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Yako sighs as she walks down the dark forest. 'Why, why, why, do I have to go through this. She thinks of how it started, mumbling to herself about stupid mysteries.

Yako read through the papers, using a high lighter to mark the cases she thought might contain a puzzle for Neuro.

Her hand paused over an article. 'Such a ridiculous story, I can't believe they published it.' She read through it anyway.

Magunae Caves Haunted?

Recently in North America, there have been many disappearances around the recently discovered caves. Natives say that it is their god's curse brought on by the recent research group. The leader of the research group Glith Harrosye had this to say:

"We won't be stopping our expedition with these unfounded rumors. It is most likely a disturbed native trying to run us off their land, we will get to the bottom of this."

Still the debate goes on, is this truly only myth?

Yako snorted. Suddenly her head was doing a one eighty as Neuro came over.

"What exactly is so funny slave?" Yako showed him the article talking about how stupid it was, suddenly Neuro straightened.

"I sense a mystery in that article. Yako stares at Neuro incredulously. Neuro smirks at her. "Louse I am giving you a full twenty four hours to pack and make arrangements for while you are gone.

Yako had dashed out of the office and, sure enough twenty four hours later she was sitting on a plane. She had stayed up the night before to 'make arrangements' so she slept the whole way.

Neuro had woken her up when it was time to get up by gripping her head and setting all of the luggage on her stomach, he then used her as a trolley to carry the luggage the rest of the way out of the airport. Neuro who for some reason knew impeccable English, hailed a taxi and had it take them as far into the wilderness as it could before dropping them off.

Yako sighs thinking of it as she carries all of the luggage on her back, Neuro's hair blows gently in the wind in front of her.

Yako's eyes narrow.

Suddenly as they rise over a treacherous hill, Yako sees a small base. She recognizes it from the picture in the newspaper.

revived by the site Yako trudges willfully to the door. Neuro knocks and prepares his innocent face.

The door is opened by a young girl, her strawberry blonde hair is held back by braids and she wears expedition shorts and a blue button up shirt over which is the matching cream expedition boots adorn her feet.

She smiles brightly. "Ah, you must be the two from Japan who wanted to join right?" Neuro smiles innocently.

"Thats right miss." Yako struggles to remember her English lessons.

"H-Hi. Nice to meet you." The girl giggles.

"Please come inside."

Yako steps in after Neuro and slides the luggage unto the floor, relief seeping through her muscles as she collapses on the nearby couch.

Neuro reaches his hand towards her head but quickly retracts it as the professor enters. "Hello. Yako Katsuragi and Neuro Nougami I presume."

He waves his hands at the respective name owners. "I am so glad you decided to join us on this magnificent expedition. My name is Glyth Harrosye and this young lady,"

He gestures to the girl who opened the door earlier for them. "Is my assistant, Sarah Norin."

Sarah waves then turns to face Glyth. "Professor could you save the lectures for tomorrow? I believe our guests would like to get settled first."

Glyth blinks. "Ah, yes that is true. Neuro follow me to your room, I'll carry your luggage. Yako, Sarah will show you to your room."

Yako nods and stands up. She reaches to grab her luggage but Sarah swiftly intercepts her.

She smiles kindly at Yako as she heaves up the suitcases. "Allow me."

Yako nods and follows Sarah as she walks over to a door on the left side of the room, opposite of where they came in.

Yako opens the door for her.

"Thank you." Sarah says waddling through the door and into a hall. She walks to the second door and Yako opens that one. Inside is a bright cheery room. Two beds are set up.

Sarah drops the luggage on the bed on the right. Its sky blue covers flying into disarray at the process.

"Sorry we'll be sharing a room." Yako nods. Sarah looks at Yako questioningly. "You do speak English right?" Yako blinks

"Ah yes, mostly. My school required it but I haven't passed it with flying colors yet." Sarah smiles.

"You sound fine to me, you have an accent but I think it's cute." Yako beams.

"Thank you." Sarah heads for the oak looking door.

"We will be scoping out the tunnel in an hour to make sure no one fell asleep in it. You should come." Yako nods and Sarah steps out and closes the door behind her.

Yako busies herself with putting away her clothes in an empty wooden dresser standing to the right of the bed. Sighing as she stands up she glances at the clock.

She has five minutes until they leave. 'Did it really take that long just to put everything away?' Yako wonders as she walks down the hall to the main room. Neuro and Glyth are already there.

"Took you long enough, sensei." Neuro says with an innocent smile, it turns wicked as Glyth turns his head.

'He's still quite young for a professor.' Yako thinks as she watches the auburn haired man check his watch, he can't be in more than his thirties. The front door bursts open and Sarah puts her hands on her knees, panting heavily.

"Sorry I'm late professor I was getting some more supplies." Yako notices that Sarah is carrying some rather heavy looking bags. Sarah walks over and tosses the bags unto the couch. "I'll put them away later. Let's go."

Glyth walks over to the open door. "Ladies first."

Sarah, still breathing quickly, grasps Yako's hand and pulls her towards the door. Yako can hear Neuro follow.

They stop to let Glyth lock the door. Then they walk a small ways into the dark forest.

Sarah hands Yako a flashlight and she switches it on.

Suddenly Glyth who, after entering the forest took the lead suddenly stops. There is a large cavern in front of them.

Yako can see how it had escaped discovery so long. Nature disguises it well.

Glyth swings his flashlight into the opening and prepares to descend when, a growl echoes throughout the mouth of the cave.

A large golden brown wolf storms out of the cave snarling and snapping. Glyth shouts in surprise and falls backwards.

The wolf charges towards Sarah. Yako, seeing this shouts.

"Look out!" and shoves Sarah out of the way. The wolf instead, collides with Yako.

It sank it's teeth into her leg. Yako screams in pain.

"Sensei!" Neuro yells and runs over to Yako. Grabbing her around the shoulders Neuro's eyes lock unto the wolf and he mutters dangerously, "You damaged my property you mutt."

The wolf's eyes widen in fear and it lets go of Yako's bleeding leg and runs with it's tail between its legs.

Neuro, ever sadistic. Began saying worriedly "Sensei, are you all right?" while poking her leg just enough to make it painful.

Sarah runs over. "Oh Yako I'm so sorry! If only I had reacted faster then," Yako cut her off, trying to ignore the pain she tries to smile. It looks more like a grimace.

"Don't worry about it Sarah." Sarah pulls out some bandages, a cotton swab and some substance in a bottle out of her pockets.

"I always come prepared." She said winking as she pours the contents of the bottle unto a cotton swab.

She dabs the bites with the cotton swab. Yako sucks in a breath. "Sorry, this will disinfect the wound. Yako have you had rabies shots?" Yako nods, glad for a distraction from the pain.

"Less than a month ago, I found a bat in our office and it bit me. They gave me shots just in case."

Sarah nods "Good, one less thing to worry about then." Glyth comes to stand over Yako.

"Neuro would you help me carry Yako back to our base?" Neuro nods with a far too cheerful "Yes!"

Yako bites her tongue so she won't whimper. Neuro took the leg side of her body, squeezing the white bandage on her leg as often as possible. Yako sighs with relief as they set her on the bed.

She is too tired to know where exactly she is and as soon as Neuro lets go of her leg, she goes under, her eyes sliding shut wearily.


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