Stephanie: Oh Yes its Kuroshitsuji!:)...and Yes it is Sebastian and Ciel. I know its kinda out of the norm, but i couldn't help but write another form of badass Sebastian XD! And this is my first time writing in this perspective ... if i made any mistakes please correct me D;

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I walked past numerous streetlights as I headed home. My job for the day was done.

I took a glance at a store without the owner in it, managing to restrain myself without a problem. One of the rules; never go overboard.

The rain poured heavier than expected now, almost completely deafening my hearing. I detested the rain; it was seen as a form of cleansing and purification by people.

'Look at his eyes. They're like those of the devil.'

My sight was ironically more than perfect in the darkness, and I could see vividly through the curtains of raindrops in front of me.

Faint sounds came from the alley. I frowned lightly, holding tighter the bag of belongings-which were now mine.

"How stupid… Did you think we wouldn't know who you were?" a voice yelled almost in delight as kicking ensued. I could hear the faint sounds increase into mild groans.

"He'll survive…" I sighed, picking up my pace.

"Do you think your dad would come save you? He doesn't give two shits about you, so you'll better start crying now," another voice said, lower than the first.

I stopped and listened to the conversation for a few more seconds, before walking towards the arrogant voices.

The point of my gun was enough to send them running. Drawing my gaze from the empty street, I looked to see a young man unconscious, blood running down his lips.

'He's the devil's child. His eyes bleed crimson and so does everything around him."

I smiled, squatting to take a closer look at his features. Medium teal blue hair, soft lips and a very slender body. About eighteen years of age. I watched as he groaned lightly without opening his eyes, tightening his eyelids instead. Long eyelashes. He looked decent.

I sighed, pulling him over my back and dragging my bag along with me.


It had been three days since he had been in my house, lying unconscious. The police were patrolling the town in numerous numbers, so there was no possibility of working today. I leant back on my chair, watching him.

"To own me…"

To own him…? What was this person mumbling about yesterday? I could not get my fingers around an idea as to what he meant. I looked behind me, grabbing a cigarette from the packet on the table. Smoke filled the room further with every puff; it was the only visible filth in my room.

I heard him cough and turned back to face him. He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adapt to the lighting coming from around the room. His eyes shocked me. They were different colored…and beautiful. I sighed, dropping the rest of the cigarette in the tray.

"…Contacts" I muttered unconsciously.

"They're not contacts!" was the brash unwanted reply. His voice spat arrogance into my ears.

He sat upright on the bed, looking out the window.

"Oh God! How long has it been? I have to get back home!"

His expression showed panic. I picked up another cigarette before walking to the window.

"Three days. You won't be going anywhere. I saved your life… I own you." I said smoothly, still facing the window.

I could tell where his gaze was on. My gun. I closed the curtains and faced him, daring him to refuse. He nodded instead without the slightest impression of defeat, crawling out of the sheets and heading for the door.

"Where is your bathroom?"

"Who are you?" I asked instead, watching as his expression changed.

"Someone you wish you never knew." he answered without hesitation, slamming my door behind him.

The arrogance…He was lucky my gun was a few feet away from me.

'Someone you wish you never knew…'

The tone in his voice was ever so rude…and yet his eyes told different. Confusing.

He had managed to leave me with questions in just three days. I looked down at the streets through the window. Life was going to be interesting.