Ch 1 hurt, and sliced.

Bella's POV

I stared at him, when he said those painful words to me. "Bella I'm no good for you. I have moved on." He stated his eyes ice cold.

"What? You don't want me anymore?" I asked wanting to know if I heard correctly.

"No." He said. What? That did it. Love. Life. It has no more meaning to me. I stared at him, feeling the tears spill over my cheek. "I will be leaving now. Goodbye Bella."

With that he turned and ran off.

"Edward!!" I yelled collapsing on the forest floor. "Don't go. I need you!" But he didn't come back. I had no meaning for my life to go on. I got up off the forest floor and walked over to my truck. I turned the ignition on and drove back to my house, decided on my life's new turn.

I walked in my house, thanking God, Charlie wasn't home yet, and ran to the kitchen. And sobbed.

Edward's POV

It hurt so much leaving Bella like this. It felt like my heart was truly gone now. I stopped in front of my house and entered to see Jasper head in his hands shaking it and Alice cradled in a ball, rocking back and forth in the corner.

When I closed the door, Alice's eyes snapped open and landed on me. I could see the anger in her eyes as she got up and walked towards me. "What have you DONE?" She yelled.

"Nothing. Alice I had to leave, it's too dangerous." I said, defending myself. I saw Alice's anger leave her eyes only to be touched by a hint of sadness. "Alice what didn't you tell me?" I asked, knowing she kept something from me.

She collapsed on the floor crying tearless cries. "Edward what have you done?" She asked.

"What did I do Alice?" I asked comforting her, but she shook me away. Just then Rosalie came in and walked over to me.

"How could you Edward? You took Bella's humanity away! What type of monster are you?" Rosalie yelled at me. I didn't understand. Rosalie must've seen my confusion because she kneeled eye level to Alice. "You didn't tell him did you?" She asked. Alice shook her head. What are they keeping from me?

Rosalie straightened up and looked at me. "Edward, Alice had a vision of Bella. When you left she went back home and slit her wrists. She killed herself."

"No!!!" I yelled and collapsed on the floor. My Bella left this world? No!