Mitchie Torres was walking home from school. She felt exasperated. She took a deep breath and continued on down the street. She was so damn happy to be getting out of this god foresaken town for the Summer. She hated where she lived. She saved up money for about 5 months just so she would be able to go to a music camp for the Summer: Camp Rock. Music was Mitchie's whole life. She breathed, dreamed and even ate music. She was so happy to be getting away from her mother and step father, whom she despised anyway. He would always be agressive with Mitchie but the first time she tried to tell her mom, it didn't go so well.

Mitchie sighed with relief when she got home. She ran as fast as she could upstairs. She started grabbing her bags that were already packed from about 4 months ago. Her mother's words were running through her mind.

Oh, honey, he is just a little rough on the edges.

Don't you dare ruin this for me! I love him Michelle! Don't make up some pathetic lie just because you don't want a new father!

She sighed and started moving even faster. She carried all three of her bags down the stairs and into the front yard. "No." she muttered to herself. "I don't want a new father. I don't want you as my fucking mother either." She pulled out her cell phone and started dialing before lifting the phone to her ear.

"Hi. Brown?"


Shane Gray was slamming his suitcase down on his wooden bed in the middle of a pop-star temper tantrum. He was muttering under his breath and breathing heavy with anger. He looked around, utterly disgusted by his surroundings. "What the fuck?" he whispered to himself. Not only was the bed smaller than half the size of his bed at home, but everything was made of ... wood. He looked around the tiny cabbin, getting more and more frustrated by it. "Dammit!" he growled and sat on the small bed, resting his face in his hands.

Shanes POV

This was the worst thing to ever happen to me in my fucking life. Why the fuck would Nate choose to send me back here? There is no damn way that my additude was that bad. I was going to get that ass hole back. I dont give a shit on how long it will take me. CAMP ROCK. Or shall I say Hell. My future fucking home. I looked around, completely disgusted. And to think that Brown agreed to this! He does know that I am not going to be any nicer especially since they are making me stay here against my will! This is so fucking stupid!

I slammed my fist down on the bed. I tightened my jaw and took a few deep breaths. I tried my hardest to calm down. There was a knock at my cabbin door. I rolled my eyes at the disturbance of peace. I stood up in a rush to get whoever was at my door to leave. I opened it and got a little frustrated to see Jason and my uncle Brown. "What?" I snapped. Brown sighed. "Come on. You're coming with us to get a student."

"Aren't they supposed to provide their own ride?" I asked, a little skeptical. I was not falling for any tricks of his right now. "Yeah. But her mom went on vacation with her boyfriend so we have to go get her." Jason piped in. I rolled my eyes again. Great. That is just what we need. Another diva to help Tess fill her own fucking shoes. "Whatever." I muttered.


Mitchie sat in her front yard, strumming her guitar quietly and silently singing to herself. She sighed and stopped singing but continued to play. A couple of minutes later, a large stretch limo pulled up. She glanced up and quickly stood up. She started putting her guitar in its case and grabbing her bags. The limo doors opened and out came Brown, Jason and Nate to help her with her bags. Mitchie's face lit up a little. For once, she forgot about how crappy she felt just minutes before. "Y-you're from Connect 3! Uh, it is so nice to meet you!" she stumbled foward towards the boys and shook their hands. Nate chuckled and shook her hand. Jason did the same. Mitchie shook her head. "Where's Brown? Where are my bags?" she asked almost to herself. "O'er here darling." Brown said from the trunk of the limo. He was putting her bags in it. Mitchie sighed a little and mumbled, "thanks." Brown grinned and nodded. "Michelle," -he coughed a little- "I mean Mitchie, these are my three nephews. I-" he sighed. "Shane! Get out here!" he shouted in an exasperated tone. The limo door opened and out climed the moody pop star. Mitchie narrowed her eyes for a second at the look on Shane's face.

Shane did not want to be at Camp Rock, let alone at some diva wanna-be's house. "Shane, say hi to the newest Camp Rock member." Brown said, litle warning in his voice. Shane nodded and mocked Brown. "Hi." Mitchie nodded and said in a harsh voice. "Hi." Shane knitted his eye brows together, confused. He was positive that she would be some shy, goody-two-shoes, preppy girl who didn't care about anything but fame and herself. She seemed nothing like that from her first impression. She didn't even seemed phased about the fact that she was standing right by Connect 3, one of the most popular bands in the world. Mitchie ignored Shane after that and talked with Nate. Shane rolled his eyes. "Can I get back in the limo now?" he asked Brown. Brown nodded glaring at him. Jason went to get in too but Shane slammed the door. Jason rolled his eyes in a fake dramatic way at Mitchie. "Pop stars these days." he said and opened the door for Mitchie. She giggled and climbed in. Nate and Jason climbed in after. Brown walked around to the front and got in the drivers seat.


The next morning, Mitchie was walking to the cafeteria alone. It was quiet outside except for the silent murmur of conversation coming from the cafe. She took a deep breath and walked in. No one even bothered to take a look at her, letting her feel relieved. She sighed quietly and walked up to the counter line. "Can I just get a muffin?" she asked politely. The girl nodded and turned around to open a small glass fridge. Mitchie took a deep breath and looked around the cafeteria. There were all types of cliques. She rested her elbow on the glass counter and watched everyone. "Here you go." the girl behind the counter said, handing her a large muffin. Mitchie smiled a little. "That is a muffin? It's huge!" she laughed. The girl behind the counter laughed too. "I know. You like have to cut it into four pieces to get a regular sized one!" she chuckled. Mitchie grinned at her. "Hi. I'm Mitchie." she held out her hand. The girl smiled back. "Caitlyn." they shook hands. "Uh, hey, I am pretty much done here. So how about you split your monster muffin and sit with me?" she joked. Mitchie laughed. "Sure." Caitlyn took off her apron and tossed it on the counter. They both walked to a small table next to a window that showed an incredible view of the lake. She let her jaw drop a couple of inches before she sat down. Caitlyn smiled.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"Definitely." Mitchie said smiling a little.

"Hey Caity." Nate said, grabbing a seat beside Mitchie. "Mitch. What's up you guys?" he said casually. Mitchie and Caitlyn smiled. "Nothing." they said at the same time. "So uh, Nate? What is your brother's problem?" Mitchie asked, still a little irked by Shane's additude the day before. Nate looked completely confused. "Jason? Oh he's always been like that. He just-"

Mitchie inturrputed him by laughing a little. "No. I meant your other brother." she said. Nate laughed with Caitlyn. "Oh. My bad. He is just letting the fame go to his head. He is only here because he needs time to try to find himself. I just hope that he does." he murmured, it seemed like to himself mainly. Mitchie and Caitlyn just nodded. They sat and ate in silence. Until Caitlyn broke it.

"So Mitchie, how long have you been here at Camp Rock?" she asked. Mitchie looked up. "Just half of yesterday and today actually."


"Yeah. My uncle picked her up. She played a song for him over the phone I guess and he loved her voice." Nate piped in.

"I'll have to hear that one day." Caitlyn smiled.

"Sure." Mitchie said, smiling a little.

The morning bell rang and they all three stood up. "So I'll see you guys later." Mitchie said. "I have dance class till lunch." she smiled sheepishly. She wasn't unfamilliar with dancing. But it wouldn't be her favorite subject at Camp Rock. She didn't like to dance much but she had the talent to star in a music video. She sighed and walked away from Nate and Caitlyn after saying a last goodbye.

Mitchie ran to her cabin and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top. She brushed her hair and walked out the door then to the large studio where dance class was held. What she wasn't expecting was to see Shane Gray in there teaching it. She sighed and muttered a cuss word to herself then walked in. She grimaced then walked to the back of the room to stretch.

Shane walked up to the front of the class, slightly annoyed that he had to teach it in the first place. "Start partnering up. I am going to walk you through a routine and you need to mesmerize it before next week. No exceptions." Shane said sternly and walked up to a stereo system. He pressed play and walked up to the paired couples. The only problem was that there was an odd number of pupils. Tess stood there alone. Shane knew that she wasn't innocent and he knew that there was a reason that she didn't have a partner. He sighed and walked up to her. "Looks like you are going to help me demonstrate." he muttered unwillingly. Tess smiled triumphantly. "Ok." she said in her high pitched preppy voice that just bugged the shit out of him for some reason. He rolled his eyes.

For several minutes, Shane tried to show the class the routine with Tess but couldn't manage. Her skinny arms and flat body couldn't move very well to the rhythym. He sighed and stopped. "Uh someone else please?" he asked. Tess scoffed then walked to the rest of the class. No one voulenteered, afraid that they would only embarass themselves too. Mitchie laughed a little at Tess's reaction. She accidentally caught Shane's attention. "You. If you feel that you can laugh at someone who can't dance,-" Tess scoffed- "Then lets see if you can." he said a little annoyed. He curled his finger towards him, telling Mitchie to come up to the front of the class. Mitchie's heart started beating fast. "Uh, no. That's ok." she started but Shane scoffed. "So you're a hypocrite, is that it?" he asked. Mitchie felt anger building up in her. She shook her head. "I can dance better than blondie and you put together! So don't you dare call me a hypocrite!" she bursted. He looked at her skeptically. "Then. Prove. IT." was all he said. He pressed play on the stereo again. Mitchie huffed and walked up to him. Shane started instructing as he and Mitchie danced.

Shane was surprised that Mitchie was able to keep up with every beat. He twirled her outward then up close to his body, her perfect curves distracting him a little.

While dancing, you had to keep perfect posture, rhythym, and most importantly, eye contact. He glared into her eyes, his smoldering a little at the sight of them. Mitchie got a small pang in her stomach and continued to dance and gaze into his eyes fiercely. His mouth opened a little as he realized that he was slightly attracted to Ms. Torres. Every step closer they got to each other, the more the fire in his chest blazed. He broke eye contact and gritted his teeth as he twirled her outward and spun her. His eyes mesmerized the way her hips moved back towards him. He tightened his jaw and took her back in his arms again. "Where have you learned this routine before?" he muttered to where only she could hear him. She scoffed a little. "I learned it when I was 13. This is old news." she whispered back. He just nodded. He put his hands back on her waist, trying to keep them from traveling any place else. He felt ... tempted. He was wanting her right now. He shook his head rapidly as the song ended. He kept his hands on her waist. "Good job." he said. And he meant it. He had a feeling that he knew who his favorite student was going to be.

Tess was fuming with anger. She thought she had the dance just right. The way Shane looked at Mitchie set her eyes on fire. She rolled her eyes and huffed with anger.

Shane finally moved his hands from Mitchie's waist. She glared at him slightly. "Now is the time where you take it back." she said, standing her ground. Shane narrowed his eyes at her. "What?" he hissed. "Are you talking about?" The camp bell rang for lunch. All of the students started leaving. Shane ignored Mitchie for the time being. "Great job today class. See you guys tomorrow." Mitchie laughed a little sarcastically. "You have got to be kidding me." she said glaring at him. He turned to her.

The sight was breath-taking. She was in a tank top and shorts and the tank top was tight on her. Her hair was a little messy from dancing and to him she looked like a goddess. "You were wrong and you wont even admit it? You wont even apologize?" she asked.

"I-" he started but was inturrupted.

"Oh. I'm sorry!" she shouted sarcastically. "I forgot that 'apologize' probably isn't even in your vocabulary! It means SORRY. Something that you ARE but will never admit." she spat. "You are such a self-centered, inconsiderate, heartless, careless, jerk!" she screamed then stormed out of the studio. Shane felt a stab in his stomach. He had never had his feelings hurt before.

It usually takes a jerk a long time to realize that they are a jerk. At least, until someone important tells them and it dawns on them. That important person just happened to be Mitchie Torres. Shane sat down on the small table that the stereo was placed on. He sighed and looked at the ground, thinking about the past and how he acted. He started to shake his head.