Title: Night Time

Type/Warning: brief humor here and there, sad, AU-ish/ spoilers for season two of torchwood, and dr. horrible

Show(s)/Movie(s): Torchwood, Dr. Horrible's Sing A-Long Blog

Quote(s)/Song(s)/Lyrics(s): N/A

Summary: He always did find night to be a strange time of day.

Setting: During season two of Torchwood, Episode Adam(AU)-verse, post- Blog

Pairing: obvious Tosh/Owen, mentioned Tosh/Adam

Author's Note: I'm alive! Sorry that it's a bit depressing

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! But dialogue and plot. All characters and original story lines belong to their rightful owners.

He never did his laundry during the day now. After all many believed that he lived in some mansion and had his laundry dry-cleaned.

That's what you get when you become a super-villain; people assume you're rich.

Which he wasn't, he was still living in his apartment and most of the money he stole either went to funding more projects or to ELE.

He had to pay membership fees just like anyone else.

So when two people stumbled into the Laundromat around two in the morning he was utterly taken aback by it.

Her dress was in shreds and it looked like it had been a nice one before something had taken a knife to it. The sleeves were gone and so was most of the skirt. It was tattered and it ended at her knees. He was missing a sleeve of his suit jacket and it looked like there was a bloodstain on his dress shirt. The two were giggling like five year olds.

He shuffled over to the dryer to get his clothes.

"Psshhhh, Adam…he's not that great."

"Oi, don't make fun of my boyfriend." She didn't sound all that defensive about the matter. The two laugh once more as if its just one big inside joke. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up on a washer. They continue to laugh, ignoring him.

Billy tried to keep to himself over the years; he couldn't stand to try to get close to anyone. He'd just end up killing them…like Penny.

He felt that he was missing out on some much as he watched the Asian woman and the man giggle and laugh. He remembered when he thought that Penny and him would be like that.

The couple grew silent and just looked at each other. He had missed something while he got lost in his thoughts.

"Owen…please…I'm with him."

"It doesn't matter, I…I still love you and I wish you wouldn't just blow me off." He replied, his hands still resting on her hips. "You just avoided me."

She stayed silent and stared out the window for a little. "Well you hurt me too, way back when."

He looked hurt by the comment. "I was with…" the man paused for a moment, trying to form his mouth around the words. "Suzie." It came out quietly, like if he said out to loud they would both break.

She sighed, gently placing her hands on his shoulders. She tried to smile all of what had happen away.

"Now, lets get going Cinderella before the clock strikes twelve."

"Alright, Prince Charming." She murmured, before slipping off of the washer. They stood there for a moment, looking like they were in perfect harmony with the other. He returned her smile briefly. She leaned forward just a little bit, as if unsure of herself. She closed her eyes and kissed him, briefly.

The man, Owen he guessed, looked a bit shocked like he didn't know what to do with himself. She glanced up at him and smiled, snaking her way out of his arms.

"Don't tell Adam, Prince Charming." She said, before slipping through the doors with a grace neither Billy nor Owen had ever seen.

"Women, Mate, Women." Owen said, finally acknowledging Billy's presence.

The only response he got from the blond haired man was a nod as he went back to doing his laundry.

Owen screwed up his face for a moment, confused.

"Why are you doing your laundry at night?" he asked.

Billy wondered when someone would think it was weird. "Nightmares." He lied. He had a whole list of excuses as to why he did his laundry at night. Cat woke him up, phone call woke him up, couldn't sleep, didn't like being around people. But at the moment, nightmares seemed to fit.

It was hard not to dream of Penny dying in front of him. Every night she came and every night she died because he couldn't save her.

"Right, listen you haven't perchance seen a guy with the head and arms of a rat wanderin' around have you?"

He glanced quickly up at the man confused. What the hell was this guy talking about?

"Never mind then." Owen said heading for the door, giving a short wave as he walked away.

Several minutes later Moist appeared in the doorway, looking out of breath and well…. moist. "What is it?" Billy asked.