By AnitaB

Author's notes: The show has given us lots and lots of ideas about getting Van Pelt and Rigsby together, and then it just drops that hypnotized kiss it and does nothing with it? Well, that just can't be left hanging. What would happen if Rigsby remembered… and finally did something about their attraction that Van Pelt just can't ignore. (happy giggling as romantic smut ensues).

I own nothing in this land, and nothing I do own in our plane of reality would be worth getting in a settlement. No infringement intended.


By AnitaB

Chapter one: Remember What?

//Just keep your head down and get the work done.// Her little mantra had been working pretty well in the week since Way—Rigsby had kissed her while under hypnosis. But today… today he'd been watching her… more than usual. Today she felt like a bug under a microscope and like a storm was coming and like a laser scope was trained between her shoulders.

//Stop it, Grace.// They'd gotten Wa-Rigsby back, deprogrammed him, and best luck of all he didn't remember a god-damned thing. So she should do anything else but sit here and wait for the other shoe to drop. It was over.

Straightening her shoulders, Van Pelt grabbed the open file on her desk, lined up all the papers neatly, and headed for the filing room. Paperwork was always a good place to hide. The door didn't quite click shut behind her.

"I kissed you."

//Shit, fuck, damn, hell.// "What? No, are you crazy?" She hesitated a second before turning to face him. It wasn't enough time to get her expression right, but Wayne wasn't going to give her long enough. Like hours or days. "What are you talking about?"

Rigsby closed the door behind him, the little snick of the latch falling into place had never sounded so scary before. Knowing he would never mean to hurt her did nothing to slow her heart rate. Neither did the way his shirt clung to all the strong, hard muscles of his chest and arms. "I kissed you, Grace, when I was hypnotized. I remember it. How soft your lips were, how sweet you tasted. I remember your hair between my fingers, your arms around me. I kissed you and you kissed me back. Why, Grace?"

He remembered, he remembered what she couldn't forget. //Goddammit all to hell,// Grace told herself that the change in her breathing was worry, nerves. She lied. "You were hypnotized. That's why you kissed me. It wasn't real."

Those big brown eyes flicked to her lips for a second before trapping hers in a puppy dog look. "Oh, it was very real, Grace. But that's not what I asked. I kissed you because I've wanted to do it for months now. I asked why you kissed me back." She helplessly shook her head and he smiled, stepping closer. One big, gentle hand reached for hers, fingers stroking her skin. "Don't lie, Grace. You kissed me back. I remember your arms around me. You even went on tiptoe. Tell me the truth. Why did you kiss me back?"

He wasn't touching more than a few inches of skin. He hadn't pushed or pulled her into his arms. He hadn't laid a hand on her face or dragged her in for a kiss. But Grace could feel it. She felt those strong, gentle arms dragging her close and holding her tight. She felt his fingers on her face tilting her lips up for his. She felt the line of his chest and back against the tight grip of her fingers. She tasted his kiss on her lips, felt herself straining for more of him. She had kissed him back, so very eagerly. And now Wayne was asking her why with those puppy dog eyes and all that gentle strength. "I kissed you back… because … because I wanted to, Wayne."

Now he touched her. His hands moved to cup her face as his entire body moved closer along hers. Her hands lifted to rest against his chest. "I'm gonna kiss you, Grace, unless you tell me no right now. No hypnotism, just us." His eyes were locked on her lips. He groaned just a little when she licked them nervously. "Well, Grace?"

He waited, so close it would have been easier to just push ahead. This was really him, all that strength bound up in patience and gentle waiting. Wayne would never hurt her, never push her, never take away her will or her right to choose. "Wayne… yes, please,"

She just barely had time to see his smile before his kiss closed her eyes and pulled her to her toes. Wayne slid his arms tight around her ribs as his lips opened against hers and his hands slid into her hair. //Yes,// Grace fisted both her hands in the back of his shirt and drank in the need and urgency of this kiss. This is what she'd wanted all week. She'd dreamed about feeling his arms holding her tight, his strong hands holding her close against his racing heart and exploring lips. Grace wrapped her arms around his neck, straining high on her toes to deepen this kiss, to taste more of him on her tongue, to feel more of his heat against every inch of her body. She needed more of him, closer, hotter, harder. Then he pulled back, just far enough to take away the heat of his lips. "Wayne, more…"

"Grace," He held her close, but didn't let her start the kiss up again. His breath heaved and rushed against her skin as his eyes and fingers stroked the line of her lips. "Not here, Sweetheart, not now." Even with enough heat in his face to set fire to the files in this room, Wayne pulled back, one hand pushing her knee back down his hip. "We can't do this here, Grace."

Grace bit her lip at the thought. She had hooked a knee around his side and tried to climb the tall man in her arms. "Yeah, we should stop while we still can." She nervously straightened her suit jacket and stepped back. "So, I guess we should…"

Strong fingers caught her chin as she tried to duck her head. "We should get back to work right now, but you're not allowed to be embarrassed about this, Grace. And I'm taking you to dinner tonight, okay?" She couldn't help blushing a little, but her back straightened and her chin lifted. Grace gave him a smile and a nod, adoring the quick smile she got back. She couldn't help leaning forward for just a second more of his lips against her own.

"See you then,"


Her eyes held every ounce of his attention. His fingers worshipped the skin of her hand. Every inch of his body trembled and begged for contact with hers. But, no, he had to wait. This was her decision and she had to make it. "Why did you kiss me back?"

Grace was staring at him, looking so afraid and yet, there in her eyes. //Please, Grace, please say it.// He waited, watched her eyes move to his lips, watched her remember the kiss he couldn't forget. "I kissed you back… because … because I wanted to, Wayne."

He couldn't hear that and not touch her. Wayne caught her precious face in his hands and pulled her closer, adoring the light press of her hands to his chest. Grace didn't push him away, but she didn't pull him closer. //Please, sweetheart…// "I'm gonna kiss you, Grace, unless you tell me no right now. No hypnotism, just us." He couldn't tear his eyes off her lips. Wayne remembered how those lips felt, tasted, they were heaven and so close and still out of reach. "Well, Grace?"

Her breath rushed and hitched, close enough to brush his lips. Her hands trembled against his shirt. "Wayne… yes, please," //Yes, Grace,// Wayne pressed a kiss to those heavenly lips, holding her tight and warm to eager skin. She opened to him, giving him the warmth and sweetness he'd missed all week. Grace fisted her hands in his shirt, her every muscle straining to hold him closer, tighter. //Oh, yes, Grace.// This kiss was everything he'd wanted and then it got better. Grace rose up on her toes to deepen the dance and play of their tongues. She hooked a long leg around his hip and sent his brain melting into goo. Every ounce of his blood rushed to meet the press of her hips against his. In a flash, he saw it. Her knee rose a few more inches. His hands rushed to help her wrap both legs around his waist. His body pinned hers to the nearest wall. Their first time was rushed, secretive, and maybe they got caught. //No, not that way.// It took every tiny little piece of self-control he could dredge up to pull his lips a breath from hers and keep that climbing knee from rising higher. "Wayne, more…"

She was killing him with the heat in her voice. "Grace," Wayne couldn't let her out of his arms, not yet. His fingers worshipped the line of her lips, but if she kissed him right now, he would take her against a filing cabinet. And that was not how their first time would be. "Not here, Sweetheart, not now." Wayne forced cold fingers to push her knee down his side 'til her feet were on the floor. "We can't do this here, Grace." He pushed her back, just enough to catch a breath. In her eyes he saw the first realization of how close she'd, they'd , been to that line.

"Yeah, we should stop while we still can." He watched her fingers nervously straighten her suit jacket, felt his chest get cold as she stepped back. Her eyes left his, her shoulders hunching forward. "So, I guess we should…"

//No, Grace, not like this…// He stepped forward to catch her face. He'd just gotten her into his arms, there was no backpedaling allowed. And before Wayne let her back out of reach, she had to know exactly where this was going and when. "We should get back to work right now, but you're not allowed to be embarrassed about this, Grace. And I'm taking you to dinner tonight, okay?"

He adored the light blush on her cheeks. He loved even more the soft smile and the quick nod. His Grace wasn't afraid or embarrassed about being in his arms. She wanted this too. And it was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the quick and sudden press of her lips to his. "See you then,"

Wayne let her step back, straighten her clothes, and head back to her desk. He watched from the door as she opened a file and brushed her fingertips over her lips. He smiled, his Grace was thinking about kissing him and tonight he was going to give her even more to think about.

"Finally," Patrick Jane leaned against the wall next to him with a wide cheerful smile. "Cho and I had a bet about how long your 'memory' would take to come back. And how long you'd wait to act on it. One more work day and I'd owe him fifty bucks. Thanks."

Wayne didn't bother taking his eyes off Grace. "What would've happened if I hadn't remembered?"

"You think you could have forgotten kissing Grace? Really?" Jane shrugged and folded his arms over his chest with a laugh. "Besides, the mind doesn't work like that. Nothing really gets erased. You'd have dreamt about it, remembered eventually."

"I dreamed about kissing Grace, holding her long before I got hypnotized. But knowing how she responded… that's what got me to do something about it." Wayne rubbed a hand over his face and finally looked at Jane. "I need her, Jane, I love her."

"It looks like you finally got her. What are you going to do about it now?"

Wayne could feel the smile on his face and didn't bother trying to hide it. "I'm going to give her love and affection. Lots of it."

"Good boy, that's the ticket."

It was easier said than done. There were only two hours before work ended, if it managed to end on time. If Wayne was going to give Grace that love and affection, he needed to do some planning. Where to go for dinner…

Sitting at his desk, Wayne pretended to do paperwork as he planned. If they were barely holding onto self-control in the office, even the nicest restaurant was probably a bad idea. And if he let her dress up… There was no way in hell that he'd manage to keep his hands off her for even a quick meal.

He could cook for her. A man with his years of bachelorism had the skills to survive a kitchen. And his mother had made sure he had more skills than some. He could steal little kisses throughout the cooking and eating process. The more time he had to shower her with love and affection, the better. Wayne set his mind on a search of his apartment. He had the makings of most of your basic Italian dishes, and he remembered all too well the appreciative sounds she'd made the last time they'd ordered garlic chicken pizza for a case closing party.

Garlic Tuscan Chicken it was, with a nice white wine. And best of all, Grace was going to be in his home tonight, in his arms.

Wayne smiled and looked across the room at her desk. Grace glanced up like she could feel his eyes and gave him a soft smile before looking away. //Just a little longer to wait, Grace, then I can touch you again.//