By AnitaB

Chapter four: Finding the words … and the food.

He felt amazing. That big, hard body was spread out under her. Wayne's hands clutched at her hips as every inch of him arched up just a little deeper. Flat, hard muscles moved under her fingers with every desperate little movement of his hips. But he couldn't really thrust until she let him. And Grace had something to say first. "You feel so, so good, Wayne. So hard, so hot, so …very…deep." Her body just couldn't hold perfectly still with the feel of him that deep. Her hips made a tiny little circle around the point of his erection and pressed down on him hard. Grace loved the sound on his lips and couldn't help a sound of her own."So good, Wayne. I can feel every inch of you inside me. So deep." Every inch of his body twitched under and inside hers, straining to get impossible deeper. //God, yes, Wayne.// "What do you want, Wayne? What do you need?"

She adored the look of desperate need on his face and the tight grip of his hands. "A kiss, please." His eyes locked to her lips as her body helplessly leaned flat along his to get to his lips. Her hands rubbed up his chest to his shoulders before his breath ghosted over her lips. "Kiss me, Grace."

"Always," Grace delighted in his kiss, her body helplessly moving in time over his with the dance of their tongues. His hands guided the arch and slide of her hips, changing the angle until … //God, Wayne…// Grace could feel. Every. Single. Inch. Of. Him. "Wayne…ah…" The next arch of his hips stole her ability to form words.

And he knew it. Against her lips, Wayne grinned and whispered, "Right there, Grace. I got you, right here." His body kept the rhythm steady, right against those nerves no one else had ever reached. And the whole time his eyes stayed on hers for every little sight and sound. "So close, sweetheart, come for me, baby." He held her, right on the edge of everything she was desperate to feel. "Grace," And then Wayne pulled out all the stops. A big hand moved delicately between her legs, a light stroke of his fingertips shoved her right to the edge. "Come for me, right here, sweetheart."

It wasn't like she had a choice in the matter. The wave crashed over her in a rush of uncontrolled sensation. Some part of her heard her own voice crying out. Some part of her felt her nails digging into his back. All of her felt the jerk and arch of his hips under hers. All of her felt the strength in his hands as they clenched on her hips. All of her heard the rasp of her name on his lips.

Those arms caught her as she collapsed over his body, fighting to breathe around the feelings in her chest. Under her ear, his heart raced and his lungs heaved. Her entire body matched the rhythm of his, breathing hard and raggedly against his shoulder. Grace could feel her own heart pounding in every inch of her skin as his hands rubbed up and down her back. Those fingers ran through her hair. This was … absolute perfection. Grace wrapped both arms tight around his neck and leaned in for his kiss. "Wayne," Those gorgeous puppy dog eyes were full of heat as his hand warmly cupped her cheek to lead her in. She loved the look on his face before her lips met his and both their eyes closed. The kiss was slow, sweet, and hot, sending a dose of heat along her every nerve until the need for air pulled her back from his lips.

"Grace," His hand stayed on her face, keeping her close to his lips. "I love you, Grace Van Pelt, and I'm never letting you go again." What should have scared her instead sent a river of heat through her blood. Wayne Rigsby wasn't a man to go back on his word. He meant what he said and he'd said he loved her more than once. Grace felt her eyes fall closed and her body tremble in the circle of his arms. "Sweetheart, please say something."

It took her a few seconds to get her eyes open and in that time she could feel the tension enter his body. "Wayne," Grace cupped a hand along his jaw, her fingertips rubbing over his lips. "I'm not going anywhere. I…" her voice stopped in her throat and she took a quick kiss off his lips while she struggled to find the words. His hands on her back were shaking just a little, his eyes stayed locked on her face. Wayne wanted the truth, he needed it. And deep down, she knew she needed to tell him. No more hiding from him, from this. No more fighting these feelings. "I love you, too, Wayne Rigsby. I do love you."

He believed it. Grace could see it in his eyes in the fraction of a second before he reacted. Wayne's arms tightened, crushing her against his chest as he claimed her lips. No kiss in her life had ever felt this important, this perfect. This right. She wrapped both arms tight around his neck and dove into the heat of his kiss. Big, strong hands slid over her back, pressing every inch of her body closer against his as their tongues danced and stroked. In this moment Grace felt the heat in her blood spike even higher. She had never been as close to anyone as she was to Wayne right now. It was amazing, but somehow she still wasn't close enough to him. She might not ever get him close enough.

Grace found her nails digging into his shoulders, trying to pull him even closer. "Hmm, Grace," Gentle fingers cupped her jaw as his lips brushed hers and pulled back. "My beautiful Grace," Wayne cuddled her close and she happily pressed closer to the racing of his heart. "Stay close, sweetheart. I need you close." His eyes were locked on her lips, his fingers stroking through her hair to lead her in for a deep, sweet kiss.

Shifting her knees against his hips, Grace gave him another kiss before laying her head on his shoulder. "I'm right here, Wayne. I've got you." Grace closed her eyes to soak in the heat of him so close, so warm, holding her so tight. She adored the stroke of those hands over her skin, the warmth of his arms around her, and the steady beat of his heart against her ribs.

Some time passed, but Grace was lost in the feel of his heat and couldn't say how long it was. Wayne's arms shifted around her and his lips brushed over her skin. "Are you hungry, Grace? We could get just dressed enough to make something to eat."

That was right, he'd planned to cook for her. Wayne was going to make Tuscan garlic chicken if she let him out of bed long enough. And as tempting as handcuffing him to the headboard naked for the next 6 hours sounded… they really should eat something to keep up their strength. "Hmm, yeah, but only if you don't put on a shirt." Grace watched her own fingers slide along the lines and muscles of his chest. "I could eat."

He groaned low in his throat and stole a quick, deep kiss. "Hmm… how 'bout you wear my shirt instead and nothing else while we cook." His hand rubbed down the length of her back to trail up and down her thigh. "I could look at these legs a little longer."

"Deal," Grace dragged herself out of his arms to reach for his discarded button down. "Get on some pants if you really mean to get out of bed."

Slipping into his shirt, she rolled up the sleeves and fastened one button. Behind her, Wayne slipped into pants and then groaned low and harsh in his throat when she turned. "Button it up, Grace, unless you want to be the only thing heated up in the kitchen in the next hour."

She loved the bonfire in his eyes, the eyes currently locked on the single closed button over her breasts. Grace stepped closer, watching the muscles in his arms clench and tightened. "Really? Just a little bit of skin like this could distract you, Wayne?"

Another step closer and those arms moved. A gasp passed her lips when his hands slid under the shirt and lifted her against the hard wall of his chest. Strong fingers stroked and braced her back as he dipped his head to kiss and lick his way down the gap in the shirt to bury his face against her heart. She helplessly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and struggled to breathe under the stroke of his tongue and the rasp of his groan.

"Damnit, baby, you could distract me in a hazmat suit." Wayne planted one more, soft, wet kiss to the skin over her heart before setting her on her feet and stepping out of reach. "Button it up or I'm taking it off you and dinner will wait a little longer."

It was tempting. The look on his face said he meant every word. All that stood between those arms and her body was this one little fastened button… No. //After dinner, I'll strip him back out of those pants after dinner.// "Alright, Wayne, I'll button it up, but only after you zip up those pants."

She loved his smile, adored the way his hands looked at the front of his pants and mourned the metallic sound of his zipper. //Patience, Grace, you'll get him again soon enough.// "Your turn, Sweetheart." Grace bit her lip and watched his eyes follow every move of her fingers as she buttoned the shirt from collar to hem.

"Well, are we ready now?"

He cleared his throat, clenched his hands in his pants pockets and nodded towards the door. "No, but we better move away from the bed anyway. After you."

As she led the way to the kitchen, Grace could feel his eyes like a laser on her back. Yup, they'd better eat dinner now, 'cause she was gonna have a hard time ignoring the heat even more later on.