American Crime

Hello, Everyone who watched American Crime or did not. I decided to write this story because the movie touched my heart deeply. Here is the main thing about American Crime. There was a young beautiful girl who "made a crime" that became the woman's crime. Characters' names are changed but settings and how it took place=same.

Told from student's point of view Age: 14

"I like all the rides you see at the circus, but the calm ones…" said Sesa. "My favorite is the pony ride!!" said Sesa's sister Sera. Everyday, our father and mother would show their awesome talents to the world, but us who would enjoy the rides. Oops! Forgot to tell you who I am! My name is Sesa, and I'm a young brunette girl with a humble heart. My sister Sera is the only best friend I have. And here is how the story began…

(Takes place at court)

Court Judge: So Sera tell how did your sister exactly die?

Sera: She died from cigarettes, fake sex, rape, people, and the WOMAN.

Court Judge: NO NO!!! you freakin tard! Tell US HOW DID SHE DIE.

Sera: sniff, it is so horrible and hurtful to say, many things that could have happened to me but only happened to my sister because of that horrible woman. That horrible stupid ugly freakin woman.

Sera…Continues and Begins with day 1. Which she called the Meet.

Okay!! This is just the beginning! There is WAYYY more, I just wanted to add this part…I know it sound boring, but it sound very SAD. VERY emotional. Be aware.

But comment or what ever..give review…tell me if the beginning can have some more sad tone or a hook to a sad tone??