Hey everyone, I'm sorry to say but I think that might put my stories on hiatus such as The Prince, Different Twilight, Moonless nights, My country my home, Nights Knight, and Things Talk, because today my friend came over and she saw that for the Prince I got only 37 reviews and I wrote like 11 chapters and she got really mad and she said these things to me about my stories that made me so sad. I got a lot of chapters done on this story and I was going to get them out really soon but I guess now they are going to wait. My friend was like all the other stories have so less chapters and they aren't as good but they got way more reviews then I did…she really made me sad so right now I'm going to stop until I get enough reviews to make me feel better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not picky about my reviews or anything…it's just that she really made me sad today and I know I'm going to regret stopping my stories.

On the plus side now I'm going to focus only on Silent Tears, which I think is getting fair amount of reviews.

I might continue The Prince as well, seeing that many people like it very much, so I might continue.

Anyways, thank you everyone for helping me get this far…I promise this hiatus isn't going to be long because I already miss my stories :(

And then again, not many people voted on my poll for their favorite stories, so I just didn't know which story to continue…

I'm really sorry…