Chapter 3: The journey to the boats

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The Journey to the Boats

It was finally time for Albus and Scorpius to say that they are officially going to be going to Hogwarts. As they climbed down the stairs to the asphalt road that was next to the train they finally experienced something. The view around them was completely different to what they thought it would be like. There were tons of people like them crowded in the same area. It looked as a big blurry blob. The only think that could be distinctly noticed was the half-giant that they heard about. They knew his name was Hagrid. He was waving his hands around looking kind of like a lunatic. But really he was just trying to get al the first years to follow him. All round them there was conversations of the school that they would be attending. Everyone seemed as though they have never heard the stories of the school from their parents who might have been former students. There was one boy who would be talking in a screechy voice asking everyone how they thought they would get to the school. "How do we get there? It makes no sense we are nowhere close to the school. There must be some way that they get us there. They have to transport al us first years to the same place. There mustn't be something that large." Albus and Scorpius took this question as a joke because they knew the answer. The statement made by the boy as well made them both break out into a fit of laughter. A big large person brought their laughter to a sudden halt. Scorpius had looked toward the person, but he just stood their mesmerized. He never could imagine someone so large, at a wizarding school. But then he remembered the sparse things he heard about Hogwarts from his father. He remembered something about this big guy, who brought an animal thing that sprained his father's wrist. He had complained all the time, about the school and how it was terrible; but the thing was that he didn't care about his father that much. When he saw his letter from Hogwarts, he had finally gotten what he wanted his entire life to be like. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Albus's elbow when it struck his stomach. He looked at Albus and gave his 'what' look. Albus pointed towards the big guy. "Firs' yers! This way!" yelled the big guy. Scorpius had finally heard him say it after a few times. "Who's that guy?" whispered to Albus. He had wanted to know his name so he didn't look at him like a lunatic. "That's Rubeus Hagrid. He is the gamekeeper and groundskeeper of the school. He is a half-giant. He was a teacher one year but it didn't stick." Albus explained. Scorpius knew the reason of why it didn't work out. It was because of his father. Albus pointed at Hagrid and Scorpius and him went over to meet his father's friend. When looking up at Hagrid they could only make out a 'whoa!' They have never seen someone ever so big. The only thing that could be seen when looking at his close up at ground level was his big beard on his face. Hagrid could hear a slight whisper. He decided to look down because it sounded not that far away. All he could see were the two faces of two boys. The first he looked at had the white blonde hair, which could never be mistaken for a Malfoy. The other boy he looked at was of course a Potter. He could never mistake the green eyes just like his father, and grandmothers' eyes. But of course he had the unkemptly untidy black hair. There was no mistake about it either. All the Potters looked similar. Albus looked like Harry, and Harry had the eyes of his mother but the hair of his father. "You must be a Potter young man. Those eyes are unmistakable. The obviousness of you being Harry's son is huge. Quite unmistakable." Looking at Albus, he knew that he was just like his father. An amazing person. "Now ye' mus' be a Malfoy." Scorpius gulped hard and nodded. "Don' worry I won' do nothin' to ye. You just seem different from you father. But you do have that near pale blon' color hair. But there is somethin' not like your father. Ye seem less unsure abou' things. Ye father always kne' wha' he was goin fer."
"I really never knew much about my fathers past. He doesn't really talk about it that much. I don't really know why he wouldn't because this place seems so awesome, and full of memories that would be great."
"Really? My dad talks about this place all the time. So does my mum. They never have seemed ashamed of what happened during their years here. They enjoy passing down their stories to Lily, James, and I. My dad's been telling me ones from his first year at Hogwarts from the beginning of the summer. He told a ton about you Hagrid. Is it really true that you gave his cousin Dudley a pig's tail? That's so cool!" "Yeh. That'd be tru me boy. It was the summer of his firs' year. Harry had not been recievin any of the Hogwarts letters so on his birthday I was sent to give one personally. I decided that cause it was his birthday I wou' bake him a cake. I made everythin from scratch. I then took his godfather Sirius' bike and went to their location. I then broke down the door and found Harry. I saw a pudgee kid standin there an' thought it was Harry, but I new it wasn. I then gave Harry his cake and then his Hogwarts letter and his aunt and uncle were sayin he wouldn be goin. But then Harry was confused. He didn understan that he was a wizard, or let alone that his aunt and uncle new. He was clueless abou Hogwarts. But then I look over and saw that dope of a muggle cousin eatin the cake and gave him a pigs tail."
"Whoa!" Hagrid bent down and spoke a little quieter, "I would have turnd him into a pig completely, but I couldn't get it to work. But I wasn't supposed to though. You aren' suppose to know either just like ye father, so keep ye mouths shut, the both of ye." Albus and Scorpius but a hand to there mouths and went across it as though they were locking it and tossing the key away. Hagrid nodded and straightened up. "Look at thee time! We need to get goin. Firs' years this way!" They followed Hagrid a couple of yards and stopped by the water. There looked as though nothing was there but then they spotted something . Boats. "Okay, it is 4 to a boat. No more then that!" He then started piling the kids in to the boats and they set off to the castle. Scorpius and Albus were sitting with some other two really nervous first years. One was looking straight down at his feet, he was shaking like crazy. The other one was biting her nails. She looked as though she didn't have anything more to bite. They put their attention back into talking. "I can't wait to be sorted!" Scorpius exclaimed. "Maybe I might end up with the bed my dad had. That'd be so cool!" Albus started zoning away from Scorpius. He was still nervous about the sorting. Was it true about his dad getting to be in Gryffindor because he chose it, that the sorting hat went with his want. He wanted to be a Gryffindor just like his parents. Wanted to play Quidditch just like them too. James was on the team and was a chaser. Albus took his attention back to Scorpius. He was still going on about sorting. Then the two of them looked back at the others and the looked more nervous then Albus was when he and Scorpius met. Scorpius chuckled and looked over at Albus. He was looking at something but Scorpius couldn't figure out what. The water was gleaming and it made Albus end up watching it as they passed over. His crooked toothy smile was spread right across his face. "Isn't the water just so beautiful? It is so peaceful and so nice as you pass over it. You can see your reflection and everything." Albus was just talking about how great the water was and Scorpius didn't really see or think of the water as Albus did. He just thought it was water, nothing else but that. Scorpius was just really excited to go to Hogwarts. He could go to the school where all of his father's magic was learned. But his dad knew too much dangerous magic too. He knew that was not in the curriculum of the school. He knew he probably learned it from his father or a darker figure. But Scorpius was just glad that he had made a friend going into Hogwarts. He was afraid that he would have no friends. Mostly because of where he comes from, being a Malfoy was great, but there was a chance that everyone would treat you differently because of the dark past. Albus and Scorpius wanted to see what all-young wizards and witches were talking about. The legendary Hogwarts School. They wanted to see what was so special about the place. They wanted to see where they'd be spending so much time. They were anxious to know what houses they'd be sorted in, and who would be their fellow classmates. They were finally coming into view of Hogwarts. When they were almost around the corner, Albus and Scorpius jumped up in the boat to try and get a better look. The boat was rocked a little and scared the 2 nervous first years that were sharing the boat with them. They heard a muffled and distant, "sit down ye kids!" from Hagrid. They quickly took their seats again but were jumping up and down in their spots. Once they were in view of the castle, there was hundreds of 'woahs!' coming from everywhere, which only made Albus and Scorpius laugh more, but when they looked up they understood what was going on. In front of them, was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They've never seen something so huge, magnificent, and so worthwhile. They knew this was where they were meant to be.

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