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Chapter 1: Leaving Home

Rukia watched as her convoy left the inner sanctum of the keep. She watched the castle get smaller and smaller as they moved further away. Rukia felt tears spring at her eyes, she was leaving her home. The home that was about to be attacked, her brother was sending her away to protect her. She did not want to leave, but had no choice in the matter. Her brother, Lord Kuchiki Byakuya was sending her to Lord Ukitake Jushiro, a kind hearted man who always treated her well and she admired greatly. But she did not want to abandon her people in their time of need. "Oh snap out of it Rukia." Rukia reprimanded herself. "There's nothing you could have done anyway."


She was sitting on her bed mulling over things that could not be. Such as a life outside the rules of nobility.

A knock at the door snapped Rukia out of her reverie. Rukia shook her head and scowled lightly at being bothered. "Enter" she called out in a forced polite tone.

A young serving girl entered and quietly spoke eyes downcast so not to meet eyes with her Lady. "Lady Rukia, your brother has sent for you."

"Ah of course he has. Thank you for informing me, you may go."

The girl bowed deeply, then spun on her heels and left Rukia alone in her room.

Rukia stood up from her grand bed and walked swiftly to her closet to find something appropriate to wear for a meeting with her older brother. She donned a simple dark purple silk kimono with a dark blue lining which complimented her violet eyes which were framed by short black hair.

Rukia opened her oak doors and entered a marvellous hallway. While she walked she was mulling over what her brother wanted with her. She had had done nothing wrong, other than sneaking out the night before last to explore the marketplace at night. But there was no way he would know about that.

After walking for several minutes she came to the door of her brother's study and entered respectfully. Byakuya was at his desk reading through documents and occasionally signing a few. All the same Rukia stood still head bowed waiting for her brother to inform her why she was summoned here. After several minutes Byakuya cleared his throat and looked up.

"Good evening Rukia. How has your day been?" He greeted her politely.

'Ok so I'm not in trouble' Rukiathought cheerfully to herself but with nii-sama you could never be sure.

"Good evening nii-sama. My day has been fine and yours nii-sama?"

"Good as always. But for some unfortunate news." Her brother answered solemnly.

'Wait what, maybe he does know. Crap.' Rukia thought rapidly. "What news nii-sama?" Rukia said keeping her Kuchiki exterior.

Byakuya sighed deeply. "I have received word that there is a large force heading this way with all the intention to attack." Rukiagasped but her brother continued on unperturbed. "Tomorrow morning before dawn, you will be leaving with a lightly guarded force so not to get any unwanted suspicion. You will go to the thirteenthnoble family, where Lord Ukitake will protect you and keep you in comfort."

"No I will do no such thing." Rukia interrupted angrily trying to keep up the Kuchiki face.

"Yes you will. And you will not argue any further about it. You must be protected" Byakuya said evenly, without a hint of anger in his words.

Rukia's emotions broke through her generally unemotional facade as she shouted. "And what about all the people in the city? I should stay to help them and keep them calm; they cannot see any of us run..."

Her brother's icy voice interrupted her rant, "Silence Rukia, I will stay and direct the battle, but I cannot concentrate on the matter at hand while you are in danger. I would not know what I'd do if you got hurt. I've lost Hisana; I don't want to lose you too."

He just had to bring up their sister who'd died a few years ago from a strange illness. It was a low blow, but she knew he was right, he'd be able to think better without her there.

"Alright I'll go but at least tell me who is attacking." She pleaded

"The crest is unknown at this point but we do know the force comes from Hueco Mundo. I believe it to be Aizen." Byakuya answered gravely

With that answer Rukia turned gracefully and walked out the door leaving her brother alone once again in his study. She walked up the corridor, entered her room, changed into her pale blue silk nightgown and sank into bed, tears still flowing as she slept.

End Flashback

She was a Kuchikithe sixth family of the great thirteen noble families of the Soul Society, who alongside caring for their own lands were charged with taking care of the lands of the tenth Family, who were also the Royal family, but they had been missing for some time now. So she would be strong, she knew her brother and people would survive. If they were to fall, she would carry on her duty as a Kuchiki and protect the people of her land and the land of the royals. But she could have fought, she'd been trained since she was young, but she'd follow her brother's wishes. Rukia smiled sadly at the thought as she laid her head down and fell asleep.


Rukia jerked awake and looked out the windows of her carriage onto a scene she'd never seen.

Men, Dirty men were riding on shaggy and unhealthy looking horses, through the line of travellers, hacking and slashing all who stood before them, men and women alike.

Her guards made a semicircle formation in front of the carriage long spears pointing out behind square and kite shields. They were forcing back the bandits with their weapons but they were outnumbered and being slaughtered slowly. She brought her fingers and reassuringly stroked a small dagger tucked away at her belt. It was small but it gave her comfort.

'Ha-ha' laughed a small man dirty and unshaven with greasy black hair and beady eyes, wielding a jagged dagger laughed. 'They guard the front but not the back' the cutthroat thought to himself as he and three others snuck around to the other side of the carriage. He yanked the door opened causing Rukiato spin around violently. He smirked as he saw her eyes widen and her hand grip the dagger at her belt, the second she saw him. Before she could scream or draw her blade to defend herself, the bandit had quickly grabbed her roughly and covered her mouth.

"Eh, lookie what we a gots here men." The uncouth man said as he dragged Rukia outside. "We gots ourselfs a princess."

Rukia's POV

I wanted to vomit. This man stuck badly of sake, smoke, dust and urine. His hands were caked with who knows what, and was rough against my skin. I wanted him to stop touching me. I struggled and struggled hard. Finally I managed to step on his foot hard enough so he yelped, which made his hand slipped down lower near my teeth, and after struggling for a couple of minutes, I bit his hand. 'Wait I bit him, Oh God, I really want to vomit now. But I guess it was the only way. 'Because with a scream of rage he released me, allowing me to run away. "I'll get ya for that ya bitch. What ya standin round for, we gotta get her." He commanded his men.

I have no idea absolutely no idea where I was going, but I really didn't care I just knew I had to get away. I pushed myself harder, I could feel the sweat on my forehead, and all I could hear was my blood pumping.

While running I suddenly felt pain and screamed as someone yanked my hair.

The same ugly man tugged me round so I was face to face with him, bringing me closer to him, way to close in my opinion.

"Where'd ya think ya're goin, huh girly." As he spoke I felt the spittle fly onto my face, I could smell sake mixed with smoke on his breath as he breathed onto me.

"Do you know what I'm gonna do with ya now, after ya were such a bad girl, eh?" He laughed mirthlessly.

He tugged me to ground, hitting my head onto the ground as well, whilst pushing me under him. He kissed me roughly his dry lips brushing my own and my skin, putting his hands in inappropriate areas. I was panicking, I wanted to scream, I pushed against him trying to get him off, but I couldn't, I wasn't strong enough, there was nothing I could do. I felt tears come as I realised what they were going to do me, they were going to rape me. I cried harder and tried fiercely to get him off me so I could run. But he just pushed me back down.

I heard a stallion neigh, and some startled shouting and then the clanging of steel as swords clashed against one another and I dared to hope someone had come to save me.

And then I heard him, my saving grace as his voice full of fury rang out. "Get off her. NOW." I didn't recognise the man's voice but relief washed through me none the less as he said those words.

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