Just a short little drabble about rosalie, and a little jasper, rosalie twin bonding.

Emmett was there to make her laugh, and make her feel loved.

Edward was there to let out her aggression with their fights, and make her relaxed with his piano.

Alice was there to make her feel beautiful.

Bella was there to make her feel like a friend, and a mother.

Carlisle to make her feel intelligent.

Esme to make her feel like part of a family.

The cars to make her feel useful,

and Jasper to make her feel safe, when her hard surface cracked and she became weak. He held her to his chest as she dry sobbed. He calmed her by just wrapping his arms around her and understanding. He didn't need to use his powers on her. He was the glue that put Rosalie back together after she finally broke.