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"Harry! Over here!" called Ron, as Harry walked through the door into Potions class. "I've saved you a seat!" Just then Draco Malfoy appeared next to him, strode quickly over to the seat Ron had been saving, and sat down with a nasty smirk on his face.

"Oh, sorry Potter, I didn't notice your little friend here. Why don't you go sit somewhere else?"

Harry turned away, grumbling, as he took the seat next to Hermione.

"Don't notice him, Harry," she said. "He's just trying to get you in trouble."

"I know, Herm, but it's so hard. It's like he's always behind you, ready to play another nasty prank. Someday I'm going to get back at him, somehow."

"Settle down class. I have a very special project for you today." Said professor

Snape, with a look of fiendish glee on his face. "We're going to make Dimension Travel

Potions! These potions, if made correctly, will send anyone it touches to another dimension! Maybe even another world! But if made incorrectly, then anyone it touches will instantly become permanently, horribly mutated. So get them right, because we will be testing them later on."

Harry and Hermione began mixing horned slugs and purple beetle legs into their cauldron. Harry looked over at Ron, and could see that Draco's hand was inching toward the cauldron to tip it over. Harry looked away, knowing that if he yelled out what

Draco was doing, he could get in serious trouble. Splash!

"Professor, Ron tipped this cauldron over onto me!" Came Draco's whining voice.

"Mr. Weasly! That was the worst bit of trickery I've seen yet in this class! You could have killed or permanently disfigured Mr. Malfoy! You will be expelled young man, I will make sure of that!"

This happened just as Hermione was stirring the last ingredient into the potion.

Harry jumped up and yelled "Draco dumped it on himself Professor! I saw him!" The contents of their cauldron sprayed over the first row of desks as the leaping Harry knocked it off his own, leaving Ron, Draco, Harry, and Hermione completely saturated in a slimy green substance. "MR. POTTER, SIT DOWN RIGHT N..." Snape was cut short as a blinding flash of light filled the room. When it dimmed, the four students were gone.

"I guess they got it right." Came a timid voice from the back of the room.


Harry awoke with a blinding headache. He felt a cool breeze ruffling his hair.

That feels nice... he thought. He came back to reality with a jolt. He was outside! He was sitting on grass! "Where am I?" he wondered. He opened his eyes. He was in the middle

of a forest! He looked around a little more. There was a giant brown mouse lying on the

ground next to him! He looked to his right. There were two more creatures a little ways away, a red squirrel and a yellowish-whitish colored ferret! They were both the size of a human.

Instinctively, he looked down. His hands were covered in fur! Sleek black fur! He looked

behind him. He had a tail! A flat, rudderlike tail! He called out to the surrounding trees,

"Where the heck am I?" "I say, no need to shout old chap. I'm standing right

beside you!" Harry looked around franticly. Indeed, standing next to him was someone.

But it wasn't a human! It was a tall, skinny hare! He was mottled brown and white, and was wearing a red coat. His ears twitched comically as he answered the question

"Well for your information, you are in the middle of Mossflower wood! About ten feet away from Redwall Abbey! Now it's your turn. Who are you? I say, you are a strange looking chap, you'll pardon my saying. I've never seen a black otter before. Black mice, black squirrels, and even an all black badger once. But never one like you!"

"So I'm an otter," thought Harry. "But how did I get here? The last think I remember is the Dimension travel potion." the thought came to him like a thunderbolt. "I spilled the potion and it sent us here, where there are animals instead of people! Let's see. the mouse must be Hermione. She looks so cute as a mouse. That squirrel must be Ron, because the ferret has to be Draco. It suits him perfectly." The hare's voice cut across his thoughts.

"Well, are you going to stand there all day? Don't you have the bally manners to answer a chap's question? Thumping bad form old sport!"

"Sorry sir, I was just thinking. My name is Harry Potter. This mouse is my friend Hermione Granger, that squirrel is my friend Ronald Weasly, and the ferret is Draco Malfoy. May I ask who you are sir?"

"No need to be so formal, you young rip. My name is Basil Stag Hare. Foot fighter, and camouflage expert. I expect you're hungry. Why don't you join me for a bit of lunch while we wait for the rest of these sleeping beauties to wake up? I say, what strange names."


After a tasty lunch of hot oatcakes, spread with honey and butter, and cold mint tea, the two new friends sat on the ground, waiting for the others to wake up. After a considerable time had passed, Ron began to stir.

"Ouch, my head hurts. oh no, this is heaven isn't it? It's too beautiful and calm and quiet here to be earth. I'm dead! I'm dead! I was too young to die! I was only 14! Wait a second! I have FUR? And a TAIL? Okay, this is a dream. It's only a dream Ron, only a dream. A really scary dream! Ahhh! A giant otter! Ahhh! A giant hare! Ahhh! A giant mouse! AHHHHHHH! A giant dead ferret!" Ron fainted dead away. Harry ran over and splashed his face with the rest of the mint tea in his cup. Ron's eyes snapped open.

"Stay back, otter, I know Kung Fu!" He leaped up, waving his arms around.

"Oh, shut up Ron, you don't know Kung Fu."

"How do you know that?"

"Because it's me Ron. Your best friend, Harry."

"If you are Harry, then you'll know what I keep under my bed in that little box."

Harry whispered something in his friend's ear.

"Ok, you're Harry." Said Ron. "Do you know where we are?"

"Well, according to my friend the hare, we're in the middle of Mossflower wood, about ten feet away from Redwall abbey."

"Is that good?"

"Let me put it this way: we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto."

"So explain this place to me."

"Well, as far as I can see, this place is entirely populated by animals. No people anywhere. The animals live in houses, wear clothing, and cook food. Good food, too. I think that that ferret is Draco, and that mouse is Hermione. You're a squirrel, and as you can see, I'm an otter. We're here because of the potion I spilled."

"Oh, I understand now."

"You still think it's a dream."


"Well, don't I've pinched myself too many times for it to be a dream."

Ron looked around, then pinched himself. Hard. He leapt in the air, howling in

Pain. "You were right! Not a dream!"

"Harry, old sport, why don't you introduce me to your friend? He seems like a jolly old regular comedian, wot?"