1.1 A Disturbing Vision

Rating: PG

Summary: Ginny tells Fred about an odd vision she's had. Takes place right before the Quidditch World Cup in GOF. This story might make a little more sense if you read A Modern-Day Cassandra before reading this, as the two are loosely connected.

Characters: Fred, Ginny

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns Ginny and Fred Weasley and everything to do with Harry Potter. I am not making any money off this little fanfic, so please do not sue me for copyright infringements.

Ginny was sitting on the steps when I found her, just staring off into space. "Hey, Ginny." I said cheerfully. George and I had just decided what to name our joke shop, and I was in a good mood. We'd finally worked out the Canary Creams, we were going to see the World Cup this summer, and Ginny had seemed to stop have those unusual visions.

Life was good.

"I saw something today." Ginny said, not looking toward me, but gazing at the sunset.

Damn it.

I gulped. I never knew what to say when Ginny said this. When she did, it would always remind me that there was something strange about my little sister, something that I could never understand. Maybe something that I wasn't meant to understand.

Percy should have been here instead of me. He was the only person in this family who seemed to know exactly what to say when things like this happened. But he wasn't here, so I had to somehow figure out what to do.

"What'd you see?" I asked quietly. I sat down next to her and waited. My good mood had suddenly evaporated.

"The Quidditch World Cup." Ginny replied. "Krum'll get the Snitch, but Ireland will win."

"You sure?" I asked, frowning. Usually, Ginny's-visions included something bad or worrying.

"Yes. That's not all, though. I saw-" Ginny stopped, and took a deep breath.

Here we bloody go again.

"Saw what?" I asked.

"Death. I saw death in the sky." Ginny said softly, carefully not looking at me.

I took a deep, shuddering breath. "Death?" My voice quavered.

Ginny looked calm, as she always did. That was the most frustrating part about her. How could she look so damn calm when she was telling me this stuff?

"Yes-" Then she gave me the smile that made me think that everything would be okay, no matter what had happened. She had flashed me that smile when she was born, when all of us became completely devoted to her. "Don't worry, Fred. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes will turn out great, no matter what Mum'll say."

As she left and went inside the house, I shuddered. More with the creepy predictions! George and I hadn't told anyone about their plan to open a joke shop, knowing that Mum would disappove.

Well, disappove was probably an understatement. Mum would throw a fit! I grinned. Would be kind of fun to see the look on her face when she found out-but we were going to need a lot of money to start-

Which reminded me, I needed to go and tell George about Ginny's tip. Might be able to make some money off it. Not about the part about death being in the sky, of course. Gin had probably added that part up to give me a good shock. Payback for sending that Valentine to Harry in her first year.

At least, that's what I told myself, and I tried desperately to believe it.