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Lindsay woke up with a pounding headache. She couldn't tell where she was except that the room was old, windowless, and smelt like blood and sweat. She was sure that there was an actual puddle of blood by the door. She stumbled to her feet, ready to stagger to the door, when she tripped over a figure lying on the floor. As she landed on the floor again she heard a familiar groan of pain.

"Flack," she said quietly turning to see him wince as he sat up. His blue eyes were slightly glassy, but were slowly focusing as he took in his surroundings. He looked at Lindsay and muttered, "Where the hell are we?"

"That's a good question," Lindsay replied quietly. Before either one could comment again the door opened and a pale, dark, malicious man walked toward him.

"Devin?" Lindsay said suddenly remembering the name Hawks said to Flack. She hoped if the guy heard his name he'd stop, re-think what he planned to do, but he didn't. He continued to walk toward them, stopping next to Flack.

"I'm hungry," he commented hauling the cop to his feet. Lindsay had never seen Flack shake like he was then, his whole body one big tremor. Devin ignored the cop's reaction as he sank his teeth into his neck.

Oh my gosh, Danny hadn't lied to me, Lindsay thought as she screamed, "Devin, stop." The vampire let the cop go, allowing him to slump to the ground. Flack's blood was on his lips, running down his chin.

"Like drinking the sweetest drink on the planet," he commented wiping the blood off his face. He licked the blood off his fingers, as if it was merely Popsicle juice. He then smiled down at Lindsay who was slowly backing away from him.

"Oh, I'm not going to drink from you. Not yet at least. I never over-indulge myself with more than one food source." He looked down at Flack who was sliding toward the wall, holding his bleeding neck.

"But, I can't say much for my friends. They aren't happy that the older guy killed Malory. She didn't deserve the fate she got. Her body had to be burned, we burnt her. But it still was painful, you know, to burn someone we knew. That's why you two are here; Alec has been tracking the guy with the glasses, hoping to finish what he started, when he saw you two together." He looked at Lindsay who was still trying to shrink away from Devin. "He called me, told me about you, and I tracked you down. It was just a lucky mistake that this man was with you." he looked back at Flack. "Lucky for me, I must say.

"Listen to me; I always tell Macey and Alec not to play with their food and that's exactly what I am doing. Let me just finish up with the cop and then I'll get to you." Devin was half-turned toward Don when he heard someone yell, "Boss, Winchester!"

"I'll be back," Devin promised turning on his heel. His trench coat swished as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Don," Lindsay whispered crawling over to the slightly disoriented cop. He still held his neck, which had slowly stopped bleeding. "Let me see your wound." Lindsay pulled his hand away from the bite. She noticed it matched Danny's exactly. I can't believe he was telling the truth. But how could vampires be real? It's all myths, right, she thought trying to stay calm.

"I guess the Winchesters are experts on killing vampires," Don attempted to joke, his voice shaky. Lindsay let out a small laugh, which sounded too high pitched and hysterical for her own.

"And I guess Danny isn't a lying jerk after all," Lindsay whispered sitting against the wall.

"I can't believe I just got bitten by a vampire…"

"…and you were compared to the 'sweetest drink on the planet.'"

"It's because of my mom's lasagna," Flack muttered still trying to joke in their situation.

"That's exactly it," Lindsay muttered softly. "Tomato sauce, noodles, and cheese will make any vampire like your blood." Why the hell am I joking with him? If that vampire kills Sam or Dean (which ever one is here) then we both are dead, she couldn't help thinking. It was like her reasoning left the building; almost like her body knew she might die and made her less fearful and conscious of her situation.

"At least Danny's okay," Lindsay said thinking of the man she kicked out of her car because she assumed he lied to her. You know what they say about assumptions… STOP IT.

"What does this sitituation have to do with Messer being okay?" Don asked curiously.

"I just don't want to think of him being stuck here with us. At least he's safe and not on the brink of death."

"Do you honestly think we are on the brink of death?"

"If we survive this, if the Winchesters help us and don't die themselves, it'll be a freaking miracle."

"Well I for one am banking on that miracle," Don muttered sitting up straighter. Boy I wish I shared your optimism, Flack, I really do, Lindsay thought weakly. I really, honestly do.


Mac didn't want Danny to know about Lindsay's capture, didn't want him there just in case he and Sam were too late to save her, but someone obviously called him. He was there, trying to avoid the swinging fist of Alec. Sam was taking on Macey, who had a mean high kick. He seemed to be avoiding her combat boot, looking like he had experience with it already. That left Mac and Devin. Devin was skilled, knew every counter attack for anything Mac threw at him.

He had been disarmed a good ten minutes into the fight, his machete a few feet away from them. He couldn't quite figure out how he was going to get the weapon, straight A's in high school and college and you can't figure out how to get a fricking machete. You're losing it Taylor, he thought to himself holding back an eye roll.

Devin swung at his head; Mac ducked feeling the wind brushed past him. He had enough time to see Sam take out his vampire and run to help Danny before he was slammed into the ground by his opponent. Devin leaned toward Mac's neck, ready to take a bite.

"I'm not food," he muttered and slammed his head into the vampire's nose. Devin sprang to his feet, screaming profanities. Mac rolled to his feet, scooping up the machete. He weighed it in his hands, a sense of déjà vu hitting him. Devin flew at him; Mac took the opportunity and swung the machete directly at the vampire's head. He missed, slicing straight through his arm. The vampire screamed as his arm fell to the ground, blood pouring out of the wound.

"I guess I missed," Mac said sarcastically.

"You won't get another shot," Devin screamed. He jumped up, slamming his feet into Mac's chest. The CSI slammed into the ground as the vampire sprinted up the stairs.

"Danny," Mac yelled, "Sam, go after him." the younger guys, who had just killed Alec, both raced up the steps after Devin; Danny picking up Mac's weapon on the way.

Mac got to his feet, gasping for breath. He hadn't had a hit like that since the werewolf, I am too old for this shit, he thought as he chased the younger guys up the steps.


Danny skidded to a halt behind Sam, just as Devin reached a grimy door. Devin smiled, ignoring his bleeding stump, and kicked the door in. He raced inside, a loud, familiar scream filling Danny's ears, and exited gripping Lindsay by the shoulder.

"Let her go," Danny snarled noticing the tears rolling down Lindsay's eyes. He wanted to go help her, but he wasn't sure if Devin would hurt her or not. The vampire smiled, his fangs flashing, and said, "Would you like to watch her die?"

"L…let her go," Danny repeated, a stammer in his voice.

"Why would I…" a loud yell cut Devin off. A figure flew at him from the room. Throwing Lindsay to the side, Devin spun around and grabbed Flack by the throat. "No, I don't think so." With a slight grunt he flung Don at Danny and Sam. All three guys hit the ground and Devin grabbed Lindsay taking her up a flight of stairs.

"Lindsay," Danny yelled pushing Don off of him. He jumped to his feet, his leg nearly collapsing under him. He ignored it, grabbing his machete, and rushed up the stairs after the vampire. He heard someone yell his name, but he didn't respond. Whatever they had to say didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was Lindsay's safety and the death of that swine Devin. He continued up the stairs, reaching a lone doorway. He crashed through it ending up on a roof.

Devin was standing near the edge, holding Lindsay over it. He laughed when Danny slid to a halt. "I really don't want to kill her, but if I have to I will," Devin commented looking up at Lindsay's trembling form.

"Please, let her go. Take me, kill me," Danny begged the machete shaking in his hand. He didn't want to see Lindsay die; she was of the only things keeping him sane in the insane world he lived in.

"I don't know, I mean Alec did say you were bland…"

"Come on, he was a lackey, what taste does he have?" Danny asked trying to keep the tremble out of his voice. He couldn't tell if he was getting to Devin or not, but he had to try.

"If you're sure," Devin muttered in a longing voice. He just wants the blood, what difference if it comes from me or Lindsay, Danny thought looking the vampire in the eye.

"As sure as I'll ever be," Danny replied and dropped his machete for proof.

"Danny…" Lindsay begged.

"Its okay, Montana, I'll be fine."

Devin set Lindsay on her feet and attacked Danny. He hit the ground, his head cracking into the cemented ground. The last thing he felt and heard before he passed out was a set of fangs sinking into his skin and someone screaming.


Mac crashed through the door, leading to the roof, just in time to see Devin slam into Danny. Danny went down without a fight, slamming his head into the ground. Mac rushed forward, unaware of Don and Sam's arrival; he tackled the vampire off of Danny slamming him into the ground.

"Mac, move," he heard someone say. He rolled off the vampire just as Sam jumped forward and decapitated it. Devin convulsed for a good ten seconds before he stopped.

"Is he dead for good," Mac asked getting to his feet.

"Yeah," Sam replied breathing heavily.

"Good," Mac muttered and rushed over to Danny. Don and Lindsay were already over by him, both too afraid to touch him. "Let me see him." Mac dropped down, next to the younger CSI and first checked his pulse. It was slow and steady despite the blood leaking out of a second bite wound. Then he checked for any other wound.

"Mac, stop mothering me," Danny said weakly as he opened his eyes. His blue eyes were slightly glassy, but otherwise he was aware of his surroundings. Mac and Don grabbed an arm and hauled him to his feet.

"I hate vampires," Danny commented.

"You're starting to sound like Dean," Sam muttered with a small smile.

"Yeah, well he's got a point," Danny admitted reluctantly. That got an actual laugh out of Sam. Mac merely rolled his eyes and he and Don helped Danny toward the door. Lindsay and Sam following close behind.


Sam opened his motel door room to see Sheldon pouring over a stack of papers and Dean out cold on his bed. Great, get your dirty, sweaty, bloody clothes all over my bed. Thanks a freaking lot, older brother, he wanted to say, but instead said, "How did you get him to go to sleep?"

"A method I learned in college. It's called Annoying Roommate."

"How does it work?" Sam asked thinking he already knew.

"Mix a crap load of alcohol together, have the roommate, or in this case your brother, drink as much as he can handle until he passes out."

"How much did he drink?" Sam knew Dean had a very high tolerance for alcohol. He had seen his brother wash down three beers with six shots and still be well enough to drive the Impala back to the motel.

"A lot," Sheldon answered simply. He got to his feet, a couple of articles coming into focus. They were of another case Sam had been considering; one that had to do with possessions in Georgia.

"I say that's a lower level demon possession. Maybe a medium. I don't know; I don't hunt the things myself."

Hawks was nearly toward the door before Sam could speak again. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I worked as an ME before I worked as a crime scene investigator. I've seen a lot of weird things in that time. I know a demon possession when I see one. Have a good night, Sam." And with that he closed the door behind him.

"Hmph," Sam muttered walking over to the articles. He collected them, sticking them into his father's journal. He decided that he would work on the demons in the morning, with Dean's help. Instead he walked toward Dean's bed-his still occupied by his snoring older brother-and laid down. He could do with some shut eye, too.


Dean wasn't happy that he couldn't drive his own car. So what if his wrist was broken and he had a sprained ankle, he drove in worst conditions before. But then Sam's words hit him again, "Come on, just let me take care of you for once. I promise the next hunt I will hurt myself and you'll get the older brother job back." You better not do that, he thought glancing at Sam who was just pulling up to the crime lab. The entire team, even Danny whom Dean still was annoyed with, was waiting for them.

"Do we have to talk to them?" Dean grumbled crossing his arms.

"Dad knew Mac and Stella, they brought in Sheldon, Danny, and the others; I think you can at least say good-bye."

"Fine." Dean opened the door, getting out of the car. He didn't bother with the crutches; he didn't want or need them anymore. His ankle was fine, it wasn't broken. He walked up to the others, who were all standing in a group warding off the cold.

"So, you guys are headed out," Stella asked the moment both boys were in hearing distance of her. Sam nodded while Dean grunted. Stella walked up to both of them, hugging them both at the same time. "Tell your dad hi from me." Both boys looked to Mac who shook his head slightly. Instead of telling her the truth both Winchesters muttered, "Okay." She released them and headed back to Mac.

The boys were each hugged by Lindsay next, who told them good-bye separately. They shook hands with Sheldon, Don, and Mac. When it was Danny's turn, Sam shook his hand immediately. Work with the guy once and now he's like your freaking best friend, Dean thought bitterly.

Danny stopped in front of Dean, holding out of his hand. "I know we haven't been the best of friends, but at least we should leave on a good note," Danny muttered sheepishly.

"Fine," Dean muttered and shook the CSI's hand. They broke apart almost as soon as their hands met and Dean got back in the car.

"Um, you have my number if anything weird happens," Sam said heading toward the driver side.

"Yeah, but I expect we'll be able to handle it," Mac replied and Dean could see the hunter's glint in his eye. He knew that Mac was a hunter, no matter what he said.

"Okay. Bye guys." Sam got into the driver seat, closing the door. Like the polite boy he was he waved good-bye to the others before starting the car. Dean raised his hand in a final farewell before his brother pulled back into the street and down the road.

"So, to Georgia," Dean muttered looking out the window.

"To Georgia," Sam confirmed and headed out of the city line, slowly merging into traffic.