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Chapter Eleven

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Ichigo was still, he hadn't moved since Renji brought him back to Unohana for healing. The elder had no idea how to wake Ichigo, telling his mate that only time would tell, that Ichigo would either wake, or die. Renji refused to believe he'd loose his mate, that he'd loose Ichigo.

Renji stayed at Ichigo's side as much as possible, often he'd lay in the bed that Ichigo was in, and curl around his mate protectively.

The others and Renji had all recovered from their time held captive, even Hichi, who had grown close to Ulquiorra, the only demon under Aizen's command to return with them to the village.

"You have to wake up for me Ichigo," Renji whispered, brushing Ichigo's hair from his face. "I can't live without you Ichigo, don't leave me," He would whisper every day, and every night, but would get no reaction.

Renji was starting to loose hope as summer gave way to fall, and fall gave way to winter. Ichigo was thinning, his cheeks sunk, and Renji could count each vertebra of his spine with ease. Renji was also suffering along side his mate. He became almost like a shell, his powers flared but most of the time were very low.


Renji ran his hand over Ichigo's face slowly, then ran his fingers through Ichigo's bright orange hair. Unohana told him that he should start to say goodbye, because her magic could only keep him alive for so much longer.

Renji took Ichigo's necklace from around his own neck and stared at the red stone that hung from it, then looked down at the orange stone that hung from the leather strap around his wrist.

Renji leaned down and tied the necklace around Ichigo's slender pale neck, and pressed a kiss against Ichigo's cold lips before climbing into the bed next to his mate, and blowing out the candle.

"I love you Ichigo, I always will," Renji whispered into Ichigo's hair. "I will see you again, be it in heaven, or when we're reborn, I will find you," Renji closed his eyes.

He knew that when Unohana stopped her magic, that Ichigo would die, and Renji would follow if not right after, by the end of the following day.

Hichi barely dodge a kick from Ulquiorra, a grin on the albino's face that hadn't been there for many months. He swung at the pale demon with his fist, and Ulquiorra dodge with ease.

"Oh come on, it's not any fun if all ya do is dodge," Hichi said wiping blood that had started running down his cheek again, away.

Ulquiorra paused his movements and tilted his head slightly. "You want to hurt me?" He asked.

Hichi stopped suddenly. "N-no," He said.

"Then why would I not dodge?" Ulquiorra asked.

"We're sparrin', it's fun to get a few hits," Hichi said.

"I do not understand," Ulquiorra said and Hichi sighed and stepped over to the demon.

"It's not tha' ease ta explain," Hichi frowned. "Ya like to feel strong right?"

"Yes," Ulquiorra answered.

"You feel strong when you hit someone right?" Hichi asked.

"I suppose," Ulquiorra said, still staring up into Hichi's eyes in confusion.

"And when you can take a hit, and not be hurt, ya feel strong right?" Hichi asked.

"Yes," Ulquiorra answered. "Giving and taking damage, makes you feel strong Hichi?" He asked.

"Very," Hichi replied with a grin.

Ulquiorra frowned. "I do not understand... your reasoning,"

"Just try," Hichi stepped back and got into a fighting stance.

Ulquiorra looked at him, before copying the human, and getting into a stance of his own.

Hichi lunged, striking out at Ulquiorra with a fast kick, which the lithe man dodged before punching Hichi in the chest. The human gritted his teeth and swung again, his fist grazing Ulquiorra's cheek, his flesh was very soft, and surprisingly warm.

Ulquiorra lunged, tackling Hichi, and straddling his chest. "I cannot harm you, it makes me feel uncomfortable," He said touching the cut on Hichi's chest.

"Why?" Hichi asked.

"Because you are my mate, and I love you," Ulquiorra said and Hichi's eyes went wide. "Are you unhappy with me?" The demon asked.

"No, not at all," Hichi said reaching up and brushing Ulquiorra's face and smiled, even though there was a faint blush on his cheeks. "I just didn't think you'd want a human,"

"You are.... good for me," Ulquiorra said. "You have an interesting way of explaining emotions, of showing them. It's helping me to understand,"

Hichi smiled and pushed himself up on his elbow, pulling Ulquiorra down, and crashing their lips together. "You're good fer me too Ulquiorra,"

Ichigo looked around, he wasn't sure where he was. It looked like he was close to his village, somewhere in the woods. There was a stream, but it wasn't where he met Renji...


Where was Renji?

Ichigo hadn't been able to find him in a while, hasn't seen or heard him. Hasn't felt him.

It worries him a little, but he's to stubborn to admit it.

Ichigo realizes something.

There's no noise. Complete in utter silence. Even his own voice does not make a sound. It's unsettling.


The sudden voice echos and Ichigo looks around frantically for it.


It's a soft female voice. It's warm comforting and inviting.


He spins around, but he can't find the owner of the voice.


A flash of movement catches his attention through the trees and Ichigo takes off after it.

"Ichigo, come to me Ichigo,"

Ichigo's feet and legs are splattered with mud, his silent breath coming in harsh pants. His muscles are straining. He'd never run this fast in his life.

"Ichigo, come to me my Ichigo," The woman says.

Ichigo stumbles over a large tree root, and falls to the ground, mud splattering him.

He grimaces and tries to get up, but can't.

Then he feels a soft hand on him, and he can move. He pushes himself onto his knees, and looked at who called him

His eyes go wide, and tears run down his cheeks.

Its his mother. Just as completely beautiful as he remembers from so long ago. She's wearing the dress Isshin bought her after Ichigo was born. It's a beautiful light blue, with flowers embroidered in the skirt, and the ends of the long sleeves. Her hair is flowing over her shoulders in beautiful waves, her brown eyes full of love.

"Oh Ichigo, what has happened to you?" His mother ask, she kneels down, but her clothes don't get dirty like Ichigo's are. "Still so clumsy," She said with a smile, wiping the mud from Ichigo's cheek. "Still as beautiful too,"

"Mother," Ichigo can finally speak. "What's going on mom?"

"Your soul is, unbinding with your body," His mother tells him.

"How? Why?" Ichigo asks.

"Because of what happened with Aizen, because of your love for Renji. Your body still has Aizen's blood in it, but your soul belongs to Renji," His mother told him cupping his now clean face. "You've got to be strong. I know it's hard. But My son, your mate is waiting for you,"

"Renji, how do I get back to him?" Ichigo asked.

"He's been calling you. You just haven't been able to hear him yet. Keep listening Ichigo, he will pull you back," His mother pressed a kiss to his forehead, and then vanishes.

Ichigo looks around the now empty place. It's silent again, no sound, he strains to listen. To try to find Renji's voice, but he hears nothing.

"Go for a hunting trip," One of the elders tells him, Renji looks at him. "You do no good not providing for the clan,"

"My mate needs me by his side," Renji said.

"Unohana is doing all that she can to save him. There's nothing you can do here,"

"I cannot leave him," Renji said.

"It's just for a few days, to clear your head, to think of what might happen.

Renji growled. "He's going to wake up," He said.

"I pray to the gods that he does, Renji,"

"Please go on this trip," Unohana said and Renji looked at her. "Your powers are to strong when you're in the room. It is hard for mine to get through. Perhaps if I had a few days, without you there, it would wake him,"

Renji looked down, and nodded. "I'll go, but please, if anything happens, you must get word to me as soon as possible,"

"Yes, we will,"

Renji gave a soft nod and left.

Hichi sat silently, staring out the window towards Renji's home where Ichigo was, where Ichigo was dying and he wasn't able to do anything. He leaned against the window sill and pressed his forehead against the fogged glass. It was cold, Hitsugaya, the winter demon said it was going to snow by sunrise.

Thin arms wrapped around Hichi's waist, small hands barely able to connect around his waist. Hichi reached down and took the hands of his new lover and turned to face him.

"What are you doing?" Hichi asked looking down at the ebony haired demon.

"I heard it was comforting to hold your mate when they are.... upset," Ulquiorra said. "Is it not comforting to you Hichi?" He asked.

Hichi sighed. "It is, I just don't feel much like being comforted," He said.

"Ichigo is very important to you," Ulquiorra said. Hichi caught the question in the statement.

"I promised his mother, my aunt on her death bed, that I'd take care of Ichigo," Hichi explained, sitting on the table next to the window and pulling Ulquiorra between his legs, and wrapping his arms around the smaller man's stomach. "And I failed,"

"You were up against Aizen. As a human, even with your skills as a hunter, you stood no chance against him, or Gin," Ulquiorra rationalized easily.

Hichi hummed and pressed a kiss to Ulquiorra's dark lips. "That's not the point," Hichi said.

"Then what is? I do not understand emotions like you do," Ulquiorra said.

Hichi shook his head. "It's not important right now," His hands slipped under the shirt that covered Ulquiorra's chest and lifted it over his head.

"What are you doing?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Mating," Hichi said moving off the table and lifting Ulquiorra up and took him into their bedroom. Hichi had the need to be dominate again, to feel the inside of a lover's hot body, and he wanted Ulquiorra.

With Ulquiorra laid on the bed, Hichi pulled off his own shirt and tossed it away before climbing on to the bed between Ulquiorra's legs. He leaned down and began kissing the pale chest and neck below him.

"Mating?" Ulquiorra repeated and Hichi looked up at him.

"What else would I be doing?" Hichi asked, punctuating his question to a soft nip to one of Ulquiorra's hardened nipples. Ulquiorra closed his eyes and Hichi chuckled.

Ulquiorra was far from a expressive man, and Hichi knew he'd be just as non expressive when they made love. But Hichi was hopeful because it was Ulquiorra's first time, that there'd be something. And he'd be damned if he didn't try his hardest to get an expression of some kind, be it a noise, a movement, or a blush.

"I don't know.... I don't know what mating is like," Ulquiorra said.

Hichi grinned. "I'm going to show ya," Hichi ran his hands firmly down Ulquiorra's sides, when he got to his narrowed hips, Hichi pulled down Ulquiorra's pants, placing kisses down one of Ulquiorra's legs to his knee, then back up the other as he threw his pants to the darkness of the room.

Hichi pressed kisses to the hollow of Ulquiorra's hips, before running his tongue up his lover's chest before catching his slack lips in a kiss.

He was surprised when Ulquiorra reacted, his breath hitched just slightly when Hichi thrust his hips against Ulquiorra's while their mouths were still sealed together in a kiss.

Hichi pulled away and licked his fingers before moving his hand between Ulquiorra's legs. He watched his lover's face as he pushed the first finger into him, but got nothing, but a twitch of Ulquiorra's slender fingers against the sheets. Hichi was still determined. He leaned down and sucked on Ulquiorra's inner right thigh while he moved his finger. Then he added a second, glancing up to see Ulquiorra's face. He was rewarded, a slight blush had made it's way to Ulquiorra's face. When Hichi curled his fingers he was rewarded with Ulquiorra bitting his bottom lip, and a soft noise escaping his throat.

"Yer not supposed to hold back," Hichi said thrusting his fingers deeper, spreading them searching for that spot again, hoping that Ulquiorra would react more. When he added a third finger, and pressed them in hard and deep, a wide grin broke out on his face.

Ulquiorra moaned, his eyes glazed over, and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. His legs fell open a bit wider, and his fingers wrapped around the sheets.

"Ya like that?" Hichi asked brushing the nub again.

Ulquiorra's hips jerked and moved back against Hichi's hand. "Yes,"

Hichi licked his own lips, and pulled his fingers from Ulquiorra to rid himself of his own pants quickly. Ulquiorra eyed him, his eyes starting to clear again, but Hichi wouldn't have it, so he fisted Ulquiorra's cock, running his thumb over the tip, smearing the pre-cum that had started to gather.

Ulquiorra moaned again, and Hichi grinned in victory. He reached over, remember that their was oil next to the bed. He grabbed the jar, and dipped his fingers into the clear liquid and rubbed it on his straining erection before falling between Ulquiorra's legs. Hichi pressed in, and Ulquiorra tensed, closing his eyes tightly.

Hichi rubbed Ulquiorra's cock slowly, waiting for him to relax before pulling out.

When Ulquiorra's body relaxed, and his eyes opened, Hichi moved, pulling out fast and thrusting in hard, hoping that it would get a sound louder then a whisper from Ulquiorra.

And it did. The first of Hichi's thrust hit Ulquiorra's prostate harshly. Ulquiorra threw his head back, and moaned. Hichi let out a laughing pant and repeated his action repeatedly, finding the right pace. Ulquiorra tried to hold back, Hichi could see it, but his ministrations were to much.

"Tha's it," Hichi purred into Ulquiorra's ear, before nipping it. Ulquiorra let out a strangled moan, and wrapped his arms tightly around Hichi's shoulders, his black nails growing long and digging into Hichi's pale skin. His fangs extended from his gums, and he bit down on Hichi's shoulder. Hichi groaned thrusting harder, reaching between their sweat covered bodies to Ulquiorra's leaking cock, and began tugging it harshly.

Ulquiorra pulled his fangs from Hichi's shoulder, to lick over Hichi's neck and jaw and claim his mouth. Ulquiorra came with a harsh cry, his chest arching into Hichi, who grunted and came as well, Ulquiorra's name on his lips.

Renji opened his eyes tiredly when light came through the window at the foot of the bed. He glared at the window before turning his attention to Ichigo. He didn't know wether to cry in relief or sorrow, to see his lover still breathing next to him.

"Good morning," Renji whispered pressing a kiss to the corner of Ichigo's mouth. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Ichigo's chest, listening to the rhythmic thump of Ichigo's heart with his eyes closed, one hand resting against Ichigo's stomach, the other resting on Ichigo's neck.

".... morning,"

Renji shot up, and looked down at Ichigo, his eyes were barely opened, and his voice was rough from disuse. "Ichigo," Renji nearly cried before pressing his lips firmly against Ichigo's.

".... what happened? Where's Aizen?" Ichigo looked around slowly before his eyes landed back on Renji's.

"He's dead, your safe," Renji whispered. "You're alive,"

Ichigo grimaced and stretched his limbs out slowly, then arched his back, sighing with relief from several loud pops followed. "Why wouldn't I be alive?" He asked his head clearing a bit more.

"Aizen poisoned you," Renji said. "It nearly took you away from me," Renji pressed his forehead against Ichigo's, cupping his face tenderly.

Ichigo hummed tiredly. "I'm to stubborn to leave you alone. You've known that since we met," Ichigo muttered.

Renji grinned. "I supposed," He pressed his lips against Ichigo's. "Rest, I'm going to get Unohana to make sure you are alright," Renji said.

"No.... just stay for now," Ichigo said taking Renji's hand. "I've missed you. All those times with Aizen, I could see you, and I wanted to run to you, but something had control of me, I... Renji, just don't leave me,"

Renji sank back onto the bed and wrapped Ichigo in his arms, and pulled his human against him. "Alright," He said nuzzling into Ichigo's hair, taking in his scent, and the contented noise that followed his actions.

Winter gave way to spring, and Ichigo got healthier, and Renji did as well. None of the other demons had seen Renji this happy in a long while.

Ichigo lay back in the bed, looking up at Renji who was peeling off his shirt. "I'm seventeen today," Ichigo said and Renji looked at him, Ichigo's eyes were roaming the sharp black lines that made up the markings on Renji's body.

"What do you want to celebrate?" Renji asked and Ichigo's eyes lifted to met his.

"To be with you," Ichigo said quietly.

"You are with me," Renji said kneeling on the edge of the bed, leaning over Ichigo so he had a hand on either side of Ichigo's head.

"I want to be complete, with you Renji," Ichigo said reaching up to pull Renji's hair from it's tie, letting the red locks lick his cheeks as they fell.

Renji pressed a soft kiss to Ichigo's lips, moving a hand to the side of Ichigo's face and deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue in to Ichigo's mouth slowly. Renji ran his hands down Ichigo's body, pulling the tie of his shirt so it fell open, and pressed his fingers greedily over Ichigo's warm flesh.

Ichigo broke from the kiss and took in a deep gulp of air, letting out a quivering moan when Renji's mouth suctioned onto one of his nipples. Renji reached over onto a bedside table and pulled a jar of oil off it. He unscrewed it quickly and dipped his fingers into it. He ran his slick fingers slowly between Ichigo's cheeks, pressing just barely against the puckered hole he found there. Ichigo whimpered and rolled his hips.

"R-Renji... please," Ichigo called softly. Renji lifted his head to watch Ichigo's face as he pushed his first finger in. Ichigo's eyes widened slightly, and his lips twitched. Renji sucked on the under side of Ichigo's chin while he worked his finger in and out of him slowly.

Then Renji added a second. Ichigo's breath hitched, and he pushed the balls of his feet into the bed, causing his body to tense hard around Renji's fingers, and the demon couldn't help but moan and let his head fall against Ichigo's stomach. The idea of Ichigo's body being this tight around his fingers, made him wonder just how much tighter he could be around Renji's cock. Renji calmed himself quickly, and pressed kisses to Ichigo's face, moving his fingers slowly, working them until Ichigo's hole relaxed against his fingers.

Renji pressed around, trying to find Ichigo's prostate, wanting nothing more to hear Ichigo cry out his name.

"Renji!" Ichigo cried in surprise followed by a shaking moan as Renji pressed hard against the nub he'd been searching for. He pressed it again, and Ichigo rocked his hips back against Renji's hand. "R-Renji... enough," Ichigo whispered his breathing heavy.

Renji looked up at him and groaned at the sight of Ichigo's flushed cheeks, parted lips and lidded eyes. Renji leaned up and kissed Ichigo passionately, slipping his fingers from his mate and rubbing oil onto his cock, never breaking contact with Ichigo's lips. Renji lifted Ichigo's legs around his waist, and pushed into him slowly.

Ichigo tensed again, reaching back and gripping the pillow. A strangled cry passed his lips.

"Sh.. it's alright," Renji whispered, running his lips up and down Ichigo's neck, waiting for the human to get over the pain of penetration.

When Ichigo relaxed, Renji pressed a kiss to his lips and started to pull out before thrusting in.

Ichigo moaned and nipped at Renji's lips as the demon found rhythm in his thrust. Ichigo wrapped his arms around Renji's neck and began rocking back against Renji.

"... Ichigo," Renji moaned deeply, his lips brushing over Ichigo's chest. "Gods I love you,"

Ichigo cupped Renji's face and pulled him down into a needy sloppy kiss. "... love you too," Ichigo whispered.

Renji thrust harder, and faster reaching between his body and Ichigo to tug lovingly on his lover's weeping cock. Ichigo moaned, pressing his lips against Renji's ear, panting heavily and tangling his fingers in Renji's hair.

"I love you so much Ichigo," Renji panted. "Come for me, Ichigo,"

Ichigo's body began to tense. "Renji!" Ichigo cried, arching his back, and throwing his head back as he was thrown into orgasm. Renji moaned, hanging his head against Ichigo's chest and came as well.

Renji collapsed on Ichigo's body, pressing tired kisses to Ichigo's chest.

"I need to go back to see my father," Ichigo said and Renji looked at him. "He's probably worried sick about me, and I am worried about him as well,"

"We can go tomorrow. I will steal you away for a few days, and we can go to a shrine and marry," Renji said eagerly.

Ichigo smiled. "Sounds like a plan,"


The trip back to the village was a quiet one, that took two days.

The village was the same as Ichigo remembered.

When the villagers saw him though, their eyes went wide, and their mouths fell open.

Renji kept close to Ichigo, watching the humans warily as Ichigo made his way to his old home.

"Goat face?" Ichigo called as he opened the door.

His father was sitting at the table. And when he saw his son, he rushed over, wrapping him in a strong tight hug, so much so that Ichigo's feet left the ground.

"I can't breath Goat Face!" Ichigo screamed and hit his father on the top of his head so he fell to the ground in an ungraceful heap, and looked up at his son.

"OH! My glorious child! You have returned to me!" Isshin grabbed his son's legs and hugged them tightly, making the teen fall onto the floor with a thud.

"Stupid! Let go!" Ichigo cried.

Renji smiled, watching the two humans interacting.

Isshin tackled his son again, holding him with his chest against Ichigo's back. Ichigo's legs flailing wildly as he tried to get out of the grip. "Ichigo! Who is your strange young friend!?" Isshin asked swinging Ichigo back and forth.

"He's Renji! And he's not my friend Goat Face, he's my mate!" Ichigo snapped.

Isshin dropped Ichigo with a thud, and went over to Renji and examined him closely through narrowed eyes. "I don't like you," He said quietly. "You are not good enough for my Ichigo!" He cried.

"Shut it," Ichigo said picking himself off the floor. "I came for your blessing but I don't need it," He kicked his father in the side, sending him tumbling across the floor.

Isshin looked at his son, and his face softened into a natural smile. "You already have my blessing Ichigo," Isshin said nad Ichigo looked at him. "Your happiness, is all that matters, and if Renji does that, I give my blessing,"

Ichigo swallowed the lump in his throat. "Thanks Goat Face,"

They went to a small shrine, one not far from the village. They didn't have anyone guide them through the ceremony.

They just said their promises to each other, their vows.

Their hands were intwined between them, and their eyes never strayed from each other.

Then Renji leaned down, and pressed his lips against Ichigo's, wrapping his arms around his mate tightly.

Ichigo's hands went to Renji's hair, gripping the red locks tightly, and he moaned, his eyes falling shut. His body molding into Renji's perfectly.

When they pulled away, they were both struggling to breath.

One of Renji's hands reached up, and his fingers brushed Ichigo's face slowly, lovingly. "I love you, my Ichigo," Renji whispered.

"I love you too, my Renji," Ichigo said and pressed his lips against Renji's again.