Written in response to the May 2009 Writing Challenge: use the words WET; SMILE; SOFT; BITE; DESIRE

Title: Vacation

Timeline – Season 3-ish – Lee's just starting to admit an interest in 'normal' life

Author: Charlie

Genre: Fluff

Rating: General

Lee lay back and let the warmth of the sun soak into him. He closed his eyes and felt his body relax. There was nothing to think about, nothing to do...He was on vacation and could do anything his heart might DESIRE.

In the distance he could hear a dog barking and children playing. Several houses away someone was mowing the lawn and the smell of fresh cut grass drifted by on the gentle breeze. The smells and sounds served to reinforce the fact that he was lounging in the backyard, doing absolutely nothing. A SMILE spread over his face.

The day was hot—90 degrees last time he'd checked. A little river of sweat dripped down his bare chest, tickling faintly. Lazily, he rolled his head to the side, opened one eye and focused in on the SOFT drink sitting on the table beside him. The can was WET with condensation. He could take a drink but it was too much of an effort to reach that far. Instead, he closed his eyes again and began to doze.

Time passed—how much, he was unsure. The neighbour had finished cutting the grass and the children had gone to play elsewhere. All was quiet. Lee wiggled slightly adjusting himself in the hammock and it began to gently sway from side to side. He allowed one leg to drape over the edge and the grass brushed against the bottom of his foot.

He was just about to go to sleep again when his stomach rumbled—he really would like a BITE to eat. With a contented sigh, Lee hefted himself out of the hammock and stood, stretching. He ran his hands over his face and through his hair, then made his way towards the house with plans to raid the fridge.

Amanda was right. House sitting for her, rather than going on a fancy vacation was great way to spend a few days off. As he stared around the yard with its neat flower beds and white picket fence, a wave of contentment washed over him. Maybe Francine was wrong—life in the suburbs wasn't so bad after all...