KFG24: Alright,here's my little White's Day drabble. It'd be longer,but I didn't start writing until yesterday...

Luka had been very excited to open up the mysterious package that she'd found lying on her bed. It was shiney and white and,depending on how the light hit it,you could see roses on it. There was a pretty pink bow on top that matched her hair almost exactly.

However,when she opened the box... Well let's just say she wasn't expecting this present.

Lingerie. White lingerie.

The pink haired songstress swore she could feel her blood boiling. She replaced the lid and carried the box out of her room.

Kaito was the first to notice the woman. "Ah,Luka-san! Happy White's... Day..." The Vocaloid shivered as she strode past him.

"Something wrong Kaito?" The man was perplexed,how had Meiko not felt the chilling atmoshpere that surrounded the newest member of their family?! Ah well,perhaps it was better that she not know. He decided and sat down again,still wondering when it would be the right time to give her the ring he was fingering in his pocket.

"Gakupo-san," Luka called sweetly when she finally reached her destination. "could you come here for a second?"

The purple haired man was quick to respond. "Yes Luka-dono?"

Luka's smile was diabetic killing,teeth rottingly sweet. "Gakupo-san,would you mind explaining this?" She opened the box and shoved it in his face.

The poor samurai never had a chance to respond.


Miku screamed when she saw the open box. Luka looked away from the bloody pulp once known as the Dancing Samurai,Kamui Gakupo,and asked her what the problem was.

"H-how... How did my White's Day gift get out here?" The distressed diva asked in a quiet voice,the moistness of her eyes suggested that she was going to start crying in embarrassment. "I left it in my room... And told Master that I'd wear it for him later..."

The five Vocaloids were silent,all wondering the same thing. 'How did Miku's gift end up in Luka's room?'

'I wonder how Miku-dono will look in that.' Make that four Vocaloids thinking the same thing,Gakupo's mind was somewhere completely different. Luka somehow sensed that he was thinking something perverted and ground his face into the floor with her foot.

KFG24: I had added a part where it was revealed that the twins did it,but it didn't really go all that well with the rest of the story.