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Masquerade in the Night

by Green Phantom Queen

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Chapter 1- Gemini, The Twins

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Once upon a time, in the land known as Harmonia, there was the mother of creation Gaea.

She created the 6 guardians of nature to help rule the land after she created the land, and its inhabitants. Each guardian had its own shrine and ruled in a specific area.

There was fire, who lived upon the volcanoes, bringing life-giving flame and warmth to people who have gone cold.

There was wind, who flew across the mountains, bringing in a gentle breeze for those who have wandered.

There was light, who brought in the magic to let plants grow, and bring in smiles for those who have become sad.

There was shadow, whose stars decorated the evening skies for those who have lost their way.

There was water, who brought rain for those who were dying of thirst and helped clear the skies of the gloom that haunted them.

And there was earth, who helped nurture the plants growing in the ground, and was a place for the fauna to roam around.

But while there were these 6 guardians, there was also the Darkness, Gaea's brother. He wanted to control his sister's gentle attitude, and had cursed the 6 guardians to bring in destruction to those who would try to oppose him.

Chaos soon reigned: Fire burned the forests down, wind created tornadoes, light scorched the earth, shadows suffocated the bright sky, the water flooded the world, and the earth quaked and caused buildings to fall.

For these deeds, Gaea, along with her 6 guardians, sealed Darkness away into the center of the Earth. She could not stop her brother's curse; instead, she decided to let nature run its course so balance can be maintained. She then ascended into the sky and fell asleep, only to awake when danger arrived.

And for centuries, people suffered and prospered, in a never-ending cycle of good and evil. In the midst of this, a small band of travelers became popular around the land, bringing in hope and happiness for those who needed it.

They were known as the Circus of Dreams....

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In the market place, a bunch of guards were seen running after a young teenager boy who was carrying a small burlap sack over his shoulder. The boy had long blonde hair down past his shoulders and fierce blue eyes, a smirk was on his face as he zigzagged across the fruit stands; making sure he filled the sack with a couple of apples before running.

"After him!" The leader of the guards cried as he saw the boy pick up the piece of cheese. The boy looked at them and blew a raspberry.

"Make me!" The boy cried out. "No one can catch me! I'm Adam the thief lord, and don't you forget it!"

With that, he immediately got out of the market and into the woods, three guards were immediately following suite. While all of the villagers followed after them, they did not notice another boy with blonde hair come up. He looked similar to Adam, except he had gentle blue eyes and a soft smile on his face. He chuckled to himself as he picked up two loaves of bread, some more fruit, and a bottle of fresh apple cider. Packing it in his own sack, he came back to get a couple of sausages before he made it out of the gates, whistling in delight.

"I always love it when I, Jay the gentle can get away with stealing so easily!" He said, looking back at the deserted marketplace.

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Night had fallen upon the town of Alle; the villagers grumbled in anger, finding out that not only did Adam escape, but his brother Jay got his hands on some goods too.

Jay and Adam were in the forest, giving each other a toast with the bottle of apple cider. They chugged it down as they roasted a sausage each over a roaring fire; both of them were laughing on how they had successfully pulled the wool over the villager's eyes once more.

"That was too easy!" Adam cried. "I can't believe they fell for the old "follow one twin, while the other twin hides" trick!"

"I know!" Jay added. "Those guys are idiots!"

Adam nodded as he took a bite out of his food; he and Jay were orphaned at the tender age of 10 when their mom passed away. They never got to know their father, but for their sake, they wished he would rot in hell. The two survived by stealing from the village, and they have never been caught since. Over the years, they collected a fortune of small trinkets and coins, keeping them so they could one day buy a horse-drawn cart to ride away from the town. But right now: they were down about 3 melodi—with each melodi being worth about 25 beats—before they could finally get the cart. Then after that was the 100 clefas—one clefa was equivalent to about 50 melodi—that was needed for the horses, and the supplies needed to take care of them. At this rate, they weren't going to leave any time soon.

"You know," Jay said, swallowing his sausage. "I always wonder, are we always going to be stealing food and money to survive?"

Adam hesitated, staring at the flickering flames in front of them. "I honestly don't know the answer to that question, myself." He replied. He then gave a soft smile to his younger brother. "But we're going to make it somehow. I promise you that."

Jay sipped the last of the apple cider he had in his goblet. "Yeah, I hope we get out of this place too. Every time we escape that damn place, I just feel like those guys are getting closer and closer in capturing us."

"Look at it this way," said Adam, holding the sack of coins. "With all of this melodi, we can pull all our supplies by carriage and finally get to explore the land." He laid down, looking up at the night sky. "Jay, remember those tales mom told us about?"

"What tales?"

"The tales about Gaea and the 6 guardians. Her favorite one was the Guardian of Shadow, Leonard; he was the one who decorated the night sky with stars so people could find their way in the dark. Personally, I liked the Guardian of Earth."

"Mine was the Guardian of Water, because he brought the water of life to those who could not drink." Jay tried to stifle a yawn but it still came out. "I'm tired; let's get some sleep."

Adam smiled as he brought out a bucket of water, pouring the liquid onto the roaring fire. The fire died in an instant; all that was left was a set of smoldering, black logs.

Jay laid next to his brother, wrapping his arms and snuggling deep into his chest. "Good night, Adam."

Adam brought out a warm blanket and tucked the both of them in. "Good night, Jay."

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It was morning when the man went into the tent; he saw around 9 or 10 teenagers asleep. The man sighed, massaging his temples; his grey eyes just stared down at the teenagers who were completely oblivious to who had just entered. A lock of wavy blonde hair fell in front of his face as he brought out a small bugle to his lips and blew on it.

In an instant the teenagers stood up, some cursing under their breath, some trying to get their clothes on. Eventually, they were all dressed up and standing in a straight line for the man to see. The man walked toward them, inspecting the people in front of him, which had consisted of 3 women and 7 men,

"All right," The man said. "I can see you all had a good night's sleep; right now it's time for us to get packing, we're heading off to the village of Alle."

Many of the teenagers moaned at the name, some were once again cursing under their breath.

"Ahem," the man said. "You aren't trying to disappoint me, right? Gangrel, ringmaster of the Dream Circus and the one who has raised you all?"

"No sir." The ten said simultaneously. Gangrel smiled at that.

"Good. Now get going, we need to head off in about an hour." He pulled out a small scroll and unraveled it, to reveal the names of all 10 teenagers. "Let's see: Maria and Mickie will be in charge of feeding the animals."

Maria and Mickie both squealed in delight when they heard their names.

"Jeff and Shannon are in charge of advertising."

Jeff and Shannon high-fived each other.

"John and Randy have the privilege in getting the tent down, while Ashley and Matt will work together on inventory." He then stared at the two wrestlers whose names have not been called on: Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

"That means we get grocery duty." Paul mumbled sarcastically. "Yay...."

"Let's get the carriage," Brian said as he dragged his partner out of the tent.

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Jay and Adam had already returned into the city of Alle, both of them being covered in some old rags. They sneaked in without causing suspicion to the guards and soon made it into the heart of the village. There they saw a performer doing amazing acrobatics for the crowd, many of them tossing some coins to them.

"There must be around 5 or 6 melodi there!" Jay exclaimed. "We need that money..."

"Problem." Adam said, looking around them. "If we take off our disguises, they're going to find out that we're here. Besides, we can't just go out in the middle of the public and entertain them without the risk of having our covers blown!"

"So what are we going to do?" Jay asked. "Wait for a horse-drawn wooden cart to come to us?"

Suddenly, they heard the whinny of a horse coming towards them. Everyone gasped as a beautiful chestnut colored horse strapped to a wooden cart started running toward them; Jay and Adam were the only ones who have not moved, still looking back at the coins that glittered the ground.

"Darn it," Jay muttered under his breath. "Me and my big mouth."

"Worry about that later," said Adam, removing the rags. "We've got to stop that horse!"

Jay nodded as he ran toward the horse; as they were getting closer and closer, he jumped, and did a back flip in the air, landing right on top of the horse. He sat down on the saddle and pulled the reins as the horse was nearing Adam. With a tight pull the horse slowly came to a stop. The villagers were about to call the guards when they found Adam bring out an apple for the horse to eat. Jay's cloak and robe was soon seen fluttering down onto the dirt road.

"There you go," he said as he rubbed the nuzzle of the horse. "You must be hungry running around like that." The horse snorted at him as it licked him across the face.

Jay sighed as he got off the horse; seeing the leftover beats on the ground he started to pick them up and hide it in the small sack he was carrying. Unfortunately the guards immediately stopped him.

"That's as far as you two go!" One of them said, poking a spear at Jay's chest. "Try to pull the wool over our eyes too many times, eh? Well too bad! This time you're coming with us!"

"Hold it right there!"

Everyone turned around to see two caped strangers appear in front of them. One was covered in a black cape and boots, with a black mask covering his eyes, and a set of blonde hair gracing his face. The other had similar clothing but it was all white, and long black hair down to his shoulders.

"What is the meaning of this?" The one in black said. "All these two were doing were helping us out; our horse got a little out of control and could have caused some damage."

"No thanks to you," the white one muttered, getting a sharp jab in the ribs.

The black one turned to Jay and Adam. "You two, thank you for helping us out, you both have exceptional skills we could use; no one ever had the courage to actually charge at a wild horse, nor have we seen anyone tame her so quickly.

"Um, thanks?" said Adam, at a loss of words. Another guard picked him up by his hair. "Hey! Watch it!"

"This is a trick, isn't it?!" He yelled, pointing at the coins that were on the floor. "you did it for a couple of quick coins and steal it like the petty thieves you are!"

"Unlike you, at least we can do tricks." Adam muttered under his breath, only to get a response of his hair being pulled. "Ow...."

"I suggest you release those two right now." The one in white said. "Unless you want to take it up with our boss, Gangrel of the Dream Circus."

"The Dream Circus?!" Adam and Jay said simultaneously. The Dream Circus was the most famous performing group of all time; Gangrel himself was known to be a powerful leader and no one should never cross his path lest you want to suffer through a living hell. Adam and Jay have only seen one show, and have constantly imitated their techniques in getting supplies from the town.

"Yes, the Dream Circus." The black one repeated. He brought out a small bag of silver and copper coins and tossed it at the ground. "75 melodi and 20 beats; that should be enough to cover the damage, pay for some groceries and let us have the two boys, right?"

The guards looked down, and counted all of the coins; all 95 coins were in sight. "Very well," said the captain. "We can let this one slide. Now off you go."

The one in white clicked his teeth, and the chestnut horse soon turned away from the golden twins and walked up to the caped men. Jay and Adam ran up to the two, on their knees, bowing to them.

"Is it true?" Jay asked them. "Are you really from the Dream Circus?"

"Of course we are," said the one in white. "I'm known as Pierre the White Jester, but call me Paul."

"And I'm Biran the Black Jester," the one in black followed. "But I'm known as Brian."

"I'm Adam, and he's Jay." Adam replied. "We're both...thieves..."

"But you're also pretty athletic," Brian explained. "I've never seen such balance and athleticism in my life."

"You also have a way with animals," Paul added. "No one can tame Luna as you could Adam."

"And you shouldn't even be on the streets in the first place!" said Brian. "Come join us; we've got lots of food, a nice home, and more friends then you can find in this dump! What do you say?"

Jay and Adam looked back at them, then to each other, and then behind them at the village.

"Sign us up!" They both said.

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One hour later, the four teenagers had arrived at the former campsite of the Dream Circus. John and Randy were already finished packing the tent as they saw London and Kendrick come up from the dirt road. Adam and Jay were currently hiding beneath the giant bundle of hay which also camouflaged their worldly possessions and money they collected.

"HEY!!!" John yelled, seeing Luna's figure approaching them.. "You finally made it!"

Brian gripped the reins as Luna stopped trotting toward them. Adam and Jay were trying their hardest to not reveal themselves, although it was getting harder to do since the hay was getting really itchy.

Paul stepped down from the cart and brought out the groceries. "Here you go!" He said, a big grin on his face. "Groceries to last us about 2 weeks!"

"You sure that's the only thing you two guys bought?" said Randy, noticing the money bag around Paul's waist had deflated a bit. "You look like you treated yourselves to something."

"Uh..." said Brian, turning around to the giant haystack behind him then looked back at John and Randy. "What do you mean by that?"

Suddenly, the four heard a small sneeze coming from the haystack.

"What was that?" asked Randy.

"What do you mean 'What was that?'" asked Paul, sweat starting to form and fall down his face. "I didn't hear anything."

Then another sneeze came from the haystack; another one came in until a loud sneeze appeared, blowing away at least half of the hay off the cart, and let it shower over the perimeter. Jay sniffled a bit as he blew his nose on a handkerchief.

"Gesundheit." said Adam, patting his brother on the back. He then noticed four pairs of eyes staring at him. "Aw, crap."

John looked at the two jesters. "What happened at the village?"

Luna snorted a bit as Adam got down from the card; he held another apple in front of her as she started to eat it. Both John and Randy were shocked to see Luna acting so docile in front of them; whenever either of them try to do that, they almost get kicked in the face by the horseshoes she was wearing.

"There, there." said Adam, scratching behind the horse's ear. "I'm not going to leave, Jay and I are going to stay here...at least I hope we are..."

Jay got down, bringing in a small wooden trunk to the ground with an "oomph". "Hi there," He said to the two new faces in front of him. "I'm Jay and the one feeding your horse is Adam; we stopped her from going on a rampage across town."

"You're kidding me right?" Jay shook his head to reply to John's answer.

"That's what we thought to," said Brian, removing his mask to reveal his bright blue eyes. "These two have some talent; maybe we can use that talent for tonight's act."

"Maybe..." said Randy. "Oh yeah, we haven't properly introduced. I'm Randy, and the one next to me is John."

Adam turned to see Jay shaking John and Randy's hands and immediately joined in. "Don't forget about me," he said with a small smirk. "After all, I'm the one with the brains of the twin brothers."

"Yeah," Jay muttered under his breath. "Brains the consistency of oatmeal."

Adam began to grind his knuckles into his brother's hair while the members of the Dream Circus watching them just laughed.

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"Man, am I beat." said Mickie, sitting down on a wooden crate near the "stable". "We've already groomed and fed all of the horses..."

"And we got all of their saddles, their reins, and their horseshoes cleaned." Maria finished, collapsing onto the grass. "If I see another horse today, I am going to scream."

As she stared into the beautiful blue sky, a black shadow covered it up; something started to nudge her awake while she looked up to see a horse face in front of her.

"Oh no," She groaned as she laid her head down. "I must be so exhausted that I think I'm seeing things!"

"Calm down, Aria." said Mickie, standing up. "It's just Luna, and apparently she has company!"

Maria immediately stood up, seeing Adam and Jay riding on the chestnut beauty. "Who are you and what gave you the right to ride on Luna?" She asked them.

"I guess she did," Adam said, patting Luna's side. "I'm Adam, and the cuter one is Jay; we were just heading off to meet your ringmaster, Gangrel. You know where he is?"

"I think he's with Matt and Ashley getting the inventory counted." said Mickie, pointing to her right. "It's down that way, take a left at the pile of stuff and you'll see them.

"Thanks!" Jay said smiling, before his smile turned to surprise when he heard Luna snort at them. "Oh, and Luna needs to be cleaned up; she caused a ruckus in town."

"Not another horse!" Maria whined. "I'm too tired to clean her up. Can you do it, Mickie?"

"I'm not doing it unless you do it!" Mickie snapped. "We're supposed to do it together; remember the time when Jeff tried to clean the horses by himself?"

Maria laughed a bit at the memory; poor Jeff unfortunately tried to ride Luna, only to fall flat on his face and getting horse spit all over his hair.

"Please?" said Jay, looking at them with his blue eyes. "Luna needs a bath and Adam and I helped her out. Can't you do us a little favor?" He stuck out his lower lip as it started to quiver a bit, making him resemble a lost puppy. "Please? For me?"

"Oh, come on." said Mickie, walking up to the younger twin. "What makes you think that...that..." As she stared into Christian's eyes, she couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him. She hesitated as she stared into his eyes for a while; nothing was spoken as the words immediately fell from the woman's throat.

"Sure!" She said with a cheery smile on her face. "We'll help you out!"

Christian smiled at her. "Thanks!"

Maria stood flabbergasted as she looked up at her friend. "Are you crazy?" She said to her, turning Mickie around so they stared eye to eye. "They're strangers; I don't care if they do have talent, but it's still not a good idea..."

"Oh, don't be such a sour puss." Mickie giggled, a soft blue glow seen in her eyes. "Those two went through all the trouble in helping us out; it's the least we could do..."

"But..." Maria didn't finish her sentence as she was dragged by her best friend back towards the stables.

Adam looked at Jay. "What's wrong with them?"

Jay shrugged his shoulders. "Guess they finally realized how cute I was."

Adam threw an apple core at his brother.

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Matt had finally finished folding the costumes away in the trunk when he heard a thud. "Oh no..."

He turned around seeing Ashley had tripped over a twig while she was carrying some of the props in a wooden crate. He ran up to her, slowly helping her stand up.

"You alright?" said Matt. He then noticed all of the props that have been scattered on the floor: silk handkerchiefs, a top hat, a couple of juggling balls and clubs, two feather boas, and masks. "Never mind I said that..."

"We need help." said Ashley, rubbing her back. "I can barely see where I'm going if this stupid crate is in front of my face. It's not fair you get to check out all of the costumes and put it away; I'm doing a man's job and you're not."

"Well, you lost the coin toss." Matt said showing a clefa in his hand. In its face was the Treble Clef. "I called Treble and I won, so I choose what I was doing."

"What you're doing is flapping your gums, Mattie." Matt turned around to see Adam smirking at him while Jay stood by his brother's side. "What's wrong, Mattie? You're not going to be a man and be a man's job?"

"And who asked you how I should do my work?" Matt snarled. "And who are you in the first place?"

"We are Adam and Jay," said Adam with a smirk on his face. "And we, Adam and Jay are going to get your boss's permission to be part of the Dream Circus."

Ashley rolled her eyes and massaged her temples. "Just what we need," she muttered. "More boys."

Adam noticed all of items that were on the ground. "Well, excuse me." He said. "I should help with the mess here."

"I know what you can do!" said Jay, seeing all of the juggling balls in front of them. "Do that routine you made up!"

"Shh!" Adam said, immediately clamping a hand in front of his brother's mouth. "No one must not know about that!" He hissed.

"Oh come on," said Jay, picking up two juggling balls. "You haven't exactly shown any talent since we've got here, don't forget I was the one who jumped onto Luna's back and stopped her from attacking you, all you did was give her apples."

Adam was about to say something, but stopped. He then sighed as he picked up the juggling balls. "All right, but if this doesn't let us go to the Dream Circus, this was your idea."

He took a deep breath staring at the two rubber balls; he then raised one in the air and suddenly did a back flip, tossing the other ball into the air also. Ashley and Matt gasped as Adam was able to catch both of the balls as he landed on his feet with ease. Nothing was said during that time, although there was the presence of a soft rumbling sound coming from the older blonde. Suddenly, a soft mew came from some bushes as a small kitten ran to Adam, rubbing its face against his leg.

Adam looked down, smiling at the small creature. It had golden fur and brown stripes, to resemble a tiger; the most important feature it had were its grey eyes that were piercing right into Adam's blue ones.

"Oh, hey there." The cat meowed in response. "I didn't expect you to follow me out here. But now that you're here..." He showed the cat the ball in his hand. "See the ball? Go fetch!"

He hurled the ball, and as quick as lightning, the cat zipped toward it catching the ball in its teeth. It then did a somersault and walked toward Adam once more, laying the ball in front of its teeth. It gave a soft mew once more as Ashley and Matt stared in disbelief.

"That's impossible," Matt whispered.

"I know," said Jay, smirking. "Cats aren't the easiest creatures to train, but Adam has a gift known as the--"

"Now, that's not it!" Ashley interrupted, staring at the cat. "That's a felus! Those are hard to find!"

"A what?" asked Jay.

"A felus is part of a rare breed of animals known as the 'Anima'," a voice said from behind. "The felus is a very rare Anima, because it usually hates to be treated as a pet. But, for those lucky people, if they are able to get the respect of a felus, then they will remain their partner until death do them part."

Adam nearly dropped the other juggling ball as he saw the person who spoke. It was a man around his late 20's with long wavy blonde hair down his shoulders and grey eyes. He was wearing a white gentleman's blouse and black pants which covered the black boots he was wearing. A silver cross earring was pierced on his left ear as he revealed a pair of fangs hidden in his teeth. In his hands was a small glass sphere with many clouds floating around inside.

"So," the man said, staring at Adam and Jay. "These are the two thieves that Paul and Brian have been talking about huh?"

"Wow," said Jay. "News travels fast."

"If you consider 'fast' at Mickie's pace," the man muttered looking at Jay. "She said something about not wanting to be rude on helping a sweet boy in helping Luna and she immediately went to work. I suppose you are the one, right Adam?"

"I'm Adam," Adam pointed to himself as the felus jumped into his arms. "The one this Mickie talked to was my brother Jay. And you must be Gangrel, the ringleader of the Dream Circus."

"At your service," Gangrel bowed at them. "Especially to your pet felus. Have you named it yet?"

"I call her Stryker," said Adam while Stryker started to purr once more.

"It's a girl?" Jay said in shock. "I thought it was a guy!"

"I can just tell it's a girl," said Adam. "I called her Stryker because she's fast as lightning, and also because of her stripes."

Ashley walked up to Adam, looking closer at Stryker's tiger stripes. "You're right," she said. "They look like lightning bolts."

Stryker licked her face at that comment, causing Ashley to laugh a bit.

"And she's so cute!" said Ashley, scratching one of Stryker's ears.

Adam looked at Gangrel, trying his hardest to not to laugh because of Stryker's fur tickling his nose. "Um," he stared off. "We wanted to know if Jay and I can be part of the Dream Circus. We have no home, but if you need someone to help do chores like get groceries or gets some money for you..."

He stopped there as he saw Gangrel rubbing his chin in thought. Matt was about to say something but stopped short when he saw Gangrel's grey eyes star at him at that moment. Minutes passed, Jay was starting to get nervous, and even Stryker could sense the tension in the air. Finally, Gangrel spoke.

"I accept your offer," he said, unraveling a scroll in front of the twins. "Just sign your name and it'll be done.

"Are you crazy?!" Matt yelled at the ringleader. "You can't just let them sign their names into the Dream Circus."

Gangrel looked at him for a minute, then back at the scroll. "You're absolutely right." He snapped his fingers and a feathery quill and a bottle of ink appeared floating in mid-air. "It's impossible to sign the scroll without a quill and some ink."

Jay looked in awe. "Wow...that's some awesome magic. I'm in!" He immediately dipped the quill in some ink and scribbled his name down.

Adam smiled as he also wrote his name also. "Don't forget me!"

Stryker mewed as she placed her paw on the top of the ink bottle, then placed her paw on the paper, a smeary paw print stood between near the twins' names.

Gangrel grinned as he rolled the scroll back to position, then snapped his fingers once more to make the quill and ink disappear.

"Welcome, to our little family." He said to Adam and Jay. Matt just stood flabbergasted, Ashley was smiling from ear to ear and both twins gave each other high-fives.

Just then, Jeff and Shannon had finally returned from passing out posters. They looked at Adam and Jay then at Gangrel.

"What did we miss?" asked Shannon.

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