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Harry knew that gathering enough mutants that were both useful and of the same mind as Magneto would be difficult. Many were either too scared to act out or were under the false impression that if they just acted like normal humans they would just slip under the radar and wouldn't have to get involved one way or another. It took a rare mind to be able to see through the carefully constructed act of peace that Xavier paraded around with. Humans were hardwired to turn against anything that was stronger than they were, it wasn't an insult, simply the survival instinct that most people tried to deny that they had.

Despite the lack of like-minded mutants with useful abilities and a granule of intelligence, he was able to form a group of easily controlled imbeciles with somewhat useful talents.


"If this is the best that Magneto can draw you might want to think about jumping ship, before he sinks it." Logan's voice practically dripped with disgust as he looked at the punks and criminals that were trying, and failing in his opinion, to impress everyone with their abilities.

"Most mutants are still under the impression that peace is just a matter of time. There are others who think that they can live as a human would and never have to deal with the conflict at all." Harry glanced at the assembled group and tried to ignore Logan's physical closeness. Both Logan and Remy made it a personal mission to be close to him whenever they got the chance.

"Some mutant's don't have the flashy powers. They might not have to go picking a side in this little turf war." Remy leaning against the wall and rolled his eyes as one of the younger mutants ended up tripping over a pipe as he tried to impress a couple of giggling girls.

Harry sighed and flicked his hand toward the center of the room. Several pipes floated in the air before slamming into the ground hard enough to crack the concrete. Every head, including Magneto's and Mystique's snapped toward him audibly. "Now that you are all silenced we can continue with business."

Harry ignored his two shadows and strode through the room without looking at any of the gapping jaws. He stepped onto a rather large sheet of metal before spinning to take in the room. As soon as Remy and Logan stepped onto the metal it rose into the air to match the one that Magneto and Mystique were already using. Magneto had used his abilities to flatten out several such platforms for this very purpose.

"You are here because you have not been blinded by the futile talks of peace and coexistence that have pervaded the media lately. You do not think that you can just sit this all out and wait for the end to come and peace reigns supreme." Magneto was laying it on thick and the idiots were eating out of the palm of his hands. One mutant however, a woman, was not looking at Magneto but staring at Harry with a look of awe. "We will stand strong when Homo sapiens show their true colors and we are forced to show them just how much stronger Homo Superiors are." His little speech was followed by a roar as the young mutants saw a future.

"I would like to know who the young mutant is." The young woman that had been staring's voice rose above the din and silenced the entire pack. "He is the strongest one here; he is the strongest one I have ever met. Everyone here knows who you are, Magneto, the man that stands as a figurehead of the resistance, the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mystique is known as your second in command, even though she can never be pinned down with one look. Wolverine is known to us as a once follower of Xavier's band. The other two are not known to us."

Remy simply couldn't resist the urge. "Well, now it just won't do for any little lady not to know this rogue or my petit sorcerer." He pulled a card from his jacket and flipped it into the air where it stayed suspended, outlined with a light red glow. "Gambit is the name of this one. Le petit sorcerer is Avalon." Harry resisted the urge to stare at the rogue; he was unprepared to receive a 'mutant name'. "We welcome you to our humble abode."


"Professor?" All the members of the X-men were standing at attention as Professor Xavier rolled into the room with a slightly disturbed look on his face.

He didn't speak until he reached the middle of the room and locked eyes with every member for a least a moment. "Erik has begun to gather followers to his cause. Young John has found him as well."

"I doubt that Magneto is going to be able to get enough mutants to follow him to be a real threat." Scott practically scoffed at the idea of any smart mutant joining the other mutant group. "He campaigns for war and supremacy."

"It is an attractive thought for many younger mutants that wish to carve their own place in the world and don't wish to hide what they are just to live an easier life. If he can sway the youth he has a good hold on the future. Many may not join him in the beginning but if he manages to get enough minor victories under his belt those that refuse him now may not for long."

"The current political climate is going to move in his favor as well." Hank McCoy towered over everyone in the room as he entered swiftly, removing his reading glasses and placing a rather plain looking file on the table. "A medical company is currently working on what they are referring to as 'Cure'. It is supposedly going to be able to rid a mutant of their powers, permanently."

"A mutation is not a disease!" Storm's hair practically stood on end as she thought about people trying to 'cure' mutants. Her gift was part of who she was and she would never try to get rid of it.

"Perhaps not, but humans just see that mutants are different from them from the moment that their powers activate and now they are looking for a way to change a mutant back into a human in their eyes. Many young mutants like our own Marie will see this as a way to escape a power that they can't control or a way to make things the way they were before they became something different from those they care about." Xavier could already see the light that would form in Marie's eyes at the thought of getting rid of her ability and being able to touch people again. "Erik will use it to show that humans are preparing for war, coming up with ways to 'end the mutant threat'. Many who would normally stay out of conflict will join his cause at the threat of having their powers taken away from them against their will. We must keep an eye on this to make sure that when this company succeeds, as I am sure they will, we will be ready to spin this as just a voluntary option rather than something that will be forced on them against their will."

Jean wasn't able to focus on the Professor, her head was pounding, it felt as if there was another person in her head trying to force its way out. "You actually think that humans won't militarize this 'cure' the moment that they get done manufacturing it. I bet they already have ten ways to get it into a bullet form." Every person in the room spun to look at Jean as a deeper voice than her own flowed from her mouth. She wanted to take it back but it suddenly felt like she was the one that was trapped inside her mind. "Anyone that honestly thinks that humans will accept the fact that they aren't the most powerful beings on the planet is a fool. They won't hesitate to force the 'cure' on any mutant that they find. First they'll start with voluntary use, telling mutants that it's just a way to be normal again, then it will be something they force on criminal mutants to take away their 'advantage' then it will be something that they force feed any mutant that they find in the name of peace and taking away the reason for war before that mutant even thinks to start anything. Mutants will become extinct because humans will report their own children the moment that their powers manifest; they might even mandate testing at birth to make sure that they get every single mutant."

"Jean?" Scott was staring horrified at his fiancée. Her voice was not her own and she surely couldn't actually believe in that.

The Professor's eyes had widened almost comically and he tried to connect to Jean's mind only to be blocked by a force he hadn't felt since he picked her up as a child. "Jean, you need to pull your power back before it takes you over."

Jean could only vaguely feel her lips pull back from her lips in a rather feral show of teeth. "You locked my power away as a child because you were scared of me, and now you want me to lock it all away again. You're no different than my parents or all of those humans out there that think that mutants are too powerful to coexist with. I am not going to just sit back and let you lock me away again so I can watch the watered down version of myself putter around doing everything that you want me to without a single independent thought."

Scott tried to reach forward to grab Jean but she recoiled away from him like he had a disease. "You have no right to touch me. You follow this man blindly despite the fact that he hasn't done anything to deserve such loyalty."

"He saved me when I was caught on 1 mile island!"

Jean's eyes took on a red hue around the edges as she backed toward the door. "He was just taking advantage of work that he didn't do. Logan did most of the work, he had me try to piece his mind back together and I caught enough of 1 mile island to get suspicious. A quick look though the Professor's mind proved that he just planned the pick-up to take all the credit."

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