Road Trip

Chapter 11: Vegas!

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It was dark when Gibbs and Abby crested the final hill and a sea of lights lay before them. Abby squealed and sat up straighter in her seat. Gibbs saw her from the corner of his eye and couldn't help a smile. Abby looked over at him excitedly and almost…almost clapped her hands.

"Oh Gibbs, we're almost there!" she nearly shouted. It seemed the sight of Vegas was an equivalent of three Caf-Pows! to Abby.

"Yeah, the sooner we get there the sooner we can go home," he muttered, but Abby could hear the small sliver of gentleness in his tone.

Abby turned to him with a grin. She leaned over the center console and pressed a kiss to his temple. She kept her lips against his skin, "Thank you Gibbs…for everything," she whispered to him before settling back into her seat.

Gibbs looked over at her; he nodded and cursed his body for the way her words seemed to travel the length of his spine and right to his groin. He gripped the steering wheel tighter, "No problem Abbs," he muttered huskily.

Abby grinned to herself, "I love you Gibbs…a lot," she said and looked over at him fondly as they entered the city.

Gibbs smiled and finally graced her with a full look his face. Abby looked gorgeous with the many lights of Las Vegas silhouetted behind her. He reached over and tucked a strand of her ebony hair behind her ear, "I love you too Abby," he muttered returning her sentiment.

She grinned; she would never tire of him hearing him tell her that, "So Gibbs, where will we be staying?" she asked him and looked around as they turned onto the main strip of Vegas.

Gibbs smirked, "Got us a suite at the Luxor, figured you'd like to say you slept in a pyramid," he informed her with a cool smirk.

Abby gasped and couldn't help the smile that pulled at her lips, "Gibbs!" she gushed and very well wanted to fling herself into his lap and hug him and kiss him but, in the interest of their safety, she stayed fidgeting in her own seat.

It didn't take long for the duo to find their hotel and Gibbs pulled into the awning of the large hotel shaped like a pyramid. He put the car into park and got out. A bellboy approached. He helped the duo unload their car and Gibbs hated the fact the boy didn't seem able to tear his gaze from Abby. Gibbs growled low in his throat. Abby grinned and swatted him playfully as she helped pull their suitcases and various bags from the trunk. Gibbs slammed the trunk shut harshly and glared at the boy until he presented a luggage cart. Gibbs loaded their things on it and stalked towards the door; that was the downside to being with Abby…every male within three feet zeroed in on her and their mouths hung open; Gibbs hated it, but felt smug knowing she was with him.

"Gibbs, look at this place," Abby breathed. She had stopped walking when they entered the main portion of the hotel. The large front desk was in front of them and behind them was the casino and a few bars and small shops littered the main hallway that went the perimeter of the hotel. It was almost like they were staying in a mall. Gibbs sighed and pushed forward towards the impossibly long line.

"Admire later Abbs, we have to get checked in," he told her as he passed her still stunned figure.

She had to shake herself in order to move again. She had a smile plastered on her face and Gibbs was so glad to see it. Given what she had gone through a few weeks ago, he'd do anything to keep the smile there. "Oh Gibbs, this is going to be an amazing weekend," she breathed following close behind him.

It took nearly an hour for Gibbs to check him and Abby into the hotel and for them to find their room, but as soon as they entered, it was all worth it. The suite was very lavish. It resembled a small apartment with each room separated by small steps. On the far side of the sitting area was a large window open to the entire view of the Vegas strip. Abby squealed as she hurried to the window. She pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. She immediately sent it to Ziva, Tony, and McGee. Gibbs grinned as he watched her move around the large room exploring everything.

He wasn't one to revel in such trivialities, but he wanted everything to be perfect. He also felt a sense of giddiness; now that they were in Vegas, their game was over. He noticed that the thought finally took root in Abby's head too because she stood slowly from where she was bent at the mini fridge and turned to Gibbs. She had a wicked smile gracing her lips.

"Too early yet Abby, maybe tonight," he whispered as she started to come closer to him. His grin widened when he saw her face fall and she pouted, "Now don't give me that look. Get cleaned up so we can have some dinner," he said gruffly and bent to press a quick kiss to her lips.

Abby leaned closer wanting to deepen it, dinner be damned, she wanted him now! "Giiiiibbbbbbsssss, you're such a tease," she muttered almost angrily as she went to the bedroom where he'd put their luggage.

Gibbs smirked, she thought he was a tease now; well she had another surprise coming. He chuckled quietly to himself as he pulled a beer from the fridge and cracked it open. He knew he had some time before Abby was ready to go out so he ambled to the large window and stood staring out at the many blinking lights and tourists moving along the sidewalks.

An hour later and Abby was all set for dinner. She'd changed into a black dress that hugged the tops of her thighs tightly. She grinned and dared Gibbs to keep his hands to himself as she pinned back a portion of her hair with a pink bow clip. She had a necklace around her neck with a skull dangling into her cleavage that sparkled with fake gems. Her wrists were adorned with black metal bands and a bat ring on her middle right finger. Gibbs smiled, she looked every bit the gorgeous woman she was.

He moved to where she stood. He put his arms around her waist and gently tugged her into him. He smiled down at her and traced his index finger along her forehead, "You are amazing Abbs," he whispered softly and dipped his head to tease her lips with his.

Abby let out a breathless moan and blinked up at him, her pupils blown now and full of desire, "Thought we were going to have some dinner?" she breathed, her eyes on his lips as her arms circled his waist to pull him against her.

Gibbs smirked and dipped his head. He pressed his lips a bit more firmly to her own and licked his tongue along her plump bottom lip before he pulled away again, "We are…just wanted an appetizer," he said and kissed her forehead before releasing her. His hand ghosted along her arm until he twined their fingers together.

Abby scowled up at him and mumbled something under her breath that sounded a lot like tease, but Gibbs couldn't be sure. He just smiled and pulled her from the room and into the hall. They took the elevator to the ground floor and stood in the middle of the lobby. Gibbs had told Abby she could pick where they ate and she couldn't decide if she wanted to stay in the hotel or venture out into the night. He hoped she'd pick the first option, but didn't press the issue.

"I'm not really seeing anything too promising here Gibbs, let's go across to the MGM," she said with an excited grin and pulled on his hand.

Gibbs sighed but allowed himself to be drug out into the warm Nevada night. He kept a tight, possessive hold on Abby's hand as they wandered up the sidewalk towards a bridge that would allow them to cross the busy street. He didn't miss the looks she got, or the cat-calls that didn't seem to even faze her. Gibbs shot a glare to every single male that dared look upon Abby and even the occasional female, though that was a bit odd for Gibbs; considering.

"Abby, do you have any idea where you're going?" he asked her as she drug him through the casino of the MGM.

Abby looked over her shoulder at him and grinned, "I'm following the signs Gibbs," she told him as if saying 'duh.' She turned her attention back to what was in front of her and then stopped abruptly. Gibbs groaned; she found the lions. Abby let go of his hand and pressed herself against the glass. "Gibbs! Look!" she demanded excitedly and pointed to the lions lazing about in the exhibit.

Gibbs humored her and stood next to her, "Hmmm, lions," he muttered boredly to which Abby rolled her eyes and sighed. Gibbs lifted his watch to check the time. It was 0900 and he wondered about the Vegas supper crowd because he figured they did not abide by any of the normal supper time rules. He really hated crowds. "Abby, we should get going if we want to catch supper soon," he told her and gently tugged on her hand.

Abby made a face and reluctantly allowed herself to be dragged away, "Fine," she sighed, but smiled nonetheless.

It seemed an hour was going to be a usual occurrence as it had taken them that long to be sat. Gibbs was a bit apprehensive when they entered the posh restaurant. This was not his usual eatery of choice, but he wanted to treat Abby to something fancy. It would dent his pocket book greatly but, right now he couldn't care less.

Abby looked around the restaurant in wonder, "Wow…I've never been somewhere so nice," she breathed and looked across the table at Gibbs with a grin.

Gibbs smiled, "Yeah well…when you're in Vegas," he muttered with a slight shrug of his shoulder.

"Thanks Gibbs," she breathed and leaned across the table and pressed a kiss to his lips. The older woman to their left made a huff as she turned back to her plate. Abby grinned against his lips and Gibbs couldn't help the chuckle. Abby settled back into her seat and was soon hidden from view by her menu.

As the meal came to a close a little later Gibbs sat back in his chair thoroughly stuffed. He set his napkin on the table and looked across to Abby as she popped the last bite of her ravioli into her mouth and savored it. "How was it?" he asked her almost like he'd made her food himself.

Abby kept her eyes closed in silent pleasure, "So good," she purred. Gibbs wasn't so old as to miss the double meaning in her words; she'd be pissed later when she found out he intended for them to wait one more night. Abby kept her eyes closed and a large yawn overtook her face.

Gibbs grinned, "Tired?" he asked as he gave the waiter his card with the outstanding bill.

Abby sleepily blinked her eyes across the table at him, "No," she blatantly lied.

Gibbs stood and moved around to her chair and pulled it back for her. He bent down to her ear, "The game is still on for tonight Abbs, we need some rest," he whispered against the shell of her ear.

Abby pouted visibly and slouched a bit as she stood taking Gibbs' proffered arm, "Gibbs, you really are not playing fair," she whispered disappointedly as he took them from the restaurant.

Gibbs grinned and pressed kiss to her temple, "Tomorrow night Abbs, you're all mine," he whispered and grinned when he felt her shiver and a slow smile curled her lips.

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