This is strange. Writing down these words on this piece of …parchment. I'm so use to typing on my computer that the sensation of writing with my hands once more seems to leave me in an odd place……but not as odd as the one I find myself in now.

My name is Elaine, I am a scientist - a quantum physicist to be more precise. A prodigy really. I was born in the year 1988. At the age of 8 I was in college, quickly excelling and learning into the scientist I am today.

As I look and stare across the fire I have to keep shaking my head and look up again to see if I am imagining things…..but I am not.

I have traveled to another dimension, not a parallel universe – no. Something that is quite odder and even more disturbing than science fiction.

Being twenty six years old and able to say that you've accomplished something incredible and terrifying is a rare occurrence. But today I can tell you that I have done just that.

A break through…that's what I called it. The ability to travel through time and dimension. We had successfully transported a cat through time. He had aged by one year but was only gone for seven minutes.

It was the discovery of a lifetime. It was what now placed me in the position I am now in.

Sitting across from me at this very moment is none other than the fictional character of Xena…warrior princess herself!

Impossible…heh……apparently not. My only thought on how this is possible is through theories. The idea of multiple dimensions and parallel universes have always existed but…but nothing of this nature.

I had never thought of the possibility of a fictional reality to be real. I mean…Xena was a T.V. show, the events of historical history horribly time lined and has no historical proof of a woman like Xena to have ever existed…the very fact that I am here documenting this occasion is just absurd.

Yet as I glance up once more with my head down, I see those piercing blue eyes staring at me. Somehow I'm not frightened of her. As a matter of fact I think she's frightened of me. On the rock sitting next to Xena is Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is staring daggers at me. I know why though, but still I'm trying to distance myself from the idea that I've entered a T.V. show.

Yet I know why those angry green eyes of hers are staring at me.

Joxer taps my shoulder and I smile. He hands me this weird looking bowl and I smell it and my brows furrow.

I look up and stare into big soft brown eyes.

"What is it?"

I can tell from the way his eyebrows nit together and the total look of confusion on his face that the words mean nothing to him.

He looks over at Xena and Gabrielle, and I can tell that they have absolutely no clue as to what I've said.

I smirk, and then tap Joxer's shoulder. He turns and looks back at me. I point to the meat in the stew and make a motion with my hand.

He stares and a second later his eyes glimmer with realization. Quickly he turns and grabs something and I have to try hard not to vomit as I see the carcass of a dead rabbit. To say the least I am not a 'hunting' type of girl.

I guess I made a funny face because I suddenly hear a chuckle come from the warrior princess herself. Gabrielle just looks at me for just a second……her expression not changing and then looks back down to her sais that she had been cleaning.

Joxer laughs too…a really goofy makes me give him a huge radiant smile that I feel come from deep inside of me.

I don't know if we stared at each other for a little to long or what…all I know is that Joxer is suddenly blushing and turning away from me. I watch him walk over towards the fire where Amarice is suddenly staring at me in annoyance.

I turn my head and suddenly find my smile fading as I see one angry blonde starring daggers at me. I suddenly feel frightened that the woman in front of me is going to kill me…but…I know what happened in the show. I know that Gabrielle only loved Joxer as a friend. I know that Joxer wasted his life loving her while he could have found someone that loved him back the way that a person was supposed to be loved.

I look over at Joxer again as Amarice elbows him to watch where he sits. His eyes are glued to me and I smile back at him. His eyes light up and I can't help the way my smile widens.

I'm suddenly glad that I'm stuck here. Because for the life of me I have never felt the way I do when he looks at me.

Again I look over and find Gabrielle's eyes on me, see how the green eyes have become a deep green…almost as if the anger inside her has increased.

I'm confused. I know she gets jealous of other people with Joxer. I remember seeing that. What I don't understand is why she feels that way when I know she becomes Xena's lover.

I glance back down to my 'scroll' and continue to write.

I know she's jealous, and I know she only loves Joxer as a friend…but still I feel as though Joxer's attention to me – and my reciprocation of them – has made her hostile towards me. But in all honesty I don't care!

Today when they found me in the middle of the road, with my strange clothes on – a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers- and nothing close to winter clothes that they all had on, the women had been several feet away as Joxer had come up to me and began talking to me.

I smile at the memory.

I understood immediately that he was speaking an ancient Greek dialect. I didn't understand a word he had said. The confusion on my face must have been apparent because the worried look on his own face let me know that it was apparent to him that something was wrong.

He had looked at Xena, who had climbed down from her horse and approached me I continually blinked, trying to believe my eyes.

Xena had knealt down and inspected my head, trying to see if I had a bump on my head. I said her name out loud and she stopped and smirked.

Then I turned and said Joxer's name, then Gabrielle, and then Amarice. All of them looked at me strangely after that…except Joxer. Joxer was the one who convinced the others to bring me along.

I was too shocked to even approach them as they talked among themselves. Joxer's arms moving wildly as he talked to the three woman – two of which were giving me looks that screamed they thought I was a spy or something – and one (Xena) that just stared at me while the other three 'talked'.

When Xena spoke she was looking directly at me, even though I know she was talking to the others. I don't know what she said, but Gabrielle and Amarice finally consented to something.

Then Joxer twirled around as best he could in his armor and smiled at me. I couldn't have helped myself even if I had wanted to – I smiled back with a huge smile.

That was when I first realized all that was happening. Where I was, what was going on, and what part of the 'story' I now found myself in.

Xena actually smirked at me, as she approached me again. I could see she was thinking something when she finally placed a hand on her chest and said 'Xena'. I nodded my head, understanding who she was completely – but then she turned her hand out to me, almost like she was offering me something. I understood and smiled.

Holding my hand up to my own chest I said "Elaine". Then my eyes twitched over to Joxer's who still had this huge smile on his face. And then he said my name almost quietly – and I swear I felt like kissing him then and there, in front of Xena and all. But of course I didn't. When I turned back to Xena she had this weird look on her face, but she wasn't looking at me…she was looking at Joxer.

Xena then spoke to Joxer, but he continued to look at me, nodding his head as Xena spoke. The next thing I know is that Joxer's smile drops and instantly I miss it. His face contorts into the first look of anger that I have seen on his face.

Turning he quickly says something that as he finishes makes him purse his lips and look up in fear at Xena. Xena of course looks like she's ready to murder him...but I quickly step in.


Joxer and Xena turn and look at me with furrowed brows.

I really for the life of me don't know how to say 'the mighty' in ancient Greek - so I do the only thing I could do...I start to hum his song.

It's at this point that Joxer's scared face turns into one of complete joy and jubilation, even as Xena's turns into one of horror and shock.

After that things eased considerably between them. It was actually pretty awesome to see the way that he seemed to shine from the idea that I had heard of him because of his song. There's something about him that makes you feel like you could joke and laugh with him for the rest of your life. It's a nice feeling.

Looking up from my journal I see Joxer over my right shoulder, he has the most adorable look on his face as I figure he has been trying to read what I've been writing down. Of course everything I've been writing is in english, so of course he looks completely confused. I laugh because I really can't hold it in.

Joxer finally notices that I look at him, and quickly starts sputtering something as I just nod my head and smirk slightly. He looks embarassed, and I can't help but feel bad for him. My peace offering is to scoot over and pat the stump next to me.

Joxer looks taken back for a second, before slowly sitting down next to me. I put my hand on his knee and say 'it's ok', as if he could understand me.

I never notice the way Gabrielle stares at my hand on Joxer's knee, or the way her hands tighten on her sai. Instead all of my focus is on Joxer, and who could blame me. He's sweet.

I scoot closer to him and place my journal between both of us. Motioning with my other hand I begin to make gestures and small words to accompany them - trying to communicate as best I can. We're both trying so hard to communicate that we both jump when Gabrielle throws a bedroll at our feet.

Both of us look up in shock and that's when Gabrielle takes the opportunity to talk to Joxer. I don't understand what she says...but from the look on Joxer's face I can tell it was something that wounded him inside. Of course he tries to puff himself up and talk back to her, but she just rolls her eyes and walks toward her supplies, talking to him as she walks away.

And the change is almost instant. He completely deflates, but I won't let her ruin what was slowly becoming a way for me to communicate. I had moved my hand when Gabrielle had thrown the bedroll, but again I place it on his knee. Again I gain his attention.

The look on his face is so defeated that it causes me to do something very petty and oh so devious. I wait until Gabrielle turns to look at Joxer, maybe trying to say something more on the discussion...I plan the moment just right.

As Gabrielle turns I lean over and kiss the corner of Joxer's mouth.

His eyes go wide like saucers and I'm sure Gabrielle's went just as wide.

"Kiss." I say, then repeat the act again, "Kiss!"

I don't have to look at Gabrielle to know that anger flashed across her face.

Joxer slowly connects the dots...and finally it hits him.

He says a word, that I'm certain means kiss. I repeat the word and of course kiss him again.

Joxer smiles and nods enthusiastically, completely forgetting about Gabrielle as we again try to communicate...this time with much more success.

I learn many words, mostly body parts, but still its something.

And who knows...tomorrow I might learn more important words. Words like...'You have the most incredible eyes Joxer'.