't disapointed. Naruto face lit up so bright you could swear it was daytime.

"Sure Iruka-sensei. Ichiraku here I come." Naruto said slipping back into his childlike attitude that Iruka loved.

Little did they know that someone was watching them.'Master Danzo will want to know about this.' Thought the mysterious person.



They had just eaten and were headed to the Hokage tower.

As they headed to the tower Iruka couldn't help but to worry about Naruto. It was his first kill and he didn't he didn't seem to be affected at all. Except for his eyes. His eyes looked liked a seasoned Jonnins who had seen to much destruction... to much...hate...death...sadness... and, he wasn't completly sure but also, loss.

'Maybe I am reading him to much into this.' He thought as he rubbed the bridge of his nose to stave off the impending headache.

As they arrived at the Hokage tower Naruto started to get tense. As Iruka saw this and put a reassuring hand on Narutos shoulder and said, "Its okay." As they made up the tower he heard several mutterings of demon brat and constant glare from all civilians and a few shinobi.

" We're here to see the Hokage." Naruto told the secretary.

" What does a demon spawn like you need to see our Hokage." The woman said with a sneer.

" You know stating that is considered treason," Naruto said as he put his hand on his sword and watched the secretary pale knowing what was going to happen, "but you caught me in a good mood so i'll let you go for now." he said as he let go of his sword. "Now the Hokage." Naruto said getting back on the subject.

"What? O-oh yeah." The woman said slightly forgetful. "Go right on in." She waved at the door.

Naruto didn't answer as he pushed the door open.

" There you are Naruto." The 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi, called out waving.

"Hey, old man. I have good news, great news, bad news, and really bad news." Said one very happy Naruto.

" Ok Naruto. Tell me the bad news first." Sarutobi said as he lit his pipe with a smile.

"Bad News, ok." Naruto said as he composed himself. "Several hours earlier today the traitor Mizuki told me that I wouldn't pass the Gennin exam because I didn't follow directions on the test and thus he told me that the only way to pass the test was to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Seals and learn one Jutsu from it. He said to go to the old shack in the woods and practice. Later on Iruka-sensei showed up and, with a few seconds later, Mizuki showed and told me of Kyuubi." Naruto said seriously. "Luckily it wasn't to much of a shock because I had prior knowledge of her."

Iruka said, "Her?"

"Yes Kyuubi is female."

Sarutobi, with a frown, asked, "How long have you known about her?"

Naruto frowned and said, "Almost 3 years now."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" Iruka said confused.

"What would you think would happen if I told someone. Let me give you a list:

1.) I would most likely lose the handful of people that keep me here at the Village.

2.) Danzo would force me into his ANBU program and make me into an emotionless weapon.

3.) Mobs would come after me with a vengence just for being myself. Which they ALREADY do.

4.) Akasuki. Enough said." Narruto said as he counted on his fingers.

" How do you know about the Akasuki, Naruto?" Sarutobi said, eyebrows furrowed, and back stiff.

" I met a 2 of them one day outside the Village when I was hiding from a mob."

"Who did you meet?" Iruka asked curious about who the Akasuki were.

" I think their names were Kisame, and I think the other one was named Itachi." At these names both the Hokage and Iruka turned paler than ghosts.

'I will need to call a Jonnin meeting after this.' Thought the 3rd."Naruto." The Hokage said seriously." Those are S-Class missing-nins. If you see them again, run. Don't even try to fight. Promise me this."

"(Sighs) I promise. Now back to the subject.

The very bad news is after he told me of Kyuubi I stopped Mizuki from obtaining the scroll by ending his life. (Hokage sighed and Iruka put his hand on Narutos shoulder).

The good news is that I am now an offically a Gennin,(Naruto grins) and proud of it.

Now the great news is I unlocked my bloodlimits!" Naruto smiled.

"Blood limits? As in more than one?" The Hokage said in surprise.

"Yeah!!! I have 4!!!" Naruto said energetically.

If it possible Sarutobi's already raised eyebrows, raised even further into his hairline. "W-what are t-they?"

"A Metal limit, Extra affinities, Ice Manipulation, my Doujutsu: the Kitsunegan, and I'm not sure but I think my regeneration/healing ability maybe a bloodlimit but I'm not sure." Naruto said as he shifted into a classic thinking pose.

The Hokage sighed and brought out a scroll and pen and started to write. 5 minutes later he rolled up the scroll, got up and walked over to Naruto, took the Scroll and handed him the scroll he had been writing on and said, " For retreving the Scroll from the traitor it shall be counted as an A-rank misson and the money shall be transfered to your banking account. Oh and read that scroll when you get home. Also write me a report on what your limits do Dismissed." Sarutobi said as he walked back to his desk.

"Oh and remember to show up at the academy for team placements in a week." Iruka called after him

" 'Kay see ya old man." Naruto said as he left the office.


"ANBU." The hokage said as an Anbu officer appeared in the room. "call the Jonnin in for an emergency meeting A.S.A.P." 'I'm getting to old for this shit.' thought Sarutobi miserably.

30 minutes later


"Yo." said one late Kakashi Hatake.

"Glad you could join us Kakashi."Sarutobi said as all the Jonnin looked at him. "Now that everyone is here we can get down to business. First off I must tell the Jonnin in this room that we had an attemped stealing of the Forbidden Scroll of Seals--"

"WHAT!!!" All the Jonnin yelled at the same time.

Sarutobi raise his hand killing any questions. " Now as I was saying there was an attemped stealing of the Forbidden Scroll of Seals, but luckily one Naruto Uzumaki stopped the traitor by ending his life and taking back the scroll. In the process he had activated some his bloodlimits."

Kurenai stepped forward, "Who was the traitor?"

"Sadly it was Mizuki."

GASP Asuma stepped up next, "What are his bloodlimts?"

"He has a doujutsu(Gasp) a metal limit (Gasp agian) extra affinities, Ice Manipulation (Super Gasp) and he thinks a regenerative ability (1000 years of gasp)."

Gai then jumped forward striking a Nice-Guy pose and said, "Naruto youthfulness know no bounds. But he already had the metal limit. And he is as proficant with it as the Kaguya are with their bone limit. Trust me I have seen it when he was training. Afterwards he asked me to teach him the Hard Fist style.( Ultimate gasp of doom )" Gai finished as he struck yet another Nice-Guy pose.

"This is interesting. But lets come back to the subject. The second peice of news is very grave, there were a confrontation with a group of S-class missing-nins that has come to my attention( Gasps so hard flys are sucked in). They are the Akasuki and the one they incountered was able to get away with his life. But no doubt they will go after him again"

Kakashi then lazily asked while still reading, "Who was he?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Shikaku Nara steps up bored and says, "This boy is more troublesome than my wife."

Hokage smile and says "No. But on the lighter side of news my old student Jaraiya is heading back here." When he said that there were a tyraid of emotions. Kakashi had stars in his eye, the kunoichi looked peeved at the name of the pervert, Gai spouted about youth, et cetera, et cetera. "Now, now. Calm down so we can get this meeting over with. Now I am taking requests for academy students on any team."

"I, Kakashi Hatake, requested by the council, request to have Sasuke Uchiha."

Noone else spoke so the 3rd thought it was finished. Sarutobi slightly noded and said, "Dismised." As the people in the room left he thought, 'When the council learn of Narutos limits they are going to have a feild day. At least Danzo won't be able to lay his hands on him. But then the Clan Restoration Act comes into play. Ugh, I am definitly getting to old for this shit.'


" 'Kay see ya old man." Naruto said as he left the office.'And the award for smoothest lie goes to Naruto Uzumaki.' Naruto thought as he Flash Stepped out the window to his apartment door."But first...shadow clone jutsu.(1200 Narutos popup.) You know what to do." He said as he open the door. He could smell is mom everywhere inside (a/n His mom smells like a fox that should be obvious.). He found his mom cooking ramen and his stomach grumbled even though he just ate at Ichiraku's.

"Hungry I see." Sora said with amusment.

"Not really," Naruto said sheepishly. "I just ate at Ichiraku's but that ramen smells so good." He said drooling slightly.

"Glad you think so highly of my ramen making skills. But before dinner I want you to sign the fox contract." She said as she lead them to the bedroom. On the bed was the contract, but instead of the usual green trim it had black. All in all it looked normal. As he open it up he noticed that there were no other signitures on it and asked his mom why.

"Because I have never given anyone else the privalige of writing their name on it. Now before you write your name on it I must tell you that this is no ordinary contract. The black trim on the contract is a clear warning that this is a demon contract, all demon contracts will have this. And demon contracts are...unique in comparison with normal contracts. The number one thing you should remember is that you can summon the entire army of kitsune warriors instead of the regular contracts with a max of 7 and personal contracts with a max of 15 per summmoning. But don't summon the boss."
Sora said hastily.

Naruto looked confused so Sora explained. "I'm the boss summons."

"Oh." Naruto said as he bit his thumb and signed his name and smeared blood on his fingertips. He puts his hand print under his name....the contract startes to glow...Naruto can't move his hand off and startes to freakout.

"W-what happening." Naruto said as the glow turns as bright as the sun. But as soon as the light came it left just leaving a numb feeling in Narutos arm. He looked back at the contract only to find it gone and a tatoo on his forearm with kanji for Fox written on it.

"Why do I have a tatoo on my arm?" Naruto asked Sora, while holding up his arm for pointing at it.

"(sigh) It's a summoning seal so you can summon without touching the ground. Just swipe blood across it. But it wastes to much chakra than using the original techinque." She said making gestures like she was dismissing something.

"Cool. And speaking of seals...Shadow clone jutsu(5 narutos pop into existance)and with a wordless command they started to search the apartment for supplies.

"What are you doing Naruto?" She asked curiousity leaking from everyword.

"You'll see." Naruto said with a mischevious twinkle in his eyes.

5 minutes later

Naruto said, "Lets see. Ink, check. Disinfecting spray, check. Brush, check. Cloth and med tape, check and check. Cotten, check. Thats it." Naruto took off his shirt and brought out a kunai, sliced his hand open and pour some of the blood in the ink. As he stired up the blood all but one clone disappeared. Naruto turned around so his back was facing the clone as the clone sat down and picked up the brush. The clone started the sealing process. It was always long and tedious job but it always paid out in the end, even though it hurt.

As they finished Naruto looked at the clock only to see that those seals took an hour to make. "Damn." Naruto cursed as the clone cleaned the slightly raw spots on the seals but they started healing. Not as fast as he would of wanted, but healing anyways."Ok. Lets see what these bad boys can do." He said with a smirk. He flicked his chakra at the seals and said, "20." BAM. He fell as his legs gave out from the sudden extra weight. "OUCH!! That hurt." He said/yelled as he attemped to stand."Well at least I can move, albeit slowly. Hmm I would never be able to do this in my old body." He walked over to the bed and laid down thinking that this was going to suck.


When Naruto woke up the next day he noticed that the sun had not come yet he groaned, "I guess I won't get to sleep in any more." As he got up he noticed that it was easier to move than the night before. ' Hmmm my body adapting to compensate for the extra weight. This is going to be fun.' He thought with a foxy grin as he finished detting ready. As he walked into the living room only to see his mom sleeping on the couch. ' I'll just leave a clone.' he thouht as he made the clone and walked out.

"Whats this?" The clone asked no one in perticular as he opened the scroll. 'Old man Hokages writing.' He thought. As he read the scroll his eyes grew wider and wider until you would think they would pop out of his skull. 'CURSE YOU OLD MAN.' The clone thought.


Sarutobi was at his house making coffee when suddenly he sneezed. " Someone's talking about me. (Sigh) Why do I feel I made a huge mistake?" He said to himself.


Might Guy was up doing his early morning workout. He was sure that Naruto wasn't going to be here for a few hours so he was going to work out...until he felt Narutos chakra headed this way. 'He's early. I like it.' Guy thought with a blinding smile.

"Hey Guy-sensei." Naruto greeted his new sensei.

"Hello my youthful student. Today is my first day as your sensei and today I will test you in the youthfulness of the hard fist style. (strikes Nice-guy pose) But to test you to see if you have proficency for the style you must be able to open at least one Gate. Opening Gate. Kai (release)." Guy stated and his energy out put doubled. "Try to get into your mind scape. Once there look around til you find a place with lockes or chain, you get the picture." Guy stated in a non Guy fashion as he turned off his gate.

Naruto relaxed into a meditation pose and was immediently drawn to his mind scape. Inside Naruto noticed that he was in a different hallway than usual. As he wandered the hall way he saw bits of his life flashing in his eyes until he was in front of a door at the end of the hallway with a big lock painted on it. When he touched the door it flew open and took Naruto with it. It closed with a click. And in front of Naruto was 8 doors all with gold trim. But that was not what was distracting. What was distracting was the fact that all had chains on them...But the first 3 had there chains laying by the doors side unlike the last 5 who's chain were crisscrossed over the doors with a big lock on each of them. 'I'll ask Gai-sensei about this.' Naruto thought as he walked to the first gate with the word opening on it and touched it. When he put his hand on the door he felt the door within his body near his core and was thrust out of his mind. 3 hours have passed.

"Well?" Guy asked arms crossed expectantly.

Naruto smirked and said, "Opening Gate, Kai." And with that the flood gates came down and Naruto was overflowing with enough chakra to impress most Jonnin. As Naruto closed the gate he asked, "Guy-sensei when I was in the room with all the gates I saw that only the last 5 were chained and locked up. Is that something I sould be worried about?"

Gai jaw dropped and crashed into the ground leaving a crater in its wake."YOU CAN OPEN 3 GATES!!! Your springtime of youth is boundless, my student." Gai yelled exitedly, teeth glinting brightly.

"So what are the gates called?"

"In order they are called Opening, Rest, Life, Wound, Limit, View, Wonder, and Death Gate. Now before we begin I must warn you these are extremly dangerous and the last gate has a 95% Fatality rate. Do you still accept?"

"Yes, Guy-Sensei."

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto looked around and he found the voice belonging to an ANBU with a lion mask.

"Yes?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm here to escort you to the council chamber."

"What do thay want?"

"You will be told when you arrive."

"Crap. Shadow clone jutsu (3 Clones pop up). See ya sensei teach my clones what to do." Naruto said as the Anbu Teleported the two to the council chamber.


Hiashi Hyuuga was not a man to anger. Yet he was getting madder by the second even though he kept the calm facade. First they call him up for a council meeting at the crack of dawn and not tell him why. Next they kept him ther for a couple of hours talking about small stuff that wasn't worth talking about. Noe thay were waiting on someone to come and was pissing him off on how they feel that he has nothing to do. He was broken out of his thoughts by POOF sound and two people showing up. The council chambers became quiet.

"Naruto Uzumaki, do you know why you are here?" Danzo asked

"No but I can guess."Said Naruto

"Go ahead."

"You're throwing a party to celebrate that you are finally coming out of the closet?"

"No." Danzo said grinding his teeth.

"Uhhh, disbanding of Anbu forces for incompedentcy."

"My forces are not incompedent, you brat." Danzo said slightly growling.

Naruto looked at him, dead serious, and said, "Of course there not. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry I just can't say it with a strait face." He said as the council was trying not to bust out laughing at Danzos look.

"ANBU Subdue him." Danzo said as 3 ANBU jumped at him at he looked up, created 2 clones without seals. Naruto jumped up while forming chakra into his palm. When the ANBU were in reach Naruto yelled, "Rasengan!!" And thrust the orb of energy into mid-sections, sending them spinning across the room only to crash into the wall knocked out.


"How did you think that sending ANBU that I can CLEARLY defeat after me would do anything except annoy me?" Naruto asked with a question of his own, while releasing all of his spiritual pressure and KI on Danzo.

And Danzo released all of his own.

"ENOUGH!!! I want to know why you you took time out of MY day so you can call me to this meeting just to attack me." Naruto all but growled out. "Now tell me why I was called here before I might do something stupid."

"I concur." Spoke the voice of Hiashi Hyuuga.

"Fine." Danzo snarled. " You have been called here for trial for murdering one Leaf Chunnin, Mizuki. How do you pled?"

"Innocent." Naruto stated in a bored voice.

"You do not deny it?" Homura unexpectantly.

"Well of course not. Hell I shouldn't even be here, he the one that broke the damn law." Naruto said gumbling a little.

"How do you know of the law?" asked Koharu with a raised eye brow.

" Old man Hokage gave me a scroll containing what the law said and a couple of other things which I'm not so happy to talk about. Speaking of which where is he?" Naruto asked curiously.

"The Hokage has no need to be near you, peasent." Homura said with a sneer.

"You know what how about I just go fetch him.(Bites thumb and uses the handseals for summoning and slames palm down) Summoning jutsu." A puff of smoke reveales a 16 foot tall 3 tailed white fox and a 1 foot tall, 1 tail red kit.

/Arashiron at your service, milord/ The big white fox said with a slight bow.

/Kurinee, here./ Said the small female kit while lookiing at everything in the room with big red eyes.

"Kurinee." Naruto said in a soft voice. Could you fetch the Hokage and tell him to go council chambers and say Naruto sent you."

/Okay./ She said and disappeared into smoke.

"Now Arashiron I need you to be back up for me incase anything else happens." Naruto said in a louder voice

/Yes milord./ He said as he walked over to a corner and sat down

A couple of minutes later the Hokage showed up with a red face from either exertion or anger. "Why is there a council meeting," Spots Naruto in the spotlight in front of council, "about one of my new shinobi?" Hiruzen Sarutobi asked in a deadly calm voice.

"This...this...THING is not a shinobi." Homura sneered.

" Why not?" Hiruzen asked with a stonic face.

"Because he attacked a Leaf nin. So we here by strip him of his Shinobi status."


Will Naruto be stripped of his status? Will we find out what is on the scroll? We'll find out next time on BACK...FROM...PAIN.

And those who cant pronounce it it is Kur-in-nee.

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