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This is just a summery of Harry's new childhood with only the most important parts. There will be a list at the bottom of all of the important notes if you don't feel up to reading the whole thing.

Harry had always known that he was different, that he was strange and unusual; a freak. Uncle Vernon had always told him that he was a freak of nature and that he should have died with his freaky parents instead of burdening them with his upbringing. That's why they made him do all of the chores like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and cooking all of the meals as soon as he was big enough to do them. He needed to pay them back for putting up with all of his freakishness. He did everything without complaint because they were his family and they wouldn't lie to him about things like that.


Uncle had been particularly angry when he had had to start sending Harry to school with his hard earned money. He ordered Harry to make sure that he never got anything but full marks and that he did all of Dudley's homework and let Dudley cheat off of his tests whenever he could. He didn't want anyone in the neighborhood to think that anyone in his family was stupid; not even the freak. Harry managed to keep both himself and Dudley at the top spots in the classes even when they were in separate classes by doing plenty of extra credit to make up for Dudley's tests for three years; all while making sure to keep any of the strange happenings that occurred around him to himself.

One time he had been running from some of the local bullies that thought that he looked fun to 'play' with when he was cornered in an alley and suddenly found himself on the roof of one of the closest buildings. Another time one of the teachers had been picking on Dudley trying to prove that he didn't know anything that was on the previous day's homework despite the perfect score when her hair turned blue and she ran out of the room crying; Dudley had found it so funny that he had kept it to himself. He knew that his uncle and aunt wouldn't want to know that his weirdness was starting to manifest and he wanted to make them happy, no matter what that took. They are his only family after all.

Harry knew that something was very wrong. He had woken up on his own instead of hearing his aunt's shrill voice demanding that he make breakfast or his cousin's thundering footsteps echoing through his cupboard as he raced down the stairs. He had butterflies in his stomach even after his aunt let him out an hour later to make breakfast and the rest of the morning pasted much as it always did, he just knew that something was going to go wrong very soon.

It wasn't until after breakfast when Dudley wobbled into the living room to watch the Saturday morning cartons that the thing that he had been expecting happened. The doorbell rang several times in quick succession with a very impatient air that had Uncle Vernon glaring at the door from the couch. "Boy! Get the door and tell them that we don't buy anything from salesmen and that we will not change our faith so they can save both our time and leave!"

Harry made his way to the door and opened it quickly to find a rather intimidating man standing on the front step. He looked to be about Uncle Vernon's age, though he was in very good shape. He was wearing a suit that made his dark blue eyes look almost black and he looked down at Harry with a look that he didn't recognize as he dutifully repeated his message. When he tried to close the door the man stopped it with his foot and pushed past Harry gently as he walked into the living room and blocked the family's view of the TV, which sent Dudley into mini hysterics for several moments before he tottered up the stairs to watch it in his room, the TV was bigger anyway.

Vernon stood up with a rapidly darkening face. "What did of idiot are you? The boy told you that we aren't going to buy anything and I don't care about anything you have to say, so get off of my property before I call the authorities and have you arrested for trespassing!"

The man stared at Vernon for a minute before he flashed a badge that looked like the toy one that Dudley had only better made. Vernon paled and sat down with a heavy flop that made the couch sag in the middle dangerously. "I do believe that you have said more then enough Mr. Dursley." The man stepped closer to the couch so that Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had to look up at him. "Several of the neighbors and teachers at the local school have reported suspicions that you are abusive toward your nephew and from your attitude it isn't very hard to see where they got those suspicions from. Now all of us are going to go down to the station and we are going to find out exactly how long you both are going to be put away for."

Harry could feel the dread building in his stomach as he stood at the entry to the living room almost frozen in place. He knew what would happen if they took him away from his family; Vernon had told him all about orphanages and he didn't want to end up in one of those. He walked slowly forward until he was almost at the man's feet and the man looked down at him with that strange look in his eyes again. "I don't want to be taken away from my family." Harry wanted to make the man go away so badly and he suddenly felt as if there was something linking his thoughts to the man's and the man's eyes went blank for a moment before he suddenly shook himself and walked out of the door without a single backward glance.

Vernon suddenly turned to look at Harry with the strangest look in his eyes that made Harry close his eyes tightly and fold in on himself. He was surprised when no violence was rained down on him and he opened his eyes to see the smile spread across his uncle's face before he was lifted onto his uncle's lap for the very first hug he could ever remember. "You are an amazing little boy; you made that vile man go away. From now on I want you to practice making people do what you want them to do. Just remember that you aren't to do that to a member of your family, alright?" Vernon waited until Harry nodded before placing him back on the ground and facing Petunia. "We need to give him Dudley's junk room and make sure that he is well fed from now on so that that power of his can get stronger." Aunt Petunia only nodded dazedly before getting up to make some more breakfast for the nephew that had saved them all.

That was the turning point for Harry and the Dursleys both, a turning point that made all of their lives easier and happier.

Harry spent almost every waking moment around strangers practicing controlling their actions. It was hard at first and he really had to concentrate, but after a couple months he was able to make anyone do anything that he wanted with the slightest effort and without even being that close to them. Soon he was able to control people even if he couldn't see them and he managed to discover several other powers that his uncle encouraged; he could read the minds of anyone he came across, move things no matter the weight without touching them, and countless other things that his uncle came up with for him to try. Every power was encouraged and used to further his family's position and happiness.

Vernon had him take control of the bigwigs in his company and make them promote Vernon as high as they could while making them ignore the money that was disappearing from their bank accounts. Petunia took great pleasure in getting him to read the minds of all of the local biddies to see if anyone was thinking anything bad about her, and if they were she had him use his other powers to make them as miserable as possible. Dudley had him use his powers to get the neighborhood kids to respect him and to keep the teachers off his case though overall Dudley didn't ask Harry to use his powers very much; he had too much fun making the local kids fear him.

When a strange letter arrived shortly before Harry's eleventh birthday Vernon made a decision that he would not have made otherwise. Instead of trying to outrun the letters within England as he might of before he decided that he would find out where they wouldn't be able to find them first. He answered the letter himself and accompanied the oaf that they sent from 'their' world and managed to get the information from the oaf after a full bottle of 'fire whiskey'. Several days after the excursion the Dursleys were on their way to the United States of America with a full supply of Wizarding things and a hold on the Potter Vaults so that no one but Harry would be able to get into them. None of the Dursleys were willing to hand Harry over to the 'freaks', he was the only reason that they were still free. Their reasons for caring may have started off twisted but they cared enough to give up everything they knew to keep him.

After Harry used his abilities to get them set up in their new lives they tried to keep his usage to a minimum just in case someone from 'that' world was paying too much attention. Vernon a job that while similar to the one he had before it was much more lucrative without the extortion that he had indulged in before so he went completely straight and managed to get promoted on his own merits. Petunia found that most of the women in the neighborhood had jobs of their own and she managed to land a job as hostess at a rather well to do restaurant where she was able to overhear plenty of juicy information on everyone that was worth knowing about. Dudley ended up joining a gym and spending most of his time trying to lose weight when he noticed how obsessed the people in the city they had moved into were with appearances. Harry simply found himself burying himself in his studies of both the magical and muggle worlds along with the development of his powers, he was determined to be as powerful as he could possibly be because no one was going to take him away from his family, no one.

Petunia hummed a song under her breath as she scrambled the eggs for breakfast, she never would have thought that her and her family would ever be this happy after that night fourteen years ago. She had thought that the freakishness that her sister had always held above her head would make her life miserable in her nephew, but he was another creature entirely. He helped them without complaint even when they had been horrible to him and he didn't view himself to be better then them or feel the need to rub his powers in their face. At first she had only seen his powers as something to make her life easier but now it was something that was only used if absolutely necessary, there was so much more pleasure gained when you did something under your own power. "Boys, breakfast is ready. You better get down her before it goes cold."

She watched as her family came thundering down the stairs, Harry followed the other two at a much more sedate pace, with a smile. Her Diddiums had lost a lot of weight and was now an almost solid mass of muscle with a buzz cut; he was already one of the best boxers in the city. Vernon had lost weight as well but hadn't gone so far as to bulk up; she was happiest about the removal of that mustache. Harry was definitely the smallest member of the family, no matter how much she had tried to fatten him up he kept his almost pixie like appearance. He eventually grew out his hair to make it more manageable and now you could mistake him for a girl with very little trouble. Vernon often said that he was like one of those pretty little snakes that you didn't fear but carried some of the deadliest venoms in the world.

The dining room was soon filled with the sounds of a family eating their morning meal as they did every morning before they separated for the day. Vernon to his job to make his company even more powerful then it already was while earning more then he ever could have at Grunnings, which they had discovered was owned by Harry through Lily. Petunia headed off to her part time job to listen to all of the gossip and to meet all the most powerful people in the world. Dudley headed off to his high school to mull through the day until he went to the gym afterwards to work out his frustrations before returning home. Harry left for his college courses, he was going for a PhD in business so that he could better manage the inheritance from his parents as well as the Dursley's income; they had very little savvy when it came to their own money. They all spent most of their days away from each other with their evenings spent bonding over a funny movie and several bowls of popcorn.

1. Harry was treated very badly until he was around seven years old, which is when an officer that had been tipped off by a teacher came to take the Dursleys into custody for suspicion and Harry made him forget all about it and leave.

2. At first the Dursley's see this as a way to get everything they want without working for it, but they gradually start to see Harry through his abilities and grow rather fond of him.

Harry's letter from Hogwarts comes the Dursleys decide to find out where they wouldn't be found and take off with Harry to the United States of America.

to his powers Harry is very intelligent but is horrible with people, the early treatment bestowed upon him by the Dursleys still lingers a bit.

story will probably have heavy elements from the first three movies and the wolverine origin when I get to see it.

6. The story will probably slash though I'm not sure about who will be together.

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