A/N: My first Naley poem. Hope this stacks up with the others. I think I got some inspiration from Marie Digby's Unfold for the title, a modified line from Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey, and used a Haley line from OTH, not sure which episode. To: all you Naley fans and everyone else.

Eternally Unfolding

I wasn't asking for the blue world,

Offered to the palm of my hand.

I was asking for your feelings to be real,

Substantial to survive the ever test of time.

"I gave you my heart, and if that's not enough for you then I'm not enough for you. "

I desired to have a permanent part of your world, and you in mine,

Where we belonged because we fit together, balance each other pleasantly,

Like fresh, vivid, multi-colored roses of bordered dark orange gradually fading to lighter shades of peach and even a buttery yellow.

My heart has been searching for someone with a good heart, who was kind, giving, thoughtful, and made no apologies by being exactly who they are.

You have shown me who you are and I have seen all that I'm looking for in you.

I know I'm very fortunate to have someone like you in my life.

Finally, I believe your heart beats for mine alone,

And that wouldn't change throughout the uncertainties, disagreements, and arguments since

Everlasting love perseveres across something beyond us,

Always and forever.