Hey guys I'm really sad to announce that my story "Behind this Disguise" has ended. I hope I matched up to all your expectations with this…I was actually wondering, I've seen lots of awards and contests, and does anyone think I would have a chance?

Well this is mainly to say thanks to everyone who had commented and supported me. I also made this to give credit to the songs I used and the ideas.


Bella (Present day) - Kristen Stewart

Edward-Robert Pattinson

Alice-Ashley Greene

Jasper-Jackson Rathbone

Emmett-Kellan Lutz

Rosalie-Nikki Reed

Esme-Elizabeth Reaser

Carlisle-Peter Facinelli

Annabella (future)-Megan Fox

Katelyn-Selena Gomez

Cobbie- William Levy

Catherine-Taylor Swift

Collin- Chad Michael Murray

Joy- Jennifer Love Hewitt

Matthew- Chris Pine


Chapter 14- Did You by Kelly Clarkson

Chapter 33- White Horse by Taylor Swift

Chapter 40- Far Away by Nickelback

So guys another story that has finished *tears* loll. Just letting you guys know that I AM going to finish "Isabella and the Cullens" Its just I have to start re writing seeing as my work is all freaking lost! I will start writing again this week and will probably have a chapter up this week so please if you guys love me, even a lil bit, just review both "Behind this Disguise" and "Isabella and the Cullens" I wanna reach 600 reviews please.





Ezmeralda Elizabeth MacKlintof


And so much more, thank you guys for everything!!!!

I hope you guys' cud stay loyal with "Isabella and the Cullens"

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OK guys I love you…