Guess what I bought yesterday? A...stuffed panda! And yes, it is veerrry cute. I also got talked into buying matching hats (ridiculous matching hats, may I add) by my friend Patrick. And I got sunburn. Lots of sunburn. Anyway, yes, this IS the last chapter, but don't worry! The first chapter of the sequel will be out within two weeks, maybe sooner. Plus, I might dabble in the DNAngel realm too, because I can't seem to get the series out of my head.

Light awoke slowly, finding himself twined with a very warm and still-sleeping author. Smiling, he burrowed his face into the unruly mop of black hair that he had come to love. He felt L shift slightly below him, and an arm wrapped around his waist. Sighing in contentment, he let himself drift around in that wonderful state between consciousness and sleep. It was so peaceful in that state – not quite awake, but aware enough to process dimly what was going on.

Finally, he let his eyes flutter open and embraced the waking world. He grinned when the first thing he saw was L, followed by L's panda. "L, when did you grab the panda?"

L yawned and sat up. "It was on the stand beside the bed. I must have grabbed it in my sleep." Light smiled. The idea of L snuggling with a panda was simply adorable. Sitting up, he winced as a sharp pain shot through his rump. He should have seen that coming. He was a bit miffed when he felt the stickiness on his abdomen. Another thing he should have expected. Stretching, he got up from the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower, L. I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast, ok?"

"Of course. I will be taking a shower as well, but first I'd like to get the dirty sheets off the bed." Light nodded, and headed downstairs (still naked) to the bathroom. It was good to not have to care about anyone catching you nude that you didn't want to catch you nude. Another one of the many pluses to moving in with L.

Good lord, he had just lost his virginity to L. That thought caused a smile to break out across his face. He was the only person in the world who could truthfully utter that sentence. Still smiling, he quickly extracted a towel from the closet in the bathroom and stepped right into the shower, happy that he no longer had to wait for the extreme hotness of the water to pass.


L was positive he had never been happier in his entire life. The person he loved loved him back and was living with him. He was about to release a book that would make him enough money that he wouldn't have to write again, if he so chose. Of course, he would. He could never stop writing. His laptop was on break until after the new book was released, however. So for right now he was just in the kitchen relaxing.

He looked up when Light walked into the room in pajamas, hair still wet from the shower. "What would you like for breakfast, L?"

"I think pancakes would be nice, if Raito-kun would like to make them with me." Light nodded. Together, they made the pancakes. Light had syrup on his, along with his usual coffee. L had chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and, well, sprinkles. Sprinkles on pancakes? Light shook his head, amused. L also had his usual sugar-enhanced tea.

L munched slowly on his breakfast, enjoying the occasional crunch of the sprinkles. This moment seemed far more intimate than all the other times he had eaten breakfast with Light at his dorm. It was quiet and relaxed. It was just good that Light had no classes today. Actually, this week would be his last before the semester was over. Which meant Light had finals. Of course, L didn't expect Light to do any studying. He didn't need to. L decided to give him a quick psychology quiz.


"Fear of long words," Light parried easily. "Kind of ironic, isn't it?" Of course he would know that one.


"That's an easy one. Fear of water." L nodded.

"You are prepared for your psychology exam, I see."

"Of course. But L, don't we need to prepare for something else? You know, a certain reading that I have to give soon?"

L nodded, thoughtful. "I am in the process of choosing the section I want Raito-kun to read. I was thinking maybe the scene where the two characters first kissed – that scene has meaning. It helped me to realize how I was beginning to feel about Raito-kun. Plus, it would show the audience that the book does indeed contain some romance. I would like to hear Raito-kun's opinion of this selection."

"I think that that would be a great section to read. It would help draw people in. Did it really help you to realize what you were feeling?"

"The whole book did, Raito-kun. The character that portrays you was actually, at first, determined to be male, not female. I switched the gender when she first appeared." L unfurled himself from his chair and brought his plate over to lay in the sink. Light followed suit, careful to set the plate down gently.

"So, why did you switch the gender?"

"Because I am L and I wanted the character to be female. Usually, I do not interfere with the way the book seems to be going, but in this case, I made an exception."

"Well, ok, but you need to help me read it the way you think it should read."

"I trust Raito-kun's interpretation. He should do it his own way first." L was interested to see how Light read the book in his mind. Some people read it very differently than the author intended – and some could read it perfectly. Now that Light knew him, L wondered if he could read it correctly.

Light met his expectations soundly. When he began to read, he annunciated, pronounced, and glossed over in all the places L himself would have. Furthermore, he read each line exactly the way the characters would have – not really an in impressive feat with the female, as she was modeled after him, but it was surprising that Light could do the male character well, being as how he was modeled after L. Light knew him very well, it seemed.

When he finished, L was pleased. "That is perfect, Raito-kun. It seems you do not need any practice, which is just as well, being as how the release party is tomorrow."

Light's eyes narrowed. "Well, thanks for letting me know. And if I had needed practice?"

"Raito-kun is fast to catch on. It wouldn't have taken him any longer than a few hours at most to master it."

"I suppose that's true. However, what makes you think I have anything to wear?"

"Raito-kun always has something to wear. Plus, he usually wears clothes that are somewhat dressy anyhow. I was ninety-eight percent sure he had something to wear."

"Well, it's a good thing you were right." L smiled. He was never wrong.


Light sighed as he entered the campus gates. He had received a text message from Misa demanding he show up – how she had his number and why he was going, he didn't know. Well, at least if he showed up, she might not try to hunt down his current living arrangement, which was a good thing. Still, he would have much rather stayed back with L. This was bound to be yet another stressful encounter with Misa.

He resisted the urge to turn tail when she came into vision, but it was too late anyway. She had spotted him and was practically sprinting over. "Liiiight! Light! Did you hear what tomorrow was?" She halted beside him. "Well, did you?"

"If you are referring to the release of L's next book, then yes, I have."

"Not just the release, but also the release party! Misa knows how much you like L's books. Would you go to the party with Misa?"

"Misa, do you know how impossible it is to get into one of those parties? Had we been after invitations now, it would be much too late. Plus, I'm already going."

Misa's eyes narrowed at him. "With who? Who could have possibly beaten Misa to asking you?"

"Ryuuzaki. He actually has an invitation for both of us." More like he gives out the invitations. He always invited the same base people each year, to keep the press from guessing who L really was. If the same people showed up each time, it couldn't be whittled down to just one person who showed up at each one. After he invited his regulars, he sent out some invitations to other people. A couple of them invariably ended up on the internet to be sold – and they sold WELL. Light was pretty sure he'd never be able to afford the price of them, which was why he'd never gotten to go to one of the parties.

Misa looked upset. "I heard that you were seen kissing him on campus, but Misa didn't believe it. Misa was sure you would only date her."

"No, Misa, I'm dating Ryuuzaki. I have actually moved in with him, too, so I suggest that you don't go breaking into my old dorm anymore, or you might get in trouble with the new residents next semester."

" moved in with him!?"

"Yes. Now, I actually have to go back to OUR house, so I'll see you around." With that, Light left, leaving a very befuddled Misa in his wake. Passing back through the campus gates, he was startled when he was suddenly glomped from behind.

"Gah! Chiyo, what the hell?"

She grinned. "Sorry, I'm just excited. My date last night went REALLY well. Since you're my new gay friend, I thought I'd tell you all about it."

Light sighed. "I'd tell you I'm not gay, but it would just fall on deaf ears. Come on, get into the limo and you can tell me about it on the way back to Ryuuzaki's." He opened to door for her.

"A limo? Cool." She slid in, followed by Light.


L was sipping tea from his cup, sitting quietly in the newly-appointed living room. In his head, he was mapping out the new interior for his mansion. He wanted to redo his library – make it grander, and add a section specifically for Light's books. He was sure that Light would keep more books than he already did, had his dorm had the room. Now, he was not limited, and L would rather like to see what he put in the library.

He could also do a room designed for writing, with no distractions, and all the things that inspired him. Of course, that would mean that Light would have to remain permanently in the room. He could also do a room just for relaxing. Really, he had infinite possibilities, especially with all his money and all his rooms. It would be fun to decorate with Light, L decided.

The sound of the door opening caught his attention. Light's voice floated to him, as did Chiyo's. "So yes, he's awesome. He is sooo sweet, and smart – well, not as smart as you two, I guess, but still smart, and he likes all the things I do. He's just...perfect. And you can't have him, Light!"

"For the last time, I don't WANT him!" L smiled. Chiyo was giving Light a hard time, as always. They came into the living room together, Chiyo still grinning.

"We're going again later today, and maybe tomorrow. Although I'm sure we won't be going anywhere as fancy as you two, what with the release party and all."

Light grinned. "Do you know Misa tried to invite me to the party today? As if we could even get invitations."

L looked amused. "Misa tried to invite Raito-kun to the party? She would have been surprised when he did the reading."

Chiyo looked at Light. "YOU get to do the reading? That's amazing!"

Light nodded. "Yes. And the fact that tomorrow is the release party was sprung on me today," he said, shooting a look at L, "so it's a good thing that I can read the book the right way."

Chiyo looked at Light. "Well, it'll be on the news tomorrow, so I'll watch it then. And, no doubt it will be all over the internet too, so, no problem there. Either way, I won't miss it."

L glanced at Chiyo. "So, your date went well?"

Her eyes turned dreamy. "Oh, yes. He is so awesome."

"Would he like to go to the release party?"

She immediately came back to Earth. "Yes! Why, are you offering?"

L nodded and pulled two invitations from behind his back. "Consider this a thank-you for being a good friend to Raito-kun, and for refraining from hitting on him."

Chiyo stared at the invitations for a few long seconds before reaching out and taking them. "Ryuuzaki, you are officially awesome. I'll ask him later tonight – there's no way he can say no to this!"

"Ryuuzaki, you're being uncharacteristically social tonight," Light remarked.

"Chiyo has been kind to me and to Raito-kun. I had two invitations left and thought she may like them."

"Well, I love them, Ryuuzaki. Now, I need to go get ready for my date. Oh, he'll be so excited about these invitations!" With that, Chiyo left Light and L alone. Light moved closer to L and gave him a sweet little kiss.

"What was that for, Raito-kun?"

"For being so nice to Chiyo. Now, come on, let's go to bed."

"But Raito-kun, it is only 6 o'clock."

"I know. I never said I wanted to sleep." L put up no further resistance.


Light was in a flurry of activity. His night before with L had been relaxed and pretty much pure bliss, which was NOT what this was. He was very close to losing his practiced cool. The party was going to begin in less than two hours, and he and L were due there an hour early – because that was when the line would begin to form outside the door. He had just gotten out of the shower, and now he was finding that he couldn't find the outfit he had planned to wear. God knows what L was doing wherever he was – Light just hoped it was productive.

Finally, he found the suit he was looking for. This occasion definitely required a black suit, which, of course, Light had. He quickly slipped into the attire, pausing only briefly to tie his tie. It was done in a fluid motion – he did it daily, so it was a far from un-practiced motion. He checked himself over in the mirror, and, after some adjusting to get his appearance to be perfect, he was ready.

L, of course, was nowhere to be found. "L, where are you? You CANNOT be late to your own party!" A muffled reply came from one of the rooms on the floor. Of which there where about 15. Light opened the first door – no L. He opened the second – still no L.

"L, I really don't want to play hide and seek. Where are you?" A quiet 'in here' came from halfway down the hall. At least that narrowed it down. Finally, after opening two more doors, he found L. Light had to resist the urge to laugh. The novelist was in quite a predicament.

He was in a black suit, the jacket still open to reveal his white button-up shirt. He was pulling on his black tie with one hand and had the cuff of one of his sleeve in his teeth as he tried to pull said sleeve down. He looked up to meet Light's gaze.

Light grinned. "Want some help, L?" He walked over and pulled L's hand away from the tie, easily tying it correctly and settling it into place. Next, he pulled L's jacket closed and fastened it. "There. You should really wear suits more often," he said, admiring the way L looked.

"Thank you, Raito-kun. It is most refreshing to have help with this. I usually do it alone, and I do not enjoy doing it. I much prefer my usual attire." Suddenly, a thought struck Light, and he looked down. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're wearing shoes."

"Yes. Even I would not go to this party without them, Raito-kun. Now, it is time to leave. We should be heading to the limo now." Light nodded, heart beating rapidly in anticipation.

The drive to the party seemed to drag on forever for Light. When they finally arrived, he gasped. He had seen this happen on television countless times, but seeing it in real life was so different. Limos were wound all the way around the block as guests arrived. The line of vehicles slowly moved until it was time for him and L to step out of the car. Together, they exited the limo and stood with the rest of the guests, some of whom did this every time a book came out, some of whom were doing this for the first time. An excited chatter buzzed in the air.

Everyone knew that somewhere among them was L, the man of the hour, and the tantalizing mystery that this whole party was set around. Of course, only Light knew that the person next to him was L. Everyone else was just looking around and speculating on who it could be.

Light nearly jumped at the loud sound of the doors to the hall that the party was being held in made when they were opened. Guests began to filter in, and Light was so excited to be among them. Press and paparazzi were there, too, snapping pictures like crazy. Light watched as news crews filmed the whole thing, and made a note of the only one that was let inside.

Finally, he and L reached the door. They handed over their invitations, which were checked over for the slightest sign of fraudulence. Beside them, another person was refused entrance when his invitation was found to be a fake. They received clearance, and passed through the doors.

Inside, the excited buzz was double what it had been outside. The place was lit a bit more dimly than Light had expected. Still, it allowed just enough light for the film crew to do its filming. L and Light found their table easily. As Light had expected, it was one of the best ones available. L would have saved a good one for himself. Light was surprised when L handed him a copy of the book with the pages for reading marked.

"Raito-kun was so excited he forgot his book. It is a good thing that I remembered it." Light smiled sheepishly. From across the room, he spotted Chiyo and her date sitting at another one of the better tables. They were talking to each other excitedly. Light trusted that she had not let L's identity slip to him. He watched with interest as the film crew panned their camera across the room, taking a shot of all the guests as they arrived and sat down.

After a few more minutes, the doors to the hall swung shut. All the guests had arrived, and it was time for the party to start. These releases were renowned for their food. And Light quickly discovered it was for good reason. You could choose from five different seven-course meals, all of which looked delicious. Finally, Light made his selection, and L turned down the food. No all-sweets course available. Instead, Light passed him all the sweets that came with his meal. No way he could eat it all, anyway. L gratefully ate Light's sweets, happy with their arrangement.

After meals were served, it was time for the real part of this release to begin. L's editor ascended to the podium at the front of the hall. The lights were dimmed and a spotlight was shown down onto him. The hall immediately grew silent as everyone's attention turned to him.

"We are here, of course, to celebrate the release of L's newest book. As you all know, L is somewhere in here with us, so give him a round of applause." A thunderous burst of clapping engulfed the hall. "So, I bet you have all heard the rumors about L's new book, as a few copies have already been signed and gone out. Well, maybe the reading will enlighten you on whether or not what you have heard is true. After the reading, you'll all get a copy to take home and further enjoy." Another round of applause. "And, for the first time ever, I'm turning over the mic to someone else for the reading." This got the crowd's attention. "Please welcome the new reader, who was asked by L himself to fill my place." The editor stepped down from the platform. Swallowing, Light stood.

At once, every eye in the place, as well as the cameras, were focused on him. He walked quickly up and took his place at the platform. "My Raito Yagami." No doubt that by next morning, everyone would know that the English translation of his name was Light. "L asked me to do the reading tonight, and I happily accepted the offer." He quickly flipped open to the first marked page, which was...the dedication? Well, if L wanted it read, he'd read it. "Dedicated to my Light." Instantly, a murmur went up from the crowd. L had NEVER dedicated a book before. After the dedication, Light plunged onward, reading the section exactly as he had the night before, watching first the crowd's reaction as they realized that there were two characters, and again watching the reaction when the characters kissed.

His voice flowed along smoothly, just as L's had for him when he had read aloud to Light. The guests appeared mesmerized, and Light took a quick glance at Chiyo. She, too, it seemed, had fallen under the spell of the book. Finally, Light finished the section, and silently closed the book. "Thank you," he said into the microphone.

After a few seconds of silence, the loudest round of applause yet burst forth from the crowd. They were applauding both L's work and Light. Bowing his head, Light slipped from the podium back to his seat, where he received an inconspicuous kiss from L. The lights were brought down further, and music began to play. Now that the reading was over, it was time for the dancing. The tables were cleared away quickly, and a slow song came on over the speakers.

Smiling, L turned to Light. "Care to dance?" Light smiled and nodded. Together, they slipped into a quiet corner and began to dance. L led, and Light followed. Their bodies worked in synchronization, and the cameras took a sweeping shot of everyone dancing. Across the floor, Light could see Chiyo dancing with her date. She looked happy. But, Light was positive that no one could be as happy as he was right now, in L's arms, dancing with him at his release party.


L was smiling, truly smiling, when he and Light swept into their house. Yes, their house. It was late, as he had expected, but neither one of them was tired. He quickly flipped on the t.v, and, as expected, found film of his party playing. It was a shot of Light doing the reading. Across the bottom, a strip of words read: Raito Yagami did the reading tonight at L's release party. The dedication in L's book read, "Dedicated to my Light." As it turns out, the English translation of Yagami's first name is "Light." Coincidence?

L was sure that Light would now have to deal with interviews and questions about whether he was, in fact, the person that the book was dedicated to, but he doubted Light would mind. Plus, Light would be done with his semester soon, and would have time for those types of things.

L was hoping he would also have time for his latest proposition. L had had an interesting thought enter his mind a few days ago, and the thought had blossomed into something he felt was tangible and altogether possible. Now that the release party was over, it seemed that it would be a good time to bring it up. L had definite plans for Light Yagami.

So yes, it's over. I found it fitting that it started from L's point of view and ended there, too. I'm looking forward to writing these two again soon.