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A small boy with bright orange hair was walking through the woods near his home, walking to his favorite place. A creak that was in the middle of the woods near his village. The boy was nearly seven years old, his father was the village doctor, a man called Isshin. The boy was called Ichigo, a fearless child, who often wondered into the woods, even though it was demon infested.

Ichigo stopped as he came into the clearing, where water could be heard running. Ichigo smiled and sat down in the grass and pulled off his shoes and rolled up his tattered pant legs then staggered to his feet, he wasn't the most graceful child in the world, but he was beautiful for a boy, the woman of his village fawned over him, and he always got flustered.

But here in his hiding place, Ichigo didn't have to be graceful, people didn't fawn over him.

Ichigo waded into the cool water and smiled bending down to pick up something shiny that had caught his attention. Two small stones, one was a fiery red color, the other was orange. Ichigo smiled turning the stones over in his hands and rocked back on his heels.

The sound of something rustling made him look up. His stunning brown eyes grew wide.

A boy, not much older then him was standing on the bank, flame red hair, tan skin, wearing not thing but a pair of tattered pants. The boy had some bad cuts and bruises, and he was looking at Ichigo with anger. His ears were pointed, and his teeth were sharp and long, a demon.

"What are ya lookin at squirt?" The demon growled scowling.

"N-nothing," Ichigo said. "What happened to you?" Ichigo stood up and walked over to the bank where the demon was standing.

"Nothin," The demon growled, and stepped back as Ichigo stepped towards him. "Ya shouldn't be out here, it's not safe,"

"I'm not scared," Ichigo said defiantly.

"Well ya should be, there are monsters here," The demon said crossing his arms over his chest. "They eat kids like you for breakfast,"

"But you're not gonna eat me are you?" Ichigo asked leaning forward, the demon leaned back.


"So I don't have to be afraid," Ichigo said. The demon frowned. "Who beat you up?" He asked touching a cut on the demon's arm.

"Shut yer mouth, I won," The demon growled.

"Oh," Ichigo looked at him. "What's your name?"


Ichigo grinned, making Renji blush. "I'm Ichigo,"

"Why do I care?" Renji asked. "Yer just a stupid weak human," Renji flicked Ichigo's forehead.

"Hey!" Ichigo put a hand on his forehead. "I was trying to be nice," Ichigo pouted, and Renji blushed again.

Renji looked away. "You should go home before it gets dark," He said.

"That's not for hours," Ichigo said digging into his pocket. "Let me take care of your wounds. My dad's a doctor, I watch him sometimes, and I've got some bandages," Ichigo pulled a small roll of bandages from his pocket and held it out for Renji.

"Okay," Renji said.

Ichigo grinned again.


Everyday for over a month, Renji would meet Ichigo at the stream, and they'd play, games like hide and seek, tag and a few others that Renji would always win, because he was faster and stronger then Ichigo, and because Ichigo would always trip and fall and Renji would laugh, but was always nice to Ichigo afterwards.....

They were sitting on a large rock, eating Ichigo's lunch, which he had snuck from the house to come share with Renji.

"You're growing really fast Ren," Ichigo said looking at his friend, who had almost doubled in size since they meet.

"Demons grow up fast," Renji said stuffing his face.

"I wanna grow up," Ichigo said looking down at his small hands. "If I do, then maybe I can be strong like some of the other boys in my village, not be so weak,"

Renji paused and looked at Ichigo, and found himself blushing. "I like the way you are," Renji muttered and Ichigo looked up at him.

"Really?" Ichigo asked.

"You're really pretty," Renji said and looked away. "I'd make you my wife,"

Ichigo smiled and dug into his pocket. "Then let's get married,"

Renji looked at Ichigo, who held out the orange glossy stone he had found in the stream. "What is that for?"

"So you remember," Ichigo said. "I've got a red one, and we'll keep them, and when we're old enough to get married we will. But until then, you've got to keep this and not loose it," Ichigo said.

Renji took the stone, and wrapped his fingers around it. "Okay," Renji said.

Ichigo smiled and leaned forward and kissed Renji's cheek. "Don't forget Renji, you've got to marry me when we get older," Ichigo said. "I've got to go, I promised my dad I'd help him with some of his work today," Ichigo said and waved at Renji before vanishing into the trees.

Renji looked down at the orange stone and blushed again, then put it in his pocket. Renji shook his head and headed for home then too, his big 'brother' didn't want him leaving very often, he was coming of age, supposed to be coming into his demon powers soon, even though he was coming into them earlier then most of the other boys his age. Renji scratched his head and frowned, he hoped he'd be able to come see Ichigo tomorrow. Renji's hand closed around the stone in his pocket and he grinned, he had a mate now too, none of the other boys had a mate either.


Ichigo was sitting on the large rock, waiting like he did everyday for Renji, sitting in his lap was his lunch, he had snuck out extra to give to Renji who ate more then Ichigo's dad did.

Ichigo looked around, and started humming softly, it was getting dark already, usually Renji was there by now. Ichigo rubbed his eyes with his knuckles, he felt like crying, Renji always came to see him, why was today different? Did he get sick or something?

Ichigo whimpered and set his lunch on the rock and hopped down, stumbling, falling and scrapping his knee. Ichigo whimpered and tears ran down his cheeks and he wiped them away and stood. Ichigo glanced at his lunch, then left, Renji would find it, he had a good sense of smell, that's how he always found Ichigo when they played hide and seek.

Ichigo didn't want to go home, demons had been coming in and stealing stuff a lot lately, and if the villagers didn't give the demons what they wanted, the demons got angry and would beat the villagers. Ichigo's dad had gotten beat up a few days ago, for not giving up the little food that they had gotten for payment for Ichigo's dad taking care of a man who cut his hand open.

Ichigo came out of the woods and froze, all the villagers were standing outside in the center, standing in the center were three very well kept demons, not at all like Renji, or the ones that had been looting the village.

One with brown hair, and scary brown eyes was talking, his voice sounded so strange. It was silky smooth, and wrapped around young Ichigo like a lullaby. Ichigo started walking towards the demon, pushing past the adults who were holding onto their children, who all seemed to be in the same trance like state that Ichigo was in.

Ichigo pushed through the last wall of legs and fell at the demon's feet. He looked up as he pushed himself off the ground and the demon looked up.


Ichigo jumped and looked over his shoulder at his father who rushed over and picked him up, wrapping his arms around Ichigo tightly, holding Ichigo's head against his shoulder. Ichigo's father, Isshin looked at the demon, who was grinning.

" You can protect the entire village, for as long as I am alive," The demon said slyly, grinning.

"I only have my son," Isshin said tightening his grip on Ichigo who wrapped his arms around his father's neck. "There has to be some other payment,"

The demon looked around. "If I leave this village, and you don't have my protection, none of you will last through the summer. All it cost is one child, that child," The demon glanced at Ichigo before looking around again. "The child would be given a good life, food, shelter, a life they would never get here," The demon said.

The rest of the village began to murmur. "Isshin," An elder finally said.

"No," Isshin said shaking his head.

"Once, every few hundred years, you have to give up something. Most demon lords want many sacrifices, death of your loved ones, but I only want one, and I don't want death, I want to take this child into my home, and I will raise him," The demon said. "I will come to collect him on his sixteenth birthday, until then, you have my protection, when I come back, if I do not get him, the punishment will be sever," The demon said and glanced at Isshin before turning, and vanishing into the night with the two other demon that he had come with.

Isshin sobbed, dropping to his knees and held onto Ichigo tighter, rocking and kissing his son's now sleeping face.


End of Prologue

Well, he is the end of the prologue, RamecupMiso gave me the idea for the story, and I was like Omg, and wanted to start working on it right away, I know I've got three other stories going right now, but I really like the plot and everything, so I'm giddy about it. I hope you guys like the prologue, and if you do, thank Rame.

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