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Summary:Gabriella's mother forces her and her little sister to Lava Springs Country Club & Resort for the three months of summer. Gabriella thinks it will be boring and a waste of time, then she meets the entertainment staff and the leading male dancer, Troy Bolton. He teaches her not only the art dancing, but how real love can be. Troyella. Based off Dirty Dancing.
Selena: Selena Gomez (creative, huh?)


Disclaimer: I own nothing, not HSM or Dirty Dancing

"Here it is!" my mother exclaimed when the big gates leading into Lava Springs Country Club & Resort located in Albuquerque, New Mexico opened for our limo to come in.

I'm not excited for this little trip at all. I'm not even supposed to be here. I had plans to backpack through Europe and stay in hostiles, but of course Azmirelda Montez wouldn't have that. No, no Montez can do that, it would disgrace the family name. Ha, like it isn't disgraced enough already, no thanks to my father.

I'm from the upper east side in Manhattan, New York. The home of the rich, backstabbing, stuck up people who only care about themselves. I'm not one of them, at least I hope I'm not, I've strived to not be one my whole life. I don't want to be like my mother, which is one of the reasons we don't get along. I don't want to be a high society wife and organize charities, and galas, and have little step ford children. Again, I don't want to be like her. I know she loves me, but on some levels, she also dislikes me. I don't have to try and fit in to the posh New York lifestyle, I just did (even though I didn't want to), I have people come to me and look up to me, she goes to other people, boys vie for my attention while she can't even capture my father's. Plainly, I fit in more, and she doesn't.

She wasn't groomed to be a upper east side society wife, and that is the reason why my father first fell in love with her. She was everything the girls around him weren't. Wild, funny, adventurous, honest, and most of all, she came from nothing. Her parents weren't anything like his, rich and powerful, and when they died, she supported herself. He liked that in her, so he married her. Then, soon after, he hated her. Why? Because as soon as they got married, she fell under pressure from his parents to become what he hated the most, a society wife. I guess in that way I am like Leo Montez, my father, because I plan to do just what he did. Marry outside of society. Once I finish college at his Alma mater (where I don't even want to go), I'm free. I plan to take it one step further actually, once I graduate, I'm done with society, with galas and charities, all of it.

I don't want my mother to dislike me because I fit in more that she does, I don't want her to dislike me just because I don't want to be like her. Everyone has to make their own destiny, that's what I believe. I didn't want to fit in, I just did. I didn't want to be popular at my stuffy private school, I just was. In fact, I tried not to be, but because my last name is Montez, people respected and looked up to me. I was never into the boys from 'good families' like my parents wanted me to be. I was more drawn towards the black sheep guys. You know, the boys who smoked weed, popped pills once in a while, and drank more alcohol than water. The ones who eventually got caught then mysteriously 'went to visit an aunt in France' which was an excuse for rehab.

The reason why I am spending practically my whole summer vacation at a expensive resort is because of my parents. When my mom finally realized just how promiscuous Leo Montez is, something I've known for years. It wasn't hard to figure out, especially when she found him in his office with his blond secretary on her knees in front of him, catch my drift? She always knew, I knew she knew, he knew she knew, she just ignored it. She ignored when she found lipstick on his neck, she ignored when he smelled like perfume, she ignored when he just plain didn't come home at night. When she was forced not to ignore it anymore, she just had to leave. She couldn't face society when they all knew what a cheater my father is. So, she decided to spend all summer hiding out, and she demanded Selena, my little sister, be brought with her, so I had to come.

Selena and I aren't the closest siblings, and you think we would be because she's sixteen about to be seventeen in about a month, and I'm eighteen going to be nineteen a few months after her, but we're not. For one reason, she gets along with my mother, and I don't. She is like my mother, and I'm not. I'm damn proud of myself that I'm not like her, but Selena isn't the same as me. She's so.. obedient, and it pisses me off. Selena is too much like my mother already, three months alone with her and she would be her little clone. I can't let that happen. I'm already going to be gone when I am at Stanford.

A male staff member opened the door for my mom and held a hand out for her to take. "Azmirelda!" the owner, Frank Evans, said once we all got out with the unneeded aid from his male staff.

"Let the ass kissing begin," I mumbled under my breath, making Selena laugh next to me. Just because we aren't the closest, doesn't mean we aren't slightly close and get along. Everyone in the upper east side knew if you mess with Selena, you mess with me. I'd do anything for Selena, and she knows it. She also knows the only reason I am here is because of her, and she's grateful. She doesn't want to be like my mother, she just can't help it. Selena isn't the best at standing up for herself when it comes to my parents, tantrums were never her thing, they however were my specialty.

"Frankie!" Azzy exclaimed and hugged him. "It's good to see you, it's been far too long," she told him, and he nodded as they began talking, leaving Selena and I standing in front of the limo, bored.

While Selena just eyed up the cute boys who were on the staff, which they practically all were, I observed my mother. I believe she met Frank at her wedding, Frankie's Daddy's old pal from college, from Stanford, so they know each other. He's the reason we even came here, when he found out that my mother was looking for a place to go for the summer, he called her right up. I would have been happier in Connecticut, closer to New York, than Albuquerque, New fucking Mexico. As much as I hate the upper east side, I love New York City. I wanted to go to NYU, but when I told my father he said 'Montez's do as a Montez does, and your a Montez, you will go to Stanford' no joke, he said that. Fuck Albuquerque and fuck Leo Montez because he couldn't keep it in his pants.

I love my father, I do, he's always provided for us, and made sure we were never without, but he was never there. He was always out of town on business, at the office, or some skank's house. My mom was always there, and drove me fucking insane. The more I wasn't like her, the more she tried to make me like her. I love her because she was always there and because she is my mother, she just doesn't understand I don't want to be her, I want to be who she used to be before she married Daddy. Wild, funny, adventurous, I don't want to be like her, but at the same time I do, crazy.

I watched my mother because as soon as she saw Frank Evans, a smile on her face appeared, a smile I haven't seen since Selena came out into society in her perfect white dress, white shoes, white gloves, everything perfect, while I made a few alterations to my own appearance before I came out, and appalled her. Black converse, a wild hair do that I rocked, and a much shorter, lacy dress she knew nothing about. It gave the society wives something to talk about. Yeah, I'm a rebel.

"You, get the bags," Frank broke off from my mother to say to a African American boy who had a visible Afro, but had it tied back. I knew just how many bags there were, and decided to help. Selena didn't notice and made gooey eyes at the blond behind Frank.

I pulled out a bag behind the boy and put in on the sidewalk. "What are you doing?" he asked, taking the next bag out.

"It's called helping, nice people do it," I answered, grabbing another bag.

He lifted my mother's huge Coach bag out with a huff and set it down. "Guests aren't the nicest around here," he replied, picking up the last few bags.

"I'm not like the other guests," I responded and closed the trunk. "I'm Gabriella," I introduced, holding my hand out.

The boy raised an eyebrow before taking my hand. "Chad," he told me, and I nodded.

"Gabi, sweetie, I have someone for you to meet, get away from that boy and come over here," my mother's perky voice rang through the air.

I groaned softly and my head fell back. "Sorry, Azmirelda calls. I'll see you later, Chad," I told him, backing up.

"You might not, I'm just filling in today, I'm a dancer, and we're not allowed to fraternize with the guests," he informed me.

I kept backing up. "I'm not like the other guests, I'll see you again, Chad," I said confidently and went to my mother.

"What were you doing over there with that boy?" Azzy asked me, dusting off the side of my shoulder like he got me dirty because I talked to him. Oh, that boy. Every single guy I've ever dated, hung out with, or just plain made out with and she caught me that she doesn't like is called that boy. There have been many that boys. I'm not a ho, I just like to have fun, and well, when it pisses her off, that's a plus.

I smiled sweetly at her. "Just helping, Mom," I told her in an overly nice voice that she knows is fake.

She didn't shutter at my voice and smiled wide. "Gabriella, I would like you to meet Ryan Evans, Frank's son. He's your age," she said, turning me to face Ryan Evans. Uh oh, 'he's your age' practically means you should marry him. Nope, I have other plans, and besides, I don't go for blonds although there have been a few, I prefer boys with longer hair. I have a thing for hair, shaggy hair. Some girls have a thing for eyes, abs, hands, sometimes even penises, I have a thing for hair, sue me.

Still, I smiled my same fake sweet smile and held my hand out. "Hi, " I greeted him, and he took my hand. I know a society boy when I see one, and this def is one. While they put on a show for Mommy and Daddy about college and good manners, all they really want is ass, and the look Ryan Evans was giving me told me he wants my ass, and he ain't gettin' it.

"Ryan attending Yale, isn't that great?" Azzy questioned, poking me in the side. "He's a junior."

I nodded. "Fantastic," I lied, taking my hand from Ryan's. It wasn't really a lie, because Yale means away from me. I glanced over and saw Selena was staring at him with her boy face on, I'll have to talk to her later. Twenty year old Ryan Evans bad.

"Come on, Ryan and I will lead you to your rooms," Frank told us, and my mother looped an arm through his. Rooms does mean plural, we each have our own room, but Selena's connects with my mothers, thank God it's not the same for me. Just because this summer will be hell because I'm stuck here, doesn't mean I will be doing nothing. One reason why I wanted to go to NYU, I love art and drawing and painting. Lava Springs is full of man made lakes and golf courses, and sandpits for volleyball, it has high rocks, and skylines. Most not needed, but still beautiful, and it'd be great to capture it. Well, I don't really want to draw a sandpit for volleyball, maybe if the guys playing are cute enough with shaggy hair.

"You have one hour girls, then we are going to dinner with the Evans', isn't that great?" my mother said a little while later after Frank and Ryan left.

I frowned into Selena's mirror when Selena really told her how great it is, and how nice Ryan is. Ugh. As soon as my mother was gone I turned around. "You didn't believe that act did you, Lena?" I asked her before sitting down on her bed. She didn't answer. "Selena, you don't want to hang out with boys like him," I informed her.

She sighed. "Gabi, I know how to handle myself, don't worry about it," she replied, going to her suitcases to look for something to wear to dinner.

"I have to worry about it, I'm your big sister, and if he hurts you I'm the one Mom is going to yell at because I ripped his dick off," I responded, crossing my legs Indian style while the comment made her laugh. "Me and Mom fight enough, I don't need another reason for her to look down on me," I added. "Dick ripping is not a good thing on her list," I stated.

"I don't think dick ripping is a good thing on anyone's list," Selena commented, picking up one of her dress bags.

I shrugged. "It's a good thing on mine if the boy deserves it," I assured her with a nod.

"Ryan likes you anyways, all the boys like you," Selena reminded me, disappointment in her voice.

"That's not my fault," I replied, frowning a little.

"Please," Selena said, and turned to look at me. "Of course all the boys we come in contact with want the older, hotter Montez girl who breaks the rules rather than the younger, flat chested Montez girl who does everything Mommy tells her," she told me.

I got up from my spot on the bed and walked over to her. "Sweetie, I was a late bloomer in the chest area too, remember? They will come, and I'm not hotter than you, we're both sexy bitches," I told her, and she smiled. "And I don't try to break the rules, okay sometimes, yeah, but most of the time it's just me being who I really am. You don't have to be like her, Selena, you're better than her, you can-"

"Create your own destiny, I know," she finished for me and I nodded. "I don't have the guts you do, Gabs, but I wish I did. We've been raised to think a certain way, and right from the get go you decided that way was wrong, and you made your own identity, I never did. I'm going to grow up and be just another Montez, you won't," she told me.

"That's not true, the part about you isn't true. You can change, okay? You don't have to grow up to be a society wife. If you need help becoming you, you always have me. We may not be totally close, Selena, in fact I think this is the most we've talked in a long time, but that doesn't mean I don't care or won't help you with anything," I reminded her. "You'll always be my little sister."

She nodded. "I know," she replied.

"This is getting a little to Full House for me, so I'm going to get changed into something they might be acceptable according to the queen," I told Selena before walking out of her room. "Queen bitch is more like it," I mumbled, running into someone. "I'm so sorry," I said instantly before looking up at the person. "Oh, it's you."

Chad laughed. "I like my name, but I do get called 'you' a lot around here," he responded, putting me back on my feet.

"That's not what I meant," I told him. "I told you I'd see you again, didn't I?" I asked, leaning against the wall. "Even if it was by accident."

Chad sized me up, I could tell, it happens a lot where I come from. "I think you're right, you're not like the other guests," he concluded.

"If you mean that I actually have feelings are care about other people, yep, I told you so," I gloated, smiling. "I strive to be an actual human being," I told him.

He laughed. "I think you're doin' pretty good," he replied.

"Thanks, my mother hates it," I said. "Look, I have to go to dinner with the Evans because my mother is trying to kill me, but I would love to hang out with you after if you want," I told him, hoping for a yes. One friend could make this whole summer not suck ass.

He scratched the back of his head. "From what I've seen, you look like pretty cool person, but I can't," he informed me. "I'm part of the entertainment staff which is not allowed to mingle with guests," he explained. "Waiters, staff, they're allowed, Evans prefers it, but not me and my friends," he added.

"No one has to know, Chad, it's not like I exactly want to be noticed around here," I replied, grabbing his watch to look at the time. "Damn it, I have to be ready for dinner in twenty minutes, I'm not in the mood to get in a fight with my mom, so I gotta go," I told him, dropping his arm. "But if we meet again, Chad, we're destined to be friends," I said, going in my room to change.

If I had to listen to one more story about my parents and how happy they were before they got married, I was going to shoot Frankie Evans. Doesn't he know how much my parents separation is hurting Selena? No, he doesn't. I don't give a fuck, I knew about their marital problems, she didn't, this was all new to her. I already had to listen to my mom lecture me on the way down here about how my outfit wasn't good enough. I like it, it's comfy. A high waisted pink floral skirt with a black tank top that is tucked into the skirt and has lacy straps. I wore it with black strappy heels, my make up light, and put my hair in it's long tumbly ways. We both know I look good, she is just pissed off that I don't care that she thinks it's not good enough.

And if Ryan Evans tries to put his arm around me one more time, I am going to rip off his penis just for the fun of it. I had taken to observing people, to wondering if they actually liked their lives. My opinion was varied from person to person. Some actually looked delighted to be here, while others were ignoring their partners and checking out the wait staff. Is it me or is every person working here cute? The boys are yummy, but not my taste, and all the girls have bodies of models, what the hell is up?

I was using the plastic stick that has a flower hanging off of it that is in my nonalcoholic drink, unfortunately, and just looking around when I saw Chad again. Oh, I guess this means we are destined to be friends, right? His waiter uniform was untucked, and his hair was let go, and he looked more relaxed. He looked like he was waiting for someone, he was leaning against a white pole out on the porch, I could see him through the big bay window that was across the room. I was glad Frank was on the other side of the table, and Ryan was busy lying to my sister about something he's done so they couldn't see Chad and get him in trouble.

Suddenly, a guy showed up, walking up the steps in front of Chad, and came up right in front of him. My eyes widened and my jaw almost dropped. He is hands down the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life. God, he even has the shaggy hair I adore. Brown chestnut, sexy hair that flopped down into his beautiful blue eyes. I knew his eyes were blue because the blue polo he was wearing brought them out, and he looked good in black dress pants with a black jacket hung over his shoulder that was not yet on. He looked so.. delicious, and I've never wanted to talk to a boy more, I've never wanted to talk to a boy like this ever. As conceited as it sounds, I don't go to boys, they come to me. I've never been one of those girls who pine after boys, I've had a few in my life, yeah, but I never went after them.

I knew he wasn't a guest here, I could just tell. He didn't have the persona of one who was. Chad was saying something to him while cocking his head back towards dining room, which made the guy's eyes look in. He looked right in my direction, and I just pulled a girl and looked away. What the hell is that? Since when do boys make me nervous? When I looked back up a blond girl who was beautiful and wearing a pink dress that went a little further down than mid thigh, and had her hair in curls like me, but her curls were smaller. I couldn't help but eye them up like I am a stalker, I'm intrigued. Sexy Hair Guy is so beyond sexy that he needs a new adjective, and I wanted to know what they were talking about, and what had Sexy all dressed up along with the Pink Dress Chick.

I felt like frowning when Sexy threw his arm around Pink and pulled her close. Not fair, I wanted to run my hands through his hair. I have thing for hair, get over it. Chad was talking again, a smile of his face, and motioned back towards the dining room again. Stop doing that! I can't watch you like a perverted stalker if Sexy and Pink are looking in my direction. I noticed my mother looking at me strangely. Ooh, is it because I'm not adding my comments in on what she is saying and embarrassing her? I'm a bit preoccupied right now. I just smiled at her, and sipped my drink. When I looked back up, they were gone. Damn my mother.

"Doesn't that sound nice?" my mother was saying, looking expectantly at me.

"Uh, sure," I answered unaware of what she was talking about.

Azmirelda smiled widely. "Excellent, then we will all go," she told Frank. What? Where? When? Everyone started standing up. What the hell is going on?

I made sure to link my arm with Selena's and not be near Ryan. "Where are we going?" I asked in her ear.

She looked over at me. "The welcome dance that signifies the start of summer and lets all the guests meet each other," she informed me. God, she's starting to sound like Mom.

Why the fuck did I agree to this? That's right, I was watching Sexy outside, then was un-fucking-aware that I said 'uh, sure' to go to some lame dance that is a code word for watching eighty year olds sway on the dance floor. Actually, there are a lot of younger people like my mother, and even younger like me around, but I wasn't interested in making buddy buddy with them. I didn't have any friends in New York, and I don't plan on making any here. I would rather hang out with someone like Chad, of course I haven't seen him since he was talking to Sexy and Pink.

When the room darkened, and a spotlight lit up the middle of the dance floor, like everyone else, I looked. Low and behold it was Sexy and Pink, why oh why do they have to look so good together? A new song started, prompting them to break out into a dance. Not only do they look great together, they dance great together. They made their complex dance that included lifts, and twirls, and constant movement look so easy that it made me jealous. I am not a dancer. I could barely do the fan dance when I came out into society, of course that could be because our teacher was a stuffy ninety year old who could barely stand for an extended amount of time. They didn't want to break tradition to get us someone who could actually teach, the woman who did had taught the fan dance for the last like seventy years.

I was jealous and happy, the fact that they are putting on the show means they work here, he isn't a stuck up rich person. I couldn't get my eyes off them, it was only when I heard Ryan speak that I remembered he was even there. "What the hell are they doing? That won't sell dance lessons," he said like he owned the place, which he does, he is the heir to own it.

"Huh?" I questioned, only looking away because their breathtaking dance was over, and they separated to dance with others.

Ryan smiled at me because I was talking to him. "Troy Bolton and Sharpay Elliot, they are the lead dancers here, they teach lessons," he told me, and I nodded. So, Sexy's name is Troy, even his name is sexy. I think I'll still call him Sexy, it sure describes him well, and yet, not well enough. Hell, I think I want some of those lessons.

I ended up being too much of a sissy to attempt to go out onto the dance floor and pretend to suck, well not really pretend, I do kinda suck, so Troy, AKA Sexy, would try to teach me, then coax me into some dance lessons. Trust me, bud, those lessons are already on my mind. So, instead I stayed at my table, found a waiter carrying some champagne and pretended to be interested in what Ryan was saying, put was really thinking about how Sexy is behind me some where.

"That's sounds wonderful, Frank!" my mother said in a overly perky voice, so perky that I wanted to call her out on how unhappy her life is right now, but I won't. I would rather leave her than insult her. "Doesn't it girls?" she asked. Oh ho, I am not falling for this one. I do not want to go back to Frank and Ryan's suite and have drinks, uh uh, hell no!

Selena, always the pleaser, nodded though. "Sounds great!" she agreed. Cough, suck up, cough.

I gave everyone my fake smile. "Actually, I'm feeling a bit tired, you know, the flight and time change and all," I told them. "I think I'll just go back to my room and go to bed a little early," I explained. I don't really think eleven is a little early, but whatever, I don't want to me schmoozed by Idiot and his son.

Azmirelda knows me all too well, but rather than having a grumpy me with them for the rest of the night she decided to let me go. "Well, if you feel that way, dear, we'll all just go, I'm sure Ryan will keep our Selena entertained," she replied.

He better not keep her too entertained, twenty and sixteen do not mix. Twenty, sixteen, and jail do, however. Still, I didn't say a word and hugged them goodbye, even Ryan unfortunately, and pretended to go back to my room, but didn't.

I didn't plan on going back to my room, I felt like walking around and taking in the sights of this place, it's pretty even at night. Yep, the man-made lake, the imported big red rocks, the moon hidden a little bit behind the huge mountains of rock, all pretty, and so sketchable. NYU has a good art curriculum, I love art, and wanted to study it, but I guess Stanford will have to do. I've always been interested in art, and traveling the word, never really settling down 'til I felt like it was time to, even though my mother never wanted me to. She wants me to do what all the other girls do, go to college, land a hubby, have kids, organize charities. Not happening with this girl, wrong daughter.

I was on my walk, looking up at the moon when I heard a grunting noise. I glanced down the hill I was on to see no other than my friend Chad, crumbling under three cases of beer. I went down the hill as fast as I could in heels, and grabbed the first case off his stack, making it much easier for him.

"Why not just get a keg? So much easier than going on beer runs during all hours of the night, you know," I informed him, and he laughed at me. "Hi, friend, how is your night going?" I asked him. I really wanted to say do you know where Sexy is right now, but of course I would change Sexy into Troy, then all these questions would start, so I didn't ask him that particular question.

He cocked his head to the side, and I got the signal to start walking. "It's alright, I'm happy as hell I'm done being waiter boy," he answered as we walked up steps. "Saw you with the Evans, you must me some kind of rich to keep their attention," he commented.

"I told you I was meeting them, and I'm not rich, my parents are. My dad knew Frank in college, and now my mom has some naughty crush on him, it's sickening," I replied when we stopped in front of two wood doors, and you could hear a pulsing beat coming from behind them. "Ryan's a dick, and if he wants to keep his dick, he better keep his hands off my sister," I added, looking over at him.

Chad grinned. "On that we agree, Ryan Evans is a dick," he restated before kicking open the doors. I was surprised on what I found inside, a whole lotta people, dancing really close, and really, well, really sensually. It wasn't like grinding, it was most than that, and hard to describe. Grinding is forced while this looked anything but, the way all these couples were dancing, it was not forced. In fact, it looked welcomed, and kind of like foreplay on the dance floor, only with clothes on. I didn't want to know here their hands disappeared to. "What? They don't dance like this where you're from?" Chad asked, leading me inside, through the crowd, and to a bar like area to put the beer down on.

"The upper east side, New York, home of the prudes? I don't think so," I answered, leaning back on the bar to look at everyone. How does one bend like that? A girl bent so far back that her head just about touched the ground while the guy she was dancing with held her hips, which because of the bend, were thrust into his. Damn. Where's Sexy when you need him? "Well, they're either prudes or womanizers," I rephrased, peering back at Chad. "How did they learn to dance like this?" I questioned.

He shrugged. "It's just the way we dance, people are doing it in the clubs back home," he told me. "You wanna learn?" Chad wondered, raising an eyebrow.

From Sexy, yes, from you, no. "I'm not sure," I said, biting my lip. It's not that Chad isn't cute, he is, hell everyone here is, he just doesn't have the hair, and I'm getting the friend vibe from him. "We've met again, Chad, we're destined to be friends," I stated.

"I figured, you sure as hell can't be my girlfriend, I've already got one of those," he replied. "In the hall, when I said the entrainment staff can't hang out with guests, I wasn't lying," he added.

I shrugged. "So?" I responded. "What's with that anyways?" I asked him.

"You're so new," he mentioned, turning towards me. "Ella, can I call you Ella?" he asked, and I nodded. "Ella, Frank Evans wants all of his guests to have fun during the summer, especially teenage guests," he started. "So, he hires people that aren't all that bad to look at, then he encourages them to hang out with the teenagers, and to be a little more than friends," he informed me.

"You mean like a summer fling?" I questioned.

Chad nodded. "Right in one, Ella. If the kids are happy, the parents are happy, and if the parents are happy, they come back with the kids, who want to come because they hook up all summer with the staff," he said in simpler terms. "All of us though, the entertainment staff meaning the dancers, singers, band members, we're told to stay away, far away, we're not considered good enough," he told me. "If they even suspect we're doing what the rest of the staff is doing, we'll get fired," he finished.

"That's stupid," I commented. "Don't you have a girlfriend anyways?" I asked.

He nodded again. "Yeah, her mom is a maid here, she's in college, so in the summer's she stays with her here. Frank actually lets her stay because her mom has been a maid here since she was like twenty. Taylor usually just takes dance lesson after dance lesson because all the dancers are friends with her," he answered. "All the guests are bitches to her," he clarified.

"What's her name? I won't be a bitch to her. I had hardly any friends in New York, and I don't plan on making any here, but if she isn't some rich bitch, I'll hang out with her," I told him

"Taylor McKessie, and I find it hard to believe that you had hardly any friends," he replied. "I mean, I just met you how many hours ago, and I already like you," he told me.

I smiled. "Thank you, I feel the same, and I didn't have friends because they wanted to be friends with me because of my last name, not because they actually liked me," I informed him.

"I don't even know your last name," Chad said.

"And we're already friends," I finished for him, looping an arm through his. "Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," I quoted.

Chad shook his head at me before his face lit up. "Tay," he said, walking a little in front of me to hug an African American girl who came over. Aw, they're so cute. I've never really been near couples that actually like each other.

When they pulled away a couple minutes of me standing there while they made out later, I smiled at her. "Hi," I greeted, waving a little.

She looked at Chad warily. "Hey," she said back.

"I'm Gabriella, I met Chad earlier today," I admitted with a nod.

She looked at Chad some more, who was rubbing his ear nervously. He cleared his throat. "Yeah, she's a guest here," he told her. "Tay, don't look at me like that, she's different, she's not a bitch, she's normal," he assured her.

After some staring time at each other, she turned to me. "I'm Taylor, his girlfriend," she told me, a smile on her face, but I could tell it was a fake one. I grew up in the home of fake smiles.

"I know, Chad told me about you," I replied, and she seemed to like that. Oh, I know what's going on. "I don't like Chad like that, I have this thing for hair, and he does not have the hair I like," I assured her. "Not that the Afro doesn't work for him, it does," I added with a nod, which made her laugh.

"I'll be right back," Chad said suddenly, and with a kiss to Taylor's cheek, he left.

Before either of us could talk, the doors opened, and Troy and Sharpay came in, making everyone cheer. Troy shed his black jacket he was wearing during his dance, and the buttons at the top of his polo were unbuttoned, now showing off his chest. It's enough to make a girl hyperventilate. On a sad note, him and Pink instantly started dancing all together like everyone else in the room. All touching, and squeezing, and feeling, not fair. I wanted to be the one he moved with, the one he touched, and squeezed, and felt, okay, that sounds so wrong, but is so true. I'm in complete and total lust with him and I've never been close enough to touch him or hear his voice.

"Sexy," I breathed, watching him move.

I heard Taylor's laugh next to me. "He is somethin', ain't he?" she asked, jerking her head towards him. "I love Chad and all, but that boy has got a whole lot goin' for him," she told me.

I nodded with a sigh. "I have a whole lot goin' for him," I confessed to her, making her laugh again. "They look so great together," I added, watching as he tugged her leg up around his waist, bringing them closer as they kept dancing. The dancing here has an old timey feel to it, but I don't think people were dancing like this back in the day, you'd get in lots o' trouble with the parents.

"Yeah, you'd think they're a couple," Taylor responded, making me look at her. "They're not, they were for a month or so when we were kids, but they don't think of each other like that, they're just really close," she informed me.

"Really close," I repeated, my eyes back on them as they danced. "He even has the hair," I told her, and she laughed some more. I wasn't sure why I was telling this girl about my naughty crush on Sexy, but I practically was.

Chad came back, and we both looked over at him. "Your girl here has a thing for Troy," she immediately told him, making him laugh too.

"Thanks for spilling the beans," I mumbled, crossing my arms.

"Don't worry about it, Ella, every girl either does or has had a thing for him, he knows it. Even him and Shar had an awkward relationship when he was fifteen and she was like fourteen," he assured me. Yeah, that makes me feel better. Not only am I lusting after him, but every other girl is too?! That's no good.

"How old is he now?" I asked him, ripping my eyes off Sexy and Pink.

Chad looked like he was thinking about it, then Taylor smacked him. "Troy's going to be twenty one in a couple months, Chad a couple months after him, Sharpay is almost twenty, and I'm nineteen," she answered for me.

"I'm eighteen," I told her, and another person joined our group.

"That's a nice age," Sexy commented, and I just blinked while looking at him. I've never been mute like this before, and my heart never felt like it wanted to escape from my chest either, but it was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to fly away. "Nice and legal," he added with a nod.

Chad chuckled. "Troy, this is Gabriella, Ella, this is Troy," he introduced us.

Troy looked at me, and I couldn't help but think about how good his hair looks, even a little bit sweaty. "Uh, hi?" I said, but it sounded like a question.

He smiled at me, and I felt like one of those girls whose seen the actor she adores for the first time in person, so they like freak out and faint. When the hell did I become like Selena? All hormonally driven? That in me is def not a good thing, uh uh. Don't listen to the hormones, Gab, listen to your head. Only your head is telling you to jump his bones. Ugh, that's not good either. I've only had sex once, a couple months ago during a drunken mistake, so I consider myself a virgin still, and I'm willing to tear his clothes off. That says a lot.

"Hey," he greeted, and shook his head out so his hair wasn't in his face, making me bite my lip. "You're Chad's new little friend?" he questioned.

"I'm not very little, but yeah," I answered, wow, that was full sentence, I'm makin' progress! I noticed Chad and Taylor leave to start dancing like everyone else.

Troy stepped closer to me. "You would be little without those heels," he replied, looking down my body. I know that look, he checked me out! Go me.

"Excuse me for getting the short gene in the family, okay? That is what heels are for," I told him, and he nodded, stepping closer, making my body heat sky rocket. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

"You wanna dance?" he asked, his head tilted to the side.

I opened my mouth and looked around at everyone dancing, dancing in a way I didn't know how to dance. "I'm not a dancer," I merely said.

He didn't say anything, and slipped his arms around my waist to pull me against him, it made my heart beat faster, and my breathing pick up. He started walking out onto the dance floor, pulling me with him. "Anyone can dance with the right teacher, now," he started, one hand leaving my waist to take my hand, and I was suddenly tilted backwards while slowly drifted me to one side before snapping me back up straight. After I just looked into his dark eyes for a moment, he pushed me away gently, something I didn't like. He pushed on my shoulders a little, and I took the hint to bend my knees. "Part your feet a little," he ordered in a soft voice, and I couldn't help but do what he said, it was like I was under a weird trance. I'm not usually this cooperative. "Start moving your hips in a circular motion," he said next.

I knew I was doing it wrong, it wasn't hard to figure out, especially since that funny grin on his face appeared. Not that the grin didn't look good on him, everything looks good on him. I told him I'm not a dancer, and I don't want to look like a total idiot around him.

He shook his head at me. "No, watch mine," he told me, and my eyes went down his body and settled on his hips that were rhythmically moving to the beat. It looked really hot. "Okay, look here, and try again," he said while putting a finger under my chin so I would look up into his eyes. I tried to match what he did earlier, and it must have been pretty good because a smile came onto his face while he nodded. "Yeah, now try the other way," he demanded, and I moved my hips in the other way. His hands came up to my hips to help me move the beat better.

When he did this, he started moving closer to me. After what seemed like forever he tugged me all the way against him, one of his legs settling between mine as we started dancing together. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right, but damn, I liked, no I loved, being this close to him. I loved that his arms were around me, I loved that my arms are around his neck so I can touch his hair, I love that he's sending feelings through my body I've never felt before. I've never had the racing heart, the giddiness, the nervousness, but I liked it. I liked that he makes me feel this, no other boy has, they were all just good distractions for a time. Hey, I was the same thing to them.

I liked everything with him, which seems weird when I've only seen his face today, and talked to him for all of five minutes, dancing with him about the same. He feels really good too, I've grinded before, I'm pretty good at that, but this felt different, and better in so many ways. It's more intimate than grinding, you feel more connected, and I could feel his hips moving with mine, and it felt fan-fucking-tastic.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my side, a push, then a tug, which turned me so my back was pressed against his front. I felt his breath on my neck, his arm around my waist, and loved it. Without thinking, my hands slid to the sides of his thighs and squeezed a little. All too soon the song was over, and when I turned around, Sexy was gone.

It would be a lie to say I didn't mind, I did. Seeing his gorgeous face for a while, talking for a few minutes if that, and one dance was enough for tonight, but I knew it wouldn't be enough in the not too distant future. I would want more of Troy Bolton.

Maybe those dance lessons aren't a bad idea.

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