Between Two Worlds

Mystic Mewtwo
New Arrivals
Part Eleven

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Ok, guys. This part is one I know you've been waiting for.
First, an unexpected visitor shows up at the palace, and misery follows closely behind. Resulting in a rather nasty ending. However, things become peaceful again, and before long, we start to welcome five expected arrivals into the world.
Somehow, though, this joyous event turns into a nightmare. Leaving a new mother fighting for her life.

In the four months that followed, things became more settled, and the days were less eventful. Mew stayed with us at the palace, despite numerous objections from Mewtwo. He didn't think it was necessary for her to do that. He had nearly hit the roof, when she first announced she was moving in.
My head still hurts when I start remembering all the shouting he did.

I, myself, also questioned her decision. My main concern was Sabrina.
How would she react to Mew's unexpected change of location? Mew's reply had been she would just have to live with it.
Mew returned to home to inform her. Only to find that Sabrina was unthrilled about it, just as Mewtwo had been.

She wanted to know why the sudden change, and where the hell I was.
Mew had managed to answer both questions, without revealing the actual truth. It proved to be difficult, though, because the explanation didn't convince Sabrina at first.
She had kept prying, and Mew had a hard time trying to avoid it. It took a bit more urging, on her part, to make Sabrina finally accept it.
However, if I knew her, she would keep trying, and eventually learn the real truth.

This had been back in January, when it happened. It was now four months later, in late May.
Since then, there hasn't been any word from her. Which meant, quite possibly, that something was brewing.
What it was, remained to be seen.

Today, though, nothing ominous was evident. It was a beautiful, spring, day.
The sky was a clear, hazy, blue, and the sun was shining brilliantly. It's light dancing on the ocean's surface, making it sparkle.
It was very warm, almost hot. A clear reminder that summer was not far off.
A constant, cool, breeze from the ocean made things a bit more bearable.

I was sitting on the grass, reading a book.
I had not wanted to stay in on such a perfect day.

I had my back to the sun, keeping it warm. I was facing the ocean, the breeze cooling me when I became too hot.
It sometimes played with my hair, softly stirring it around my face. The pages of the book rustling every so often.
My short sleeve, lavender doll top being plastered against my belly. Making it appear as if it were a giant birthday balloon.

Being only five, nearly six, months pregnant my middle was exceptionally swollen. I appeared to be closer to eight months pregnant.
The babies were getting bigger everyday, and had even began moving around. I could feel them now, as I was reading the book.
I closed it, setting it down beside me.

I laid a hand on my stomach, feeling them beneath my fingers.
Mewtwo, and I had concluded, long ago, that we were having three girls, and two boys. We had yet to name them, but we decided to wait until they were born, before we did. Names were important, and we didn't want to choose the wrong ones.

I began smiling as I started imagining them being born, and seeing what they were like. A sharp stab, in my belly, suddenly jolted me out of my daydream.
At first, I thought I was going into labor, and I began to panic. I wasn't ready yet; it wasn't time for them to be born.
However, I was proven wrong when another stab came, feeling a foot this time.

Oh my god! They were kicking!
I winced as another sharp kick came, jabbing me in the belly. Well, they were certainly strong, from the pain I was now experiencing.
Oh, I couldn't wait to tell him. He would be just as thrilled as I am now, despite the pain.

I picked up my book, and slowly stood up, my hand supporting my stomach. I, then, teleported inside the palace.
I reappeared, seconds later, in the main hall. Laying my book on the table.
As I did, I noticed the wall in front of the stadium was open, and I knew he must be inside.

I walked towards it, feeling a bit self-conscious as I did. It's not easy to walk being this pregnant, and I was waddling along like a duck.
A few minutes later, I arrived at the entrance, stepping inside the stadium shortly after. I looked around, and finally saw him standing on the far corner.
He was at an angle where I could see him, but he couldn't see me.

He was busily cleaning up the floor, a few brooms sweeping across the surface. His body generating Psychic energy, as he used his powers to guide them around the room.
I knew he was getting the stadium ready to convert it into a nursery. As he was going to start on its construction in a few days.
I watched him for a minute, noticing the contented expression on his face.

I smiled, laying a hand on my belly. One of the babies giving a kick, afterwards. He was so overjoyed at becoming a father, and I didn't doubt he would be a good one. He already loved our children dearly, and they were not yet born.
When they were, though, they couldn't be able to ask for a better one.

I walked softly up behind him, putting my arms around his waist. For a minute, his body started tensing, as I had startled him.
However, he began relaxing, as he realized it was only me.

Would you like to take a break? I asked him, quietly.

Yes, I would, my love, he admitted, softly.

The brooms that were sweeping the floor suddenly came to dead halt, falling with a clatter. The Psychic energy disappearing from his body, as he dissipated his powers. I released my hold from around him, and instead, he began wrapping his arms around me. He gave me a soft kiss on my lips, gently breaking off shortly after.
He, then, gingerly placed a hand on my tummy, and began rubbing it gently.

How are they? he asked me, softly.

Active, I answered, quietly, truthfully.

I was trying not to give away the surprise. I wanted him to feel them kicking for himself.
He smiled, then stopped rubbing. He rested his hand on top, just letting it lay there.
It was at that moment, I felt another sharp kick against my belly, right where his hand was resting.

With a smile, I watched him take his hand off, in shock.
I glanced up at him, seeing his eyes widened in astonishment.

They're........ they're kicking, he finally managed, slowly.

With a vengeance, I remarked, grinning, They're on the warpath here.

They're strong, he replied, They would be good fighters.

You're not thinking of training them, are you? I inquired, my grin fading.

I didn't particularly want that, but then again, it was a pretty tough world. They would need the skills to defend themselves, if it became necessary.
It was not safe out there, and not having some form of defense, they would become easy pickings.

Only if you were to permit, my love, he told me.

I think it would be ideal for them to have a bit of fighting knowledge, I admitted.

He smiled.

Then, we shall keep the stadium, he answered, We will build a room in one of the towers, one of the closer towers.

How about the one to the right of the main tower? I suggested, It's closest to us, than the left tower.

Agreed, he replied, smiling, I will also build a passageway between the two. It will be easier to listen out for them, should they become fussy.

It's settled, then, I said, giving him a kiss.

We kissed a few minutes, then gently broke off. He laid a hand on my tummy, and softly began stroking it.
One of the babies gave a sharp kick, and he began smiling.

The kicking didn't seem quite so painful, as before. I was becoming immune to it, paying no heed to the sharp jabbing in my belly.
I was rather overjoyed that they had started kicking. It gave me a sense of reality in knowing I was really pregnant, and with five children no less.

I rested my head on his chest, giving a contented sigh.
He gingerly rested his head on mine, beginning to rub my belly.

Hey, guys, I heard Mew's voice, suddenly, What's going on?

I saw she was floating beside us, watching intently.

The babies have started kicking, Mewtwo told her, proudly, smiling.

Really? she answered, astonished, That's great.

I smiled.

Would you like to feel them? I asked.

Sure, she replied, coming closer to my burgeoning belly.

She, then, rested a tiny hand on top.
She didn't have long to wait, before one began kicking against her hand.

Oh, wow, she remarked, softly, in awe, They're pretty strong kickers.

And they'll make good fighters, when the time comes, Mewtwo said.

She looked at him.

Do you plan to train them? she inquired.

When they're old enough, yes, he replied.

Mew began smiling, as she felt another kick.

I don't doubt they will be excellent fighters, she told him, taking her hand off.

He smiled, giving my cheek a loving nudge.
I nudged him back, also smiling.

Uh, guys? Mew suddenly spoke up, hesitantly.

We glanced in her direction, noticing the discomfort on her face.
From the expression in her eyes, one could tell something was wrong.

The reason I came, she continued, a little uneasy, Is that something has happened with Sabrina.

Nothing's wrong with her, is there? I asked, concerned.

Oh, no, she assured me, It isn't anything like that.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was glad she wasn't hurt.
After all, she was still my sister, no matter what the situation.

It's just that she's figured out the truth, Mew added, She knows of our whereabouts.

Oh, god!

How?! Mewtwo demanded, angrily.

I don't know exactly, she replied, But she has her own ways of getting information.

What does she intend to do now? he asked.

I don't know, you ask her, Mew told him, She's here right now.

Ohh, shit!

She's here?! Now?! he cried, in alarm.

That's what I said, she answered, She's outside the palace, waiting on the balcony. She's very determined to get in.

You inform her to leave, he began, icily, She is trespassing on private property.

If she refuses, he added, I'll take care of her myself.

Knowing Sabrina, I knew she was not easily deterred. He could very well wind up killing her.
As upset as I was at her for being here, I didn't want that to happen.

Why don't we see if we can talk to her, I suggested, That way, no one gets hurt.

I don't want her to know, not like this, he replied, agitatedly.

We can't keep hiding forever, I answered, softly.

He became quiet, his angry expression rapidly fading. Becoming more thoughtful, as he took my words into consideration.
He shifted his gaze from me, casting his eyes downwards.

He looked at my burgeoning belly, absent-mindingly beginning to stroke it lightly with his finger. One of the babies kicked, and he gave a small smile.
Finally, he glanced back up at me, giving a sigh of defeat.

As always, you are correct, my angel, he told me, quietly.

Bring her in, he said, to Mew, And leave her in the main hall. I want to talk with her first, before she can see Ki.

Mew nodded her head in acknowledgment, flying out of the stadium.

After I talk with her, he continued, to me, I'll let her see you.

Please, though, wait in here, he added, I'll come get you when I've finished, because I want to keep you safe.

All right, I agreed.

I understood his reason for keeping me in the stadium. He didn't know Sabrina, and didn't want to risk the chance of me getting hurt.
He nuzzled my cheek lovingly, giving my tummy a gentle pat.

I love you, baby, he whispered, softly, giving me a delicate kiss on my lips.

We kissed a minute, gently breaking off shortly after. He released me from his hold, coming around in front of me.
He smiled, as he gazed at me.

Bending his head down, he gently kissed my stomach. Straightening again, he nudged my cheek, teleporting shortly after.
I sighed in content, and began waiting.

As Mew approached the large double doors, they began opening, as if on command. A few seconds later, they stopped moving, a dull bang echoing throughout the room. Mew began waiting for Sabrina, as she timidly walked inside. She gazed at her surroundings, staring in awe.

This place is like a temple, she remarked to her.

It does take a while at getting used to it, Mew replied, truthfully, But it's home.

Sabrina looked at her.

The Gym was your home, not this place, she answered.

Mew scowled.

I choose where I want to live, and I chose to stay here, she said, I also chose to stay because of Ki.

Where is she, anyway? Sabrina demanded, I want to see her.

You will, in a minute, Mew replied, There's someone else, though, you need to see first.

Who? she inquired, curiously.

Me, came the answer from a male voice.

Suddenly, Sabrina heard a creak behind her, and she quickly turned around. To her horror, she saw the doors were starting to shut.
A few seconds later, they tightly closed together, sealing her in.

What's going on? she asked, frightened, turning back to Mew.

Instead of Mew's voice, she heard the new voice start speaking.

Your fear is understandable, it told her, However, you will not be harmed, unless you harm me.

Who are you, and what do you want?! Sabrina shouted, to the empty room, wildly turning her head to locate the voice's source.

My name is Mewtwo, came the voice's reply, calmly, And this is Ki, and I's home.

Where is Ki? she asked, agitatedly, What have you done with her?

Ki is safe, the voice assured her, And she'll always be.

Perhaps, it added, I should reveal to you my true form. So that you are more comfortable with talking to flesh, and blood.

The air in front of Sabrina suddenly began wavering. Within a few moments, a solid form appeared.
The form of a tall, purple, cat-like Pokemon. Sabrina gasped in fear, and awe.
Mewtwo smirked at her reaction.

Don't worry, I won't hurt you, he told her, As I said before, not unless you hurt me, or Ki.

I would never hurt Ki, Sabrina protested.

I know you wouldn't, he answered, But forgive me for being cautious.

You'll see why in a moment, he added, smiling.

A few things I need to discuss with you, before I let you see her, he continued, Number one, and most important, is that Ki, and I are mates.

He watched as Sabrina's eyes began widening in shock, and horror.

That's sick! she bursted out.

He winced inwardly.
He was expecting this, but it hurt nevertheless.

That's where number two comes in, he replied, Ki is half Pokemon. A Mew, like myself. I am also half human, but very little.

I find that hard to believe, Sabrina answered, disdainfully.

Ki is half Mew, Mew suddenly spoke up, A blood test would confirm it true.

I'll accept it, for now, Sabrina replied, However, I will be investigating it further, later, because I am not convinced.

Lastly, number three, Mewtwo interrupted, Before you see Ki, I have to warn you about her current condition.

What?! Why?! Sabrina demanded, angrily, You didn't do anything to her, did you?!

No, he told her, icily, And quite frankly, I'm insulted you would think so.

He turned, and began walking away, feeling ready to dispose of her. She was annoying, more so than Mew.
Plus, she wasn't trusting, and she didn't take anyone's word for their explanations.

Wait! he was suddenly called back.

He stopped walking, and turned around, facing Sabrina. Her angry expression was gone, a look of remorse replacing it.
She looked up directly into his eyes, his gaze meeting hers.

I'm sorry, she told him, softly.

For a minute, he just stared at her, not sure as to whether to accept her apology. She did create a lot of trouble just by talking, and her words had stung him more than she knew.
As much as he wanted to, he couldn't hold a grudge on her. By refusing to let her see Ki. His mate's words were echoing in his mind. As he remembered how she forgave the trainer Ash for his harsh words.

You can't forgive yourself, if you can't forgive others, she had told him.

Mewtwo knew she was right, and he felt himself beginning to smile.
She always did manage to say something that helped him.

It is forgiven, he answered Sabrina, quietly.

She gave him a relieved smile.

Would you like to see Ki now? he asked.

Yes, I would, she replied.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment, quickly teleporting.
Sabrina gasped at his sudden exit. Staring at the empty space in astonishment.

Where did he go? she inquired, to Mew.

Mew smiled at her reaction, knowing she was scared.
After a meeting like that, anyone would.

To get Ki, she answered, He won't be long.

A few minutes later, I saw a blue light beginning to appear, and I knew he was returning. The light faded, a second later, and he was standing near me.
He walked over to me, gently embracing me. He nestled his face in my hair, giving a soft sigh.

Your sister is wanting to see you, he told me, quietly, Are you ready?

Yes, I replied, softly.

He gave a deep sigh.

I wish we did not have to do this, he said, It's going to be just like it was with those trainers. Only this time, it's going to be a hell of a lot worse.

Because I'm pregnant? I inquired.

That, he answered, And finding out there is someone else even more of a pain in the ass than Mew.

I chuckled.

She is not the easiest person to live with, I admitted.

Tell me about it, he replied, smiling, I had a hard time trying to keep myself from hurting her.

We've gotten this far, I pointed out, quietly, At least we'll be able to finish without any fatalities.

I hope so, he answered, softly.

He, then, gave me a soft kiss on my lips. Gently breaking off, shortly after.
He smiled, giving my swollen tummy a ginger pat.

Shall we go show her now? he asked.

Yes, I said, grinning.

He nudged my cheek lovingly, gently holding me closer against him. He, then, teleported us.
Reappearing, seconds later, in the main hall.

Sabrina let out a startled gasp, surprising her by appearing unexpectedly. Normally, she wouldn't have thought it to be so unusual, but she was still nervous about Mewtwo. Her face broke into a smile, as she saw me.

It's good to see you again, Ki, she told me, I've been really worried, and Mew hasn't said a word.

I did tell you something, Mew protested, I said that she was fine, and she was happy where she's living.

You didn't tell me about him, Sabrina countered, gesturing to Mewtwo, And you didn't tell me what kind of relationship he had with Ki.

You should consider yourself lucky; with them being the way they are, Mew retorted, Mewtwo was ready to kick your ass all the way back to the mainland, when he found out you were here. Ki was able to reason with him, though, and calmed him down. That's why you're here now, instead of kissing dirt.

Sabrina fell silent, at an apparent loss for words.
She was lucky she hadn't been tossed out, by coming so abruptly. Demanding to see Ki, and being rude to Mewtwo.
It was their home, after all, and she invaded it. She didn't know why she wasn't tasting dirt, at this very moment.
Ki had saved her sorry ass, by negotiating with him.

She stood there, watching them for a minute. It was very clear to see that they had a very loving relationship.
Mewtwo was gently stroking her hair with his hand. Keeping her close to him protectively.
Her head was resting peacefully on his chest, a contented expression on her face.

Sabrina had never seen her so happy. She seemed radiant, almost glowing.
It was like she was a different person. She had even filled out, way too much in fact. Sabrina did a double take, her eyes widening in disbelief.

That wasn't weight gain. She was......
Oh, god! She couldn't be!

You're pregnant?! Sabrina suddenly exclaimed, to me.

I smiled at her sudden outburst, gently patting my burgeoning belly.

Six months, I announced, proudly.

Mewtwo laid a hand on my stomach, letting it rest on top.

We're expecting quintuplets, he told her, also smiling.

Sabrina looked ready to pass out.
Not only from finding out I was pregnant, but also from knowing I was carrying five babies.

How......., she started, stammering, Oh, shit! This is too much!

She began shaking her head vigorously. As if trying to clear her mind of such knowledge.
She finally subsided a minute later, taking several deep breaths. She seemed calmer now, as if accepting the overwhelming information.
She glanced back at me, and then, started smiling.

That's wonderful, she said, When are they due?

September, I answered, simply.

I just can't believe you're pregnant, she told me, still shocked, With five babies no less. It feels like a dream.

It's no dream, I answered, grinning, I am honestly pregnant with quintuplets, and I couldn't be happier.

I realize that, she replied, But it's just that the father is.......

A Pokemon? I finished, becoming agitated, my grin instantly fading.

I didn't like where this was going.

Well, yeah, Sabrina admitted, It's not right. You're not a Pokemon, and mating with one, plus becoming pregnant with his offspring, is against nature.

Also, she started to add, but I suddenly cut her off.

Listen to me, Sabrina, I began, angrily, How I live my life is no concern of yours. If I choose to mate with Mewtwo, I will.

As far as species go, I continued, I don't care whether I'm a human or a Pokemon, which is my true species, I love him. I will bear him these children, and as many more as he desires. So, I don't need you butting into our affairs.

Be reasonable, Ki, you can't, she started to protest, but her telepath suddenly froze.

My eyes were glowing amethyst, using Disable on her.

Do not tell me what to do! I hissed, furiously, I am nineteen years old, I'm not a baby anymore! I can make my own decisions, and right now, I'm deciding you should leave!

I dissipated my power, freeing her of paralysis.
I turned away from her, the mere sight of her making me sick.

Ki, please, think about what you're doing, she pleaded me.

Leave, I repeated, coldly, ignoring her.

I won't! she answered, angrily, Not until you come to your senses!

Did she not tell you to leave, bitch?! Mewtwo suddenly snarled at her.

He left my side, starting to advance towards her.

I...., Sabrina stuttered, taking a step back.

Suddenly, she stopped, and began holding her ground. She fixed her gaze on Mewtwo, who had stopped within arms length of her, staring angrily into his eyes.
The look she got from him, in return, nearly sent her running. It was an expression of murder.
He wanted to kill her.

Perhaps you need an escort, his chilling voice echoed inside her head, Allow me to do the honors.

His body began glowing deep ice blue. The energy became more intense shortly after, turning the glow into a dark blue flame.
His eyes were burning a cold blue, focusing them directly at Sabrina. Her body started glowing blue, as well.
Raising his right arm, Mewtwo began lifting her off the ground, as he used Telekinesis. Then, his mind concentrated on the doors.

Behind her, Sabrina heard the doors opening, and to her horror, realized what he was intending to do. Suddenly, Mewtwo jerked his arm, sending her flying across the room. Sabrina began screaming, as she was hurled through the doors. A blast of warm air hitting her body, as she emerged outdoors.
She, then, touched the ground. Landing hard on the balcony floor, shortly after.

She started sliding across it, finally slamming her side into the railing.
No sooner than she stopped, that her eyes met a pair of pale lavender, two-toed, feet. Standing directly in front of her face.
She lifted up her head a bit, getting a better look at the person attached to them. Her eyes meeting an angry Mewtwo, who was baring his teeth at her in fury.

Leave, he hissed, And never darken this place with your presence ever again. If I so much as sense your Psychic signature within the vicinity of this island, I will not hesitate in killing you.

He, then, bent down to her level. Grabbing her jacket collar tightly in his hand. He roughly yanked her to her feet. Then, pushing her hard away from him.
Sabrina reeled back a bit from the force, but regained her balance shortly after.

Now, go, Mewtwo ordered her.

She didn't need to be told twice. In a flash of white light, she quickly teleported, leaving the island.
Mewtwo glared at the empty spot, snorting angrily. He turned around, then, walking back inside the palace.
Shutting the doors behind him with a hard bang.

Mew had watched everything in silence. Feeling ashamed of Sabrina's behavior, and the conflict it had caused.
She felt like it was her fault, because it had been her responsibility in preventing this.

No, it isn't, Mewtwo told her, suddenly, reading her thoughts, She was the only one who was at fault.

She insulted Ki, as well as myself, he continued, She is just fortunate that she isn't dead now.

He fell silent, sensing that something was not quite right. He felt as if something was missing.
He scanned his eyes around the room, finding it was empty. Realizing, then, that his mate was gone.
For some reason, he started panicking.

Where is she, Mew? he asked her, agitatedly.

She went to the bedroom after you left to go after Sabrina, she replied, quietly.

She's all right, though, she added, quickly, seeing his worried expression, I think she was just upset by Sabrina's words.

That qualifies as being all right? he demanded, Not in my book.

He, then, teleported.
A remorseful Mew watching him disappear. *****************************

I left the main hall, soon after Mewtwo went for Sabrina. Going to our bedroom, and laying down on the bed on my side.
I felt one of the babies giving a kick, and I laid a hand on my stomach. Before I knew it, I was crying, my face buried in the pillow.
Why? Why did Sabrina have to say that?

I didn't care if he was a Pokemon, I loved him regardless of his species. I'm also happy to be carrying his offspring.
Though, now, I was far from happy. I felt devastated, completely upset.
It would be hard to forgive Sabrina, later, for doing this to us.

I was still crying when I suddenly felt a soft hand on my cheek.
Beginning to stroke it gently.

Shh, my angel, a soothing voice whispered, Don't cry.

I lifted my head from the pillow, seeing Mewtwo sitting on the bed next to me. I sat up, and leaned against him, and started sobbing in his fur.
I felt his arm wrapping carefully around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Even with me being nearly six months pregnant, he set me in his lap.
Cradling my head gingerly against his chest with his hand, he slowly began rocking me.

Shh, baby, he whispered, softly, She's gone now, everything's all right.

I'm sorry, I choked out, quietly, I'm so sorry.

Sorry for what, baby? he replied, softly, You're not at fault for what happened, she is.

But I was the one who wanted her to stay, I protested, It's my fault for convincing you to let her.

I buried my face deeper in his fur, feeling more tears pouring down my cheeks.
He drew his arms gently closer around me, resting his head gingerly on mine.

Baby, please don't cry, he pleaded me, his voice starting to waver, Please.

It's not your fault, in any way, he continued, You didn't know she would say those things. She even had me fooled. Especially after she told me she was sorry for what she said to me, before I brought you. I wanted to throw her out then, when she said it, but her apology afterwards seemed genuine. So, I let her stay, but nothing could've prepared me for what she said to us later.

He paused a moment.

Especially about us mating, with you becoming pregnant as a result, he began, again, It cut into my heart deeper than she'll ever imagine. When she made that remark about me being their father, and telling you to come to your senses about it. I.....

He stopped, as his voice started wavering.
He, then, took a deep breath.

I......., he tried again, but his voice cracked.

Tears suddenly began streaming down his cheeks, and he nestled his face in my hair. He started sobbing quietly, his tears falling softly through my hair.
Having no other way to comfort him, I wrapped my arms around his waist, and just simply held him.

A minute later, he started quieting down, his tears coming less frequent. After another minute, they finally subsided, and he became completely quiet.
He lifted his face from my hair, a few tears still lingering on his cheeks.

I released an arm from around him, and lifted it up to his face. Gingerly brushing away the tears with my hand.
I lowered my arm down afterwards, taking his hand in mine.

Are you all right, my love? I asked him, softly.

Yes, he answered, quietly.

He gazed at our positions, and suddenly started smiling.

This feels a bit awkward, he remarked, I should be comforting you, not you comforting me.

However, he added, gently nudging my cheek, It did make me feel better, and I wouldn't want anyone else but you to succeed at it.

I smiled as well, resting my head softly on his chest. He bent his face down to mine, giving me a delicate kiss on my lips.
We kissed a few minutes, and then, gently breaking off. A couple of the babies started kicking, afterwards, and I began grinning.

I think these little guys want some attention, too, I told him, giving my middle a soft pat.

He started grinning, as well. Resting his hand on my tummy, he began rubbing it gently.
He laid his head gingerly on mine, giving a contented sigh.

I cannot wait until they're born, he said, quietly, I'm anxious to see them, to hold them.

I smiled.

Neither can I, I answered, softly.

He gently nudged my cheek lovingly.
He, then, stopped rubbing my tummy, and just simply let his hand rest on top. I slipped my hand over his.
One of the babies began kicking, a minute later, and we both smiled.

The next three months passed by rather quickly, and it was now late August. I was about two weeks from my due date, and we were both very excited.
The nursery, and the adjacent hallway, had been built two months ago. A lot of time, and effort, had gone into it.
Making sure it was absolutely perfect.

It was well-furnished, and beautifully decorated.
The walls were painted with a sunset theme. There were different shades of blue, red, orange, pink, and, of course, lavender all mixed in.
He had done a wonderful job at painting them.

The furniture he got for the nursery was nearly top of the line.
The five cribs, and two rocking chairs it had were made of cherry oak. A changing table was also made of cherry oak, and two nightstands as well.
Each one had a lamp on its top, which were specially decorated for such a room.

We had an abundancy of supplies for the babies, as well. Blankets, diapers, and toys, mostly stuffed animals.
We didn't get bottles, or formula, because we decided on breast-feeding them. It was healthier, and one didn't have to mess with preparing five bottles.
Two could nurse at the same time, one on each breast.

Yes, everything was ready. All we needed now was the babies.
It was early one morning a few days later, on the first of September.

Mewtwo was not home, having gone out to get breakfast.
Mew, and I were alone, sitting in the living quarters. I sat in an easy chair, while she had chosen to lie on the carpet on her stomach.
We were both reading, taking the advantage of our time together.

It had been a while since we last had times like these, being alone, and I occasionally missed them. Of course, he would always be first when it came to spending time alone. It would be time that would become even more precious, after the babies were born. Smiling, I laid my book down beside me, giving my burgeoning belly a soft pat.
I was almost less than a week from my due date.

The babies had dropped lower, my stomach becoming more rounded from their positions. I appeared very close to popping.
They were not as active now, as they have been. Sometimes a whole day would go by without a single movement, and it often left me worried.
That is, until I would feel one of them start kicking again, as if reassuring me they were all right.

They were moving around today, but very little. It was a sluggish movement, almost like no movement at all.
Suddenly, a sharp, stabbing, pain went through my belly.

Ow, I said, softly, laying a hand on my stomach.

This pain wasn't from one of them kicking me, it was different. It was sharper, more intense.
Having spoken aloud, Mew lifted up her head from her book, and looked at me worriedly.

Ki? she asked, concerned, What's wrong?

I don't know, I replied, truthfully.

A second later, another sharp pain knifed through my middle.
More intense than the previous.

Ouch! I cried out, involuntarily, clutching my stomach.

I leaned back in the chair, then, starting to breathe heavily. I moaned in pain, as I felt another stab rippling through me.
Mew quickly sprang up from the floor, flying over to me.

My god, you're in labor! she cried, in alarm.

No, not now!
I couldn't have these babies, not without him!

Get Mewtwo, I told her, immediately after, Contact him, and let him know what's happening.

I winced, as another pain shot through my belly.

Tell him, I continued, with difficulty, To get Nurse Joy, and bring her here.

I gave a small cry, as I felt another sharp stab.

Now! I yelled, in pain.

She didn't need to be told twice.

He didn't mind going out to get breakfast for her, but he couldn't help wishing she had chosen something a bit different. She wanted, of all things, chocolate, and first thing in the morning no less.
However, that wasn't quite so bizarre, as her previous cravings.

He had gotten her everything from Pinkan berries to tapioca. The tapioca had been the easiest to retrieve, because the cassava plants grew like weeds on the shore.
The Pinkan berries, though, was another matter all together.

Getting the berries had proved difficult, especially with a rampaging Ryhorn. That problem was easily remedied during his first visit, however, and it didn't come within two miles of him now.
He wouldn't have to go back, though, for a long time. She was less than a week from her due date, and the babies would finally be born.
He smiled, giving a dreamy sigh.

He began flying over a small town, one that was closest to home. He didn't want to be very far from the palace, least she should need him.
He was about to make a descend, towards it, when a sharp pain in his stomach caught him by surprise. He steadied himself quickly, as he began wavering from the shock.

What in god's name brought that on? he questioned himself.

He felt another stab, duller this time. It was just as painful, though, as the previous. Something was wrong. Not with himself, but her.

The babies, he said, suddenly, a loud.

Oh, god! Something was happening to both them and her.
He had to get back.

Making a u-turn, he hurriedly began flying back to the island. He hadn't been flying for very long, when a voice suddenly began speaking inside his head.
He stopped to listen to it, floating in midair.

Mewtwo, it began, Drop whatever you're doing, and listen to me carefully.

He recognized the voice as being Mew's.

What the hell is going on? he demanded her, What is wrong with Ki, and the babies?

She is in labor, she answered, The babies are on their way as we speak.

For a minute, he was absolutely speechless. Then, without warning, he gave a joyous shout.
Turning a somersault in the air, a huge grin on his face.

Mewtwo, Mew began, again, I know you're excited, but right now Ki needs medical assistance. She says for you to get Nurse Joy, and bring her to the palace.

The grin left his face, as his expression began turning serious.

How is she? he asked, concerned.

She's in a lot of pain, she replied, And she's not breathing very well.

He felt a sense of panic come over him.
He didn't want to lose her, or them. He had to get help.

Stay with her, he told Mew, Make sure she is as comfortable as possible. I'll be back with Nurse Joy as soon as I can.

He, then, teleported in mid-air. Arriving at Pallet Town's Pokemon Centre a few seconds later.
This time around, he wasn't as fortunate in avoiding any trainers, and he managed to frighten the three that were there. They seemed familiar, but he had no time to figure it out.
He walked quickly to Nurse Joy's desk, who was watching him approach.

"What brings you here?" she asked him, cheerfully.

I've no time to explain, he answered, coming around the desk to her, Just come with me, for now, and I'll tell you when we get there.

He picked her up in his arms, teleporting them immediately after. Within seconds, they reappeared at the palace, inside the main hall.
Mewtwo set Nurse Joy down on her feet. She gazed at her surroundings in wonder.

"Oh, my," she remarked, softly, in awe.

Now that we are here, he began, I'll explain.

She turned to face him.

Ki is in labor, he told her, smiling, She's going to have the babies today.

We are requesting your help, he continued, seriously, his smile fading, I'm afraid she's having some complications, from what I've heard.

"Of course I'll help," Joy replied, smiling, "Just tell me where she is."

Uh...., he started, hesitantly.

She's in here, Mew suddenly spoke, appearing in the doorway of the living quarters.

Joy gasped in surprise.

"A Mew," she stated.

Nice to meet you, too, she replied, Now, come on.

She ducked back inside the room, disappearing from their view.
Without another word, Mewtwo, and Nurse Joy, followed her.

I watched as Mew flew out of the room for a moment. Coming back in immediately after.
There was someone here.

Who's here? I asked her, wincing as I felt another painful stab in my belly.

Mewtwo, she answered, And Nurse Joy.

I sighed in relief, laying back farther in the chair. A minute later, he appeared in the doorway, with Nurse Joy behind him.
I smiled at him, as he began walking over to me. Stopping beside the chair.
Gently laying a hand on my tummy, he began smiling.

Are they really coming, today? he asked me, softly.

Yes, I replied, quietly, grinning.

He nudged my cheek lovingly, beginning to touch his lips to mine. He began kissing me softly, passionately.
We kissed a few minutes, gently breaking off afterwards. Another sharp stab ripped through my belly, then, and I quietly began moaning in pain.
He gave me a look of alarm, and panic, taking his hand off my stomach.

Are you all right, baby? he asked me, worriedly.

It hurts, I told him, trying to bite back tears, It really hurts.

I know it does, my angel, he answered, softly, I know it hurts.

Isn't there anything you can do for her? he demanded to Nurse Joy, shifting his gaze in her direction.

"No, I'm sorry," she replied, sadly, "If I did, I would give it to her."

Ow, I moaned, again, as another ripple of pain went through.

Shh, he whispered, soothingly, beginning to stroke my hair.

I relaxed to his touch, becoming a bit more comfortable. The pain eased a bit, then, coming not quite so frequently as before.
It was about a few minutes later, when I suddenly felt a rush of warm liquid. From between my legs.
A little bit began running down them. Coming out through my pant leg, and dripping on the carpet.

"I think your water just broke," Nurse Joy remarked to me, eyeing the few drops of liquid on the floor, "Which means you will progress much more rapidly now."

"I'll have to get you ready for delivery very soon," she added.

She glanced at Mewtwo.

"Do you have a room where I can take her, so she'll be more comfortable lying down?" she asked.

I have a small clinic, he replied, Everything you would possibly need is there.

"That would be perfect," she answered, smiling, "Let's take her there now, shall we?"

Yes, he agreed.

He, then, picked me up in his arms. Starting to carry me to the door.
He was quickly followed by Nurse Joy. Mew flying closely behind her.

The clinic was not far from the living quarters, being located near the back of the palace.
The door to it was closed, but using his powers, it quickly opened. We walked inside shortly after.
The room was large, being designed to resemble a real Pokemon Centre.

There were shelves, and cabinets all lined with Pokemon medicines, including painkillers. A hospital-like bed occupied one corner of the room, and Mewtwo began walking towards it.
Stopping at its side, he carefully laid me on it, making sure I was comfortable. I settled back in the pillows, sighing deeply.
Nurse Joy came over, then, coming to stand on the bed's opposite side.

"I need you to pull down your pants," she told me, "So I can see how far dilated you are."

With her help, I began pulling my pants down, exposing my greatly swollen middle. She took my pants on off, laying them on a chair. She, then, took a peek between my legs.
Glancing back up at me, she smiled.

"You're already three centimeters," she said, "You're progressing a lot farther than I first anticipated."

"It's possible you could have the babies before nightfall," she added.

Hopefully sooner. I didn't want to spend the next six hours in labor, especially not with the kind of pain I was having.
I suppressed the urge to moan, as another sharp stab began ripping through my belly. My face, though, was clearly expressing the pain.
Mewtwo began stroking my hair gently, trying to help in keeping me relaxed.

I closed my eyes in content, feeling the pain starting to subside. A minute later, it went away completely, and I was feeling more comfortable now.
I opened my eyes again, gazing up at him. His face showed concern, but his eyes were glowing brightly with happiness.
I smiled.

He was absolutely overwhelmed with joy that I was having the babies sooner than expected, and so was I.
I felt another stab of pain beginning to move through, and I clenched my teeth hard. Although, it was more intense than the previous, it was relatively brief.
I slowly let out a breath of air, about a minute later, beginning to relax again.

"It seems your contractions are coming every five minutes," Nurse Joy suddenly remarked to me, "And from the looks of it, they're getting stronger."

You don't know the half of it, I replied, wearily, settling deeper in the pillows.

Mewtwo began caressing my cheek softly.
Sitting down on the bed beside me.

"I'm afraid I don't," Joy answered, "But I could give you an epidural. It will take away the pain, because you won't be able to feel it. You will feel pressure, but no actual pain."

How does it work? I asked, interested.

"Well, I inject the medication with a needle into your spine," she began, "And....."

I held up my hand, stopping her explanation.

Forget it, I told her, I'm not taking the risk of having my spine damaged, if the needle should be inserted wrong.

"But you won't be in so much pain if you do take it," Nurse Joy reasoned, "It will make the labor easier on you."

True, I answered, However, I've come this far without it. I can live with the pain.

Joy sighed, glancing at Mewtwo for help.
He shook his head.

No, he said, As much as I hate to see her suffer, I have to agree with her. It's too dangerous of a risk.

"Very well," she replied, in defeat.

Thank you for the offer, though, he told her.

She gave him a small smile.

Yes, thank you, I said, I..... Ahh!

I screamed, as a contraction began tearing through my stomach. It wasn't brief like the others, and the pain was overwhelmingly intense.
I wanted to get rid of it. It was hurting me like shit.

I have to push, I managed to say.

"No!" Nurse Joy shouted, alarmed, "Don't push, fight it!"

I have to push, I repeated, with difficulty.

"You can't push," she told me, firmly.

Please, I begged, starting to cry, Please let me push.

Why can't she push? Mewtwo demanded, angrily, to Joy.

"She's not ready," she replied, "She'll tear open her cervix if she pushes too soon. You could lose the babies."

His angry expression immediately faded, a look of devastation replacing it.
He shifted his gaze to me, his eyes starting to fill with fear.

Don't push, baby, he told me, softly, Fight it, you can do it.

I don't know if I can, I replied, breathing hard.

Yes, you can, he answered, quietly, I know you can.

Knowing he had complete faith in me, I started fighting back the urge to push. In a few minutes, the feeling left me, and I went limp with exhaustion.
My face was flushed red, sweat starting to accumulate on my forehead.

"Here," Nurse Joy said to Mewtwo, giving him a cold cloth, "Cool her down with this. We don't want her coming down with fever."

With the cloth in his hand, he gently began applying it to my hot face.
The cold felt good against my clammy skin.

I'm sorry, my angel, he whispered, softly, with tears in his voice, I didn't know this would be so hard on you.

The prize is worth it, I murmured, wearily.

He gave me a small smile, continuing to softly caress my face.
The next four hours was a total hell. I had more urges like that to push, and each time I had to fight it.
A few times, I'd start crying in frustration, after a very intense battle.

I knew it was hard for him to see me in such pain, because he felt helpless. His coaching me through the contractions, though, was helpful, and I told him so.
In which, he gave me a small grin, the first one in five hours.

In those four hours, my cervix dilated another two centimeters, making me at five centimeters total. However, I was only halfway, and had another five to go before I could deliver.
The waiting was just as hellish as fighting off pushing.

I drifted in and out of sleep during the more calmer moments. The strain of having to resist pushing wore me out quite a bit, and I slept whenever I could.
A contraction, though, would wake me as I was getting deeper in sleep, and I would have to deal with it.

Time seemed to creep by, making a minute seem like an hour. Three hours did manage to pass, however, and by that time I had been in labor for nine hours.
The sun was going down, and it was getting dark. Plus, I was only seven centimeters dilated!
It was taking a little longer than Nurse Joy predicted.

I wanted to scream.
Here I've been thinking I would already have the babies by this time. Instead, I was still three centimeters off.
Mewtwo was also a bit upset with the delay, but he still waited with patience.

Meanwhile, Joy, and Mew had grown a bit impatient, striking up a card game between them.
They were playing the ever popular Go Fish.

Got any fives? Mew asked.

"Go Fish," Joy replied.

I looked at Mewtwo, rolling my eyes. He began chuckling quietly, and I smiled. After playing Go Fish, Old Maid, Mew was it, Crazy Eights, and War, they finally abandoned the cards all together.
By then, another two and a half hours had passed, making it around ten-thirty at night.

Nurse Joy got up from her chair, walking over to the bed. Hearing her footsteps, I opened my eyes, having drifted off to sleep.
She stopped in front of me, taking a look between my legs. For a minute, she just stared, blinking her eyes in astonishment.
Then, she glanced up at me, and began smiling.

"Ready to push?" she asked.

I stared at her in total shock.
Did she really mean it? Was I ready to have the babies?

I shifted my gaze to Mewtwo, who was grinning happily.
I started smiling.

You bet I am, I answered her.

She nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Then, we'll need blankets," she replied, "That way we can wrap them up when they're born, so they won't catch a chill."

The blankets are in the nursery, Mewtwo informed her, I'll have to get them.

I'll do it, Mew volunteered, You need to stay with Ki.

Do you know where they are? he asked.

Yes, she answered.

She teleported, then, returning shortly after with five blankets.
Each one was a different color. A yellow, a blue, a pink, a lavender, and a red.
Nurse Joy took the pile from Mew, setting them in a chair.

She, then, walked over to the side of the bed. She proceeded to pull up my shirt out of the way of my legs, revealing my rounded tummy.
In a way, I would miss having it like that, until my next pregnancy. I liked being pregnant, especially knowing whose offspring I was pregnant with.
We would have to start at it again soon, a little while after these were born.

Nurse Joy shooed Mewtwo off the bed, shortly after.
Sitting down in a chair instead.

"Ok, Ki," she began, "Lift your knees up, and put your feet on the bed."

I did what I was told, feeling awkward with the new position.

"Now," she continued, "When you feel a contraction coming on, push when I tell you. Keep pushing until I say stop."

I nodded my head, and began waiting. A few minutes passed, and nothing came. Suddenly, a contraction came on with such force, I was almost too stunned to react. The pain was absolutely murder, and I started screaming.

"Push!" Nurse Joy yelled, over my screams, "Push, Ki, push hard!"

Bearing down on my middle, I began pushing with all my strength. I screamed louder, as I felt something beginning to rip between my legs.
The contraction stopped a minute later, and I couldn't push anymore. I laid back against the pillows, breathing heavily.

"You did great," Joy praised me, "I can almost see a head."

"Wait for another one like that," she added, "And push like you did before."

I waited about a minute, before another started to rip through my belly. It was just as intense as the previous.
Bearing down immediately, I began pushing as hard as I could. I screamed, as I felt the ripping between my legs again.

"Push!" Joy told me, "That's it! Push, push hard!"

I gave one more hard push, before the contraction left me.

"You did!" she cried, "You delivered the first baby. It's a boy, and......"

She trailed off suddenly, and I started panicking.
There wasn't anything wrong with him, was there?

"Oh my god!" she whispered, in astonishment.

What's wrong? Mewtwo, and I both asked her together.

She stood up, and in her arms she was holding a baby Mewtwo.

Oh, my! I gasped, softly.

He was adorable, the spitting image of his father. Since his eyes were closed, we couldn't tell if he had the same eye color as well.
He definitely had his father's spirit, though, as Nurse Joy was having trouble holding him. He was thrashing wildly in her arms, emitting a high-pitched squeak.
I winced. He certainly had a set of lungs on him.

"Give me a blanket, Mewtwo," she told him, "Before I drop him."

You better not, he warned, taking his eyes off his son to get one.

He chose the blue one, handing it to Joy.
She took it, and he watched her carefully as she began wrapping the little Mewtwo in it.

"There," she announced, when she was finished, "All done."

The baby began crying loudly, trying hard to squirm out of his blanket prison.

"Here, you take him," Joy said to Mewtwo, "He doesn't like me very much."

He smiled, gingerly taking the baby from her arms. Gently cradling him in the crook of his arm.
The little Mewtwo stopped fussing suddenly, giving a soft coo. He nestled closer to his father, giving a contented sigh.

I will never forget the look Mewtwo got on his face, as he held our son. It was an expression of peace, and absolute joy.
I smiled, as he began walking over to me. He stopped at the side of the bed, and carefully began placing the baby in my arms.
He was absolutely precious, and very small.

He's so tiny, I remarked, softly, And beautiful. He's perfect.

Yes, he is, my love, Mewtwo replied, quietly, nudging my cheek lovingly.

What shall we name him? I asked.

He thought for a minute.

Perhaps we could name him Damian, he answered, It means to tame.

He started grinning.

Knowing that he's like myself, he will need taming, he added.

I gave a small chuckle.

He is spirited, I agreed, But that's what makes him, and you, a fighter.

He nuzzled my cheek gently, giving me a soft kiss on my lips. We didn't linger for very long, because another contraction suddenly began tearing through my belly.
Seeing the pain expressing on my face, he quickly, gently, broke the hold on our lips. He, then, gingerly took Damian from me, and into his arms.

Nurse Joy quickly walked over to the bed, positioning herself to receive the oncoming baby.
Bearing down on my stomach, I gave a hard push, feeling the baby starting to emerge from between my legs.

"One more push, Ki!" Joy told me, encouragingly.

I gave another hard push, and then, started screaming in pain. As I felt the baby tearing through.
A couple of seconds later, it slipped out completely, and into Nurse Joy's waiting hands.

"It's a girl," she announced, afterwards.

She came around to Mewtwo, and I, cradling the baby Mewtwo. She was small, like her older brother, and very pretty.
Her fur was colored a light emerald. With the exception of her stomach, and tail, which was a dark emerald.
Nurse Joy picked up the yellow blanket on her way to us, gently wrapping the baby in it.

She came to me, afterwards, gingerly placing her in my arms.
Mewtwo walked over to the bedside, then, and we began admiring our daughter together.

She looks just like you, he remarked, softly, to me.

He gently began stroking her fur with his finger. All of a sudden, a tiny, three-fingered, hand shot out from under the blanket, and held on to his finger.
The baby had a tight grip on it, too. Making it seem as if she would never let go of her father's finger.

She has a very strong hand, for such a little one, he said, amazed.

Little strong one, I suddenly mused, a loud, thinking.

He glanced at me, beginning to smile.

You have a name for her, don't you? he answered.

I do, I replied, smiling.

Brianna is the perfect name for her, I told him, It means just that.

It fits her well, he answered, nudging my cheek lovingly.

He delicately slipped his finger from Brianna's hold, then, carefully tucking her hand back in the blanket.
Suddenly, I laid a free hand on my tummy, feeling another contraction starting to come.

Ready for another? I asked him, grinning.

He started grinning, as well.

Yes, he replied.

I carefully placed Brianna in his other arm, Damian occupying his right.
Not even waiting for Nurse Joy, I began pushing.

"Ki, wait!" I heard her tell me, frantically, "Don't start without me!"

She quickly hurried over to the bed, taking the same position as before.

"Ok, now you can push," she said.

A little late, don't you think? I replied, irritably.

She just smiled.

"In a bit of a hurry, aren't we?" she remarked.

You try having five babies, and see how you like pushing for over an hour, I retorted.

She didn't say anything more, but she still remained smiling.
Bearing down harder on my stomach, I felt the baby starting to come through.

"That's it, Ki," Joy encouraged me, "Keep pushing."

Will you shut up? I told her, straining.

The baby began slipping out, then, and I gave a scream of pain as it tore through. A second later, Nurse Joy was holding it in her arms, carefully cleaning it off.
Having delivered the baby, I wearily fell back on the pillows, giving an exhausted sigh.

I noticed my belly was starting to flatten. Only a small roundness was visible now, indicating the two remaining babies.
I would soon deliver those as well, and my pregnancy would officially come to an end. Even though I was going through hell right now with these, I couldn't wait to do it all over again.

"It's a boy," Nurse Joy suddenly said, interrupting my thoughts.

I gazed the little baby Mewtwo in her arms, admiring his coloring.
He was an exceptionally bright blue, like Mew's eyes. With an equally bright white stomach, and tail.

I glanced over at Mewtwo, finding that he was also looking at our son.
He, too, thought his coloring was a bit out of the ordinary. Especially since, there were no colors of the sort that were visible on us.
Although, since the blue was the same color as Mew's eyes, the Mew in our DNA was responsible for the baby's blue coloring.

He is quite remarkable, isn't he? he told me, softly, in awe.

Yes, I agreed, quietly, He is.

The baby Mewtwo gave a crying squeak, unfamiliar with the person who was holding him. He knew by their scent that it was a female, but she wasn't his mother.
His mother had a sweet scent, like musk. This one smelled like medicine, and he didn't like it.
He wanted his mother, not her, and he began crying louder.

I heard the baby starting to cry, and I immediately knew what was wrong.

Bring him to me, I told Nurse Joy, quietly.

She nodded her head, picking up the red blanket on the chair. She carefully began wrapping him snugly in it, carrying him over to the bed shortly after.
She gingerly placed the still crying little Mewtwo in my arms. The instant he left her arms for mine, he immediately stopped crying.

I cradled him gently, giving his forehead a soft kiss.
He snuggled up closer to me in the blanket, giving a contented squeak.

"He already knows who his mother is," Joy remarked, softly, smiling.

And why wouldn't he? Mewtwo answered her, He's intelligent enough to know that you're not his mother, and she is.

He walked over to the bed, then, stopping close to me.
He watched the baby thoughtfully, appearing to considering something. I knew he was trying to think of a name for him, and I was as well.
Suddenly, I thought of one.

Morgan, we both said in unison.

I smiled, and he started grinning.

I guess we thought of it together, he told me.

I guess we did, I replied.

Then, Morgan it shall be, he answered, nuzzling my cheek.

I grinned, and gently held the baby Mewtwo closer.
Morgan was the perfect name for him. The meaning of it is great, and bright, and he was certainly very intelligent for being so young.
The name also means sea dweller, and his blue color not only resembled Mew's eyes, but the ocean as well. His stomach, and tail was like the white crest of a wave.
Yes, the name definitely suited him.

I shifted my gaze from the baby to Mewtwo, who was looking at him longingly. I smiled, knowing why.

Would you like to hold him? I inquired, quietly.

He smiled as well, nodding his head.

Yes, he answered.

He, then, glanced down at his arms. Seeing that he was still holding Damian, and Brianna, leaving no room for another.
He looked back up at me, grinning sheepishly.

I think that may be a problem, he said.

I gave a light chuckle.

I'll take Damian, then, I told him, That will give me the chance to see him again.

He agreed, gingerly placing the baby Mewtwo in the crook of my left arm. He carefully took Morgan from my right arm, shortly after, and into his.
The little Mewtwo fussed a bit, but then, began settling down peacefully.

He knew that this new person was his father. Not only by the male scent, but because he smelled the same as his mother, like musk.
Morgan sighed softly in content, snuggling up closer against him.

I smiled warmly at the little blue Mewtwo. Watching him take an instant attraction to his father.
Damian, on the other hand, was not happy with the switch. He started crying, emitting a series of high-pitched squeaks.
He didn't like being separated from Mewtwo, and he was clearly expressing his disapproval.

I gently cradled the crying baby Mewtwo against me, slowly beginning to rock him.

Shh, little one, I whispered; softly, It's all right.

Damian began quieting down immediately, starting to relax into the rocking. He nestled down in his blanket, pressing his tiny body closer against mine.
I smiled, delicately kissing his soft cheek. It was astounding at how much he resembled his father, like a miniature version of him.
The baby Mewtwo gave a yawn, suddenly, opening his tiny mouth wide.

He's tired, I remarked, quietly, to Mewtwo.

He glanced at me, giving a small smile.

As well as these two, he replied, softly, giving Morgan, and Brianna a gentle kiss on their foreheads.

They both gave tired yawns, then, nestling down in their blankets.
We both smiled.

It's best if we put them to bed, he told me, quietly.

Yes, I agreed, It is late, close to midnight, and they've had a stressing day.

However, though, he continued, I don't like the idea of leaving them alone in the nursery. We will need someone to watch them.

We both looked in Mew's direction, then, who was sitting on the arm of a chair. She felt us staring at her, and glanced over towards the bed.
She immediately knew our reason why.

Ohh, no, she said, quickly, flying up off her perch, Nah uh, no way. I am not baby-sitting.

Tough, Mewtwo answered, Get used to it, because you'll be doing it quite often from now on.

There is no way I am wasting my time baby-sitting your kids, she retorted.

He narrowed his eyes angrily at her.

How else will you earn your keep, then? he asked her, in a low voice.

He had her there. As much as she hated to admitting it, he was right.
How else would she earn her right to living here?

She'd only been living at the palace for this long because they made an agreement to the conditions of her being here. One of the conditions was completing tasks that were given to her when asked, or told.
Much like chores.

Aside from that one major condition, she was pretty much free to live here. It had been very generous, on his part, that she was given such access.
It was not often she would be asked to do something, so she had no real reason to complain.

All right, she told him, quietly.

He smiled, then, nodding his head in approval.

Good, he replied, simply.

He glanced towards Nurse Joy, who was standing by the bed.

I'll need you to help me, he said to her, I can't carry all three.

She smiled.

"All right," she answered, "I'll take the one from Ki."

She shifted her gaze to me, eyeing the baby Mewtwo.

"May I have him?" she asked, quietly.

I glanced down at Damian, who was breathing deeply. He was asleep.
I smiled warmly at him, giving his cheek a soft kiss.

Pleasant dreams, little one, I whispered to him, quietly.

He stirred slightly, nestling up closer to me.
He settled back down again, giving a soft sigh of content.

I don't think he's going anywhere right now, I remarked, softly, smiling.

"I know," Joy replied, "But he needs to go with his siblings to the nursery. He can sleep there."

I sighed with disappointment, not ready to give him up.
He seemed so peaceful, and happy sleeping in my arms, and I didn't have the heart to disturb him. However, he would be more comfortable with sleeping in a crib, than in my arms.
I gazed at the baby Mewtwo tearfully, giving his forehead a delicate kiss.

Here, I told Nurse Joy, softly, holding out the baby to her.

She carefully took him into her arms, gently cradling him against her.

"He'll be all right," she said to me, quietly.

I gave her a small, sad, smile.
I watched her as she carried Damian over to Mewtwo, who was looking at me remorsefully.

I'm sorry, he sent to me, softly, I'll get her to take him back to you.

It's all right, I assured him, quietly, He needs to sleep someplace more suitable anyway.

What better place could there be, than in your arms? he answered.

I smiled.

Thank you, I replied, softly, It's best, though, for him to go. He can sleep undisturbed in the nursery.

All right, he agreed, quietly, But I hate tearing him away from you.

Don't worry, I said, I'll see him, and the others, later, and we'll have all the time in the world to spend with them.

Besides, I added, smiling, We can't forget these two.

I gently patted my slightly rounded middle, indicating the two remaining babies. He smiled as well.

Don't deliver them until I return, he answered.

I'll try not to, I replied.

He grinned.

"Well, we'd better get these to bed," Nurse Joy spoke up, suddenly, "So we can get back in time before Ki delivers the next baby."

Mewtwo nodded his head in acknowledgment, motioning her to come closer.
He watched with a smirk as she timidly began edging towards him.

You're not still afraid of me, are you? he teased her.

"Uh......," she answered, hesitantly.

He laughed.

Glad to see I haven't lost the touch, he replied.

Joy smiled, starting to relax. She walked over to him, stopping at his side.
He, then, shifted his gaze to me.

I'll come back as soon as possible, he told me, quietly, Will you be all right alone?

I will, I assured him, Don't worry.

If you are sure, he answered, slowly, unconvinced.

I smiled.

You worry too much, I said, Go on, I'll be fine.

He seemed to take a little relief in my smile.
He glanced over at Mew, then, who was still floating near the chair.

Ready? he asked her.

She nodded, flying over to him.
Within a few moments, he teleported all of them, vanishing from the room.

I sighed, nestling down in the pillows. I laid a hand on my stomach, feeling the two babies.
They were just barely moving, one a little more than the other. I felt this one beginning to move farther down, dropping in position.
Almost as soon as it did, I began having a contraction.

'Oh no!' I thought, in horror.

This can't happen now. I couldn't deliver this baby without someone here.
The contraction became painfully intense, and I began moaning. I needed to push.
I had to get this baby out.

No! I told myself, frantically, You can't push!

I started breathing heavily, trying to fight the contraction. It proved to be in vain, as it began coming on stronger.
There was no way I could keep fighting it. The pain was too much.
Bearing down on my abdomen, I started pushing.

They reappeared, seconds later, in the dark nursery. With his mind, Mewtwo turned on a lamp, lighting the room in a soft glow.
He walked over to one of the cribs, gently placing Morgan inside. The baby Mewtwo gave a small yawn, nestling down in his blanket.
Mewtwo smiled warmly at him, bending his head down to give his son's cheek a soft kiss.

Straightening again, he turned his attention to his tiny daughter, in his left arm. Who was already sleeping peacefully.
Walking to the crib beside Morgan's, he carefully laid her down on the soft mattress.

He gave her cheek a delicate kiss, and then, began walking away towards Nurse Joy. She was already placing Damian in a third crib, on the opposite side of the room.
She smiled when he approached, stopping beside her.

"You have a very beautiful nursery," she told him, in a hushed whisper.

He smiled.

Thank you, he replied, also whispering.

He gazed down at his sleeping son, a tiny replica of himself.
It had shocked him senseless, when Joy showed the baby to him after he was born. It was though he was looking in a mirror when he looked at Damian, only younger.

Although, it was wrong to play favorites, since he still had two more on the way, he was already becoming his.
Even his mate seem to have those same feelings, as she was reluctant to let him go.

Lowering his arm inside the crib, he gently began stroking the baby Mewtwo's cheek with his finger. He had a soft cheek, as did the others.
Their fur was like the down of a baby chick. It would grow finer as they got older, becoming more sleeker in appearance.
However, he was in no hurry for them to grow up. They were perfect just the way they are now.

He drew back his arm, bending his head down to gently kiss the baby's forehead. As he began straightening again, he heard the faint, but unmistakable, sound of agonized screaming.
His blood ran cold as he realized who it was; Ki. She was having another baby, and no one was with her!

We've got to go, now! he sent frantically to Joy, She's already giving birth to another child!

She looked at him in alarm, and then, heard the screaming herself as it grew louder.

"Oh my god!" she replied, softly.

Mewtwo grabbed Nurse Joy's arm in a secure grip.
Giving a one word order to Mew.


She nodded, and watched them quickly teleporting from the room.

I gave a ear-splitting shriek of pain, as the baby began tearing through. A few seconds later, I felt it emerging from between my legs, and could just barely see a head. I pushed harder, screaming as it slipped out farther.

Suddenly, I saw an ice blue light, shimmering in the room. A second later, two solid forms appeared, the light fading.
I nearly started crying in relief, as I saw Mewtwo. Nurse Joy with him.

The baby is coming, I gasped out.

Joy quickly hurried to the bed, and I began pushing even harder.

"Just a little more," she told me, "It's almost completely out."

Mustering what strength I had left, I pushed as hard as I could. A few seconds later, the baby slipped out completely, and into Nurse Joy's waiting arms.
I, then, fell back against the bed. My strength leaving me.
Closing my eyes in weak exhaustion.

A second later, I felt a soft hand begin gently caressing my cheek, and I opened my eyes.
Mewtwo gazed at me with a frightened look in his deep amethyst eyes.

Are you all right, baby? he asked, softly.

I wish I could say yes, I murmured, weakly, But no, I'm not.

He sat down, then, on the bed, and began softly caressing my hair.
I closed my eyes, relaxing to his touch.

How is the baby? I inquired, whispering.

He looked over at Nurse Joy, who was holding the squirming baby Mewtwo in her arms.
She felt his gaze, and looked up, smiling.

"Girl," she stated, simply.

He nodded, but he already knew.
The little Mewtwo was quite pretty, with a pale pinkish-purple coloring. Her stomach, and tail was a darker pinkish-purple.
She began emitting a series of high-pitched squeaks, much like her older brother had done. Which meant, she knew also that the person holding her was not her parent.

Joy expertly began wrapping the baby in a pink blanket, carrying her to Mewtwo afterwards. She held out the baby, and he carefully took her into his arms.
The little Mewtwo stopped crying immediately. She nestled closer against him, giving a soft coo.
He smiled, giving her forehead a delicate kiss.

She's fine, my angel, he finally answered my question, softly, She's here with me.

I opened my eyes, seeing him holding our daughter.

She's pretty, I remarked, quietly.

Yes, he agreed, softly, smiling, She is.

I have a name for her, as well, he added.

I smiled.

What do you have in mind? I asked.

Anika, he replied, It means smart, beautiful child.

It's perfect, I answered.

I laid back farther in the pillows, sighing wearily.
Talking had drained the rest of my remaining strength.

You need to rest, my love, he told me, softly, Giving birth to Anika has taken a lot out of you.

I started closing my eyes, but something made me stop. Something was wrong, I could feel it.
I suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the remaining baby. I couldn't feel her anymore.
Giving a cry of alarm, I quickly sat up.

What's wrong, my angel? Mewtwo asked me, concerned, after my sudden outburst.

Something is wrong with the other baby, I replied, beginning to panic, I can't feel her.

What?! he yelled, in disbelief, standing up.

Anika began fussing at his sudden outcry, and he quickly calmed her down.

"What's wrong?" Nurse Joy asked, suddenly, noticing our distress.

The baby, I answered, frantically, Something is wrong with the other baby.

"Oh, god," she said, "I was afraid something like this would happen."

What do you mean? Mewtwo inquired.

"I mean the strain of her giving birth to your daughter has stressed the other baby," she replied, "It needs to be born now, or you could lose it."

I don't want to lose my baby, he answered, But she's not strong enough to deliver another yet.

I'll find the strength, I told him.

He looked at me, his face edged with worry.

It could be dangerous in doing it, he said, You're already so weak. I don't want to lose you too.

I'm not going to lose this baby, I replied, determined.

Bearing down on my abdomen, I started pushing hard against it. I felt the baby moving into position, and a contraction followed soon after.
I pushed with the contraction, screaming in pain. The baby starting to tear through, emerging slightly between my legs.

"Push, Ki, push!" Nurse Joy told me, "It's almost here!"

Using strength I didn't have, I pushed hard on my stomach.
The seconds seemed to crawl, as the baby began slipping out, Joy taking her in her arms.

"The baby's out," she announced, "And it's a girl."

She, then, noticed the little Mewtwo's chest was still.

"Oh, god!" she yelled, "She's not breathing!"

No, my baby. I can't lose my baby, I.....
I fell into the pillows, closing my eyes weakly. Overcome with exhaustion, and sorrow. My baby, my baby girl. I have to save her, I .....
Darkness began creeping over me, as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Nurse Joy worked frantically trying to revive the baby Mewtwo.
Mewtwo could only watch helplessly, as his daughter was dying in front of his eyes. He cradled Anika closer to him, as if in comfort.

Knowing there was only one option left, Joy placed her mouth gently over the baby's, and began using CPR. She blew two quick breaths, carefully forcing air into her lungs. Quickly, she lifted up her head. Placing two fingers on the baby's chest plate, she gingerly pushed against it.
Doing it three times.

Joy stopped, then, covering her mouth back over the baby's. She blew two more breaths, quickly following it with three pushes against the chest.
Suddenly, the little Mewtwo coughed, and started breathing. A second later, she was crying, emitting high-pitched squeaks.

Hearing a baby starting to cry, Mewtwo quickly looked in Nurse Joy's direction. He felt tears running down his cheeks as he gazed at his crying daughter, now full of life.

Thank you, he whispered, in a choked voice, to Joy, Thank you for saving her.

She gave him a small smile.

"It was no problem," she answered, "Besides, what kind of nurse would I be if I had let her die?"

Not a very good one, he replied, bluntly.

She nodded.

"Exactly," she said.

The baby Mewtwo began squirming in her arms, as if trying to break free.
Crying louder in frustration when she couldn't.

"I think she wants you guys," Joy remarked, smiling.

Mewtwo smiled as well, his tears now gone.
He picked up the lavender blanket, handing it to her. She took it, gently wrapping the baby in it.

"Meww!" she squeaked, protesting.

"Ok," Joy told her, "I'm almost done."

Mewtwo gave a small chuckle.

I think my son Damian has a bit of competition, he said.

"Looks that way," she replied, trying to hold onto the little Mewtwo.

She finished wrapping her, cradling her in the crook of her arm afterwards.

"There now," she said, "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

The baby only cried in reply, beginning to squirm out again.
Joy laughed.

"I get the message," she answered, "You want your parents."

Let Ki see her first, Mewtwo told her, She was very worried about her.

He shifted his gaze to the bed, seeing his mate was asleep.

Baby, he whispered to her, Wake up. The baby is all right now, she's alive.

She didn't move, nor did she give an indication as to whether she heard him.
Her face was expressionless, giving no sign of a response. It was almost like she was dead.
The only thing to keep him from dropping Anika, was that he noticed she was still breathing.

Something is wrong with Ki, he spoke to Nurse Joy in a strangled voice.

She quickly glanced towards the bed, after hearing the urgency in his voice.
Upon seeing her, she immediately knew what was wrong.

"She's unconscious," she told him, "The pushing was too much for her, and she was already very weak before she started."

"I don't want to sound pessimistic," she added, seriously, "But it's possible she could have inflicted serious damage to herself by doing that."

He felt devastation wash over him, feeling tears starting form in his eyes. He looked at his mate's still form, her breathing being the only sign of life.
The tears began running down his cheeks, then. A choked sob escaping from his throat.

I told her not to, he answered, But she was determined to save the baby. She all but sacrificed herself for our daughter.

He began weeping, and Nurse Joy could only watch him sadly.
The baby Mewtwo in her arms whimpered, sensing her father's distress. Anika did likewise, beginning to cry with him.
Even through their cries, Joy suddenly heard a sound coming from the bed. She found Ki was moaning quietly, her head tossing from side to side.

Baby, she began mumbling, Got to save the baby.

Her face began twisting with agony, sweat pouring from her brow.
Hearing her voice, Mewtwo suddenly stopped crying, rapidly turning his body to face her. Seeing her anguished state, he became frightened.
It was as if though she were being tortured.

What's wrong with her? he demanded Joy, beginning to panic.

"I don't know," she replied, "But she could be delirious."

She walked over to the bed, laying her free hand on Ki's forehead.
She gasped, recoiling it immediately.

"She burning up with fever," she told him, "She's too hot. I need something to cool her down now, or she could suffer from brain damage."

Mewtwo felt his heart drop like a rock.
No, he couldn't lose her. Not now that they had a family.

He watched as Joy began hurrying over to him, placing his daughter in his left arm. She, then, rushed over to one of the medical treatment shelves.
Grabbing a cold compress, she quickly brought it over to Ki. She immediately began applying it to her hot face, desperately trying to bring the fever down.
She gave a low, moaning sigh, turning her head away.

No, she murmured, The baby, save the baby.

"Shh," Joy soothed her, softly, "The baby is fine, everything is all right."

She gave another soft moan, turning her head back again.

Please save her, she whispered, begging, Don't let my baby girl die.

"Ki, it's all right," Joy told her, quietly, "She's alive, and she's all right."

Don't let her die, she repeated, moaning, Don't let her.....

She fell silent, sighing deeply. She was asleep now, her body becoming slack.
Joy gave a sigh of relief, glancing over at Mewtwo. His face had a worried, fearful, expression.
His eyes were brimming with tears, as he gazed at her.

Will she be all right? he asked, softly.

Nurse Joy shifted her eyes from his, looking at Ki.
She put a hand on her forehead, removing it shortly after.

"I don't know," she replied, sadly, "Her fever is still very high. Even though I've managed to bring it down some."

He closed his eyes, a few tears starting to run down his cheeks.
He opened them again, and more tears began spilling down.

I can't lose her, he whispered, We have so much to look forward to.

He cradled his two daughters gently closer to him, who were now sleeping.
He gave their foreheads a soft kiss, a few tears falling on each blanket.

"Why don't you go put them to bed," Nurse Joy suggested to him, quietly, "I'll see after Ki."

He nodded his head in agreement, not trusting himself to speak. He, then, glanced over at his mate, and had to choke back a sob.
His beautiful angel......... Why? Why was she handed this fate?
She'd just given birth to five beautiful children, and was now suffering the consequences of such a deed.

Before he could break down sobbing, he left the room. Teleporting in a weak, glowing, ice blue light.
He reappeared, seconds later, in the nursery.

Mew looked up from her seat in a rocking chair, noticing his return. In his arms, he was carrying two baby Mewtwos, the latest additions to his new family.
However, instead of seeing the proud look he had earlier, she found a very tearful, and subdued, Mewtwo.

He walked over to the two remaining cribs, gently placing a baby in each one. He gave them both a delicate kiss on the cheek.
He, then, walked to the rocking chair near Mew's, and collapsed into it. Holding his head in his hands, he began sobbing.
She watched him in alarm, having no clue as to why he was crying with such sorrow.

Mewtwo, what's wrong? she asked him, softly, concerned.

For a minute, he remained silent, his crying being the only sound he emitted.
Finally, he lifted his face up, the tears still pouring down his cheeks.

She's ill, Mew, he choked out, Ki is very ill, and I may lose her.

The birthing was too hard on her, he continued, She was too weak to deliver the last baby so quickly, after Anika's birth stressed her. We nearly lost the baby, but Joy saved her, and she's fine now.

He glanced at the crib where the baby Mewtwo was sleeping.

Ki doesn't know that, he began, again, She fell into unconsciousness after the baby was born not breathing.

He felt fresh tears beginning to run down his face.
As he remembered her pleas to save their baby.

She developed a high fever from the result of her being so weak, he added, She's delirious, and she thinks the baby is still not breathing.

He lowered his face back in his hands, tears leaking out between his fingers.

I don't want to lose my angel, he whispered, There's so much more for us now. Raising our five beautiful, wonderful, children together. Seeing her pregnant with more in the future, and raising them as well. All of this is waiting for us, and it's now beyond our grasp.

He began sobbing again, barely feeling a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Mew floated there beside him, her eyes filling with sorrow as she watched him cry.

All may seem lost, she told him, quietly, But as long as you have hope, it will not be lost.

Don't ever lose hope, she added, softly, Because if you lose hope, you've already lost everything.

He slowly began lifting his head to look at her, gazing tearfully into her eyes.

It's so hard to be hopeful, when everything is against you, he replied.

I always assume everything will go well, he continued, Until one wrong turn in events transforms a dream into a nightmare. Bringing reality crashing down upon you.

He paused a minute.

First, it was the baby, he began, again, The strain of giving birth to Anika put her sister in danger, and she had to be born immediately. Ki was still too exhausted, and weak from Anika's birth to push the other out, and was nearly on the verge of collapsing. I didn't want to lose the baby, but I also didn't want her pushing too soon after the previous.

His voice started wavering, and he had to stop.
Fresh tears beginning to stream down his cheeks, as he began living through it all over again.

She wanted to save the baby, he told Mew, trying hard to keep his voice steady, She didn't give a second thought about herself, and gave birth to our daughter with strength she didn't have. It caused her to go into shock, resulting in her current condition.

He began weeping, then, and he was unable to continue talking.

Why, Mew? he sobbed out, Why?

She lowered her head sadly, gazing down at the floor.
The nursery's soft blue carpet staring back up at her.

I don't know, she whispered, quietly, I don't know why she is suffering as you say she is. Perhaps it is a test of faith, for you. Which means, you mustn't give up hope. Believe that she will pull through, and believe that by morning, you'll wake up to see her smiling at you.

She looked up again, finding him staring intently at her.
He was not crying anymore, though his cheeks were stained with drying tears.

Do....... do you really think it will happen? he asked her, a little hopeful.

She gave him a small smile.

If you believe, it will, she replied.

He gave her a half smile, slowly nodding his head.

I do, he answered, softly, I do believe.

Why don't you go back now, she suggested, I'll watch over the babies.

This time, he gave her a full smile.

Thank you, he told her, quietly, Thank you for everything.

You're welcome, she said, softly.

He, then, stood up from the rocking chair. Teleporting from the room, shortly after. A few seconds later, he reappeared in the clinic, finding it as he had left it.

Ki was still unconscious, and Nurse Joy was sitting in a chair next to the bed. Watching her closely for any signs of change.
She glanced over in his direction, after noticing his entrance.

"Hi," she greeted him, quietly.

How is she? he inquired, softly.

She shifted her gaze to Ki, who was now covered with a blanket. Keeping her from catching a chill.
Joy sighed, and turned her attention back to Mewtwo.

"The good news is that her fever broke a little while before you came," she informed him, "The bad news is I don't know when she'll wake up. It could be days, and that creates a problem for your babies, if you were planning on breast-feeding them."

We were, he replied.

"Then, I'd suggest getting formula for them," she answered, "For now at least."

He frowned at her.

I don't like that stuff, and neither did she, he told her, Besides, let's not jump to conclusions. It may not be even necessary to have it.

She stared at him as if he were crazy. Was this the same person she had seen crying only a short while ago, because he was worried out of his mind about his mate?
Now, he was acting as if nothing were wrong. As if he didn't care anymore.
Not for her, or his children.

Mewtwo was reading her mind clearly, and he scoffed at her.

You think I don't care? he said, agitated, Guess again.

Have you forgotten the emotional wreck I was earlier? he continued, I was ready for what you humans call "throwing in the towel," I was so out of my mind with grief. All because I didn't believe she would make it. Who would blame me, though? Three times, not including tonight, her life has been threatened, and she did die about a year ago. How I got her back remains a mystery, but I'm eternally grateful.

Now, he added, She's being threatened a fourth time, and this time I know she will make a full recovery. Sooner than you might think.

"I'm all for being optimistic," Joy replied, "But don't you think that's being a tad too wishful?"

He snorted.

Believe what you want, human, he answered, But I know her like I know myself, she's a fighter. She doesn't quit, and she's about as stubborn as I am. She will pull through, and everything will be as it was before.

Nurse Joy gave him a wry smile.

"Sounds like someone gave you a pep talk," she remarked.

He smirked.

Mew can be the one to thank for that, he replied, She set me straight, reminding me of all the other times Ki has successfully pulled through. Even against some of the most incredible odds, and this one is no exception.

"Well, here's hoping she does," she said.

He smiled, and she smiled back.
Suddenly, she gave a yawn, not being able to suppress it in time.

"Oh, excuse me," she apologized, quickly, "I didn't mean to do that."

He dismissed the apology, giving her a concerned frown instead.

You're tired, he stated, Nothing wrong with it. However, you should get some sleep. Shall I take you back home?

"No, it's all right," she answered, "I'm fine."

It's no trouble, he told her, I can teleport you from here to the Pokemon Centre in under a few seconds. Sure you won't reconsider?

"Well......," she began, hesitantly, "Why not? But what about Ki?"

I'll take care of her, he replied, I want to. Besides, you need sleep, and there are others who need your help.

"Thank you," she told him, softly.

He shook his head.

No, it is I who should thank you, he said, smiling.

You've gone above, and beyond the call of duty, by helping us, he continued, You served as a midwife, you saved my baby from dying, and you quite possibly prevented my mate from dying, as well. I am forever in your debt.

Joy gave him an embarrassed, but pleased, smile.
Her cheeks blushing a bright red.

"Just doing my job," she answered, quietly.

He smiled, as well.

I'm going to teleport you back now, he informed her, Are you ready?

"Yes," she replied, nodding her head.

He focused his eyes on her, then, picturing the Pokemon Centre in his mind.
Suddenly, her body began glowing ice blue, and within a few moments, she disappeared.

Ash, and his friends were sleeping on the Pokemon Centre's waiting room couches. When they were suddenly awakened by a bright blue flash.

They had stayed at the Centre because of Nurse Joy's disappearance. After being abducted by a strange Pokemon.
Stranger still, the Pokemon seemed familiar to them, as if they've seen him before. They just couldn't place where, though.
Well, whatever his reason was for taking Nurse Joy, it was a very urgent one.

They blinked their eyes sleepily, staring into the darkness.
They could just make out the silhouette of a petite, young woman, with hair loops.

"Nurse Joy!" they all cried out at once.

"Huh?!" she yelped, jumping a foot in the air.

She quickly turned on a light, flooding the waiting area. Finding the three trainers sitting up on the couches, looking at her.
She breathed a sigh of relief. Glad they weren't the thieves she had been imagining.

"I didn't realize you three were still here," she told them.

"We were worried about you," Misty replied, "We didn't know where you were."

"Who was that Pokemon, and why did he take you?" Ash asked.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Brock inquired, immediately after.

Joy laughed.

"One question at a time, please," she answered, smiling, "I can't answer three at once."

"The answer to your last question is, no," she continued, "The Pokemon did not hurt me, and I don't think he ever will."

"His name is Mewtwo," she added, "Which was your first question."

She watched them curiously as their faces became distant. As if remembering some faraway dream.
They seemed as if they weren't here at all.

"Did I say something wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Her voice startled them, and they began returning to normal.
For a minute, they stared at her, their eyes holding a look of astonishment.

"You mean, that was Mewtwo, the Mewtwo?" Ash finally spoke, in disbelief.

"Yes," Joy replied, "You seem as if you know him."

"I'll say we do," Misty answered, "Both him, and Ki, his mate."

"How did you get to know them?" Joy inquired, curiously.

"It's a long story," Brock told her, "Right now, though, we're wondering why he came here, and took you away so abruptly."

Joy smiled.

"He came here so suddenly, because he needed me to come with him, to his palace," she began.

"By the way," she added, "Have you seen that place? It is absolutely outstanding. I've never seen anything like it in my entire life."

"Yes, we've seen it," Misty replied, "Now, why did he take you there?"

"Ki was pregnant, and she went into labor this morning," Joy continued, "I helped deliver their babies."

"What?!" they all exclaimed at once.

"You mean they had kids?!" Misty asked, flabbergasted.

"Yes," Joy said, smiling, "A litter of five. Three girls, and two boys."

"Oh, shit!" Ash answered, his mouth dropping open, "That many?!"

"What do they look like?" Brock asked.

He was imagining some kind of abominations, as well as the others.

"They are all baby Mewtwos," Joy replied.

"How can they be Pokemon?" Ash countered, "Ki is a human."

Nurse Joy shook her head.

"Not quite," she answered, "Ki is half Mew, and half human. Though, she is more Pokemon than human. The same goes for Mewtwo. Which means, the offspring they produce will be Mewtwos."

"That's incredible," Misty remarked, in fascination, "And yet, totally unbelievable."

Joy smiled.

"I thought you might say that, because it is pretty astounding," she told her, "However, I have proof, blood samples of their DNA. Come on, I'll show you."

She began walking to the back of the Pokemon Centre, towards the lab. Ash, and his friends quickly jumped up from the couches, and started following her.
By the time they entered the lab, she was already holding two microscopic slides in her hands. They each contained a drop of blood.

"These are a bit old," she explained, "But they still have the adequate DNA to determine the type of it."

She held out the slide in her left hand, giving them a closer look.

"This is Ki's blood," she said, "Watch what happens when I scan it through the machine."

She walked over to a small scanner, swiping the slide across it. On the computer screen, that was next to it, a list of information began appearing.
Nurse Joy set the slides down on the table near it, and began working the keyboard. In a few moments, she narrowed the list down, with only two words remaining.
The type of the blood, which was O, and the word Mew.

"I can't believe it," Misty spoke up, after a few minutes of dead silence, "She really is a Pokemon."

"How come she doesn't look like one, though?" Ash questioned.

"I don't have an answer to that," Joy replied, truthfully, "But she definitely has Mew DNA in her."

She picked up the second slide.

"This one is Mewtwo's," she told them, "It may surprise you a bit when you see his."

She scanned the slide, then, a list of information appearing immediately after. As before, she began narrowing the list down, to just two words.
Ash, and his friends stared at the computer screen, as if seeing one for the first time.

"But that's the same one," Brock finally sputtered, "That can't be a different one."

"I'm afraid it isn't the same slide," Joy replied, "This really is Mewtwo's DNA."

"They match, perfectly," Misty remarked, in awe.

"To the very last strand," Joy answered.

"Does this mean Mewtwo was cloned?" Ash wondered.

"From her, no," Joy told him, "I highly doubt it."

"As for the cloning subject itself," she added, "There is a possibility that they could be cloned, though as separate individuals. At least, I think so."

"This is truly amazing," Misty replied, "Not only because of this, but also having five children. I couldn't imagine having five babies at one time."

"Mews give birth in litters," Joy answered, smiling, "So it's not unusual for them to have that many at once."

"I bet they're adorable," Misty said, smiling as well, "I wish I could see them."

"Maybe, when he's ready to, Mewtwo will let you see them," Joy told her, "Right now, though, he has his hands full."

"Ki suffered from high fever when she gave birth to her last child," she continued, "Because the birth of her fourth child was hard on her, it stressed the remaining baby. She had to deliver her daughter immediately after, and she was still too weak from the last baby. It sent her into shock, and she fell into unconsciousness, developing a very high fever."

"Fortunately," she added, "I was able to bring it down. But when I left the palace, she was still unconscious. Mewtwo is taking care of her now."

"How awful," Misty replied, sadly, "I hope she will get better."

"So do I," Joy answered, sighing, "For his sake."

After teleporting Joy back to the Pokemon Centre, Mewtwo walked over to the bed. Sitting down on the side of it, he gazed at his still unconscious mate.
He delicately began caressing her cheek, softly sighing in deep sorrow. It was hard watching her suffer, and not being able to do anything to help her.
The only thing he could do was keep believing in her, in hopes she would soon get well.

He bent his head down to hers, giving her a soft kiss on her lips. He lingered for a minute, and then, gently began pulling back.
He studied her face, as if watching for a reaction. Her face remained unchanging, maintaining its vacant expression.
He sighed quietly with disappointment, lowering his eyes down to the bed.

He stared glumly at the blanket, fingering the edge of it in his hand.
He let his eyes wander along it, stopping towards the middle. He noticed her stomach had flattened, returning to its normal size.
To being as thin as she's always been, despite the increased appetite during her pregnancy.

He realized he missed seeing her pregnant. He was missing the feeling of knowing she was expecting.
If she felt the same way, there would be no telling how quickly she would become pregnant again. They would have to wait, though, but only for a little while.
They had five, wonderful, beautiful children to raise now, and he knew they were just the beginning of the new family.

He lifted his hand to her hair, beginning to stroke it softly. He wished she would wake up.
It was hard trying to keep a positive attitude. When he was worried sick out of his mind about her.
He was very close to repeating his early hysteria over her.

He felt it best, then, that he should go to bed, and try getting some sleep. Things always seemed better in the morning anyway.
Not only that, but he was having trouble, at the moment, in keeping his eyes open. He didn't know for sure what time it was, but his mental clock was telling him it was about two in the morning.

He stood up on his feet, carefully lifting her into his arms. He wasn't going to leave her here.
He decided she would fair better in their own bed.

It would make him feel more at ease with her lying close to him, giving him a sense of peace. It would also accomplish at having things seem normal.
He teleported, then, reappearing in their bedroom a few seconds later. He took the blanket off her body, depositing it on the floor.
He'd have to remember to put it away later.

He gently began pulling off her shirt, laying it in a chair afterwards. He noticed her breasts were a little heavier, being filled with milk.
He hoped she would recover soon. If not for his sake, then, at least for the babies' sake. They would get hungry before too long, and she could not nurse them.
He sighed wearily, as if in defeat. Wishing now he had taken Joy's advice.

As much as he wanted to keep being optimistic, reality was staring right in the face. At this point, the possibility of her nursing them seemed very slim.
He shook his head quickly, trying to push such thoughts out of his mind. He had to keep believing in her.
He walked over to the bed, gingerly laying her down on it. He, then, pulled the covers up to her chin.
He gently brushed back a lock of her hair, giving her cheek a soft kiss.

Before joining her, he decided to check on the babies, and give Mew an update on her condition.
He left the room, walking down the short corridor to the nursery. The soft, warm, glow of the lamp greeting him.
He found Mew was asleep in a rocking chair, and he smiled.

Wake up, sleepyhead, he sent to her, quietly.

She stirred a bit, opening her blue eyes shortly after.
She saw Mewtwo standing next to her, his deep amethyst eyes gazing down at her.

It's late, Mewtwo, she told him, sleepily, Shouldn't you be in bed?

I will, in a bit, he replied, I thought you might want to know that Ki's fever has broken, and she's no longer in immediate danger.

See? she answered, smiling, She's already recovering because of your faith.

She hasn't awakened yet, though, he said, sadly, giving a deep sigh.

She will, Mew assured him, You have to be patient. You can't rush things.

I know, he answered, I just wish it would happen a little sooner, though. I'm not only worried about her, but the babies as well.

They'll soon wake up crying for her milk, he continued, And I've no way to give it to them.

He felt a tear sliding down his cheek, and he quickly brushed it away.
He couldn't start crying, otherwise it would be a long time before he stopped.

Why don't you go to bed, she suggested to him, quietly, gazing into his worried, sleep-filled eyes.

He shook his head.

I can't sleep knowing there are possibly six lives on the line, he replied, It's my responsibility to watch over them.

I'm not taking "no" for an answer, she told him, sternly, You're going to bed, little mister.

I'm not a little kid, he retorted, I can go to bed when I want to.

Technically, you're not, she answered, But you're still going to bed whether you're a kid or a young adult.

He sighed in defeat, realizing he was too tired to continue the debate.

Fine, he said, You win.

She smiled.

You'll thank me, later, she remarked.

Whatever, he replied.

He walked out of the nursery, then, trudging up the hallway to the bedroom.
He entered the bedroom a minute later, walking over to the bed. He sat down heavily on his side, giving a weary sigh.
He glanced over at his still unconscious mate. Feeling a few tears running down his cheeks.

Please, he begged, whispering, to the room, Please don't let her die. Please let her wake up.

It oddly felt like he was praying. If it helped, he would know in the morning.
Laying down on the bed, he moved over closer to her side. Wrapping his arm around her waist, gently pulled her against his body.
Her head resting softly on his chest, her face partially buried in his fur.

He could feel her breathing against his skin. Coming in warm, deep, breaths.
It was the only sign she was still alive. As long as she kept breathing, she would remain alive.
In a way, though, she wasn't.

He could barely feel her mind, and it was scaring the hell out of him. It was like a part of her was missing.
He nestled his face in her hair, tears starting to stream down his cheeks. His heart filling with painful sorrow, as he began sobbing quietly.
It was the first time he had ever cried himself to sleep.

My baby, please save my baby, I pleaded to the darkness, crying.

There was no answer.

Please, I begged, again, Please save my baby.

This time, a figure appeared, becoming Nurse Joy.
She was holding a limp baby Mewtwo, her eyes expressing sorrow.

"I'm sorry," she told me, softly, "She's gone. I couldn't save her."

No! I began screaming, sobbing uncontrollably, She can't be! My baby girl can't die! You're not trying hard enough!

"I'm sorry," she repeated, "She's gone."

She handed me the dead baby, disappearing shortly after.
I cradled the little Mewtwo's body against me, weeping as if I would never stop. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning around to see Mewtwo.
Tears were running down his cheeks, as he gazed at our dead daughter.

I was too late to save her, I sobbed out to him, It's my fault, it's all my fault.

He didn't answer me, continuing to stare at the baby.

You killed her, he finally said, glancing up at me.

Those words were like a knife to my heart, cutting deep into it.

I tried to save her, I tried, I wept.

He ignored me, his gaze becoming harsh.

You're not a mother, he told me, angrily, You're a murderer.

I didn't understand what was happening.
He never spoke cruelly to me ever.

I wanted to save her, I answered, I didn't want her to die.

Yet, you did let her die, he replied, coldly, How can I call you my mate, when you kill our children?

I never wanted it to happen this way, I said, sobbing, I never wanted her to die.

He turned his head away from me, as if he could no longer stand to look at me.

My love, please, I started, but he interrupted.

Our love is no more, he stated.

Those five words were like a gun shot to my head, leaving me numb.

No, I choked out, whispering, Please don't stay that.

I can, and I will, he retorted, I can no longer love you for what you've done to our child, and I can no longer call us mates.

He took the baby Mewtwo out of my arms, nearly snatching her away.

For what you've done to this child, I will not forgive it, he told me, You will forever live with this pain of our termination, and continue living with it even beyond death.

He abruptly began walking away, disappearing into the darkness.
I fell to my knees, weeping with pain. My heart feeling as if it were literally tearing into shreds.

My love, I sobbed, Please don't go. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

The darkness began swallowing me up, then, and I knew nothing more.

Just before dawn, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of crying.
At first, he thought it was the babies, and he started panicking. Knowing the reason why they would be crying.
However, the sound was too near, to be coming from the next room.

Then, he realized the crying was coming from the bed, and glanced down at his mate. Tears were seeping from her closed eyelids, her face contorted with grief.

My love, please don't leave, she murmured, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I tried to save the baby, I tried.

More tears began pouring down her cheeks, as she began weeping with sorrow. He could only watch helplessly, as her body started racking violently with sobs.
He had no idea what was causing her to cry with such pain. He himself could feel it, and its intensity was almost enough to make him start crying as well.
Especially when he began to realize why she was grieving so.

He knew her subconscious was making her dream. Creating events that would never take place in the real world.
Yet, they seemed real, and were torturing her by playing out in her mind. Causing her to believe their baby had died, with him leaving her as a result.
Blaming her for the death, and terminating their love as a punishment.

He could feel tears cascading down his cheeks, as he began experiencing the full effects of the dream. His heart seeming to be literally breaking, as he shared her grief over him.
God damn him to hell before he would do anything like that in real life.

He took her into his arms, and began rocking her as if she were a baby.
Gently cradling her head against his chest.

Shh, my angel, he whispered to her, trying to keep his voice steady, I'm here. I'll never leave. I'll always love you, no matter what.

He suddenly let out a choked sob, burying his face in her hair. He knew she couldn't hear him, not with her mind being so out of reach.
He began sobbing quietly, stroking her hair with his hand as he cried.

He suddenly felt her body go limp, and he could no longer hear her breathing. He quickly snapped his head up, fear gripping his heart.
He found her chest was still rising, and falling, but barely.

Oh, god, please no, he started begging, crying, Please don't let her die.

He laid his head gently against her forehead, sobbing. This couldn't be happening; not again.
Why was he being inflicted with this suffering? Why couldn't it end, and leave them in peace?

He closed his eyes, the tears still streaming down his cheeks.
Before he knew it, he was asleep again.

I laid motionless on the blackened ground, my hand clutching my chest. Now that he was gone, I had no reason to continue living.
My heart was literally in pieces, the pain becoming too strong to describe.

Why? Why had he done this to me?
I didn't understand.

I began sobbing uncontrollably, the pain starting to overwhelm me. This was just too much to bear any longer, and I had no other option in ending it but to die.
I closed my eyes, slowing down my breathing. Becoming so slow I could barely feel it.

You can't die, a voice told me, suddenly.

I quickly opened my eyes, finding myself staring at a robed figure. It had a golden halo on its head, and large white wings on its back.
I realized I was looking at an angel.

Why not? I asked, I've lost everything.

No, you haven't, the angel replied, Your mate has not left you, and he still loves you more than life itself.

Even if it were true, I said, I've still lost my baby girl.

The angel shook its head.

Your baby is alive, and well, it answered.

I stared in disbelief.

I saw her myself, she was dead, I told the angel.

What you saw was not real, it explained, None of it was. It was only your mind taking your worst fears, and turning them into reality.

A dream; I was killing myself over a dream.
Oh my god! What was I thinking?!

Grief, even in dreams, can distort your logic, the angel said, reading my thoughts.

It's not too late, is it? I asked, anxiously.

No, it replied, But it's best you return. Your mate is beside himself with grief over you, and it may be a matter of time before it succumbs him completely.

How do I get back? I inquired, curiously.

Close your eyes, and picture him in your mind, the angel answered, Think about how much he loves you, and the children you've created as a result.

I closed my eyes, then, picturing both him, and the babies.
Suddenly, I began feeling as if I were being sucked into a vortex. I felt myself falling, spiraling downwards.
A few seconds later, I stopped, and slowly began opening my eyes. The sight of the bedroom greeting me.
Pale sunlight was streaming in through the windows.

I realized it was morning, meaning I had been gone the entire night.
I felt a light weight resting against my head, and I glanced up. Seeing a sleeping Mewtwo, his face stained with drying tears.
The angel had been right, that he was grieving over me. I just hoped that I had come back in time.

I lifted my hand to his face, and gently began stroking his jawline. A few seconds later, his eyes twitched, and he slowly began opening them.
He, then, began blinking them a few times in disbelief. Staring at me as if I were a ghost. Suddenly, he lifted his hand to mine, pressing it gingerly against his cheek.

Tears began pouring down his face as he held my hand.
Wetting both of our hands as he cried.

I thought I was going to lose you, he whispered to me, in a choked voice.

I thought I was losing you, I murmured, softly, feeling tears of my own.

I'll never do anything like that to you, he answered, quietly, I'd rather burn in hell.

I know that you won't, I replied, softly.

He brought our hands down at our sides, bending his face down to mine. He, then, gave me a soft kiss on my lips.
His tongue began slipping into my mouth, beginning to caress mine lovingly. I gave a quiet moan of pleasure.
We kissed a few minutes, before gently breaking off.

I laid my head against his chest, nestling it in his fur.
He rested his head gingerly on mine, giving a soft sigh.

I was so afraid you were dying, he told me, quietly, a few tears beginning to slide down his cheeks, Afraid if I should lose you, I would lose the babies as well.

I would never leave you, or them, I said, softly, I love you.

I love you, baby, he whispered, quietly.

He nuzzled my cheek lovingly, his hand beginning to stroke my hair gently. I smiled, closing my eyes in content.
Suddenly, I heard a faint, but distinct, crying squeak coming from the nursery. A second later, another squeak came, being closely followed by a third.
I could feel my breasts starting to tingle, as a fourth, and fifth squeak began.

Mewtwo, I heard Mew's voice start speaking, then, There are five hungry babies here, and I don't know what to do.

Just try to keep them calm, and I'll see after them as soon as I can, he sent back.

He nudged my cheek gently, and I opened my eyes, smiling.

Or we will, I remarked.

He smiled, as well.

Yes, he answered, We will; together.

He gently kissed my cheek, setting me down on the bed shortly after. I climbed out, then, and he did as well.
I began walking over to the wardrobe, pulling out some clothes from inside it. I chose a pair of short jean shorts, and a cutoff lavender t-shirt.
An outfit I've not worn since I first met Mewtwo.

I pulled on the shorts first, bringing them up to around my hips. Fastening them shortly after.
I, then, noticed my stomach had flattened back to its original shape. Becoming as slender as I was before I got pregnant.
I slipped on the t-shirt, finding it just a bit tight around my breasts. Being swollen with milk for the babies.

Having finished dressing, I turned around, and found myself face to face with Mewtwo. He looked me over for a minute, his face having a strange expression on it. For a second, I had the feeling of deja vu.

Is something wrong? I asked him.

He slowly began shaking his head.

No, he answered, his voice sounding a bit far away.

Except, he started, but then trailed off.

He reached out his arm, his hand carefully starting to run down my bare stomach. He stopped around the waist of my shorts, and began fingering the snap suggestively.
I smiled, knowing what he was up to.

I'll be pregnant again before too long, I remarked.

He gave me a sheepish grin.

I'm sorry, he told me, softly, I just can't help noticing how sexy you are.

I felt my cheeks growing hot, then, blushing a deep crimson.

At this rate, I will be pregnant by the end of the month, I said, quietly, But we can't start now. We still have to see about the babies.

He nodded his head understandingly, removing his hand from my shorts.

Then, we shall do it tonight, he replied, nudging my cheek lovingly.

I look forward to it, I answered, gently nudging him back.

He smiled, and then taking my hand, we left the bedroom. Starting to walk down the hall to the nursery.
A minute later, we reached the room, and the crying became louder. Inside, we found a very frazzled Mew, desperately trying to quiet the babies. She turned towards us as we came in, and I could see the relief on her face.

Oh thank God, you're here, she said, I was getting worried.

Then, she stared at me, her face expressing disbelief.

Ki, she began, slowly, You're awake.

I smiled.

Yes, I replied, I am quite glad, too. I wouldn't miss seeing my babies for the world.

She smiled, as well.

I'm glad you are, also, she answered, Mewtwo was very worried about you, and the babies. As well as I.

Do you know that your daughter is all right? she asked, curiously.

Yes, I said, I do.

She's in the last crib if you want to see her, she told me.

I walked over to the crib near Anika's, gazing in at the baby Mewtwo. She was smaller than her older siblings, making her the runt of the litter.
She was perfect, though, just the way she was.

The lavender blanket she was wrapped in was covering her fur, so I couldn't see her coloring. I reached my hand inside the crib, gently beginning to unwrap the blanket. Suddenly, I gasped, withdrawing my hand in astonishment.

My love, what's wrong? I heard Mewtwo ask me, concerned.

He came over to me, standing at my side. Peering into the crib as well.
His eyes began growing wide with shock, as he gazed down at our daughter.

She's beautiful, he whispered, in awe, breaking the long silence.

The little Mewtwo was most certainly beautiful.
Her fur was a gorgeous shade of pale azure. Her stomach, and tail being a deep azure.

The most astounding feature, aside from her coloring, was a tiny white patch on her forehead. Which appeared to resemble the shape of a heart.
I gently touched her forehead with my finger, beginning to stroke her fur.

I never imagined we could create anything so precious, I remarked to him, softly, And I never imagined we could create five of them.

I slipped my arm under the baby's back, and carefully began lifting her out of the crib. I cradled her gingerly against my chest, gazing down at her beautiful face.

What shall we name her? I asked him, quietly.

I wish I knew, he answered, softly, Her beauty is much too holy for just any name.

Holy beauty, I mused, repeating the words carefully.

He looked at me, starting to smile.

You have one, don't you? he said.

I think so, I replied, smiling as well, Aaryanna, meaning Holy Beauty.

It's perfect, he told me, nudging my cheek.

"Meww!" she squeaked, then, giving a hungry cry.

The others began crying as well.

I know, little one, I soothed her, gently, I know you're hungry, and so are your brothers, and sisters.

I carried Aaryanna to a rocking chair, sitting down shortly after. I pulled my shirt up with my hand, revealing my milk filled breasts.
I cradled the baby closer to me, positioning her at a breast. I gently took hold of it, letting the nipple brush against her mouth.
She immediately clamped on, and began sucking vigorously.

I smiled as she nursed, giving the top of her head a soft kiss.
I glanced up at Mewtwo, then, seeing him smiling as well.

Would you like me to get one of the others? he asked, quietly.

Yes, please, I answered, softly.

He walked over to the first crib, gently lifting out Damian.
The little Mewtwo was creating quite a fuss, thrashing wildly in his father's arms.

Shh, it's all right, he told him, softly.

Damian stopped fidgeting, but he continued crying loudly. Mewtwo quickly carried him to me, carefully placing him in my other arm.
I held him closer against my chest, my breast touching him around his face. He found the nipple a few seconds later, and began nursing hungrily.
His cries being replaced by sounds of content.

A little over half an hour later, they all finished nursing, and were now sleeping with full stomachs.
My breasts were a bit sore, but I didn't care. That half an hour I spent nursing my babies was one I wouldn't trade for the world.
I was actually looking forward to their next feeding.

I leaned back against the rocking chair, giving a contented sigh. I felt a soft hand on my cheek, then, and I looked up.
I saw he was standing next to the chair, his eyes gazing down into mine. He smiled, his hand beginning to caress my cheek gently.
I leaned in to his touch, closing my eyes in content.

I couldn't ask for anything more wonderful than these children, I remarked to him, softly.

Neither could I, he answered, quietly, They're everything I could've hoped for, and so much more.

I opened my eyes, smiling.

"Meww!" a baby squeaked, suddenly, starting to cry.

Sounds like someone just woke up, I told him, grinning.

He smiled, going over to Damian's crib. He reached his arms down inside it, gently lifting the fussy baby Mewtwo out.
He cradled him against his chest, starting to carry him over to me.

Hey, little guy, he spoke to him, softly, What's wrong?

"Meww!" Damian squeaked, unhappily, still crying.

Mewtwo gave a small chuckle, giving the baby's cheek a soft kiss. He stopped beside the rocking chair, and handed him to me, cradling him in my arms.
Damian immediately stopped crying, snuggling up closer against me.

"Meww," he squeaked, contentedly.

He seems to know a beautiful mother when he senses one, Mewtwo remarked to me, smiling, nudging my cheek lovingly.

I blushed, smiling as well. Damian gave a soft coo, as if agreeing with his father. I gave his cheek a gentle kiss, and he began wriggling his tiny body in delight.

"Mewtwo!" he squeaked, happily.

I giggled, beginning to tickle his stomach with my finger.

"Meww!" he squeaked, laughing.

You like that, don't you? I asked him, grinning.

"Meww!" he squeaked, in reply, wriggling his body.

I chuckled.

Of course you do, I answered, kissing his cheek.

He sighed softly in content, nestling his body down in his blanket. I stopped tickling his stomach, and carefully wrapped his blanket a little tighter.
He yawned, then, pressing his body closer to mine. Within a few minutes, he was breathing deeply, fast asleep.
I smiled, giving his forehead a delicate kiss.

Sweet dreams, little one, I whispered to him, softly.

I glanced up at Mewtwo, who was smiling at me.

He loves you as much as I do, he told me, quietly.

I smiled.

And I love him as much as I do you, I answered, softly.

He grinned, bending his head down to nuzzle my cheek. His lips brushed delicately against mine, and began kissing me with deep passion.
I felt his tongue begin slipping into my mouth, beginning to gently caress mine. I gave a soft moan of pleasure.
We kissed a few minutes, before gingerly breaking off.

He, then, gazed down at our sleeping son, and smiled.
Bending his head down, he gave his cheek a soft kiss.

Pleasant dreams, little one, he whispered, quietly, to the baby Mewtwo.

He straightened again, giving my cheek a loving nudge.
Suddenly, Damian began getting fussy, waking up from his peaceful slumber.

Shh, little one, I whispered, soothingly, It's all right.

I started rocking him gently, and he soon became quiet, going to sleep again. I gave a weary, but contented, sigh.
I knew being a parent wasn't going to be easy, but I was looking forward to the challenge. Knowing he, and I would try to do our bests to be loving parents, and the little rewards we would receive in return.

A chpt. of our life was ending, but a new chpt. was just beginning.
Promising to be just as fulfilling as the first.

End Part Eleven
End Between Two Worlds

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