AN: I know that this is like uber late...and I don't know if this would...I don't know, be too painful or something but Mabelyboo wanted to cheer up Helen Bache because Simba, her dog passed away. The word was KEEP.


Driving along the road Dean's mind began to wander.

When he thought about it, Sam was like a puppy.

Constant following around, large innocent eyes, soulful expression, dimple grin to tail wagging when happy, hunched shoulders to droopy doggy ears when sad – yep Sam was puppy reincarnate.

Well, he was puppy reincarnate. Now the words 'puppy' and 'Sam' didn't fit into the same sentence...

"Dean, pull over!" Sam yelled.


Sam jumped outta the car and knelt beside the box. "Look." He gently held a little Labrador to his chest. "Can we keep him?" He nuzzled the bundle of fur. "How 'bout...'Boxer'?" he whispered to the pup.

This innocence was lost on Dean seeing the little smirk in Sam's face as he unleashed his secret weapon.

Curse Sam and his puppy dog eyes...well I'll be damned.

AN: So sorry for the lateness and I'm sorry about Simba's passing. RIP to your friend.