Author's note: Can't stay away from idioms or metaphors, think I need an intervention.

Word count: 100, of course. And can I say I LOVE this challenge! Forces you to make the words count. Ahem.

Disclaimer: Only thing that's mine is the antics. No wait, that was a pun, wasn't it? I need help!

General wish: Get well soon, Mz Muffy Morrigan.

Heavy legacy

The battle was over and the witch gone to the stake. Mz Morrigan should be safe now, Dean thought and, painfully, rose.

"Ow! Sam?"


Sam's voice was strained and Dean immediately forgot about himself. He found Sam pinned under an enormous, antique chest of drawers.

"You ok?"


"Ha. Ha. Man, this thing is heavy, you should've called!"

"I know…How. Much...You like to stake a… Bitch"

"Anything else you want to get off your chest?"

Sam just wheezed in what Dean knew to be a not-badly-hurt laugh, and he proceeded to take the weight off Sam's chest as well.