I am not an unsung hero, but sometimes I wish I was.

A hero is someone who will put other's lives

Before theirs.

Not just those closest to them

Whom they can barely stand

Heroes are never

Forced to decide who lives

And who dies.

A true hero can save them all

In truth

I can save no one

A hero doesn't need a badge

To obligate them to rescue.

I barely have a badge at all.

Just one bought for me

A badge that has never

Forced me to do the

Right thing

Heroes don't feel guilt

At needing eyes

They just help

No reason for them

To feel guilty at all.

A hero can take

Pride in being

Called a hero

A title I don't deserve

At all.

No matter whom I save

Or how many

It's all for an ulterior purpose.

I'd turn on them in a


I'd be forced to

Obligated to.

So remember this

Claire Danvers

No matter what I do for you

Do not trust me

I beg you not to

Do all you can

To protect your clan

But never involve me in anything

Where I'd be forced to choose

For I'd choose wrong

I always choose wrong

I am no hero

Richard Morrell

Is no hero

Remember that

It may very well

Save your life one day

You can trust me

On that one

At least


Because I have no

Hero's promise.