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Chapter 1:

Ugh I can't believe this. I can't believe this at all. I'm moving to Forks. FORKS!!! I'm here in Chicago, doing the best I can, best school, amazing teachers and friends, known neighbors, a place I've lived in all my life. But now I have to move all the way to Forks because my mom misses my dad. After all the fifteen years now she misses him (AN: Bella is 15 years old right now, her birthday is on April 14. You'll see why.).

Renee, my mother came to Chicago with my dad, Charlie, before I was born. Charlie left cause he missed Fork when I was ten. My mother misses him and he misses her too but he can't come back to Chicago because of his job, a police officer. My mother gets lonely and can't stop thinking about him. Today there was a call that Charlie was in the hospital. He had gotten shot. My mother went crazy and told me that she had to move back. So here I am, in the beginning of May, middle of the school year, moving to Forks, leaving everything behind.

We were sitting in the airplane, waiting for it to fly away, from my home, my heart. Tears fell down my cheeks. My mother noticed and wiped them off.

"Come on dear, don't be sad. Trust me you'll like Forks. After all you need a change. You've never been out of Chicago your whole life. Live a little dear." She smiled teasingly but I didn't smile back.

It's true. I have lived in Chicago my whole 15 years of living. I just wasn't the traveling type of person. Chicago was my home, where I belonged. I had everything there and now I'm leaving it all.

The airplane landed after 8 hours. Forks was all the way across from Chicago.

"Mom, whose pick us up?" I wondered out loud.

"Oh, it's Billy. You don't know him. He's one of Charlie's best friend. He'll be picking us up. Now where is he?" she started looking around. I wanted to look for him too but I didn't know what he looked like at all, so no help here. I saw as Renee's eyes lighted up.

"Oh there he is!" she ran to him. I look to where she had pointed out. I saw an old man in a wheel chair, long black hair and kind of tan. There was a younger boy behind him, pushing his wheel chair to meet Renee, as she ran towards them. he had long hair as well, tied up though, tanned skin, maybe he's a Native American, and probably younger than me.

"Bella, honey, come here." Renee waved my forwards. I cam to then where she introduced me.

"Billy, this is my daughter, Bella. Bella this is Billy, your dad's friend and his son, Jacob."

"Hi." I blushed and started examining my shoes.

"Hello Bella, it's really nice to finally meet you. Charlie talks about you a lot. Can't live without either of you" he pointed to my mother and I "poor guy." Renee was tearing up. Wow. Charlie talked about me? I never really felt a pull towards Charlie since he left me when I was ten. But I guess he wasn't that bad.

"Hi, Bella, I'm Jacob." Jacob raised his hands for me to shake.

"Hi Jacob." I smiled sweetly at him. My hand met his and god! His hands were so hot! I pulled my hand back.

"Well, do you want to go to the 'Lodge' Renee, everyone misses you there." Billy offered.

"OH MY! The Lodge! Yes let's go now." She ran to the exit doors. Billy and Jacob looked at my expectantly and curiously. I blushed and looked down.

Jacob wheeled Billy, following Renee. I was walking behind them all, slowly. Taking everything in. As I was walking, someone bumped into me. My ipod fell down. I think it broke

"Great. I think it's broken. Watch where you're going pal." I hadn't looked up yet, still checking if my ipod was working. Nope it wasn't.

"Sorry," a velvet and musical voice urged me to look up. As I did, I found myself lost into the most beautiful, sparkling green eyes ever seen. It was him…it was Prince Edward…

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