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Family reunion

Gideon walked carefully. Far south he'd been told. Well, he'd been travelling south for at least a week, and still no large house. Plenty of Ghouls though. Gideon was starting to enjoy the game's he played with them; he'd lure them out by knocking on walls, before sneaking round behind them, shooting them where they stood. This way, he'd got quite a large amount of Soll back…a shame the last shop was in Old Culiacan.

However, Gideon was bored beyond tears, with not a single creature coming to attack him, or anything else for that matter. All that Gideon had found was he was tired, extremely prone to sun burn, and very, very hungry, the last thing he ate being an Earthly Nut a few days ago. With nothing to distract him except walking some more, Gideon was slowly coming to the conclusion that Dumas had been playing with him all along.

Four seconds later and he knew for sure he had been played.

Knocked to the ground and on his front, Gideon was all too aware of the foot in the small of his back. A few seconds ago, there were just a few bats hanging on a wall…now he was at the mercy of a vampire.

"Well well well. What do we have here? A hunter, or a lost boy? Whichever it is, they better talk clearly. Well? You going to talk, human boy?"

"If you allow me to remove my face from the dirt, I'll do my best to explain," Gideon mumbled, attempting to keep his mouth as closed as possible to keep the soil out. After a pause, Gideon felt the foot move; seizing his chance, he span round, his hand reaching for…

Air. He'd been disarmed.

And the foot was now at his chest, pressing down a lot harder than it had been before; so hard, he couldn't see anything except a reddish haze in his eyes, not helped by the setting sun.

"I'll take that to mean you're a hunter. Pity. I was rather bored out here, but, if you're here to kill me, I may as well make the most of this; it's been so long since I've had hunter blood and I don't think I'll get another chance. Be a good dear and stay still," the voice mocked, before, once again the foot was removed, only to be replaced with a swift hand to the throat. Not before Gideon managed to breathe enough again to speak though.

"I'm not…a hunter…so save your fangs, girl," he choked.

"Oh, not a hunter then. Darn…guess it's just a vagrant again then," the voice laughed. Gideon used the pause to kick out, knocking the vampire girl away, before fighting to his feet, one of his amber Solar Guns in hand; fortunate that it was lying nearby.

"Ok…a 'not a hunter' with a Solar Gun. Excuse me, but I thought that's what you'd be for having one, Guild member," the voice sounded almost annoyed, made quiet as the vampire girl was bent over, holding herself where Gideon had kicked her. As she straightened up, Gideon made sure to keep his eyes focussed on her movements.

The girl was interesting. Her hair was silver-white, and fairly short, not reaching any further past the nape of her neck; it was shorter than Gideon's anyway. Her eyes seemed grey, while her lips blood-red, standing out starkly against her pale skin. She was wearing something similar to a female Guild member's outfit, although there wasn't the headband or the neck piece and the front part was open part way. Finally she wore a scarf about her shoulders, tied off to the side. Colour wise, she was wearing mostly a pale silver-blue, while the scarf was a deep blue with yellow patterns in it. If she went to any town or city, she'd pass easily as a human girl around Gideon's age. She smiled, still holding her side.

"So…What brings you to my neck of the woods?" the voice seemed to be almost friendly, despite the situation. Gideon tightened his grip, wondering where his other guns had gotten too.

He found out the next moment when the vampire fired one of his Dark Guns at him, forcing him to roll to the side. At least, he thought it was one of his until he noticed this was adorned with a small dragon head at the muzzle.

"No fair! Sit still damn you!" the vampire cried out frustratedly, before sending a volley of shots at Gideon. Gideon dodged them easily, before sending a volley of his own back. The vampire girl's hand smoked when the shots hit her gun, forcing her to drop it. Cradling her smoking hand, the vampire girl stepped backwards, putting her back against the wall.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Gideon demanded.

"I'm not trying to kill you…knock you unconscious maybe but not kill you Gideon."

Gideon's eyes widened. "How…how do you know my name?" Gideon narrowed his eyes, before shooting the stone next to the girl's head. The vampire girl's smile faltered slightly.

"Oh, erm…lucky guess?" she suggested tentatively. Gideon wasn't buying it.

"Who the heck are you to know me? Tell the truth or I'll put the next shot closer to home," Gideon threatened, aiming his Solar Gun at the girl's heart as she looked at the smoking barrel.

"I…would you believe I have telepathy?" She asked tentatively. Gideon fired another shot next to her head, closer this time. Wincing slightly, the girl mumbled something which sounded like "I guess not…" Gideon just smirked slightly.

"You need to be a lot older than your acting to be telepathic. Also, if you were telepathic, you'd have known were I was going to shoot. So don't play smart."

The girl just growled in her throat, before sighing and looking down to the ground.

"What if I said I recognised the steel in your eyes…?"

Gideon frowned…the only person who'd ever said that was…


"Yeah…how've you been Gideon?"

Gideon shook his head. This had to be a lie…had to be…

"If you knew who I was, then why did you attack me! You can't be Rita…you…"

"I didn't see your face did I? I mean, come on Gideon, you've changed a lot since we last saw each other! Your hairs black and your eyes are freaking purple now! How the heck would I recognise that! Oh and add Solar Guns to that list! Vampires don't like those things because they bloody hurt!" The vampire girl had tears in her eyes. Gideon didn't want to admit it to himself but he could recognise those eyes…or did he? Wasn't finding Rita what he wanted? Gideon looked away, trying to figure a way out of this…it had to be a trick…this couldn't be Rita…

"You don't believe it to be me do you Gideon?"

"You can't be Rita…you can't…"

Smiling weakly, the girl stepped forward until she was half a metre away from Gideon. Reaching under her scarf, she took out what appeared to be a pendant; a small pebble laced around a string, stained red in places with old blood, offering it to Gideon.

"Remember this? You threw it at Dumas once, nine years ago."

Gideon took the pebble in his hand. It was the same one alright, with a sharp edge digging into his palm as he held it, in the same place it had when he last held it; the small scar on his palm matched the shape of the pebble's edge…

Gideon looked back up at the girl, who just nodded sadly.

"I know…I'm a bit upset about it still myself…but I lived…kinda. Mother and Father wouldn't mind would they?"

Gideon gave the pebble back, folding his arms.

"Rita…what happened to you?"

Rita smiled wanly, before placing her hand under Gideon's arm.

"Come with me and I'll explain. Guess we have some catching up to do huh?"

Some time later, Gideon was sitting in a fairly comfortable chair in a modestly sized house; modest for a vampire anyway. He'd had his other guns returned to him on the way back, yet had them all holstered. Sitting opposite him, was his now-vampire sister, Rita. Gideon paused, holding his hand to his head as he tried to digest the information he'd received.

"So…back on that night…Dumas really killed you?"

"Yes…I was still sort of…hanging on, but I couldn't say anything. Couldn't really move either."

"Then Dumas gave you a way to live right?"

Rita nodded. "Yes…vampire blood…that would save me from turning Undead. I…I didn't want to die like that…you understand right?" Rita's voice seemed to waver slightly. Gideon just nodded slowly. When faced with those choices, there wasn't really a choice at all. Life of some kind, or death that isn't death…no one would choose the latter.

"So how come your not still a child? Vampires don't exactly age you know."

"I'm not too sure. Maybe it's because I wanted to get older or something. Beats me," Rita mumbled, shrugging heavily. "Your guess is as good as mine."

"Right…so for the last nine years, you've just been finding ways to occupy yourself?"

"Yes…I've been learning how to use a Dark Gun amongst painting and such. Maybe I could show you sometime."


A small silence fell between the two, Gideon thinking hard. Eventually, he brought up the question that was on his mind.

"What is Dumas up to? First he makes you a vampire…then he tells me where to find you. I doubt he did so because he's any different at heart. He must be up to something…has to be…"

Rita stood up, before sitting next to Gideon. "Does it really matter? We have each other again. What else do you need now?"

Gideon sighed deeply, pressing his hand into his eyes. "Because something in me seems to be telling me that I'm not done yet. Like I have something left to do."

"Very well then. When the sun rises, we'll set out together and find out together. We shouldn't be alone now we've found each other again, should we?"

Gideon smiled. "No. May as well face things together from here on in. It's good to see you Rita."

"You too Gideon," Rita whispered.

And as the two siblings were reunited, a small winged cat flew from her spot by the window.

"Dumas was right. These two are going to work splendidly."

Laughing, Perrault made her way back to her master, the first part of the plan now complete.

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