Between Two Worlds

In Control
Mystic Mewtwo
Part One

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor its characters. Nintendo, 4Kids, and all the other big wigs failed to being mentioned, do.
I only own Ki, who is stemmed from my imagination.
Believe me, if I did, I would be a hell of a lot better off than I am now.

Summary: Ki is a teenage girl with special powers, who one day accidentally discovers the Team Rocket project of Mewtwo. She, then, finds herself psychically linked to him. In which, she learns of a special mission that she is to save the world from him. The link between them is then destroyed, as being beneficial to the mission.
Remembering nothing of her previous encounter, she is sent to Team Rocket Headquarters, to become his friend. What no one could imagine was the two fall hopelessly in love with one another.
The only question now is, will she succeed in stopping him?

Ki! Come on, wake up! Snap out of it! I heard a voice say, as I was shaken violently.

I blinked my eyes, and the sudden brightness of light temporarily blinded me.

'Shit!' I thought, 'I've done it again.'

The "it" I was referring to was a trance similar to that of being in a hypnotic state. I can hear, see, and feel things happening in other places.
Being a born Psychic, it came naturally for me. However, I still can't control it for myself. So, I never know when I went into one until someone, like just now, shakes me awake.

Oh, Ki. When are you going to learn not to do that? the voice said, exasperated.

I lifted my head up, and gazed into the light violet eyes of a tall, slender, young, woman. Her long, dark black hair hung straight down her back.
She wore a dark red jacket with black wrist cuffs. Two sets of gold, brass, buttons ran parallel to each other on the breast front of the jacket. Underneath the jacket was a pair of tight, bright white pants. They were nearly invisible, with the jacket over them. Plus, a pair of thigh-high, tight, black leather boots.
Her name was Sabrina, and by the expression on her face, she was extremely upset with me.

You have got to learn to control when you go into a trance. It's extremely dangerous not to know when you are in one. Do you realize you could get hurt, or worse, killed? she chided.

I lowered my eyes from her angry gaze. I did know I could get hurt, but what was I supposed to do?
Sabrina knew I was far too advanced in my abilities for even the most skillful of Psychic trainers, including her. But I still needed to be trained in controlment, and for that, a Psychic Pokemon would have to teach me.
Plus, even though I was Psychic, I haven't quite mastered in speaking in telepathy. I could do it, but it was often ragged.

I used to be quite good at speaking in telepath, but prolonged boredom with trainers who paid no attention to what they were teaching me. I already knew it all, for crying out loud!
Also, hardly ever seeing Mew, who used to talk with me from time to time, made it dwindle.

"Then, I am assuming you've got a Pokemon for me to train with?" I challenged her.

Sabrina was the only one who could give someone a Psychic Pokemon to train with. Since she was the owner, and operator, of S.C.P.I.P.G, or Saffron City Psychic Institute and Pokemon Gym.

I'm not sure you're ready to, she replied.

I looked at her in disbelief.
Not ready to?! Then, what in the hell did she think I was ready for?!
I was beginning to get very angry.

"Of course I'm ready!" I replied, furiously.

My temper is hotter than a Charizard's Flame-thrower when I'm angry.
It also doesn't take much for me to lose it.

If I let you, you got to also learn to control your anger, as well, Sabrina said.

For a minute, I wasn't sure if she was going to let it happen.

'Nice going,' I thought to myself, sarcastically.

To my surprise, however, she summoned a Pokemon. By talking through telepath to it.
To add more to my delightment, the Pokemon was none other than my friend, Mew. She floated beside Sabrina, slowly windmilling her tail.
She gave me a smile, and I smiled back.

What is it that you wish, Sabrina? Mew asked her.

Ki feels she is ready to train with Psychic Pokemon. So, I want you to be the one to do it, she answered, Your power capabilities are enough to keep her sufficiently challenged.

I will gladly assist in her training, Mew replied.

She's yours, then, Sabrina said.

She teleported, leaving Mew and I alone.

Let's get started, she said.

She teleported us to a small room. Bare, with the exception of a window, and a full-length mirror.
The mirror caught my reflection. I saw a 6 foot tall, young woman of 18 stare back at me. She had straight, long, dark brown hair to her waist, and almond-shaped emerald green eyes. She wore a tight-fitting lavender t-shirt. That was tucked in tight, extremely short, jean shorts. Which hugged her beautiful slim figure perfectly.

I gazed around the empty room, feeling disappointed somehow.

"Do we not need equipment of some kind?" I asked.

The other trainers had.

No, Mew answered, I possess what you will need.

You must start using your telepathy all the time from now on, she added, It will help get you back to where you should be.

Being nearly accustomed to speaking out loud, by voice, it took me a minute to process my thoughts into telepath.

What should we begin on? I asked in telepath, a bit raggedly.

First with your telepathy, and then, on the controlment of your powers, Mew answered.

We soon got to work.
Little did I know, that I was destined to be sent on a mission. One that would put me through the unimaginable.

End Part One

Whoa. Intense, or what? Stick around for Part Two. Things start getting complicated then.

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