I had this crawl into my head while kicking Polidori off of the Vambery the other day. I hope to try to add more to it after I finish off some exams...joy...


Dumas, the new ruler of the planet, has found an intriguing pair of siblings, after slaying their parents. The pair, a boy and a girl, tremble before the vampire lord, as he reaches towards them….taking the girl under his arm, he orders the boy to be taken to Baron Stoker to experiment upon…

Surviving many years of torturous experimentation, the boy is sealed in stasis while the Baron works on other projects. When the Baron is defeated and the Vambery raided by a swordsman and gunslinger, the damage dealt to the Vambery systems deactivates the stasis. Free at last, the boy leaves, with only two things on his mind…

Chapter 1-How to kill a Ghoul and look natural

The night deep and cold, a Ghoul slowly marched around its little home. It had had a good snack on some birds, had managed to find some shiny metallic objects and was making its way to a nice, damp spot that often held some small animals. The Ghoul was as happy as soulless, mindless, instinctive corpses can get. If Ghouls could get happy anyway. Thus, it marched on, making strange little noises as it wandered.

Then there was a rustling. A big rustling. Bigger than a bird rustling. The Ghoul stopped, beginning to turn, hoping it may have found something else to eat, like a cat or even a small dog. Unless it was a Hound. They didn't like being almost eaten. Unfortunately, all it saw was a large plastic bag. Turning again to go to its damp spot, it carried on, unaware that it was decidedly quieter, as the rustling of the Crows had stopped.

Finally at its damp spot, the Ghoul paused to check whether there was anything to eat, but all it found was some ants, and they were too small to eat. Disappointed, it turned to march back and go put its shiny metal things away. But it didn't get that far. It was frozen, staring at the amber shiny-metal thing pointed at its head. It couldn't eat this, and it couldn't take it for its collection either. Its eyes moving along the metal, it saw a pair of deep purple orbs. The orbs looked back.

The Ghoul was terrified. The orbs were hovering in the shadows, with no sign of motion. They were entirely unnatural. Well, neither was the Ghoul, but they held the Ghouls eyes like the abyss itself, and they wouldn't let go. It couldn't move away, and the amber metal was stopping it moving to try and bite at them. But, after a brief spell, the Ghoul began to unfreeze, and, with its resolve set, it began to lunge at the orbs. It didn't even have time to register the burning light and searing pain that passed through its body, turning it into a cloud of dust that eroded before it hit the ground. In the space of 3 seconds, the Ghoul may as well of never been.

Smoking around the front, the amber gun was put into a holster, and a young boy stepped from the shadows, looking at where the Ghoul had been a moment ago. Picking up the coins the Ghoul seemed to have collected, he glanced into the small puddle of water that lay under his feet, gazing at his reflection.

His eyes were a deep, amethyst purple, and his hair was long and black, tied in a ponytail behind his head. His skin was pale, and his face had a distant expression, as if what had just happened was unimportant. Tall and lithe, he had dark grey jacket over a thin orange shirt, and a pair of belted dark grey jeans. Attached to the belt were two pairs of guns; a pair of amber-metal guns, and a pair of obsidian-metal guns, each in its own holster. Placing the Soll coins in a small wallet, the boy left, leaving the wind to fill in the space he left in the air. He had a mission to perform, and to do that, he needed information. And as the Sun began to rise over the horizon, he smiled. There were some Vampires who he needed to settle the score with. The idea of revenge had never felt better.

By the time the Sun had risen, all that was left to show of the nights events was a single piece of rotten cloth, lying morosely in a puddle.

Now, I apologise for repeating 'shiny metal thing' a lot, but, well, Ghouls are probably really stupid and suffer from magpie syndrome (why else do they drop Soll?), and i doubt they think in complex sentences.
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