KFG24: Here's my entry. Not all that great sadly. I was inspired when I was looking on UTAUwiki for some 'loids to use in this challenge and I saw Yufu's favorite quote. I was gonna have Sayu be her best friend, but then I decided on Koto just 'cause she's my favorite and I've never written about her before.

They were a mismatched pair; complete opposites. One was tan from long days out playing under the bright rays of the sun, the other was almost as pale as the snow she adored. One had bright orange hair that often went unbrushed for days and eyes that looked like fire, the other had gray hair always held back in a long, tidy braid and silver eyes that sparkled like stars when she smiled. One was loud, confident, and unable to concentrate without the help of her best friend, the other was quiet, self concious, and unable to be herself around anyone else but her best friend.

One was Koto Fuuga, the other was Yufu Sekka. They were the best friends I've ever known.

Yufu and I shared a room in the hospital that I'd lived in since before I can remember. She was a frail girl who the doctors said wouldn't make it past the winter. Because of that, Yufu often prayed that it would always be winter. And after I got to know her, I hoped that it would always be winter, too.

During Yufu's time in the hospital, Koto, who had been visiting her dying father, suddenly ran into our room one day and began to sob hysterically on a very surprised, but comforting Yufu. After a long while of Kto crying, Yufu whispering comforting words, and me silently comparing the two, the orange haired girl pulled away and ran off.

We thought that was the last we'd see of her, but she came back two days later throwing her denium jacket on the foot of my bed and complaining about how the autumn wind had made her hair static-y. The pale girl in the bed across the room offered to brush her hair, but kept getting shocked. Koto began laughing until Yufu used the static to shock her into a brief silence, thus beginning a static war and a strong friendship.

For a while the only one Koto ever even noticed was Yufu. Then winter came and Yufu suddenly began including me in their discussions. She was always saying, "Oh Koto-chan, what will we do with you? Don't you agree, Sora-san?", and then the louder of the two would glance over at me and grin. And then I'd blush because sometime between her abrupt enterance and winter I'd gotten a crush on the bird lover.

Then, when visiting hours were over, Yufu would tell me more about Koto and how we'd make a cute couple. I'd blush harder than before and deny any feelings of attraction. I began to suspect that she was planting these ideas in Koto's head the day when, after leaving the room to lend a book to my friend Eiichi, I returned to find the red eyed girl staring at me and blushing as Yufu giggled behind her.

Not long after that, it began to snow and Yufu began spending a lot of her time staring out the window at the snow. Koto took this as a sign that Yufu wanted to go outside, so one day she came into our room and told us to get ready to play in the snow. At first we both said no, but no one says no to Koto for long; she's very persuasive when she wants to be.

And that's how we found ourselves running around, catching snowflakes on our tounges, making snowangels, building snowmen with funny faces, and having a snowball battle. At first it was Yufu verses me verses Koto, but Yufu had a really good arm and was very strategic so it soon became Koto and I verses Yufu until Koto betrayed me by pouring slushy snow down my jacket.

Unfortunately, our fun was cut short when Yufu suddenly fainted. A couple of doctors rushed out to check on her and carry her back in as another escourted me back inside. When I looked back, I saw Koto silently standing there in the snow watching the doctors carrying Yufu; then she ran away.

Yufu didn't return to her bed for a long while. Koto visited me often to see if I knew anything about the quiet girl's condition, though I never did because the nurses never told me anything other than, "Don't worry about it, Sora-kun."

Finally, in late January, I awoke to the sound of Koto crying and found a scene much like the one I'd seen when the two girls first met: Koto had her arms wrapped around Yufu andwas sobbing into her shoulder as Yufu pet her her head and whispered soothing words. I watched them for a while, silently making a list of all their similarities.

It was short.

I had hoped that it would always be winter, but unfortunately, hoping doesn't keep the seasons from changing; so winter left us, and so did Yufu, and was replaced by spring. Koto continued to visit until May, when her mother got remarried. On the last visit before her move to go live in Tokyo under a new last name, Samune, she said goodbye to Yufu's empty bed, and kissed me before she left.

I never saw her again.

I'm over it now, or at least, as over such a thing as one can get, but I still miss the two and the winter we spent together. I wish it had just stayed winter forever.